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Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 01

by regularguy13©

Chapter 1: My mother, My cock

"Whoa," Ty exhaled sharply as he staggered back half a step. His surroundings were going in and out of focus. As his vision cleared, he appreciated what he saw. He beamed and, slurring his words, mumbled, "All-lll ri..ghttt" as he watched some chick fondle his dick.

"Tyler Jones!" she said sternly. "Stand still. I don't want you pissing all over the bathroom floor."

Tyler felt odd. He was dizzy and he didn't know why. It was as if his brain was operating in slow motion. That sounded familiar to him. It took him a while to recognize it. Then it hit him. He said to himself,

"I know that voice.... Why is MY Mother holding my dick!"


Tyler was asleep and dreaming. A series of sounds, noises without pictures, cascaded through his unconsciousness.

"BUZZ!" (the sound of angry hornets)

"What the Fuck!!" (the sound of a startled man)

"Crash!" (the sound of breaking glass.)

"Thud! Umph!" (the sound of a falling man)

"Thump. Thump." (the sound of running feet)

"What's wrong Honey?" (the sound of concerned woman)


Mrs. Jones?"


"This is Nurse Swanson of Mercy Hospital. Hold on a moment and I'll put your son on the line."

"Hello, Mother? This is Tyler. Brenda and I have had a little accident."

Instantly concerned, his mother responded, "Oh dear, what's wrong?"

"Nothing life threatening, a broken arm and some cuts and bruises. Can you meet us at the hospital and give us a ride home?"


Now that the pharmaceutical induced fog inside his head had lifted, Tyler was embarrassed as he remembered what happened earlier today. This morning he was installing storm windows on the house that he and his wife, Brenda, had recently purchased. It was a small, two bedroom, starter home, perfect for a young, newly married couple, like Brenda and Tyler, who were soon to be celebrating their two year anniversary.

Tyler recalled that he was carrying a storm window up the ladder when a swarm of angry hornets flew out of nowhere. He dropped the window and fell. The basketball hoop broke his fall (and his left arm) as he plunged to earth.

Brenda, hearing the clash of the broken glass and Ty's screams, came running. Rounding the corner at full speed, she tripped over him. Her outstretched hands saved her face from crashing into the driveway, but they were severely cut by the broken glass that was everywhere.

Lucky for them, Tim, their next door neighbor, was able to rush them to the hospital.

Brenda's bandaged hands made it look like she was wearing big, fat, white mittens. Tyler looked a lot like "The Mummy". He had a bandage wrapped around his head due to the cuts on his forehead, his broken left arm was in a sling, and his lacerated hands had him sporting thick, gauzy mittens. All that was necessary for him to complete the impersonation was to walk with a stilted gait, which he did because of his bruised knee.


What do you say to the woman holding and shaking your penis? In this case, an embarrassed Tyler said, "Ah...aah..thanks, Mother."

"You're welcome dear," she responded in a distant, formal manner while flushing the toilet. His mother was dressed in a conservative black knit suit. She looked like someone in mourning because she was. Tyler's dad had died four years ago and his mother had taken it hard. The wisecracking, fun loving woman that Tyler had been raised by had been replaced by a somber matron who no longer allowed herself to be involved in any of the activities that once brought her joy.

Brenda had only known this version of Janice Jones.

"Brenda, your turn," Janice announced.

Tyler's normally confident wife passed him as he exited the bathroom and arched her eyebrows as if to say, "How are we going to handle this?"

Mother unbuttoned Brenda's jean shorts, pulled them down, and then rolled down her thong.

Eye level with her crotch, a surprised Janice gasped "Oh! What's wrong with your..."

Confused, Brenda just stood there. Slowly, her eyes drifted down to where her mother-in-law was staring, at her bare pussy.

"Did they have to shave you because you were injured down there too?" Mother asked naively.

A red faced Brenda sat down quickly on the toilet. Her mind raced. Her first thought was to tell the truth, "I shave my sex to entice your son to lick my slit. Also I'm an exhibitionist. I like to flash my bare pussy at people."

Embarrassed and unable to say that to Tyler's mother, Brenda struggled to find an acceptable response.

"Ah, that...We went to the beach last week. I guess I got a little carried away when I trimmed my bush...I mean my pubic hair... because of my bikini," Brenda responded lamely.

"In my day..." Mother began to lecture Brenda and then shrugged, "Oh never mind. I'll let you have a little privacy and I'll help Tyler get comfortable in bed. Call me when you're done."

Mother shuffled out of the bathroom shaking her head in disbelief thinking "Young people today. They have no sense of decorum." She went into the bedroom.

"Brenda, you're so busted," was written all over Ty's face. He barely had time to wipe the smirk off his face when Mother entered the room. The 5' 6" tall woman hurried over to help her 6' tall, 200 pound son onto the bed. He tried not to injure her during the process.

