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A Fist Full of Firsts

by Many Feathers©

David Miller and his wife Mandy were an attractive looking couple in their late thirties. Mandy stood just under five and a half feet, with David nearly six. Though David had always admired his wife's full rounded breasts as being one of her major attributes, her tight muscular ass was certainly another which he couldn't help but reach out and fondle whenever she walked by. Mandy of course thought her eyes to be her best feature, an almost cobalt blue that was accentuated greatly by her near coal black naturally colored hair which she wore long and full down her back.

"You sure you really want to do this?" David asked as they sat at the table together excitedly perusing an interesting brochure that one of Mandy's girlfriends had given them to check out.

They had been married just over fifteen years now, and though their sex-life had certainly been adequately satisfying, they had both come to realize over the past couple of years that the intense excitement they'd once had and shared with one another had lessened considerably.

"Carol told me that she and Matt had the time of their life," she stated, "Said that they had had their eyes opened to a whole new level of sensual delight that's renewed not only their relationship, but their feelings towards one another."

"Maybe that's true, maybe it worked for them, but it doesn't mean it will work for us too," he told her skeptically.

"Is that the real reason you're hesitant, or is it because the brochure stresses the fact that it's a "no-holds barred" type of encounter? Carol said that Matt too wasn't thrilled about going, and nearly backed out, he wasn't sure how he could handle that type of uninhibited environment, but after the weekend was over, he admittedly told her he'd had the time of his life and no longer looked on his sexuality with the types of labels most people gave themselves or each other."

David and Mandy had gone out with Carol and Matt on several occasions, and though the girls were more "friend-friends" than he and Matt were, he still liked the guy socially and had enjoyed his company whenever they'd shared an evening together.

"It's still a little hard to imagine it," he told her.

"But you can certainly imagine me well enough," she teased provocatively, even going so far as to open her bathrobe, revealing the fact that she was naked beneath it. David watched as Mandy cupped those magnificent breasts of hers. "Tell me you wouldn't enjoy seeing another woman sucking on each one of these," she said.

He wasn't about to do that, it had been something they had discussed and shared together in their fantasies. Mandy in fact had never been with another woman, short of kissing another girlfriend in high school and actually fondling one another's breasts that had been the entire extent of her experience in that area.

David loved the fact that his wife was curious enough to want to try it, and had gotten very excited, very aroused every time the subject came up, especially when she would verbally tell him what she'd like to do, how she believed it would feel and look with him watching her while she did. It never failed to arouse him to even greater heights of excitement whenever she did so.

"Yeah but..."

"We either do, or we don't," she said simply. "And if we decide against going, against both of us letting our hair down so to speak, then we need to accept right here and now that this is the way its going to be with us, and to quit trying to change what we're not willing to fix."

"Maybe you're right," he said giving in to himself even more so than his wife.

"Look, we've got another week to decide before we have to submit our applications, it's the last one of the year before the weather changes, the next ones not until spring. So we can always pass on this one, and think about it then if you'd rather."

"You said that Carol and Matt were definitely going?"

Mandy smiled, "She said they wouldn't miss it for the world, and were really hopeful and excited that we were even thinking about it." Her smile suddenly widened even more so than it already was. "Listen, I have an idea, you obviously enjoy Matt's company, and I think the two of you could become even greater friends if you two spent more time together getting to know one another. Why don't we invite them over this evening, but let it be known that it's to be a bit more intimate a gathering than we've shared with them before."

"What do you have in mind?" David asked enthusiastically, warming up to the idea.

"Well for one thing, let's be totally candid and honest about it with them from the beginning. Let's explain to them both that this is our 'warm-up' see how we feel about being together, how comfortable we are with it before deciding whether or not to go."

"Ok, that sounds like a plan. I can do some steaks on the barbeque, you can do your..."

"Let's keep it simple," Mandy interrupted, "this isn't one of those typical weekend barbeques with the neighbors. You want to do some steaks and a simple salad, while we sit getting to know one another better, that's fine. But I want to set a sexy mood right from the beginning, lots of candles, soft light, plenty of wine, that sort of thing."

