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Something Borrowed Ch. 06

by IceBluePhoenix©

Brad's hands were on me as soon as I entered the booth. "Holy fuck," he whispered as his palms grazed the nipple clamps. He muttered some other things, but I only caught a few words, mostly cursing.

He spun me around so that I was facing away from him again, and then he pulled me forcefully down onto his dick. It had never felt so hard inside me before, and he screwed me up and down like I was something for him to smash against his body. It felt so good that I couldn't make a sound.

The priest cleared his throat. "My Daughter, you appear to be short of breath. You are panting. It is important to keep your body in peak physical condition. After all, it is a Temple."

"Yes, Father," I managed to say. "Oh, YES. I will."

"Tell me of your deeds, daughter," he said. His voice was inviting, wise... he sounded exactly like a priest should, and I could barely believe he had just rammed his dick down my throat. Brad slowed his thrusts, murmuring in my ear, "Yes, daughter, tell him your sins."

"There are a lot of them," I said. It came out in a rush.

"Who are you fucking?" he asked.

I jumped. "Right now? No one! How could I be?"

His laughter was melodious and dark, but he didn't answer.

Brad chose that moment to wriggle inside me, and I stifled a moan. Instead I talked. "I... I've been fucking my father-in-law."

The priest was silent for a moment. "Please describe your transgressions, daughter."

My confession poured out of me like water. I told him everything, from my earliest exhibitionist fantasies to the furious fuck Brad and I had just had in the parking lot. The priest was completely silent during my monologue. Brad had stopped moving inside me, even though he gripped my breasts so tightly that tears unconsciously ran down my cheeks. I had never felt so horny in my life. Tension permeated the air.

When I wound down, the priest said simply, "Is that all of it, Daughter?"

I thought of Brad's hands on me and his cock nestled deep inside me. I couldn't confess the end of it. "Yes father," I said. "That is all."

Before the priest could respond, Brad growled a low growl that meant trouble. With a powerful lunge, he pressed me against the wall of the booth in front of me. My tits squeezed against the small window in the booth as Brad drove me against the wall with the force of his thrusting cock.

"You have lied, Daughter," the priest said calmly. Well, that was obvious. He was sitting there staring through the window at my tits, hearing Brad's grunts. He continued. "You have been fornicating in the House of God. You are letting someone fuck you this very moment. How long has he been inside you?"

I couldn't respond.

The priest opened the door. Brad was still plowing into me, and I was completely in his power. Knowing that the priest was watching only made it hotter.

"Yes, my Son," the priest said. "You are doing God's work. This child is very wanton. She does not comprehend the evil of denying her very nature. You will have to fuck her deeper to reclaim her."

"Of course, Father," Brad said.

"God," I said. "Yes! Deeper!"

"Shh, baby," Brad said. "Daddy's gonna fuck you real deep. You let me know if you like it."

"Fuck... yes... yes daddy... so good..."

The priest interrupted again. "Plant your seed in her, Son, that she may bear evidence of what has happened here today."

I froze, but Brad didn't. He fucked me harder, faster, as if driven to follow the priest's commands. I was afraid, superstitiously afraid despite the fact that I was on the pill. What if the priest's blessing caused the pill to stop working? What if I really did have Brad's child? I struggled underneath him.

He growled and pulled out of me, and then he gripped my arms so hard they hurt. I stared at him with wide eyes, my heart beating in my throat. He had never been so violent with me, so possessive. Something inside me was responding to him, even wrapping itself around the idea of carrying his child.

"You want it, baby," he said. "You've wanted it since you showed your body to me in the back of my van. I'm going to put it inside you, and you're going to fucking take it."

"No!" I was terrified. But part of me was hoping that he would force me.

"It is the order of the church, Daughter," the priest said soothingly. I noticed with alarm that he had his cock out, again.

"You're not a real priest," I said. "Leave me the fuck alone! Brad, please don't do this... please."

Brad picked me up in his arms and carried me to the altar, where he laid me down. I was muttering increasingly halfhearted protests.

He looked deep into my eyes and read the truth beneath my protestations. He reached down to stroke my face, to tuck a tendril of hair behind my ear. "I'm going to cum inside you," he finally said. "I'm going to fill you so full of my cum. And then you're gonna have our child."

Brad pressed his cock against the entrance to my pussy, but he didn't press in. He was waiting for something.

"Go ahead, my Son," the priest said. His hand was wrapped around his own dick, and his eyes were growing glassy. "Take her."

Still Brad waited, looking hesitantly at me. Then I let go. "Yes," I said. It wasn't a moan or a gasp or a scream. It was a simple answer to the unasked question in his eyes.

He pulled my face up and crushed my lips under his. I pressed back against his kiss, meeting it with a passion of my own. I didn't remember ever kissing anyone like this. When I thought I was going to explode from the inside out, I pushed my hips forward and took his cock inside me. He growled into my mouth.

The friction of him inside me was so intense that I finally had to break the kiss so I could breathe. He dragged his lips down my neck, sucking fiercely at the delicate skin there. The stubble on his chin did things to me that I can't describe. The priest was murmuring incantations of some sort as Brad and I melted into each other.

"I'm gonna cum," Brad said. "I'm gonna cum inside you, baby."

"Oh Daddy, yes! Please, please Daddy, cum inside me!" Hot semen spurted into my womb, and it drove me over the top. I dug my nails into his back, pressing myself tight against him as I took everything I could. "Put your baby inside me Daddy, let me have it for you!" I gasped. He clutched me even closer to him, and we clung together until he was completely spent.

His breathing still came in long, loud pants when he whispered in my ear, and his hot breath moved tendrils of my hair. "Do you trust me?"

I was surprised for a moment. "Yes," I said. Then he kissed me again.

When he released me, he turned to the priest. "Father, I'm not sure I was able to fully convert her."

My heart thudded in my chest. If Brad meant what I thought he meant...

The priest glided towards me, still clutching his dick. He was incredibly swollen, and I felt a shiver of anticipation as I realized that he was going to fuck me. But when I tore my eyes from his cock to look at his face, a shock of recognition went through me. He had Jeff's eyes. And Brad's eyes. Was he Brad's father? My whole body responded to the idea of surrendering to someone who was old enough to be my grandfather, who might in fact be my grandfather-in-law.

He spoke. "Are you repentant, Daughter?"

"No," I said. He moved closer and grazed the lips of my pussy with the head of his heavily veined cock. He rubbed the spongy tip all over my pussy until I was gasping, breathless with need for him. Then he pulled away.

"We have a special cleansing ritual for the truly unrepentant. Come, Daughter. Receive your punishment for your lustful ways."

The room he led me to was dark and smelled faintly of incense. I stood uncertainly in the doorway while he lit the candles. When he turned to me, the heat and anticipation in his eyes were so fierce that I started to back out the door and run to Brad's waiting arms.

Brad's voice came from behind me, and I jumped. "I leave her in your care, Father," he said. Brad closed the door, and I heard a key turn in the door. He left me alone with this sex-crazed pain-obsessed priest. As the priest approached me, I backed against the door, halfway hoping it would open.

Then the priests hands closed on my tortured breasts, reminding me that the clamps he had placed there were still biting into my skin. "What are you going to do to me, Father?" I asked.

His only answer was a velvety laugh that sent chills up my spine.

Written by: IceBluePhoenix

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