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My First Black Cock Ch. 02

by hotmilf4black©

To answer everyone's question from pt. 1 of this story, YES! The story is TRUE! Although I was not married when this story took place, I've since found the man of my dreams and he enjoys watching me with hung black men. We've attended black&white parties, all kinds of delicious interracial fun. But those stories are for when I have time to remember them and write them down.

...Part 2:

He pulls us out of the water, I-naked, she-virtually, and he sporting a huge black hard-on. We move fifty yards to one of the cabanas at Trapeze. Drawing the drapes, we climb onto the big bed platform. I try to draw the drapes behind us but he pushes me down and leaves them open for all to see.

The inside of the cabana holds a plush, covered bed, white sheets and cups of condoms suspended from the wood beams. He lies down and pulls my mouth to his as his wife, obediently begins to stroke and lick his long, thick black cock.

He pushes my head down his chest, further, and further down. And his wife and I change positions. I, now down with my face by his cock, and her up kissing him. As his wife lays beside him, he has one hand rubbing her breast, under, cupping them, then gently waking up her nipples, running her hand down her stomach, then smoothly into her hot wet black pussy.

He sees me watching her as he strokes his cock, rubbing it against my lips. I open my mouth to warmly welcome as much as I can fit given his throbbing ten plus inches. I reach down, wrapping as much of my fist around it as possible, trying to take all of it down my throat without gagging, catching, but I can't. I'm a good four inches from the bottom, so I massage and rub and stroke up into my mouth, through my lips, willing him to let go, to give, to let me feel what it's like for a hung black man to explode his hot creamy cum down my lustful tongue and into my willing mouth. It was then I realized that although this was my first black cock, I knew there would be many more in my future. The eroticism of it was too hot, I was completely soaking between my thighs with my womanly juices.

He forcefully rolls me over onto my back, biting and sucking down my breasts and stomach, into my wet swollen pussy. I try to catch my breath but I can't, he's so rough. He rubs my pussy all over his face with his tongue flickering over my clit and anus. His big black hands grabbing my white thighs and keeping them spread. I look down as he gets to his knees and I see his huge black cock sticking straight at me. It's too much. The sensations traveling down my spine from my pussy and the visual of his massive black cock. I have my first orgasm, and my body shakes uncontrollably. He laughs and moves forward to rub his cock against my white pussy.

I stop him, reach over my head, grab a condom and push it on his cock...quickly...prodding with his fingers, sliding one in, then two, he steers in his cock, letting out a low growl and looks into my eyes and smiles as my mouth opens in a combination of pain and extacy. Burying his face in my neck, bending my lower back, grabbing my hips to meet his, he forces me to take as much of his cock as I can...maybe as much as my mouth could handle, but he cannot meet my hips. His cock feels so amazing. His rhythm is perfect, the size of his cock, the sensation, the smell of his sweat on his black skin, reaching down and feeling his massive black balls, I cum even more violently than before. I cum and cum, my body shakes, he keeps fucking me, and fucking me, it feels so amazing.

Suddenly, he grabs my wrist and flips me over, making room for himself behind my hips. With my butt up in the air, and resting on my elbows, my big milky white breasts rest on the bed below me. One white couple watching the sex show approaches closer, and she reaches out and starts rubbing my breasts stimulating my nipples as she looks into my eyes. I then feel his long black cock sliding in me once again. He pushes more of himself in me, I let out a moan. As my mouth opens, the pretty older blonde lady squeezing my tits sticks her tongue down my throat, and we start passionately French kissing each other, as he fucks me like a god. I cum for the third time. so hard I collapse.

He pulls out of me, and stands up on the bed, his cock still rock hard. This startles the pretty older blonde and she retreats to her husband's side. My black lover drags me further back on the bed by my ankles. He pulls the condom off of his massive cock. I thought he was going to fuck me again but this time bareback. I was so turned on and physically drained, I didn't care if he did. But he didn't.

I watch him climb off of the bed and walk over to the white couple. The husband and wife both look frightened. He puts his hand on her shoulder. He is so much taller than her that his cock is just below her breast. she tries not to look at it but her husband is just staring right at it. No one says anything.

He reaches behind her frosted hair and pulls her head back and then starts French kissing her. He reaches down and begins finger fucking her. Then he pushes her toward the side of the bed. Pushes her down so her elbows are resting on the bed. She is looking right at me now, just a few inches from my face. Her look is one of fear and confusion and lust. I watch her face, then her mouth opens wide and her eyes roll up, as she feels his massive black cock enters her. I look over at her husband and I notice his penis is sticking straight up as he watches his wife take on this black bull bareback.

Written by: hotmilf4black

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