One thing David had always loved about his wife was her ability to get right to the point, in whatever task or project she took on. Being an interior decorator suited her perfectly, as she tended to view everything they did always looking at the much larger picture.

"We'll even dress for the occasion, I'll wear something sexy and alluring, you can finally wear that black silk Kimono I bought for you last Christmas, the one you've worn maybe twice since then," she added with an edge of sarcasm in her tone of voice.

"What are you planning on wearing?" he asked.

"Well, remember that white corset and garters set you bought for me last Christmas too?"

"Oh yeah, that's one of my favorites," he admitted, remembering her in it. "That really IS hot," he added.

"Yeah, thought you'd like that, so thought I'd wear that one. I'll let the two of them know how to dress as well, that way they won't be too surprised by showing up and finding us dressed like that when greeting them."

"Would be a nice surprise though wouldn't it?" David snickered thoughtfully, already feeling his prick stiffen with the memory of how his wife's boobs looked peaking out of the top of that tight fitting corset. Mandy didn't fail to notice his erection either, especially when he stood, allowing his own bathrobe to fall open, showing her his arousal and interest when he did.

"Let me make a phone-call first, then you can fuck me!" she grinned.


David didn't mind that the quick phone call turned out to be anything but that. He even remained rigidly hard while his wife sat on the phone talking to Carol. The two of them had gotten pretty animated with excitement, discussing certain details that David was able to pick out here and there in their conversation, though he was only hearing one side of it of course.

"Ooh, I think David will love seeing you in something like that," she had stated, tossing him an appreciative little glance, then lifted one leg placing it on the kitchen chair, showing David her freshly shaved pussy which she now teased him with by running her finger up and down between her split.

David sat slow-stroking his hard prick all the while watching and listening to his lovely wife.

"Oh yeah, we thought it might give us both a chance to see how we really feel about things, as long as you're both aware, this is something entirely new for both of us, neither one of us has partied with another couple before, hell we've never even been naked in front of any other people except for ourselves." She laughed into the phone. "No...really! We haven't! We've never even hot-tubbed with another couple let alone thought about doing anything like this!" Once again she glanced over to where David was sitting, now sticking her fingers even more deeply inside her exposed cunt.

"Oh no, he's actually very excited about it, trust me...yes, he's sitting right here next to me, and I can assure you, he's VERY excited at the moment," Mandy laughed into the phone. "Yes, we both are, and looking forward to getting to know you both a lot better. We just thought that this would give us a much better opportunity to see where we are, how we feel before making that kind of commitment to attend or not," she added. "What?"

Mandy stood listening intently for a moment, drawing out the suspense as she looked at me and winked, then mouthed the words, "Not sure, but I think Matt is fucking her while we're talking," she said.

"You are? Really? He really is?" She nodded her head at her husband, confirming that in fact he was, and that they were. David heard Mandy laugh once again. "Oh yeah, I know what you mean, if we didn't already have a busy day planned ahead of us already, I'd say to hell with it and invite you over now."

Mandy took that moment to wave David over to her, which he immediately understood as she quickly dropped the bathrobe she'd been wearing onto the floor. Leaning over the table, she immediately stood, spreading her legs apart. David quickly did the same, and now stood behind her, slowly rubbing and teasing her with his cock as he pressed it against her backside.

"Oh yes, husband's busily fucking me now too," she told her friend, "Yes it is wickedly erotic knowing now that we both are, isn't it? Only wish I could see the two of you doing it!" Mandy told her friend. She paused for a moment, listening while David slowly slipped his prick in and out of his wife's deliciously wet cunt. "Oh yeah, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, perhaps you both will," she added boldly.

"What?" David asked wondering what had been said. Mandy covered the phone with her hand.

"Your cock," she said simply, seeing the look of shy hesitation cross his face, but spoke once again back into the phone before saying any more to David about it. "Yeah, wish we did have those picture phones, I'm sure it would be quite interesting, watching the two of you right now, and you both watching the two of us. But you're right, we've got a few things to do today too before this evening." Mandy giggled, "Yes, we'll have to do a repeat of this only live tonight so we really can see one another. Yes, yes...we're both looking forward to it, see you around six, six-thirty then? Ok sweetie, sounds good, see you then...bye!"


