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Afternoon Delight

by MStark027©

They decided to meet at a coffee shop in the city, attracted to the pictures exchanged, but uncertain whether they'd click, whether there'd be any real attraction. A little nervous but excited, he was instantly turned on and curious when he recognized her. He smiled and said hello with a hug. They sat and talked for awhile joking about this and that. He suggested they go watch one of those old black and white movies playing at the Theater near by. She agreed. They walked arm in arm to the theater and sat in the back row. The movie started and it got dark. They snuggled down together in their seats, leaning in toward each other, elbows sharing the char arm.

After a little while, he reached over and put his hand nonchalantly on her knee. She reached over and started touching his leg, feeling very slowly. He leaned in a little closer to her and his hand slid a little to the right of her knee. His hand started moving up her leg, so slowly, softly touching. She leaned back slightly in her chair and spread her legs inviting him to touch her. He continued touching her, moving his hand up the inside of her leg, touching extremely slowly, exploring the texture of her pants. She was getting so turned by his sardonic foreplay that she let out a hushed moan. She could feel her panties getting wet. She slid her hand up between his legs and felt his bulge throbbing through his jeans. He breathed in quickly in surprise. She touched his cock through his pants and traced the line it made feeling it hot and hard in his pants. He teased her slowly touching, moving his hand, finally reaching her upper thigh. He then turned and gave her a light dry kiss on her neck. He moved his hand another centimeter toward her pussy, She felt like she could cum if she concentrated. She held her breath. He kissed her again, closer to her ear. His hand moved an inch closer, touching lightly. She grabbed his cock through his pants and started rubbing it slowly up and down. He slowly thrust his hip in response. With his thumb and pointer he massaged to the side of her crotch slowly with a little pressure, feeling down toward her ass and moving back up letting his pointer finger explore closer toward her pussy. He reached down and rubbed his pointer against her ass hole. Then he started rubbing her pussy through her pants, touching her ass and feeling the hot wet spot forming on her jeans. She could feel the waves building and tried to hold back. She leaned in toward him and bit on his shoulder, and made a soft clenched moan as she started to orgasm in the seat in the back of theater.

They were both breathing heavily. She started stroking his cock hard. He turned toward the movie. Pretending to watch, he unzipped her jeans and quietly reached inside. He touched her pussy through her soaked panties and then slipped his two fingers deep into her hot gooey pussy. She unzipped his pants and started rubbing and stroking his cock. He started breathing harder, and rhythmically started finger fucking her, using a little more and a little more pressure, moving a little bit faster. She stroked him harder. She could feel the waves beginning to build again. She leaned down further in her seat and spread her legs further. He was fingering harder, faster, reaching in a little deeper. She stroked him faster and harder and they slid down further in their seats. They grabbed a hold of each other tightly as they both began to feel the climax rising. He could hear a squirting noise as she stifled a scream, then gave in and let out a loud moan. His hand was sprayed with her hot pussy cum, as she arched her back, shaking lightly. He began to lurch as droplets of cum shot up in a fountain of droplets over the two of them.

She sat back in the seat, leaned next to him and smiled, both breathing heavily, flush and elated in that post-coital moment. There was a visible wet spot in the crotch of her jeans, and the man's cum had spotted both their shirts. The entire back of the old theater smelled of sex, and their hands were sticky with each other's cum. They watched in amusement as the one other person in the room rushed out the door, red in the face. The boy whispered to the girl,

"Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private..." He zipped up his pants. A security guard entered from the left door of the theater. She grabbed the boy's hand, "There's a motel up the road, come with me." Giggling, they got up and left, dodging the disapproving stare of the young security guard.

The Motel was cheap and looked old and dirty and the Motel clerk winked knowingly at the boy as he paid in cash. They walked slowly to their room. Never having done anything like this before, neither knew what to expect. They both felt their heart racing with anticipation for what they might do behind those doors. The boy's mouth was dry and his face hot as he opened the door into their small bedroom. "After you." They stood in the room looking around. It was dark and smelled faintly of cigarettes. The far wall had a strangely shaped stain on it, and they could hear the muffled yelling of a woman getting fucked hard in the adjacent room. They listened to the soft thumping of the bed against their wall, and the moaning, and they both smiled. They looked at each other.

The girl spoke first. "Want a drink?" She pulled out a flask and took a long pull from it, smiled and breathed out slowly, handed the flask to the boy. He took a big gulp, coughed a little and grinned.

"wow, that's strong... you have good tastes." He set the flask on the table. Smiling, the girl glanced at the ground, "You know...when I first saw you I was immediately turned on, you're so fucking cute!" She glanced at the growing bulge in the boys pants. Her wet pussy began to lightly throb again and she squeezed her legs together. The boy smiled sheepishly,

"you ain't so bad yourself." He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the mouth, sucking a little on her lower lip. She pressed her body against his, opened her mouth and softly teased him with her tongue, kissing slow and sensually. The boy held the girl close by the waist and softly slid his hand up toward her arm, shoulder, the back of her head, and back down toward her waste, letting his thumb graze over her nipple. The girl grabbed handfuls of the boys shirt and pulled him toward her, toward the bed. She slid her hand down his chest, grabbing onto his belt, and with the other hand she started touching the crotch of his pants. She slowly massaged the outside of the boy's pants, cupping his balls, and rubbing the shaft of his cock through his jeans. She pushed him down onto the bed and he lay there smiling back at her, legs spread, a huge bulge in his pants. She climbed on top of the boy straddling his leg, her knee slowly rubbing against the edge of the boys crotch. They both could smell the sex on each others clothes from the theater and the girl's crotch felt hot against the boys thigh as she squeezed her legs around his, slowly grinding her wet throbbing pussy against him. She could feel the waves again, this time, her clit was so sensitive that she was shocked by the growing waves and wondered if she'd be able to handle another orgasm....

To be continued. Let me know what you think

Written by: MStark027

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