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What Have I Done?

by Bob1515©

I went to the guest room and lay down. I stayed awake for several hours listening to the two of them fuck. The mattress springs creaked and the headboard slammed into the wall. My dick was sore as hell and I knew I couldn't handle any more. I finally went to the bathroom to take some of my wife's sleeping pills and fell asleep.

Around six in the morning I cracked open the door and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My wife was completely nude, lying on top of Jerome's hard black body. Her large breasts were mashed against Jerome's chest. One hand held onto her thigh while the other hand rested against her lower back, as if claiming her entire body. Cum was running out of her pussy and pooling onto our marital bed. The stain was a foot in diameter at this point.

It looked as though he decided to paint her in cum last night after I went to bed. Her ass, thighs, chin and hair were covered in dried cum. Her wedding ring was dull because it was also coated in cum. Jerome was accurate when he titled his profile Heavy Cummer. Becky did not withhold anything sexually she gave to me. She had offered her body completely to Jerome and as I watched the two of them sleep I knew that this was the beginning of something great.

The next morning I sat with Jerome and had a cup of coffee.

Jerome spoke, "Becky is not getting up anytime soon. I did things to her last night that you could never do. She told me last night that she would never ask me to wear a condom and she did not want to get a diaphragm. She told me she didn't think it was right that my sperm didn't have a shot at her eggs. I know you two want to have a kid, so I am willing to follow the rhythm method but I do want one day a month to fuck her when she is fertile. I am sure it would excite you knowing I have a shot at knocking your wife up. Would you like me to fuck your wife once a month while she fertile?"

I hated to admit it but my hardening cock gave me away. I nodded and said, "It would totally be hot if you fucked her bareback while she was fertile."

I didn't know that my wife was listening to our conversation.

Becky walked in and looked at me directly. "I was in total ecstasy when I said those things to Jerome last night. Here you are in the morning daylight saying you think it would be hot if I had sex with Jerome during my fertile time. Why limit it to one day a month? Let's make it three!"

And with that Becky stormed out of the kitchen. She came back with her remaining birth control pills and dumped them down the kitchen sink. She turned to Jerome and said "My fertile time starts today so let's get at it!"

As Becky walked off to the master bedroom Jerome came over to me and said, "I warned you that I am a heavy cummer. You better start coming up with excuses for her black baby. I also like to mark my conquests. I was thinking of having a Property of Jerome tattooed on her lower back.

"Why there, why not her ass or pussy?"

"Because every time your wife bends over her shirt will pull up and show her tattoo. Imagine 30 years from now people will ask her about Jerome. If I have my way her answer will be, he is the father of my children."

Jerome walked into the bedroom and several minutes later I came in. Becky was lying on top of him as he was cupping both her ass cheeks. He saw me and smiled, telling me that she was now his.

Jerome said, "Close the door Tom."

He began kissing my wife and running his hands up and down her back.

My wife stopped to turn around and yelled, "Close the fucking door!"

I quietly said to myself, "What have I done?"

Written by: Bob1515

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Category: Loving Wives Stories