"So? Wha'd I miss?"

"Not much, I think you got the jist of it, but don't worry darling, they're both aware that this is our first time ever doing anything like this. Carol told me they'll take things slow, see how it goes, just like someone else did for them when they decided to try it." Mandy saw the look of relief on her husbands face, and then added. "But we've got to be willing to be open-minded about things too," she told him, "Or we'll never know for sure one way or the other, let alone how we'd act or feel if we actually signed up for the weekend!"

"True," David said agreeing with her, and then slid deeply back inside her once again. To his surprise, Mandy spun, forcing him to withdraw his hard cock from her pussy. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"We've got a lot to do and very little time to do it in," she told him.

"But I didn't cum yet!"

"Well neither did I!" she exclaimed.

"But you've got me all horny and worked up now!"

"Good! Stay that way, that way you'll be nice and horny for tonight, just like I will be!"

David wasn't sure that was a good or a bad thing really. "I'll probably have a hard-on all day long," he laughed once again reaching for her though she darted away out of his grasp.

"Save it for later baby, I promised Carol that you'd greet her with open arms and a nice stiff dick."

"No you didn't," he said, "Never heard you say that."

"No, I didn't, but she did!" Mandy laughed. "Now, go on upstairs and dress, we've got some shopping to do!"


Everything was ready and waiting when the doorbell rang.

"Well? Answer it," Mandy said with a smile on her face.

"You were serious?"

"I promised! Go on now, answer it before they think we suddenly changed our minds!"

Mandy had been slow-stroking her husbands prick, ensuring that it remained all nice and hard, though she hardly needed to be doing that in the first place, just seeing her in that white tight fitting corset, her breasts half spilling over the top, her legs encased in sheer white stockings attached with garters at the top, the twin cheeks of her ass poking out provocatively as she moved about ensured that he'd remained hard, even without the gentle touch of her hand maintaining his erection.

David went to the door, opened it. Even with the black Kimono he was wearing, his stiff prick managed to find its way out of the folded opening, though Mandy had ensured that it was as he approached the door.

"Hi, come in!" he said blushing, feeling the heat wash over his face as he stood there.

Carol stood in front of her husband. Both were wearing long coats, which didn't look all that out of place especially as it was fairly cool outside. David extended his hand in greeting, but Carol ignored that, immediately dropping her hand down to his prick, giving it a warm friendly little shake instead, and then leaned up in order to give him and receive a kiss back as she did before pushing past him in order to do the same with Mandy. Matt stood smiling towards David, and for a moment, David wondered if he was about to do the same thing as well. He merely offered his hand though, which David was relieved to accept, shaking it, and then leading him inside where he too embraced Mandy, though giving her a much more appreciative look, hugging and then kissing her hello.

"Here, let me take your coats," Mandy offered, accepting first Carol's and then Matt's as they slipped them both off, handing them to her.

"Wow!" David exclaimed involuntarily the moment Carol had done so.

"See? I told you he'd like that," Mandy said to her friend.

Carol was wearing a corset like style outfit as well, though hers was black which complemented her short blond hair, giving her the look of some sort of dominatrix after a fashion, though without all the studs, chains and such to make her appear even more so. Her slightly smaller breasts were brazenly bare however, merely supported by the half-cups that sat rigidly beneath each, her dark pink nipples, both hard as rocks extending outwards invitingly. She wore black fishnet stockings that though fashionably out of style for social wear, were perfectly in style for naughty wear.

"Wow," David said once again finding a lack of words in saying anything else.

"You're looking pretty handsome yourself Matt," Mandy told him appreciatively, Matt stood in a pair of bright red silk pajamas that looked really comfortable. And though it was obvious he didn't quite have an erection at the moment, the bulge in his loose-fitting pajama bottoms certainly gave promise of one, and a nice one at that.

