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The Cold Winter Ch. 02

by sexygirl76©

Chapter 2: The Visitor

The twins looked at each other. The storm had abated during the night but no one would be crazy enough to be out there now. Would they? The knock came again. "Um...Just a minute," Michael called pulling quickly out of her and standing up. He threw the blanket over Sarah's naked body while he pulled his pajama pants back on.

Sarah wrapped the blanket tightly around herself as she scooted back over by the dying fire. She threw more wood on the fire, watching it catch while her brother answered the door.

When Michael answered the door the first thought that crossed his mind was this guy looked like the guy who played Hagrid in those Harry Potter movies. The man was huge. At least 6'2 or 3 and at least 200lbs. Even though he was well bundled Michael could still tell he was huge. "Can I help you?" he asked looking at the giant.

"Yea hey...Is this the Wilson residence?"

Michael was surprised the man knew his name. "Yes."

The giant held out a gloved hand. "My name is Henry Yates. Um...Could I come in? It's cold out here."

Michael thought of his sister's naked body under the blanket but at the same time couldn't just let the man freeze. "Sure...Come on in."

Sarah was about to berate her brother for letting a strange man into the house while she was sitting there naked. She opened her mouth then closed it as she saw the man who walked in. Suddenly her pussy went into overdrive, burning with need, it was as if the fucking Michael had just given her never happened.

A gasp escaped her lips making the giant look at her. He smiled softly. "Well hello there."

Sarah opened her mouth to say hello but no words came out. Michael chuckled. "This is my twin sister Sarah."

The giant nodded to her then turned back to Michael as he started taking off his heavy clothes. "I've got a message from your mother. At least we think it is your mother. Her license said Veronica Wilson and she had a picture of you two in her wallet."

The twins looked at each other then back to the giant. "You know our mother?" Michael asked.

Henry scratched his raggedy beard. "Well I think it's her. She doesn't exactly look like she does in those pictures right now though." He said looking at the pictures over the fireplace.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked jumping to her feet quickly and letting the blanket fall from her body as she glared at the giant in all her naked glory.

The man looked her up and down then licked his lips as he spoke again. "My wife and I were coming into town about 3 or 4 days ago. Saw a half naked woman lying unconscious on the side of the road. Her purse was beside her with her id but that was it, other then that it was empty."

Michael and Sarah looked at each other again, not noticing Sarah's naked state over worry for their mother.

Sarah moved slowly towards the giant. "Is she okay?"

Again the man looked over her luscious body. "Yea...She's fine right now. Just seems to have forgotten who she is. She has been mumbling in her sleep though about her kids home alone so my wife sent me down here to check on you. My car crashed into a tree last night so until I can get it fixed I can't take you to her."

Sarah and Michael looked at each other again. "But she is alive?" Sarah asked with a crack in her voice.

Henry smiled tenderly at her. "Yes honey, she's alive."

Not caring about her nakedness she ran across the room, throwing herself into his arms. She cried against his chest as her breasts pressed against him. Michael watched the big man blush as his sister cried in his arms.

"The weather man says this storm could go on for days." Michael said trying to get the man to think about something besides the naked woman in his arms. "Nobody is going to be open until it blows over."

Sarah turned her head to look at her brother but didn't release her hold on Henry. "We can't just leave mom."

Henry cupped her cheek. "She's fine sweetheart. My wife will take care of her."

Sarah cried against his chest again. "How can we ever thank you for taking care of her?"

Henry felt his cock rising in his jeans as the girl pressed herself against him. "Oh I'm sure we'll think of something." Reaching under her butt, he lifted her up in his arms.

Surprised, Sarah locked her legs around his waist feeling his hard cock pressing against her. "Oh my..." She said looking into the giants gentle eyes.

Henry smiled then brought his lips to hers, kissing her gently as he carried her back over by the fire. He lowered himself to his knees then down until Sarah was lying beneath him. He was surprised when she kissed him back melting her body against his.

Henry moved his mouth from hers, turning his head to look at Michael who had sat down on the couch watching them. "Do you mind?"

Michael shrugged. It was his sister's body. The only drawback he saw to the big man being here was he figured he wouldn't be getting his sisters pussy again anytime soon. "It's up to her. If she wants you to fuck her it's fine with me."

Sarah smiled sweetly at her brother, blew him a kiss then pulled Henry's mouth back to hers. She kissed him hard thrusting her tongue against his as she wiggled her naked body against him. "God you're a hot one ain't you baby?" He asked moving his mouth down to her breasts.

His beard tickled her flesh as he wrapped his tongue around her nipple. "Ohhhhhh..." She moaned closing her eyes as he loved her nipple with his tongue. "Feels so good." She dug her nails into his hair holding him tightly against her breast.

"Mmmmmmm..." Henry moaned whipping his tongue all over her nipple as his hands moved down over her body.

She spread her legs wide giving him access when she felt his hand move over her mound. "Yes. Touch me." She purred.

Henry growled against her breast. He locked his lips on her nipple, grazing it lightly with his teeth as he moved his hand down to her pussy. "Oh...So wet." he mumbled against her skin as he slid a big beefy finger inside her.