Tyler was uncomfortable with having such intimate contact with his mother. He tried to put up a good front though and said, "Mother, I can't thank you enough for your offer to help us through this. The doctors said our hands should be healed in a week, then we'll be able to feed and fend for ourselves. I hope we don't prove to be too much of a burden for you."

"Don't worry son. I won't have to do everything myself. The twins, Abby and Beth, have been staying with me while my sister and Ralph are on a cruise. They will be a big help. As soon as I get you two settled, I'm going to bring them over."

Chagrinned Tyler nodded, smiling outwardly while thinking to himself, "Great, my 18 year old cousins. Two more female family members I get to show my dick to." He blushed just thinking about it.

The twins were a mystery to Ty. Sure, he could describe them. They were petite, probably 5' 2" tall with a slim build, brown hair and eyes. It was their personality, or lack of it, that he found so baffling. They seemed to shy away from interacting with people. He rarely heard them speak. When he tried to engage them in conversation, they never looked directly at him.

Tyler assumed they had been born with a quiet, withdrawn nature. He guessed that that inclination had been reinforced by their shared handicap. Both were born without a leg below their right knee. While they were book-smart, but they were both socially awkward. As far as he knew, they didn't date or have any friends. It was as if they had accepted society's label of them as "damaged goods".

"Janice, I'm done," Brenda called out. With her stub of a hand she tried to flush the toilet without success. Mother entered the bathroom and immediately chastised her, "Brenda. Stop that. You know better."

"Mother, I was trying to give you a courtesy flush. It's bad enough that I need you to wipe my ass... um, bottom and ...vagina, I thought the least I could do was clear the pot," she said with a sheepish smile.

"You'll have to get past your feelings of embarrassment, young lady. Now spread your legs so I can dab your front and then I'll wipe your bottom."

As she touched Brenda's nude, twin lips, Janice was startled to find herself intrigued by their smoothness. "No, stop it" she commanded herself and she quickly banished any thoughts about her daughter-in-law's vagina from her mind.

As she cleaned Brenda's anus, Ty's mother thought, "these two are horrified about the extent of the help they require. They're embarrassed and, frankly, a little scared of not me, but 'Mother, this somber, matronly lady in black that I've become. God, why can't I be my old self again?" Tears welled up in her eyes. " I have to get them to see me in a different light so that I can give them the help they need," Janice said to herself.

Janice took a deep breath, affixed a smile to her face and let out a little laugh. Adopting a teasing tone to her voice, she said to Brenda, "Gosh! It's been 20 years since I've felt a bottom this firm."

Brenda snorted like a horse! She could not stop herself from laughing. That was certainly the last comment she had expected to hear! It worked to ease the tension in the room.

Brenda smiling responded in the same friendly manner, "Who are you trying to kid! You're in great shape. I bet you can still fit into your wedding gown."

Janice was in good shape for a woman 56 years old. She had a rounded womanly figure with just a little extra padding on her hips and stomach. In fact, both women in Tyler's life were attractive. Brenda, at 25, had a toned, lithe body on her 5' 6" tall frame. She was adorable with her jet black hair and page boy haircut.

"Wedding gown? No. Wedding lingerie? Yes. However, that may not be much of a feat as I recall my crotch-less panties were one-size fits all."

Smiling and pleased with herself, Mom waited for Brenda to stop laughing before she dressed her and got her back to bed.

"Will you two be all right for a while?" Mom asked. When they both responded with a nod of the head she continued, "Good. Then I'm going to get the twins and some supplies."


Brenda rolled over, putting her head on Tyler's chest and said, "Oh my God Tyler. I've never been so embarrassed. YOUR mother just wiped my ass and pussy."

Laughing Ty said, "How do you think I feel? She was holding my Johnson. And at first, due to the medicine I've taken, I didn't know it was her. I was starting to get some wood."

Brenda playfully head butted him and said, "Stop pretending. You knew all along and you liked it".

Giggling she continued, "I was the one tongue tied and busted over my bare crotch. She looked at me like, 'what the Hell?' She must think I'm some kind of sex fiend."

"What happened to the confident woman I married, the bi-curious, exhibitionist who last week dragged me off to a nude beach? Huh?" Tyler teased.

"Gosh, I don't know. Your mother unnerves me. Although, at the end, she seemed... human. She actually was funny!"

"That was the old Mom. The one I grew up with. I hadn't heard her joke like that since Dad died. Maybe she is coming out of her funk."

Getting serious for a moment, Tyler said, "I'm sorry about all this. If I hadn't dropped the window neither one of us would be in this predicament."

"Oh don't be silly. How were you supposed to know about the hornet's nest? Snuggling up against Tyler, she added, "We will look back on this one day and laugh."

Written by: regularguy13

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