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A Small Misunderstanding

by QuantumMechanic©

While I contemplated this information, I heard the front door open and close, followed by the sound of approaching footfalls. I turned my attention toward the door to the hallway.

Imagine my surprise, and how I felt, when I saw that the person following Molly into our family room was not the lovely Linda, but rather Molly's boss, Mr. Sam Hill, himself! I had no idea why he was here, but I was developing some suspicions, and they made me sick to my stomach.

Now, I have to tell you about Sam Hill. Sam was a big guy, and as black as they come. In good shape, too. He was not a muscle-bound dummy, though. He had a PhD in whatever subfield of social sciences or psychology he'd studied, and he'd built up a successful business from scratch.

In his personal life, he had many friends from all walks of life, and was known to be somewhat of a ladies' man. One rarely saw Sam outside the office, without a nice piece of arm candy - and I mean really nice! Like many well-to-do black men, he also had a predilection for pretty white women, usually much younger pretty white women.

Molly's maturity notwithstanding, it belatedly occurred to me as they approached, that her meteoric rise in SHS might not have been based solely on her job performance and professional skills, and that tonight I was to be left with no doubt that my long-standing marriage was over. It appeared to me that I was likely to be cuckolded, before being given a divorce ultimatum. The reality of what happened, of course, was much weirder than even that.

After they entered, Sam walked around Molly and strode up to where I sat, taped to the chair. He looked down at me with a smug grin and said. "So is this the wimpy, fat white boy, who lets his wife get fucked by a real man - a real black man?"

Being in shock over the turn of events, and having the tape over my mouth, I was, of course, unable to respond. He turned and went over to Molly, who stood there smiling, apparently waiting for him to finish humiliating me before proceeding. He swept her into his arms and laid a kiss on her lips that looked like he owned her, and at that point I felt he probably did.

Gazing steadily at her, he said, "Undress me!" She moved to comply, and methodically removed everything he wore, down to his boxers. I didn't understand at the time why she stopped there, and it didn't last.

"The shorts, too!" he demanded. She looked at him with an odd expression and they conversed quietly. I couldn't hear what they were saying very well, but is sounded as if she might have said "That wasn't in the plan!" to which he seemed to respond, "Trust me!" After that short discussion, Molly went back to the task, slowly pulling down his boxers, eventually exposing his penis.

You knew it was coming. We have to talk about penises here. I'm no John Holmes, and I'm glad of it. He's dead, remember? And it was a direct result of his having a thirteen inch penis! More to the point, Sam isn't either, but when he kicked away his boxers, he was primed and ready for action. I'd guess that he had maybe half an inch on me in length, but no more girth.

How big am I? I'm average, just like the Kinsey Report says, pretty close to six inches when erect. The fact is, with only one or two exceptions, every man I've ever seen naked looks to be about the same size as me when flaccid. Remember, I told you I went to the YMCA regularly? Well at the end of every workout, I have to shower. Sometimes I use the Jacuzzi as well. You don't wear clothes either place, and you can't help but see other men walking around naked.

Even though I don't go out of my way to look at the other guys' penises, I can't help seeing them fairly frequently, and I tell you, they're all about the same, regardless of race or national origin! Kinsey says that on the average, flaccid black cocks seem a little longer than flaccid white ones, but that the erect penises of white men are, on the average, a little longer than the erect penises of blacks: and, almost all erect penises fall in a range of five and a quarter to six and a half inches. The freaks you might see in porn movies are just that: freaks.

I wouldn't know about that from direct experience, and I would worry if I saw a guy wandering around the YMCA showers with a hard-on, but I can tell you without a doubt, that Sam Hill wasn't significantly bigger than me, in any way! Couple all of that with my knowledge of Molly's sexual physiology and response, and I could at least breathe a sigh of relief that she didn't just ditch me for a bigger dick. There must have been some other factor influencing her decision.

As I sat there in shock, contemplating all of these fragments of thought, he broke the kiss.

"Want to take off the gown?" he asked. She shook her head vigorously.

"You look naked underneath it. Are you?" he asked. She gave him an odd look, but then nodded.

"Let's move this to the sofa," he said, arms sweeping her up into his arms. He carried her over to the sofa and gently laid her down, following which he moved to cover her with his body, and began to kiss and fondle her. I still sat there, unbelieving.

They made out for a good ten minutes, as I wondered what I should do. It seemed that Molly fully intended to demonstrate her devotion to her new love, while humiliating me to the greatest possible extent. I had decided to bring my forced participation in this process to an end already when something else unexpected happened.

It didn't surprise me that Sam began to work Molly's gown up toward her head. It would have been in keeping with their apparent plans for blatant intercourse, in full view of my weeping eyes and broken heart. The unexpected thing was that Molly resisted, and when Sam became more insistent, she started yelling at him to stop!

"Sam! Sam! This has gone too far!" she yelled. "You have to stop right now!"

"Why is that, baby?" he pleaded, still trying to move the gown out of the way, "You know you want it! And from what you said, your wimpy husband wants it too! Come on baby, let's have a little fun!"

"Damn it Sam," she said, as he tried to wedge his knees between hers, "you're not gonna get that cock inside me! That wasn't part of either the plan or the agreement!" With that, she began to struggle in earnest, attempting to throw him off her body.

"Look here, you little white bitch," he rasped, angrily, "you can't shake that pretty pussy in front of me like that and not expect me to take it!" Sam's next action broke me out of my frozen state. He grabbed her wrists in his hands and forced them over her head, then managed to jam his knees between her legs. It was obvious that, since she didn't want to cooperate, he intended to rape her.

Molly screamed.

Remember the tape? I told you it was that flimsy plastic shit, and she only used a couple of wraps to tie me to the chair. I hadn't tried to stop the action, because I thought she was no longer mine anyway, and that it was what she wanted. I just didn't want to sit there and watch. Well, it became clear, when she screamed, that she wasn't up for what Sam had in mind, and I just couldn't stand by and allow a woman to be raped.

That plastic tape parted like warm butter, and I was on Sam like stink on shit. Big as he was, I'm not the wimp he thought I was, and I grabbed that sonofabitch by his neck, yanked him off my wife, and ran him headfirst into the door frame. It knocked his ass silly, and he went down like a rock. He rolled onto his back and I was about to put my shoe through his temple, when Molly said, "No, let me!"

She walked up between his splayed legs, and said, "Sam, you are a lying asshole!" then, with the toe of her "fuck me" pumps, she did her damnedest to kick his balls up into his cranium. It made me flinch, and he threw up all over the family room carpet.

He rolled up into a fetal ball, saying over and over, "Bitch! Bitch! I'm gonna file assault charges! You're fired, and I'll see that you never work professionally again!" I let him go on for awhile, until he got his breathing under control, then I grabbed his chin and turned him to face me.

"Listen up, scumbag," I told him. "I saw you attempt to rape my wife. Look around you," I said, waving my arms around the room. "There were three cameras recording everything that you did, including the attempted rape! What do you think your chances are of not becoming Bubba's bitch, when we show those to the police?" He almost turned white on hearing that, and he couldn't speak for hyperventilating.

Wanting to twist the knife a little more, I added, "And guess what? After the civil suit, Molly could end up owning your business!"

"Here's what's really going to happen," I continued. "She may not be my wife anymore, but you're not going to hurt her in any way!"

"What do you mean, not your wife anymore?" Molly gasped.

"Shut up, you silly bitch," I snapped, "I'll deal with you in a minute!" She backed off in shock.

Turning back to Sam I continued, "If she decides to go back to your company for work, you will treat her with respect. You will not try to bully her into sex, either directly or indirectly, or I will personally see to it that you suffer for it for the rest of your miserable life! If she elects to leave your company, you will give her a good reference and normal, full separation benefits. You will not try to hurt her physically, emotionally, or professionally, ever. If I even hear of you touching her without her express permission, I'll make you sorry you were ever born. Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand," Sam grumbled.

"Okay," I said, "you stick with the plan and get your sorry ass out of my house. Don't even think about coming back here as long as I live here, or ever, without an invitation. Now get out!"

He then gathered his clothes and started to put them on. I grabbed his arm and shoved him at the door, saying, "What is it about get out that you don't understand? Do it now!" and he hurried out the door with his clothes in his arms. I watched to make sure he didn't stop before getting into his car and driving away. It was nighttime by then, so it was unlikely that anyone had seen him leave our house.

I turned back to Molly and said grimly, "Now, before I pack up and leave, do you want to try to explain to me about the shit that has gone down this evening?"

"What are you leaving for? And why did you call me a bitch?" she demanded angrily.

I held up my hand and said, "You can't be as stupid as you seem, right now, but you obviously don't understand the situation. It's you who has some explaining to do, not me, and you'd better get on it right away!"

"I don't think I want to talk to you at all, right now," she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well, then, you can scream and cry until you are willing to talk," I said, as I grabbed her arm and dragged her over to a dining chair. I sat down and threw her over my lap.

"Kenny, damn it! Let me up from here, and don't you dare strike me!" she yelled.

"We're way past you telling me what to do, slut!" I yelled back. "I'm going to get mine back, and you are going to tell me what the hell you were doing here tonight, or I'll beat your ass until we're both bloody!"

"You wouldn't dare," she answered, stiffly.

"Then why the hell do you think you are bent over my lap," I said quietly, as I jerked her gown up to expose her pretty, round ass.

Molly took a deep breath, presumably to argue with me some more, but she didn't have time to get started. I held her down with my left arm and raised my right had above my head. I brought it down with enough force to leave my hand print in red, glowing skin on her right butt cheek.

Giving her credit, she didn't scream right away, but she began to hiccup. It would have been funny, under other circumstances, but I had in mind getting some more definite proof that she was getting punished. I raised my hand again, and created a matching print on her left butt cheek.

That time, she did scream. And curse. And eventually cry.

I continued raining punishing slaps on her ass, pausing occasionally to ask if she was ready to talk. As might be expected, she was stubborn, and refused the first few times I asked. Eventually, however, crying and sobbing, she nodded her head and I let her slide gently to the floor.

I sat there watching her until she raised her face to look at me. Seeing her like that, her tears making her mascara run, and her lush lips turned down in hurt and sadness, nearly broke my heart. Nearly. Remember, my heart was already broken. I still had the fresh memory of my loving wife of over thirty years, in passionate embrace with another man! I still didn't know why, or even if, she changed her mind about rubbing my nose in their sexual liaison, and I needed answers.

"Well?" I suggested coldly.

"It was supposed to be a fun surprise for you!" she whined.

"How do you figure that?" I demanded. "How was I supposed to have fun, seeing you behave that way with him?"

"I saw your browsing history," she said. "I though you wanted it!"

"What do you mean?"

"A week or so ago, I came home late. You were already in bed, asleep. I had some research I needed to recover from the internet, a couple of articles that I'd read earlier, so I opened up the browser history to try to find them. What I found in the history kind of shocked me."

"Shocked you how?" I asked.

"Well, there was this one website called," she answered. "I'd never been there before, so I knew it had to be someplace you'd visited on the web. I was curious, so I expanded the entry. There were literally hundreds of pages where you'd gone on that site. I opened the most recent one, and read it.

"It turned out to be a sex story. Then I opened the previous one, and then the one before that, and so on for about thirty stories. I read them all, and they were all the same kind of story! They were stories about men who liked to watch their wives with other men!"

"And you thought I was one of those men?" I queried, in shock.

"Well, it sure looked like you were interested! Anyway, I got this idea to try and do something that would light your fire... I wasn't, and I'm not now interested in having sex with anyone but you; on the other hand, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to let you see me make out and pretend to have sex with someone else. I thought it might give you a little thrill, and make you hot for me, the way it did for the husbands in those stories. I talked to Sam about it..."

"You told Sam I wanted to be cuckolded?" I shouted angrily.

"Well, not in those words," she answered, defensively. "Sam is a professional in social work, just like me, and I was sort of asking for a kind of consultation."

"I see," I responded, flatly.

"Don't go getting like that," she pleaded, "I just wanted to figure out what to do! Sam had always been friendly, and very professional up to that point!" I didn't respond, so she went on.

"Anyway, after I explained what I'd found, and what I wanted to do, he agreed with me that you would probably enjoy the experience, and volunteered himself to help out."

"I'll just bet he did," I grumbled.

"Well, we talked about it after work, for a couple of days, and worked out a plan. I would set it up so that you could watch me make out with Sam, and pretend to let him have sex with me. He was supposed to keep his boxers on, and I was supposed to stay covered by my gown. At no point did I agree to actual intercourse! I know that he understood that, because he asked if I intended for us to have intercourse, and I most emphatically told him no!

"The whole thing was supposed to take place in less than twenty minutes, after which he would leave, and I would release you from the chair. I expected that then, you and I would be so hot for each other that, we'd probably skip dinner, and proceed to fuck like bunnies. Now your reaction has me all confused, and you're mad, and you've hurt me in ways that you never have before. You're even talking about leaving me, and I don't want that either!" She began bawling again as understanding began to seep into my brain.

"Did it never occur to you maybe that you ought to have spoken to me about this, before jumping into it with both feet?" I demanded.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," She pouted, "and I didn't want to give it away by seeming too interested in your porn preferences!"

"Well, what was the tape all about?" I demanded.

"It was part of the whole scene," she said. "The men in those stories had to feel helpless and out of control, in order to enjoy what was going on. I wanted to give you the best possible experience, without going all the way!" She paused for a minute, remembering. "How did you get out of the tape bindings, anyway?"

"Just lucky, I guess," I answered, not wanting to give too much away.

"Damn lucky!" she agreed, shivering and shaking her head. "If you'd been a minute longer getting there, he would have had me skewered; in spite of everything I tried to do to stop it!"

I pulled her back into my lap, sitting up this time. She came, reluctantly and gingerly. I took her into my arms and asked her, "How many of the pages did you visit?"

"Just the last thirty or so," she whimpered. I took a deep breath.

"If you had only gone back a couple more links," I told her, "you would have found that none of the rest of the pages held that kind of story."

"I've been sampling stories on Literotica, by category," I said. "You just picked out the last category I'd been reading before you came home that night. If you were looking for stories that titillated me the most, you should have looked further back in the history. I was much more interested in stories from the Erotic Couplings, BDSM, and Group Sex, categories, and in the latter category, I mostly read the FMF threesomes. I read literally hundreds of those.

"In fact, the most... well interesting is the wrong word, but I can't think of another that applies... the most interesting thing about the Loving Wives category is the reader comments at the end of each story. After the first half dozen cuckolding stories, I only skimmed the actual story text to get the general plot before I went on to the comments. Some of the people making comments on those stories are in serious need of your counseling services. I'd go so far as to say they need legal guardians!"

"You mean you didn't fantasize about seeing me with other men?"

"Never. Not once in our entire marriage, nor even when we were just dating."

She was quiet for a moment before asking, "What about when you want me to dress up to go out? You seem to enjoy it when other men look at me, and that doesn't seem too far removed from watching them touch me..."

"There's a big difference in how it makes me feel," I responded. "When you are out with me, and other men look at you, it makes us both feel good. You feel good, because it reaffirms that you are still an attractive woman. I like for you to feel good. In addition, it makes me feel good, in a selfish way, because I have something they want. Letting others touch you would give it to them, and that would make me feel bad!

"It's the difference between saying look what I have, and you can't, versus would you like to have some? Within limits, I've been willing to share how you look with another man, but not how it feels to hold you and make love to you."

"I've been such a fool and I'm so sorry!" she cried, bowing her head and dripping tears all over my rumpled clothes.

"Aw hell," I said, rising up out of the chair. "Let's go to bed. You can make it up to me for a week or so, while I introduce you to some of my real perversions." And I carried her to our bed.

Written by: QuantumMechanic

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