"Oh yes." She cried lifting her hips against his probing finger. "Finger fuck me baby."

Henry did just that. He slowly moved his finger inside her as he sucked hard at her breast. When the nipple hardened in his mouth, he moved his mouth to the other breast, loving it with his tongue.

Sarah was purring as the big man brought her body to life. She ran her hands down over his back and pulled his t-shirt out of his jeans then slid her hands under it over his bare skin.

Henry moved off her body long enough to pull his shirt over his head then laid back down on her resuming his movements with his hands and mouth.

While one hand worked at her slit, the other gripped her ass pulling her tightly against his erection. "Feel how hot I am for you baby?" He growled against her skin. "Feel how bad I want to be inside you."

Sarah was enjoying the feelings of his hands and mouth but when he pressed her against him, her pussy caught fire. She went into severe sexual heat. "Oh yes, Fuck me." She cried pulling at him. "Fuck me now. I need it so bad."

Henry felt her pussy clenching against his hand at her words. He lifted his head from her breast to look into her eyes. Seeing the fire and heat there turned him on something awful. He let a low growl escape his lips as he moved off her body. He pulled his boots off then stripped his pants, long johns and underwear from his body until his hard 12 inch cock was jutting out from his body.

Sarah's eyes widened when she saw him fully hard but could only squeak when he dropped back onto her, his cock seeking her hole.

When he found it he slid into her easily. "Oh fuck," Sarah cried as he impaled her with his shaft. "It's so fucking big."

Henry slid into her reveling in the feelings of her taking him into her. When she took him completely he let a small whimper leave his lips. "Oh man, I've never found a woman who could take all of me before." he started out with long, slow strokes. He pulled out of her only to impale her once again. "Fuck. Your pussy is so tight baby..." He growled lifting her ass against his thrusts.

Sarah was in heaven. The big man's cock was hitting her in places that Michael's cock couldn't reach. "Fuck me." She cried pushing back against him. "Impale me on your hard log baby." She wrapped her arms around his neck as she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside her.

Henry didn't need any encouragement. He pumped his hips harder against her, slamming her into the floor with his hard thrusts. He locked his mouth on hers, his tongue moving insanely with her own. His mouth captured her squeals as he impaled her body with his hard cock.

Michael was sitting on the couch, stroking his hard cock as he watched the big man fuck the shit out of his sister. He tried to hold back the moans that threatened to leave his lips as he watched her skewered on the big man's rod. As he heard his sister squeal before Henry locked his mouth on hers, Michael couldn't hold back the moan. Suddenly two sets of eyes were on him.

Henry saw Michael stroking his hard cock and smiled. "Why don't you come stick your cock in your sister's mouth boy while I ream her pussy? They say that two cocks are better then one."

Michael and Sarah both looked at the older man in surprise then Michael quickly shed his pajama bottoms and slid across the floor. Henry pushed himself up on his hands, still sliding hard and fast into Sarah's hot pussy. She was crying out when suddenly she had Michael's cock shoved into her mouth. She smiled with her eyes at him as she sucked hard at him.

Michael closed his eyes as he tangled his hand in Sarah's hair, pulling her hard against his cock as he thrust into her mouth. "That's it sis. Suck my cock while Henry fucks you. Then I'll fuck you while you eat his monster of a cock." The younger man looked at Henry to see what he thought of him wanting to fuck his sister.

Henry just smiled at him as he pummeled his cock harder into Sarah making her grunt around Michael's cock. She was breathing hard when she suddenly screamed against the cock in her mouth as her muscles tightened around Henry's moving cock. "Oh Fuck...She gets tight when she comes." the big man groaned trying to hold back his own orgasm as she tightened around him.

Michael chuckled. "Tell me about it."

Henry raised his eyebrow but Michael just smiled. Henry continued to slam into her as she tightened around him, when her pussy released him so to speak, he ran his hands under her legs, lifting them until they were resting against her chest as he slammed hard and fast into her.

Sarah sobbed in pleasure around Michael's cock as Henry's cock slid even further inside her. "Mmmmmmm..." she moaned around Michael's cock as her pussy was ravished repeatedly by the big man.

"Cum again on my cock baby," He growled locking his mouth on her nipple. "Cum for me, squeeze the cum out of me."

She tightened her pussy muscles as she went like a wild woman on Michael's cock. He was slamming her face into his pubic hair as he ferociously fucked her face. "Take my cum sisssssss." He yelled as he started shooting down her sucking throat. Sarah whimpered around his cock.

Watching Michael come in his sister's mouth pushed Henry to greater heights. He slammed so hard into Sarah that he was moving her body like a rag doll over the floor. She was whimpering with need as she let Michael's cock slip from her mouth. "Fuck me." She whimpered digging her nails into Henry's chest. "Ream the shit out of my pussy with your hard cock. Make me cum again."

Henry slammed so hard into her that to Michael his moving ass was a blur. He watched as his sister clawed at the man fucking the shit out of her. She was crying out in pain and pleasure as he battered her pussy with his cock.

Finally she let out a loud squeal and he watched Henry's eyes close. Michael figured she was milking his cock as she came. The big man let out a loud growl and rammed hard into the woman beneath him. "Take it bitch." He yelled. "Take all my fucking juices in your sucking hole."

