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Leslie and I

by LegsattheLake©

My wife Leslie and I had been married for five years. We had an amazing sex life. We were always trying something, blindfolds, threesomes, and even some public playing. Our latest fun involved emailing new fantasies and sexy photos to each other's cell phone when we knew they were someplace important like in a meeting, or talking to a customer. One of the emails that she sent me was that secretly she wanted to visit a strip club with me.

At the end of my shift, I jumped in the car and drove over to her work. I caught her just as she was about to get into her car to go home. She was wearing a conservative skirt and blouse with a pair of heels that were definitely sexier then you would usually see in an office like hers.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Did you read my last email?"

"No. I didn't get a chance to." She pulled out her phone and read it. It said that one of my fantasies went hand in hand with hers. I wanted to see her dance on an amateur night. When she finished reading, she turned and looked at me.

"Tonight? Honey, I've never stripped before. I'm not dressed for it; I don't have an outfit, I ...I..." She stammered.

I laughed as I turned into the valet parking line at the local strip club. She nervously followed me into the club, her cheeks were red, and I knew that her panties were getting wet with anticipation.

We signed her up at the bar, and the bartender gave her the rules. She could strip as far as she wanted to go, but no penetration, and no physical contact with the customers. She was the fifth one to dance in the contest out of nine girls that night. I thought she did great. She put on quite a show for it being her first time. She stripped down to her panties, and danced very closely to the customers while she teased and flirted with them. There was a lot of money on the stage when she was done, but some of the crowd booed a little when they realized that her panties weren't coming off. I watched her routine from the bar, and the bartender asked me if it was her first time dancing. When I told him it was he said that she did great for a rookie.

When they brought the girls back up on stage to announce the winner, Leslie wasn't even in the top 3. She looked disappointed about not winning, but she did get quite a round of applause. She came over and sat down next to me. She had put her skirt and blouse back on, but her bra was missing.

"Honey, you did great! You definitely made my cock hard!" I told her giving her a hug.

"Thanks, Baby! I'm surprised I got a lot of applause though. I didn't think I did that well."

The bartender spoke up, "Sweetie, it was your first time, and I'll admit that if I was wearing any panties under these shorts, they would be wet. You did great!"

"Do you want to head home? I asked Leslie.

"Not yet. I want to stay and watch for a while. Maybe I can pick up some pointers."

We sat at the bar for a while, and as each dancer would finish, they would come over and compliment Leslie on her performance. They would hug her, hold her hand, a couple of them even gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Eventually as the crowd thinned out, we moved up to the front row by the stage, and some of the dancers started giving Leslie and I a lot of their attention. One of them even pulled Leslie up on stage. My cock was rock hard watching her give my wife the sexiest lap dance I have ever seen. I couldn't believe it when she gave Leslie a long wet kiss. Leslie and I had done a couple of threesomes before, but I had never seen her get into a kiss with another woman the way she did on that stage.

About a half an hour before closing time, I looked around and watched the last of the customers other then Leslie and I leave. The bartender took the opportunity to lock the door so that no more customers would come in. The music kept playing, and the dancers kept coming out, but the DJ wasn't announcing them anymore. I turned and saw that he, the two bouncers, and the manager were sitting at a table towards the back, and each was getting a lap dance that looked more like fucking then dancing.

Cindy, one of the dancers that had been talking with Leslie a lot came over and sat on Leslie's lap. She looked at me for a second and then said, "You know, for a married guy, you seem to be pretty OK with us playing with your wife. That's pretty hot."

She turned and then kissed Leslie. After they broke the kiss, she leaned over and kissed me. I could see Leslie out of the corner of my eye stand up and reach between Cindy's legs to play with her pussy. Cindy moaned into my mouth. She stood, and turned to Leslie, and told her to lay on the stage. Cindy pushed Leslie's skirt up around her waist and started eating Leslie's pussy.

I just stood there for a second before two of the other dancers took me by the hand and led me over to one of the couches. They removed my pants, and began giving me a tag-team blowjob. I was lost in lust and felt almost paralyzed as I saw the Manager and one of the bouncers walk up to the stage where Leslie was. The manager got between her legs as Cindy got up on stage and straddled her face. The manager took off his pants and slid his cock into my wife! He smiled over at me as he began fucking her while she ate Cindy's pussy.

I started to get up to go get him off my wife when the bartender, Martina, appeared from behind us and straddled me on the couch. She kissed me and lowered her pussy onto my cock and slowly began grinding on me. I looked past her at my wife as Cindy stood up. Leslie looked at me with lust glazed eyes and smiled. That was her telling me that she was ok, so I turned my attention back to Martina. As she ground her pussy into me, another dancer stood up on the couch and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I licked and sucked her pussy while Martina rode me first hard and fast and then slow and purposeful.

I heard the manager groan out loud as he came, since I couldn't see them, I could only imagine that he was filling my wife. Then I heard Leslie tell the bouncer that it was ok if he wanted to fuck her too. Martina shouted as she came on my cock and slumped down onto me. The pussy on my mouth came and then got off of me. I picked up Martina and carried her over to the stage, laying her down like Leslie was. The bouncer was now pounding Leslie's pussy with a very large cock, while she screamed and writhed under his body.

The dancer that was sitting on my face now climbed up onto the stage and laid down on Martina so they could kiss and rub their tits together. I now had the option of two beautiful pussies to fuck. I took turns fucking one and then the other as they moaned into each other's mouth.

The bouncer screamed as he came into my wife's stretched pussy. He stepped back to admire his work. There was my wife laying on the stage, her skirt bunched up around her waist, her blouse laying on the stage in a pile with a dancer's panties, and two loads of cum running out of her pussy. Cindy crouched between her legs and proceeded to clean the cum from her pussy, and Leslie came yet again.

I began fucking Martina harder, and the dancer that was laying on her and kissing her now got up and turned her attention to Martina's clit and my cock. Every stroke, I could feel her tongue on my cock and see her flicking it over Martina's clit. We were both moaning out loud, and Martina began squeezing my cock with her pussy. It was just too much for me, after watching everything that had been going on, my orgasm had finally fought its way through the alcohol in my system. I screamed and filled Martina's pussy with a huge load of cum. I came so hard that when my orgasm finished, I stumbled back into a chair, and watched Martina slowly get up, and lower her dripping pussy onto my wife's waiting mouth.

Leslie cleaned my cum from Martina's pussy while Cindy finished cleaning her pussy from the two loads of cum. I sat and watched this sexy picture in front of me and wished I had a camera so I could prove that this wasn't a dream. Slowly my cock began to stiffen back up while I watched this. Cindy noticed it and walked over to me. She didn't say a word as she settled her pussy onto my cock.

Cindy began bucking on my cock. It felt like we were putting on a show for everyone. My wife, the bouncers, the manager, the bartender, and about six other dancers all watched while Cindy and I fucked each other as hard and as wild as we could. Cindy came, and came again, screaming and whipping her hair around like she had lost control. She started pounding her pussy into my cock and I could feel my balls tightening one more time. I unleashed my second huge load for the night into Cindy as she screamed, and then fell forward into my arms, spent. I could feel our juices leaking out of her, down balls, and onto the floor.

We all cleaned up the mess we had made before Leslie and I headed home. The manager gave us an open invitation to come back any time we wanted to, free of cover, and said that Leslie could dance whenever she wanted. We have gone back quite a few times and Leslie has become quite the dancer, but now, when we go, we take the video camera with us. Not for her dancing, but for our performances after the club closes.

Written by: LegsattheLake

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