"What can I get the two of you to drink?" David said, finally finding his voice. "Mandy insisted we get a little of just about everything!" he joked indicating the bar behind him, which was obviously well stocked.

"Actually, I'd like a Tom Collins," Carol said as she took Mandy's hand and headed over towards the couch.

"Merlot's good with me," Matt said following David over towards the bar.

"Yeah, same here, though Mandy prefers the Zinfandels."

"With dinner," she amended for him. "Been a while since I've had a Tom Collins, fix one of those for me too!" she said sitting down on the couch next to Carol.

Matt and David fixed the drinks, appreciatively admiring the two of them as they sat on the couch together. "Almost look like bookends don't they?" he said.

"Yeah, except they need something nice and stiff between them to support," David commented, garnering a chuckle out of everyone in doing so.

"That's better honey," Mandy said approvingly, then turned and whispered something towards Carol, who laughed knowingly.

"Hey! No secrets!" he warned her.

"You're right darling, no secrets. I was just telling her how nervous you were earlier on in the evening and that it's nice to see you loosening up some, that's all."

"Yeah well," David said a bit sheepishly, crossing over to hand the two of them their drinks. "Hard not to be a little nervous, though I think Carol's shaking my cock hello had a lot to do with ending that little problem."

"Glad I could be of help," she said reaching out, once again easily finding David's prick as he leaned over to hand them their drinks, "Though it's not that difficult to do with this thing pointing at me all the time!"

David nearly dumped it down his wife's outfit, feeling Carol's hand wrapping around him, though she did so only briefly.

"Ah Matt, why don't you and I go get the steaks on, I know that Mandy's been dying to have a little chat with your wife about something. So let's do that and leave the two of them alone for a few minutes."

"Ah oh...not sure leaving the two of them alone is such a good idea," Matt quipped. "Especially knowing my wife and what she might be up to all by herself, let alone with your wife somehow involved."

"Get out of here," Mandy scolded jokingly. "Go fix the steaks while Carol and I rub pussies together!"

That stopped David in his tracks.

"You wish, now go on!" Carol said shooing the two of them away, "Or we won't let you see us really do that later on!" She added.


"You do know that they really are up to something," David said as he flipped the steaks over.

"Of course they are, but it wouldn't really be all the exciting if they didn't let us know that now would it?" Matt responded.

David laughed, "No...I guess it wouldn't," he said wondering. "A bit too cold to be eating outside on the patio, half naked, so we'll take these inside." By the time they entered, the girls had finished setting the table, complete with a fresh bottle of wine, and candle light as the only light appearing anywhere within the room.

"Nice intimate little dinner," Matt stated.

"Isn't it though?" Mandy said taking her seat as Matt held her chair for her, with David doing the same for Carol.

Moments later the girls finished fixing up the plates, and then distributed them around.

"Ah, that one's mine," David explained as he began reaching for it. "I like mine a bit rarer than even medium rare."

"I know it is honey," Mandy said pulling the plate away from his reach. "And Carols going to feed it to you, just as you are hers, as I am Matt's and he mine."

David looked at his wife as though that was the dumbest idea he'd ever heard before.

"If you guys don't enjoy it, then we'll let you have your own steaks back," Carol then commented. "But for now..." She quickly sliced off a nice sliver of steak, scooting her chair over a little closer towards David's as she did, feeding it to him. And, David noticed that as she did so, her naughtily revealed breasts heaved, hovering just below her outstretched hand as she did.

"Ah, maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all," he suddenly concurred, then proceeded to cut a slice of meat off for her as well.

They all took their time for dinner, enjoying the banter back and forth of small talk, some of which had begun to get rather interesting as Carol and Matt related one or two of their experiences when they'd gone on the outdoor swinger's camp the last time.

"So what's it like?" Mandy asked curiously.

"Well, for us at first it was a little intimidating, I mean after all, we didn't really know what to expect, what was required or not, if we'd like the people who approached us, or wouldn't, if we'd feel comfortable seeing one another fooling around with someone else in front of us or not."

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