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Surprise, Surprise

by Worknhard4fun©

(The Third installment in the Lance Sheldon Chronicles)

As Lance stood over his wife's body, naked and blindfolded, he raised his hand up to her face and slowly brought the ice cube down on her cheek.

"Oh, that's so cold," she cooed.

"So cold and yet so hot," he replied as he bent down and kissed her mouth passionately, rubbing her neck with the ice cube and working it down to her nipples.

This sent lustful passion streaming through Jessica's body as she ripped her mouth away from her husbands. "I want you so fucking bad. Give me that hot cock. I want to suck it good."

"You do, Baby?" Lance teased as he looked over his shoulder and winked at John, a good friend of his that Jessica had mentioned was hot, after meeting him for the first time a few years back.

Lance had always fantasized about he and a friend double-teaming his sexy wife, but hadn't considered it much of a possibility given that she had told him on more than one occasion, "If you have to invite another person in the bedroom to join us, then I think we are going to be done." After thinking about it long and hard, he had concluded that she wouldn't actually leave him. She may be pissed when she realized what was happening, and may even storm out of the bedroom before the real fun began, but he seriously doubted she would leave him.

Lance sat down one day, considered the issues that may result from such a risky endeavor, and decided he would give it a shot and see what happened. After all, he had jerked off so many times to the idea of watching his wife suck and ride another man's cock, it was time to make it happen.

When Lance approached John about sharing his wife, the hunky, muscular, and very attractive 35 year old was quite hesitant at first and danced around the issue. After quite a bit of talking up from Lance, John became less resistant to the idea, and finally consented to double-teaming his friend's wife, stating that he had had fantasies about Jessica's beautiful face and pussy wrapped around his rock hard cock. He also told Lance that he really wanted to play with, and titty fuck, her amazing 36 Ds. "You can have all that and more," Lance had assured him.

Upon receiving the wink from Lance, John moved into place in front of Jessica who was now lying on her stomach eagerly awaiting her husband's cock to slobber all over. John, who was already naked and hard, took his cock in his hand and brushed it against Jessica's cheek.

"You want it, Baby?" Lance teased, standing next to John and stroking his own cock.

"I want it fucking bad, Baby. Give it to me now!" Jessica demanded, as she grabbed the cock in front of her, and stuffed it in her mouth. She went to town on the strange cock like a woman on a mission. She moved up and down the shaft at a feverous pace, sending immense pleasure through John's body. He had wanted to fuck Jessica Sheldon since the first time he met her, and now she was sucking his cock while her husband, his friend, watched.

"Oh, you do that so well," Lance moaned stroking his own cock. "You are such a cock slut. You love cock, don't you?"

Taking the cock from her mouth, she said, "Oh, you know I do. I love how cock tastes and feels, especially in my soaking pussy. Moving her ass in arm's length of John she instructed, "Feel how wet you make me." John reached down and felt how saturated Jessica's pussy was, and smiled up at Lance who had stopped stroking his cock and was seemingly transfixed at the site of his wife unknowingly acting like a hot little whore for his buddy.

Coming back to reality he stammered, "You are soaked, Baby. Too bad you didn't have two cocks to satisfy your hot, lustful cock craving. But you probably couldn't handle two cocks anyway," Lance needled his wife.

"Fuck you! You know I could handle it. I'm just not sure I would be comfortable fucking someone other than you. Now eat my pussy!"

"I'd love to eat that sweet pussy," Lance explained, as John pulled his cock out of her mouth and bent down to kiss her passionately, grabbing the back of her hair and searching her mouth wildly with his tongue.

"Holy shit!" Jessica exclaimed, ripping her mouth away from Johns, barely able to breath. "When did you learn to kiss like that? I want to fuck you so bad, you horny fucker." John kissed her again, equally as passionate and stood in front of her as she lay on the bed now eye to cock level with him.

You sure about that?" asked Lance, reaching down and removing the blindfold.

"Yeah....I'" Jessica stuttered, staring at the cock in front of her and realizing it was a bit bigger than normal. Looking up, she saw John in front of her, and Lance standing to his left. What the fuck!" she yelled, as the realization that she had been tricked hit her. With the sight of John's cock in her face, the fantasies of sucking and fucking him when they first met came racing into her mind and she felt overwhelmingly horny again.

"John, you have a great cock and it tastes so good," Jessica said with a sly little smile. Do you like what you see?"

"Thanks, Jess. And I love what I see."

"John, do you like to eat?"

"I love to eat."

"Then John, eat me," she commanded, as she sat up straight on the bed, pushed back to the pillows, and laid down on her back, running her fingers along her hot, wet lips and exposing her pussy.

Almost forgetting Lance was there, John laid down on his stomach, and inched his way up to Jessica's soaking pussy.

"Oh shit!" Jessica exclaimed, as John's tongue began to move up and down her extremely sensitive pussy.

