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The Visit Ch. 02

by wyeroticwriter©

Please read The Visit (chapter 1) to better understand the story, although you can read each chapter independently.


My wife and sister are standing in the middle of my sister's living room. There is an incest porn pay per view movie play on the television. I have just finished jacking off at the request of my sister, with my wife watching. My sister had just finished getting herself off and my wife had cleaned the pussy juice off my sister's fingers.

"Relax sweetie." My wife said.

My wife and sister sit on chairs in the living room. I have perfect shot of my sister's pussy; she spread her leg on purpose.

"Let me explain what is happening" said my sister.

It seems my wife had called my sister and wanted to give me a fantasy. The fantasy was actually just beginning. The rules, if you can call them rules are simple. While we are visiting my sister I am remain nude while in the house. My wife and sister will dress in ways that please me. Primarily that means blouses, skirts, sexy bra and panties, nylons and high heels. Since my sister has an office job she will pretty much always be dressed they way I like.

At any point that I feel like sex with either of them or that I want them to have sex we go for it. If I feel like taking my wife's panties off and fuck in the kitchen then she leaves her panties off until the next day. If I take my sister's top and bra off and play with her tits then she leaves the bra and top off until the next day. If I want my wife and sister to 69 then the take off enough clothes to 69 then leave those clothes off until the next day.

What more of fantasy could a guy ask? I decide to test the water a little bit.

"Ok sis, remove the wife's blouse and top, sexily caress, fondle and play with her tits?" I request

My sister moves to my wife and very slowly unbuttons her blouse. You can easily see my wife's tits through the camisole top. My sister lifts my wife's tits and feels there weight. My sister tweaks my wife's nipples through the see-through material. I can see my wife starting to get aroused.

I tell me wife to watch the movie on television. My wife directs her attention to the movie. My sister pulls the camisole top up and exposes my wife's tits. My sister leans in and takes a tit in her mouth. She starts sucking on the tit and my wife arches her back, pushing her tit into my sister. My wife's ass is starting to move in response to the attention to her tits.

With the position my sister is in, her ass is at the perfect angle. I know the opportunity is now or never. I walk over to my sister and pull her skirt up. The ass that I have dreamt about for years as a young boy and young man is there. The body that I masturbated too is right in front of me. My sister's ass is moving ever so slightly as she is really pleasuring my wife's tits. My cock is still hard even though I just got done cumming not a few minutes ago.

I stoke my cock wondering what to fuck first, my sister's pussy or her ass. I reach down and run my fingers along the length of my sister's pussy. It is so warm, wet and soft. I can feel the softness of her pubic hair. My finger finds her clit and I very gently massage her sex. My sister's moans join the ones coming from my wife.

My wife has her eyes closed, her back arched and her hip moving. My wife wants or needs relief. My wife's mouth is open and soft moans are coming out. The must me be something about a woman sucking another woman's tits that make the experience different from when a man does the work.

I walk around my sister and lean down to my wife. I start kissing my wife and she kisses back with energy and passion. Her tongue eagerly enters my mouth and plays with my tongue. I feel a hand searching for my cock. I don't know whose it is, but does it really matter. The hand eventually finds my manhood and slowly stokes. The realities of several sexual frontiers are really happening. Incest, lesbian sex, slut, submissive sex, pornography, and my fantasies are all converging.

My sister stops her work on my wife's tits and asks her stand up. My wife reluctantly stands, with a questioning look on her face. My sister leans toward me and kisses me. The first time my sister has ever kissed. Her lips are soft and warm. Her kiss is tender and loving. I wonder if her ex-husband knows what a wonder kisser my sister really is.

"Slide your skirt up and take your nylons off, but keep your heels on" my sister directs.

My wife complies with the directive. She reaches her hand under her skirt and pulls her nylons down to her heels. She momentarily removes her heels to remove the nylons, and then puts the heels back on her feet. My sister grabs black material and places the crotch under my nose. I can smell the excitement of my wife's sex. It is very obvious that my wife is very aroused.

My sister takes the material away from my nose and inhales the exotic aroma herself. A smile comes across my sister's face. Does my sister get turn on from the sexual aroma of another woman?

