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A Slut in the Family Ch. 01

by Jack_Slade©

(Author's note: This fantasy story was requested on Literotica by Seduclove.

Diary entries are written by Secuclove)


Part 1: The Secret.

Jen discovers that she is a Nymphomaniac:

Jennifer was walking home from school on a hot, early June day. There were only a few days left, and Jennifer could finally put High School behind her and look forward to college.

She was a beautiful 19 year old girl. Her long blond hair cascaded over her shoulders, framing her tight little athletic body, almost reaching her pert breasts as she walked. She flipped her hair behind her as she came to a street corner, pausing to look both ways as her Grandfather John had taught her long ago.

He had agreed to raise Jenny and her brother, Michael, when they both were young, along with the help of his son Thomas, their Mother's brother. The children's parents were unable to raise them, so he had been left to the task. Jenny was looking forward to seeing her grandfather, but her uncle, was another story.

Jenny despised her short, fat, ugly, old uncle; she agreed with everyone that he was nothing but a pervert. She hated the way he leered at her, and the way he took any opportunity to try and fondle her. She felt many times that he undressed her with his eyes, and she absolutely hated his vulgar mouth and the way he called her names. They were not nice names, names no virgin girl should ever have to hear. She also hated the way her body responded to his obscene advances.

Jenny had grown up under her grandfather's firm hand – she was a good girl – but almost painfully shy for her beauty. She had hardly ever dated, and most of the boys chasing her gave up out of frustration, finding other girls more willing to share their charms with them.

Jenny had a good reason to be shy though, it was her defense mechanism, her way of avoiding anyone finding out her secret. Jenny was a smart girl; and she knew what would happen to her if a boy discovered her secret. Ever since she was young, from the first time she squeezed her teddy bear between her legs, she knew she was different from everyone else. Once she became aroused she could not stop herself; she had no control over her body. It betrayed her at every opportunity, and once she felt its power over her she turned from a prim and proper virgin, into a lusting woman, consumed with the idea of sex. Jennifer, the 5 ft. 8 inch blond haired virgin, turned into an orgasm craving nymphomaniac.

Her Uncle had been intolerable for the last few days. Jenny had confessed to her grandfather that she broke her hymen playing with a dildo that her girlfriend had given her. Her Grandfather John was happy that she had confessed to him, but he still had punished the girl, giving her a long spanking and corner time. Her little brother, Michael, had been listening and told her uncle, he tells him everything. Ever since then Uncle Tom has increased his verbal assaults and now he makes fun of her, calling her a slut because she lost her virginity to a plastic cock.

Jenny finally made it home, and she entered the house through the kitchen door. She had hoped the kitchen would be empty, but her Uncle and her brother were there fixing dinner.

Uncle Tom watched as Jenny walked into the house. He sure did love his little niece, he had been dreaming about fucking her for the last few years. Ever since she turned 18 he had thought about little else.

Uncle Tom looked up at the clock and whistled "Gee's sweetie, you must have run home from school today, I think this is a new record." He patted his lap, "Come here and sit on your Uncles lap, and we'll talk about what pops up!" He looked over to Michael, and gave him a wink.

Jenny looked at her uncle, and his lap, and blushed. "You just stay away from me Uncle, you disgust me!" She exclaimed.

Uncle Tom showed a fake pout on his face. "Aw come on honey, aren't you tired of playing with that stupid toy yet? Don't you want a real man?"

"A real man wouldn't talk like you do Uncle Tom. You're just a disgusting pervert."

Uncle Tom grunted. "Since when is telling the truth perverted? Listen Jennifer, your too god damn pretty to be acting this way. Hell, even your brother has had sex already, and look at how butt ugly he is!" He gave Mike another wink. "What's the deal Jennifer? Why is it that everyone on the planet has sex except for you, dear."

"I'm saving myself for my husband," she stated to him.

Uncle Tom laughed. "You can't put a tux on a damn dildo, sweetie." He laughed so hard, he doubled over.

He finally stopped laughing long enough to say, "Really, Jennifer, that sort of thing went out of style long ago. Boy's today really do want a girl who already knows how to fuck, and suck a cock. Shit sweetie, how the hell do you expect to find a husband if you won't even go out on a date?" Tom shook his head, and mumbled more to himself than anyone in the room. "No, there is something else going on here, but I'm just not quite sure what it is, yet."

Jenny started to walk out of the room, and her uncle called to her. "Dinner is in 30 minutes; try and see if you can manage to keep your hand out of your panties until then," he said with a laugh.

Jenny ran off and headed up the stairs to her room. She unlocked the door, went in, and kicked the door shut. She threw herself on the bed, crying. Her pussy was already wet and itching, and her clit was throbbing for her touch. She had to resist the urge to play with it. "Damn it, why can't they just leave me alone?"

Dinner was pretty boring for Jennifer, until her Uncle Tom started to tease her. He had been telling her grandfather how she was 'saving herself' for her husband. Jenny sat there embarrassed while he talked. Then Uncle Tom grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and waved it at her.

"Hey Jen, since your going to marry your husband without learning about sex, maybe you should practice on this banana, and Gramps and I can give you some pointers," he said as he snickered at her.

Jenny's pussy tightened up as she listened. Her thighs rubbed together as she squirmed in her chair while her face blushed furiously. She had been talking about that very thing to her girlfriend the night before in IM's. Thinking of that, and their erotic conversation, Jen closed her eyes. She clamped her fist to her mouth, stifling a groan, as her pussy gushed, soaking her panties and shaved mound.

Uncle Tom excused himself early, telling his father that he had to go home, and work in the shop for a while. He left through the font door, or at least that's what he wanted everyone to think. He had slammed the door shut, and ran upstairs to Jen's room. She was getting sloppy and left the door to her room un-locked, so he entered and sat at her PC. He called up his spy ware program, and quickly printed off some sheets of her internet conversations. Then he hid himself in her closet, its adjustable louvered doors offering him a perfect vantage point to watch her in secret.

He didn't have long to wait, Jenny came bounding up the steps, and entered her room, slamming the door shut. She screamed, "OH, I hate that man!"

She stood there for several moments, and then she hugged herself. Soon her hand trailed down her body, and it slid under her shorts and panties till it found her soaking wet and aching pussy.

"You're a very, very bad pussy!" she said, scolding herself. "Getting turned on that way about your uncle is very, very naughty. It's bad enough that I can't stop playing with you when I get excited, but please, don't make me think about him. He's short, ugly and old, and an obnoxious bastard. I hate how he treats me, but you love it, don't you, you naughty little nympho pussy." Jenny's fingers moved in her panties, stroking her clit, sometimes giving it light little scratches.

Uncle Tom, standing inside her closet, was amused at first, watching her as she came into the room. Then his niece started talking to herself, or more specifically to her pussy. He took his cock out as she started to play with herself. His ears perked up when she called herself a nymphomaniac. He thought to himself, Can a virgin even be a nympho?

Jenny slid her shorts and panties to the floor, and stepped out of them. She rubbed her hand over her smooth mound, toying with the little V patch of groomed pubic hair, which she had left to decorate her pussy. Two of her fingers slid inside of herself and she moaned a bit, and squirmed, her breath coming in ragged bursts as she neared her first orgasm of the night. Jenny was in the middle of her fantasy now. She heard her uncle's voice inside her head.

"No Uncle Tom, please don't call me a slut again… I'm a good girl… please don't touch me like that, please Uncle, I'm… I'm a… good…. no, you're right… I'm… a naughty little slut, who needs to be punished." Jenny came hard thinking of her Uncle Tom's fat fingers inside her, slowly turning her into his little fuck toy, a worthless cunt to be used for his pleasure. She was an insatiable nymphomaniac, consumed by a passionate fire she could not quench. She could not deny her passions.

Uncle Tom listened to his niece, and he groaned softly when she came. His orgasm soon followed, and he dumped his seed into his hand. Looking around he wiped his cum from his hand onto one of the many tops she owned. He thought to himself that she would freak out, worrying who had spied on her, and that idea made him very happy.

He watched her cum four more times that night. She used her fingers, a dildo, and a vibrator to pleasure herself. She finally crawled into bed and fell asleep. Uncle Tom quietly opened her closet door, and he got out of her room as quickly as he could, remembering to take the printout's that he had made.


The next morning, Jen wrote in her Diary:

(Written by Seduclove)

Dear diary,

My life is over. I can't believe this happened. It wasn't bad enough that I accidentally broke my hymen playing with a dildo my friend gave me, but for my bastard Uncle Tom to find out?

God, this is just great. I guess I should explain.

My friend thought that I needed something since I'm still a virgin so she gave me a dildo. I already had a vibrator I bought myself off eBay without anyone knowing. Well, I went crazy and it felt so good I just shoved it into me. I couldn't help myself and my hymen broke. I tried to confide in my grandpa, but he didn't react quite the way I had hoped. He wasn't sympathetic at all. He still thinks of me as a child, but I'm 19. He spanked me and made me stand in the corner.

I felt like I had let him down and I wasn't his precious little granddaughter anymore. I just couldn't help myself. When I get aroused all these crazy fantasies pop into my head. I start rubbing every part of my body like crazy. I just need to cum so badly.

Well, it turns out my stupid dorky brother Michael had been listening in and overheard what happened. Of course he told my perverted uncle. He tells him everything so they can joke about it. I think he actually looks up to the fat, ugly, old pervert. Well, my uncle had been bad enough. Always looking at me, making lewd remarks, trying to fall or rub against my body. It sends shivers down my spine. I hate how sick he is.

He's my uncle and not in the least bit attractive, but even thinking about him rubbing against me is making me feel so dirty. God, I'm getting wet. I'm so ashamed of myself. No, I'm ashamed of my pussy. It's so dirty. It wants disgusting things. I have to control myself.

Anyway, after finding this out I guess he figured it was okay to push me even more. He's been more perverse and almost constantly talking about sexual things. He and my brother are always giggling when I walk by. He always makes some stupid perverted remark. I hate him so much. He told me I'm a little slut and I'm so desperate I gave my virginity to a dildo. Why does he have to ride me so much? Oh, I can just imagine him riding me. That would be so naughty. Stop it. Listen to me, what am I saying?

Well, yesterday I tried to rush home from school as quickly as I could hope to make it home before anyone else. Of course my brother and uncle would both be sitting there. As soon as I entered the stupid door he was cracking jokes and making lewd remarks to me. He told me I should sit on his lap. Can you believe that? I couldn't help myself and I looked at his lap. His cock was rock hard. It wasn't exactly small either. I started getting wet immediately, but I regained control and told him how disgusting he was. Then he starts talking about how even my brother has had sex. Doesn't he think I know that? I'm just shy. Plus, the boys wouldn't understand. They would either want to take advantage of me or I would disgust them.

How could I ever save myself for marriage? The first boy to touch me would drive me crazy. My pussy is so bad. She can't resist anything. My Uncle Tom thinks its stupid to save myself, but my grandpa told me it's what good girls do and I want to make him proud. I couldn't help myself and I ran to my room and slammed the door. I started crying. I'm not a crybaby, but I don't like being made fun of. Also, my pussy was screaming to be touched. It was aching. It took everything I had not to rip my clothes off and shove my fingers deep into my steaming hole.

When I went to dinner my uncle started making remarks again. He said I should practice on a banana. I freaked out. My best girlfriend and I had been IMing each other the night before and she told me she tried playing with herself with a banana and it was great. She said I should suck on it like I was getting my lover worked up and then when he was ready to shove him deep inside me. I was at dinner for goodness sake. Why did he have to talk about that then? I started rubbing my thighs together trying to play with myself without using my hands. I had to put my hand to my face to keep from groaning in pleasure. I was on fire.

After dinner, my uncle finally left. I was happy he was finally gone. I wanted to rush upstairs and play with my little buddy, but my grandpa wanted me to start my laundry. I put it in the washer, then ran upstairs as fast as I could. My door was already open. Damn it. I forgot to lock it again. I entered my room, slammed my door, and screamed. I hated him so much, but the second I thought about him being so mean to me I couldn't hold it any longer. I started to touch myself. I scolded my pussy for being so bad. How could it get turned on by my uncle? It's one thing to get turned on like crazy, but to do so because of my ugly, fat, old uncle? He's not just physically disgusting, but also a total pervert and pig.

Yet, my pussy was on fire and as soon as I touched it I knew what I would be fantasizing about. I started toying with my clit and playfully scratching it like a kitten in heat. God, I'm such a nympho. I thought about my uncle calling me a slut, making me love his touch, making me crave it. I felt so dirty. I started to finger myself, imagining it was my uncle's fingers inside me. Making me so wet I would do anything. I would belong to him. He could punish me for being such a stuck up little brat. I came right there. I was in heat. I couldn't resist.

I climbed on my bed and took off the rest of my clothes. I fingered myself like crazy. I brought my vibrator out from under the bed and the dildo my friend had given me. I used all of them. I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I kept imagining it was my uncle doing these naughty things to me, making me want it against my will. I sucked on the dildo as I fingered myself imagining I was sucking his cock for him. I came so many times I was worn out. I had ended up on the floor so I crawled back into my bed and snuggled with my stuffed bear. I hugged him tight as I fell asleep. I'm a good girl. My pussy is so bad, though.

At least school is almost over. I can finally relax a little. I would love to go swimming, but I'd have to go over to my uncle's house. He has the only pool I have access to. Well, diary that is what happened to me.

I haven't told you the creepy thing yet though. When I went to get dressed this morning I took out one of my cutest tops. It's a little pink one with lace around the arms. It had something on it that was wet and sticky. Now I'm no expert, but I'm sure it was cum. Someone must have jerked off in my closet. I bet it was that stupid dorky brother of mine. What if he was in there when I was playing with myself? Oh, my god. What if it wasn't him?

Shit. I have to go to school. I'll write more later, at least I can count on you diary. You'll keep my secrets.



Uncle Tom called Jen before she left for school. He told her that she was to come over to his house after school, and she was to clean the place up. He also told her to wear her new bikini, the one with the tie straps.

Jen was on pins and needles all-day long. She was sure it was her Uncle in the closet last night. She knew it could not be her brother; he had stayed in the kitchen with her Grandfather while Uncle Tom had left early. His last sentence to her on the phone had sealed it. "We have a lot of things to talk about tonight, Jennifer." Her pussy had been wet all day long, thinking of what was in store for her.

End of Part 1

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Uncle Tom's House

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Written by: Jack_Slade

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