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She crouched by the edge of the water and beamed. "No need to hide that from me, little brother. I've seen it all before. Besides, remember that night in the bathroom a few months ago? No secrets between us. Let me see your hard cock."

Giving up the notion of keeping it from her view, he simply treaded water as she looked at his naked body.

Then she stood. "Again I ask. Want some company?"

"Sure," was all he said.

Angie stood up, still giving him an appraising look. "We're skinny-dipping tonight, are we?" Before he could answer, she reached back and pulled the string that tied the top of her swimsuit in place, allowing it to fall free. Topless, she watched him. "No problem. So secrets, remember? We're siblings. We've got nothing to hide from each other." He hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the lower half of her teeny bikini and drew the material down over her thighs, allowing it to drop around her ankles. She kicked it aside, standing nude before him. "That's better, anyway. I prefer swimming naked."

Vic was astonished. Unlike the previous times he'd seen Angie naked, there was not a single tan line anywhere to be seen on her lithe, petite, hairless body. "You've been sunbathing nude," he said.

Angie sat on the edge of the pool, spreading her legs to give him a peek at her already engorged cooze. "I have, yes. I've been doing it all summer long over at Daphne's house. Her parents are never home. When I say that I mean it. Hers are home less than ours are. So, I go over there. We put on our bikinis and go out to the pool. Then, the moment the gate's locked behind us, we take off our bathing suits and alternate between nude sunbathing and skinny-dipping. I keep telling her that I wanted an unbroken tan for Daniel. Which is partly true. He really likes it. And you know what, Vic? I think he's the one! I really do! I think I'm going to marry him!"

Still treading water, Vic shook his head, trying to clear it of the delicious image of her best friend, Daphne, lounging naked at poolside and nodded. "Cool. He's a good guy. Congratulations. I hope you do and I hope you both live happily ever after."

She smiled and slid into the water with him. "Thank you."

Vic swam a short ways away from her. "You said Daniel is part of the reason."


"What's the other part?"





"Because I know how turned on you were those times I masturbated for you. I wanted to see how much you'd like seeing me with a full-body tan."

Treading water again, he stared at her. "You didn't tell Daphne-"

"Not a word, no. She's think I was freak!"

He breathed a heart-felt sigh of relief.

"Though she and I often masturbate together..."

Vic's cock give a powerful twitch.

Angie laughed. "I saw that, little brother. You think Daph's hot, don't you?"

"No straight guy could possibly think otherwise," he answered.

"She's the one who got me to start shaving my pussy. She's been doing it since before we ever even met."

"Daphne...shaves her..." Vic tried to talk but the image that filled his mind shocked and aroused him nearly beyond words.

Angie giggled. "Little brother, you should see your face! Yes, Daph shaved her pussy. First time mine was shaved, she's the one who did it."

"You let another girl-"

"Yes. She and I had already been masturbating together for years. It's not as if I don't have anything she's not seen before. And since that first time we got off together, she'd been trying to talk me into shaving there. So, I finally let her."

"You haven' know...fucked, have you?"

Angie giggled again. "No. We've never done that. And neither of us want to, either. We've never even helped each other get off. We just like to masturbate together and sunbath and skinny dip."

"Maybe you should invite her over here tomorrow," Vic said.

Angie's giggles turned to full-blown laughter. "Okay. I can guarantee you she'll accept the invite."


" 'Cause, little brother, she thinks you're hot, too."

Vic's cock twitched and pulsed with the news. "She does?"

"Yeah. She does. In fact - and do not breath a word of this to her! - when we're masturbating, she usually whispers your name when she cums."


"I'm not lying to you. Yes, seriously. She wants to fuck you."

Vic smiled. "Please invite her over here tomorrow!"

Angie swam closer. "I'll call her soon as we're out of the pool. I promise. I'll tell her to wear her skimpiest bikini. And when she comes over, you stay in the house for a while. You can watch from the upstairs window. Let me get talk her into getting naked here. I know she'll do it. The thrill of you maybe seeing her will be more than enough to entice her out of her bathing suit, I can promise you that. Then, I'll get her to masturbate. After orgasm she's always really mellow for a while. Give us a few minutes after we cum, then you casually show up out here for a swim, claiming you didn't know we were here. Sound like a plan? I'll even bring out the vibrator I bought for you but never made you use. That'll really get her turned on!"

He smiled, not moving away from her this time. "You've had this planned out for a while, haven't you?"

"I have, yes. I want to reward you for what you've done for us. And Daphne will love it, too."

"What do you mean, what I've done for us?"

"I mean," she said, drifting closer, "for how close you've brought us. Each of us masturbating for the other has brought us closer than I ever thought we'd be, Vic. And I love that. Thank you. And Daphne's a good girl. I think the two of you will really make a good couple. She hasn't spent much time with you, but she knows you pretty well already and she likes you. A lot!"