My wife's skirt has fallen back into place. My sister directs her to lift the skirt and sit with her ass on the edge of the chair. My wife complies and my sister gently moves my wife's leg apart. I kneel down so as not to miss any of the action. My sister pulls my wife's ass to the very edge of the cushion. With my wife's legs open wide and her position on the chair's cushion my wife's pussy is clearly on display. Her pussy lips are seriously aroused. Her lips are open and juice is built up along the entire length and breath of her pussy. You can smell my wife's arousal easily.

My sister leans in and gently blows on my wife's sex. My wife is highly aroused. Very teasingly my sister lightly brushes her tongue from the bottom to the top of my wife's sex. There is just enough contact for my sister to get a modest taste of my wife's pussy. This brief contact pushes my wife further towards the edge of orgasm. My wife's clit is clearly evident. My sister leans in and places a long and passionate kiss squarely on my wife's clit.

My wife is in the throws of ecstasy. Is my wife receiving more pleasure from a woman then is ever received from me? Again I think that a woman knows more about pleasuring and pleasing another woman more than any man can. My sister moves in to finish off the intensive orgasm that my wife is waiting for so patiently. Two of my sister's fingers ease in and out of my wife's pussy as my "expertly" works on my wife's clit.

Within moments the building orgasm exploded through my wife's entire body. My wife's head is back, her back is arched, her pussy is flooding my sister's mouth and moans are the only sound, except for the slurping sounds that my sister's fingers and lips are making. My sister stops and stands.

"I think your wife likes have a woman eat her pussy." "How does she taste?" my sister asks just before kissing me again. I eagerly kiss and lick my wife's juices from my sister's lips and mouth. My sister lets me actually draw her lips, one at a time, into my mouth to get every last drop of my wife from her.

My wife is slumped in the chair recovering from my sister's apparent expert skills at eating pussy.

"Where did you learn to pleasure a woman so well?" I ask my sister.

My sister smiles and tells me that will learn that answer before my wife and I leave. I can hardly wait to learn the answer. My wife opens her eyes and sits up in the chair.

"Thank you so much that was wonderful." My wife tells my sister.

I sister leans down to kiss my still hard cock and tells us that she needs to go to the bathroom. I grab her arm as she start to walk toward the bathroom.

"Can I watch you pee?" I softly ask.

"Ask her for what you really want to do." My wife said.

My sister look at both of us is a very puzzled look.

"What exactly do you want to do with me, baby brother?" my sister asks.

"I want to drink you pee." I say very bluntly

"I see, you are into a fetish or two. Ok how would you like to do this" My sister says.

"Just sit on my face, I will make sure that my mouth will catch every drop." I say.

I take a hold of my sister's hand lead her to the bedroom. My wife follows. I lie on the bed and position myself so my sister can easily straddle my mouth. My sister moved into position and lowers her pussy to me.

My sister's pussy is within inches of my mouth. I pull her hips down until her sex is within reach of my tongue. I get pass of my tongue across her pussy when I feel her sex change. My sister was not kidding, she really needed to pee. Her golden liquid comes out in an initial burst and continues in a steady stream. Her pee is very salty with only a slight bitter taste. My tongue licks her pee hole and this causes the pee to splash around my mouth and face.

My sister's flow of pee stops as suddenly as it started. I use my tongue to clean her sex. I also suck on pussy to make sure all the pee is guaranteed to be in my and that pussy is clean. My sister removes herself from my mouth and sits on the bed. My wife knows that I love to drink pee. My wife smiles and knows that the sexual atmosphere is only going to get more and more charged.

My sister gets off the bed and reaches for her purse. She pulls out a credit card and hands it to me. I am told to get on the internet and subscribe to any and all web sites that feature incest, office sex, pee fetish, and lesbian sex. I am also supposed to buy any and all DVD's that are of the same subject matter. The DVD's are to be shipped express overnight, regardless of the cost. My sister tells me any that web sites that offer downloads of movies or JPEG files can be stored.

I should buy a memory card or stick for the downloads. I am to use the credit card for the memory stick as well. My sister assures me that the card has more than enough credit. If for any reason the card is turned down to call her. I can not believe my own ears.

My wife leans to me and kisses me. My sister follows my wife's actions. We prepare for dinner and a night full of more sexual fun.

To be continued...

Written by: wyeroticwriter

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