Michael watched fascinated as the people before him slammed their bodies together as they came. Finally Henry collapsed on top of her. He kissed her face, as he let his softening cock slip from her well fucked hole. "God damn, hasn't been that good in years." The older man panted leaning his face against her neck.

Sarah giggled. "Mister, you can fuck me like that anytime you want."

Henry let out a loud belly laugh, as he kissed her cheek then moved off of her. "I might take you up on that sometime darling."

Henry moved out of the way as Michael slid between his sisters spread legs. "Michael...No..." She started so say when he slammed into her. Her pussy was a little sore from the beating Henry had given it but it wasn't long before she was pressing furiously against Michael's hard thrusts. "Fuck me big brother." She screamed as he pounded her pussy hard and fast. "Oh god, I'm cummingg."

Henry sat back for a minute, watching the siblings thrust wildly as they fought for release. He heard Michael's grunts as he thrust violently into his sisters battered pussy. Sarah was squealing with joy as her brother rode her.

Henry chuckled then laid down on his stomach with his mouth by Sarah's ear. "You like that little girl?" he asked gruffly. "You like having your brothers big dick slicing in and out of your wet hole?"

Sarah sighed at the big mans words. She turned her head to look at him even as she shoved her body forcefully against her brother's powerful thrusts. "Oh yes Henry, he is fucking me so good. He is making me cum so hard."

Michael panted over her as he impaled her over and over. Since he had just came not to long before he was able to go longer but he knew that it wouldn't be long before he filled his sister with a load just like Henry did.

Henry watched the thrusting siblings for another minute while his own cock hardened. He watched as Michael leaned back and he was able to see perfectly the cock sliding into her. It made Henry groan and he knew he wanted to feel her lips around him. "Michael, pull out and let Sarah get up on her hands and knees." he said moving so he was sitting above Sarah's head.

The pounding siblings looks at him for a minute then Michael reluctantly pulled out. "I don't know how much longer I can hold back." Michael panted slowly stroking his hard cock that was glistening with his sisters juices.

Sarah giggled as she rolled over onto her hands and knees. "Mmmmm, I think you're doing just fine big brother." She wiggled her ass at him and Michael grinned.

Michael smiled at her then moved up behind her and slid easily back into her depths. Both siblings moaned as he once again filled her with his heat.

Henry watched for a minute until they got into a rythm then he grabbed the back of Sarah's head and pulled her down against his swollen cock. Sarah started to protest but never got the words out as he shoved his hard meat into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmph..." Sarah grunted as she suddenly had a mouthful of hard cock meat while her brother fucked her furiously from behind.

Henry held the back of her head, holding her over him as he closed his eyes in pleasure. "Suck me little girl. Suck that hard meat baby." he ran his fingers through her long hair as he fed her his length.

As big as Henry was, Sarah wasn't able to do much other then bob her head up and down over him. This seemed to be enough for the big man though because he was grunting in pleasure as he slowly fucked her face. 'Yea baby, that's it. Suck on that hard rod."

He pulled her closer to him and Sarah almost gagged as he tried to slide into her throat. Between the cock in her mouth and the pounding her brother was giving her, Sarah's body was streaming with sexual lust. She slammed her body back against Michael as she once again went over the edge.

Michael, feeling her tighten around him once more, shot his load deep inside her as she clamped down over him. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH..." he yelled as he shot his load to mix with Henry's deep inside her. When he pulled his soft cock from her pussy the two men's cum slithered out of her well fucked hole.

Henry pulled out of her mouth as soon as he saw that Michael was cumming and Sarah hung her head. She started to lay down on her stomach on the floor when Michael pulled out but felt her body lifted as another cock slithered inside her.

She looked over her shoulder sleepily as Henry once again impaled her with his hard meat. "Henry, please, no more." she begged even as he pulled her tight against him as he started slamming forcefully into her body.

Henry leered as her as he pounded her willing hole. "You can sleep soon baby, I'm so hot, it won't take me long to cum.

Even though she was physically tired, her body loved the way he slammed into her and it didn't take long before she was thrusting back against him. "Fuck me Henry." she screamed as she once again flew into ecstasy. "Oh fuck me, I'm cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg again."

This time she was completely worn out and her upper body slumped against the floor even as Henry held her ass up in the air as he continued to slam into her. She kept crying out as he impaled her again and again and he even brought her off again but she was to tired to do more then just lay there.

When he finally filled her hole for the second time, she felt her legs slither out from under her and landed on the floor with a plop as Henry's cock slid from her well fucked hole.

When she was on the floor, Sarah curled up in a ball as she closed her eyes and within seconds was fast asleep.

The two men smiled at each other, "I think you wore her out Henry." Michael said as he covered her with the blanket then sat down to watch the fire.

Henry sat down next to him, his soft cock resting in the curls of his crotch. "Could be, think she will be up for more later?"

Michael chuckled as he watched his sleeping sister. "Somehow I can pretty much bet she will."

The two men chuckled then sat side by side watching the fire until she woke up and they were ready for more.

Written by: sexygirl76

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