Vic smiled at the prospect of what tomorrow was quite likely to bring. "Shouldn't you go call her?"

Angie shrugged. "It's early. I'll call her once we're done out here." She made a show of looking down at his rock-hard erection as it bobbed in the water a couple of feet before her. "And we're nowhere near done. Not when you're sporting that monster erection. In case you're wondering, I'm excited, too, little brother."

Vic looked from her face to her pert breasts, seeing how tight and hard her nipples were. He was still amazed at the change in her from that first night he'd blackmailed her into masturbating for him and now, when she willingly stripped and climbed in the pool with him and talked so freely and openly about sex.

"Yeah," he said. "You do look a bit aroused."

"More than a bit. Why don't we go to the side and get off for each other? Both of us masturbating while the other watches. What do you say? We've not done that yet."

"Sure," Vic said. "As you keep saying, neither of us has anything the other hasn't seen."

"You don't think it's strange for a brother and sister to watch each other masturbate?" she asked as they swam to the edge, side-by-side.

Boosting himself up onto the edge of the pool, he helped her up next to him and answered, "I do, yes. I feel like a freak when I get turned on seeing you naked and aroused. But I can't help it."

She turned to face him and leaned back, spreading her long legs wide. Juice was already running from her puffy twat in a steady flow. "Don't feel that way, Vic. You're not a freak. Don't be ashamed, or humiliated, or anything else. I felt the same for a while. Then I started checking around, mostly on-line. It seems that siblings who do what we're doing together are a minority, but there are still a lot of us out there who enjoy masturbating - or more - with siblings."

"Nothing more!" Vic said quickly. "I mean, Angie, you've got an awesome body and you're gorgeous, but-"

She kicked him lightly, interrupting him. "No, silly. I don't want to fuck you or suck your dick, or even give you a hand job. Trust me. Just the thought of it makes me sick. No offense."

"None taken," he said, exhaling in relief.

"But," she said, dipping a finger into her pink folds, "I fully enjoy masturbating for you and seeing you masturbate for me. Speaking of which, I'm the only one masturbating here, little brother." Again, she gave him a light kick.

Vic laughed, taking the hint, and wrapped one hand around his twitching prick. Pre-cum was already welling at the tip.

"What's it feel like to stroke your own cock?" Angie asked as she massaged her hard nipples with her free hand.

Vic shrugged. "It feels really good."

Angie laughed. "So does what I'm doing. But it must feel different for a guy. I mean, the parts are different. I'd imagine different equipment would translate into different feelings."

"I suppose so."

"So how does it feel?" She closed her eyes and rubbed her breasts and clit with slow motions, barely touching her sensitive flesh.

Vic stared at her, watching her arouse herself more and more as he gently stroked his erection before her. "I don't know," he said. "Just...good. Very good! I'm sure you've stroked Daniel's cock with your hand."


"Imagine that, the feel of a hard dick wrapped up in your fingers, combined with the feelings your getting from diddling your clit right now."

Angie opened her eyes, grinning at him. "You're right. It must feel very good."

"It does."

She leaned her head back, looking up at the sky. The movement pushed her pert breasts up higher, as if presenting them for inspection. "It'll be dark soon. We'd better hurry up and cum or we won't be able to see each other."

"I know."

She looked at him again, locking her gaze with his. "Then cum for me, Vic. Cum with me when I cum!" She increased the speed of her hands on her body, her breath hitching instantly.

Vic tightened his grip on his hard member and jerked it a bit more quickly, watching Angie's eyes.

"Oh, Vic, this feels so good!"

"I'm feeling it, too, Angie. Trust me!"

"I'm going to cum soon!"

"Me, too."

"Are you going to cum hard for me, Vic?"


"Good! 'Cause I'm going to cum hard for you!"

Hearing her words, Vic tightened his fingers around his shaft even more and jerked faster.

"You've got pre-cum everywhere," she commented, glancing at his dick.

He looked quickly at her own genitals before locking his gaze with hers once more. "And you've got pussy-juice everywhere."

"I always do," she said. "I'm always get really wet. It amazes Daphne all the time. She gets really wet, too, but not as much as I do."

The mention of Daphne's name, and all of the expectations for tomorrow that it brought, took Vic to the edge. "If you want to cum together, Angie, cum now!"

She grinned, her passionate stare burning, as she scrubbed her clit and nipples harder and faster. Her breath caught and she gasped. "Oh! I'm cumming, Vic! Cum with me!"

Vic jerked his cock harder, staring back into her eyes. He felt his load surging upward through his shaft, on the verge of bursting free. "This is so fucking good!"

"Yes!" she whispered back. "Oh, yes! Fucking cum with me! Cum with me! Oh! Oh! Cum with me! