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Adventures in Photography

by C_Woody©

My wife has always been a big flirt. She thrives on male attention and loves to make me jealous. When we were first married, we enjoyed all types of sexual experimentation. I have always loved photography and decided that it would be very sensual to take nude photographs of my new bride.

Being a big flirt, she loved being the center of attention and posing for the camera. It didn't take long for her inner exhibitionist to come out and play. Our photo sessions were always followed by hot sex, during which we would discuss ideas for future photo shoots. During one of these discussions my wife suggested that we hire a male model to pose nude with her. I found this idea very arousing.

The next day I picked-up a copy of the weekly college paper and searched the classified ads. There were several ads for male and female models offering to pose for art and photography students. I contacted one of the males and told him that I was a photography student and was interested in taking some photos of nude couples. I explained that I had a female model already hired and now needed a male model. He said he was available on Thursday evenings. I told him that would work and gave him the address of a friend's photo studio.

I told my wife about the upcoming photo shoot and she got absolutely giddy with excitement. I told her to meet me at the studio about 10 minutes later than the time I had given the male model so that he would think that she was just another model that was hired for the shoot.

On Thursday evening I went over to the studio to get the lights and camera set-up. The studio had several "sets" for themed photo shots. This evening we were using the bedroom set that was mostly used for boudoir photo shots. The male model showed-up right on time. He introduced himself as Ben and he was fairly good looking. My wife showed-up about 15 minutes later and pretended like we were meeting for the first time. I introduced her to Ben and she started in with her flirting. I showed them to the dressing rooms and prepared the lights for the first shots. Ben strolled out nude and I could quickly tell that he was no novice to nude modeling. My wife came out a few minutes later and I was shocked to see that she had shaved her pussy (I had been trying to get her to shave her pussy but she always refused). Ben complimented her on her nice body and told her how much he liked her bald pussy. She blushed and thanked him for the compliment. She looked over at me and asked if I liked her bald pussy. I smiled and told her yes. She checked out Ben's erect uncut cock and flirtingly told him that his cock looked like it really liked bald pussy. She then told Ben that she had never had sex with a guy that was uncut and that she needed to try it sometime. I was very excited watching my nude wife discussing sex with a nude stranger and loved the idea of her being fucked by Ben's uncut cock.

Time to get to work! I instructed my wife to pose doggy style and Ben to get behind her and position his cock about an inch from her pussy. As I started taking pictures I noticed that my wife was slowly moving her pussy towards Ben's cock. She had the head of his cock in her pussy by the time I told them it was time for the next pose. I posed them in several more sexual positions and every time my wife would manage to get the head of his cock into her pussy. Ben never complained and was actually very aroused.

I directed Ben to lay on the bed and had my wife straddle him in the classic woman on top pose. She got on top of Ben, reached between her legs and firmly grabbed his erect cock. She positioned the head about an inch from her now wet pussy and I started shooting. Again I noticed that the little tease managed to get the head of Ben's cock into her pussy. I continued taking pictures and noticed that Ben's cock was slowly being swallowed by my wife's horny pussy. When he was completely inside of her I told them that we were done for the evening and thanked them for their hard work. My wife sat there, with Ben's cock buried in her pussy, chatting away as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. She finally got up and the two of them headed to the dressing rooms to get dressed.

I put away the lights and packed my camera while I waited for them. Ben came out, still sporting some serious wood, and I paid him for his time and we chatted about the photo shot. He said that he really enjoyed working with the female model and asked me if I had any other photo shots planned. My wife came out of the dressing room, laid her purse on the bed and I paid her for her time. Ben then asked her if she could give him a ride home and she told him yes. They walked out together and I started shutting off the lights and locking up.

My wife came back into the studio and said that she forgot her purse. She got close to me and whispered that she thought that Ben was interested in more than a ride. We had often discussed my fantasy of my wife having sex with other men but until now it had always been talk. I got excited at the thought of her and Ben having sex. The idea of his uncut cock thrusting in and out of her bald pussy was intoxicating to say the least. I told her that she had my blessing to do whatever she wanted to do. She kissed me and headed to her car. I knew she was pretty horny and that she would more than likely let Ben fuck her. I locked up and headed home.

About an hour later my wife came home smelling of sex and pot. She got undressed and climbed into bed. My hand went right to her shaved pussy, which was a wet, gooey mess. I started fingering her pussy as she began to detail the evening at Ben's. Ben had invited her in for some wine and a little pot. After a glass of wine and a joint Ben started making out with her on the sofa. So as to not waste any time, my wife asked him were the bedroom was and he eagerly escorted her to his bed. They stripped off their clothing and got down to business (She told me that she was interested in fucking him and not a relationship). He told her that he was currently between girlfriends and hadn't had sex in a couple weeks. This fact was confirmed about 5 minutes later when he pumped a very large load of hot seed deep into her womb. They rested for a few minutes and she left. I was so excited at the thought of her and Ben together that I blew my load the minute my hard cock entered her sloppy pussy. As we dozed off my wife told me that Ben wanted to see her again and that he offered to help her get some modeling jobs. The thought of her modeling nude for other photographers brought a smile to my face. Talk about sweet dreams!

Written by: C_Woody

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