"You're such a slut. You nasty girl," Lance taunted, as he climbed on the bed and put his cock in her face, resting his balls on her chin. "Suck me hard, Baby."

Being treated like a sexual animal only made Jessica hornier. "Fuck my face, Daddy. Fuck it good," she instructed, taking a hold of her husband's cock and pulling it up to her mouth. Lance took a handful of his wife's hair and started assisting her up and down his shaft. The more John licked her pussy, the more friction and force she used sucking her husband's cock. The two oral recipients moaned as the oral love they were receiving continued for several minutes.

Lifting his head from Jessica's soaking labia, John said almost to himself, "You taste so good, Jess."

Hearing John's compliment, Jessica made a request. "Yeah, well I want that throbbing cock of yours back in my mouth, John. Is that alright with you?"

"Yes. Of course, Mrs. Sheldon," John was quick to oblige, standing up and stroking his cock a few times, while Lance climbed off of his wife. She sat up, going immediately onto all fours with John's cock again in her face.

"Oh, Honey, your cock is so big," she whispered to John. "I'm gonna need that to pound my pussy good later.

John bent over and planted another incredibly passionate kiss over Jessica's mouth. "I've wanted to do that for a long time now," he whispered back.

"You naughty boy. You will fuck me and you'll fuck me good." Looking at her husband kneeling behind her, she instructed, "Baby, don't be shy. Bury that meat in my pussy and make me cum."

"You got it, Miss Thing," Lance teased, as he aimed his swollen meat at the space between his wife's lips, plunging in with one strong pelvic thrust.

"Oh Fuck, yeah!" Jessica exclaimed, feeling her husband's rock hard rod plunge deep into her. "That feels so good." The harder and faster Lance fucked his wife from behind, the more pressure Jessica applied to John's cock with her mouth and hand.

The tremendous pleasure each was feeling lasted for what seemed like only minutes, when Lance informed his wife and friend, "I'm going to fucking cum."

"Oh no, you're fucking not," Jessica said, pulling her hips forward causing Lance's cock to come out of her pussy. You will wait until John is ready, and then the two of you will cum all over me at the same time.

"Yes ma'am," Lance agreed, feeling a bit dejected, and pulling his balls down away from his cock in order to give him a bit more endurance.

Lying on her back again, Jessica winked at John, "Daddy, come fuck Mommy with that cock of yours."

"You got it, Mommy. Spread those hot legs and let me see that delicious pussy you want me to fuck. Oh Mommy, that looks so good," John cooed, as he leaned over his friend's wife and aimed his throbbing cock at her sopping pussy.

"You know what Mommy wants, Baby. Put it in. Put it in."

The two pelvises became flush as John slammed his meat into Mrs. Sheldon. "Feel good? You like that?"

"I love it. You're so big Daddy. Fuck my brains out, please."

Being denied the pleasure of spraying his load all over his wife left Lance not only feeling a bit dejected, but the incident also left his soldier a bit soft. However, seeing his wife being fucked hard by another man, and observing her in such a state of pleasure moaning and begging for more, sent his hormones through the roof and brought his cock back to rock hard status again. He again began to stroke it.

Jessica looked off to the side of the bed and saw her husband jerking his cock. "Come up here and let me suck those balls while you jack off, Baby, but remember, I want you both to cum at the same time." Just as Lance was about to sit on his wife's face, she pulled her face away. "Oh fuck. Oh Baby. You're going to make me cum. Oh yeah. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm cuuummmmming. Oh fuck. Feels so good. Don't stop. Please don't stop."

As the orgasm subsided, John continued to pound Jessica's pussy for several minutes when he told Lance to get ready. "I'm gonna cum soon."

With this warning, Jessica picked up the pace sucking Lance's balls faster and harder, while Lance also picked up the pace stroking his own cock hard and faster. "Oh, yeah. I'm gonna cum too. Baby, keep sucking."

Lance barely got out the word sucking when he heard John moan in ecstasy. "I'm cummming! Oh man!" John exclaimed, stroking his cock and watching his load spew out and hit Jessica's face, tits, and stomach.

Moving into optimal cum shooting position, Lance moved to Jessica's left side and exclaimed, "Oh fuck. I'm cumming too!" as he stroked his cock, spewing his load all over this wife's face, tits, and stomach, just as his friend had a few seconds before.

As the orgasms came to an end, Jessica Sheldon grabbed her husband's cock in one hand and his friends in the other and took turns wrapping her mouth around them, stroking them to make sure they were both dry. She feverishly caught any remaining cum in her mouth.

As the three stood up to find their clothes, Mrs. Sheldon kissed and thanked her husband for a wonderful time. She then grabbed her robe, heading for the door. "I need to shower," she said, but stopped and turned to John standing by the door, gave him a kiss and whispered, "Thanks for a great time. You and I will have to do this again sometime soon." She winked at John, turned, and walked out of the room and into the bathroom.

Written by: Worknhard4fun

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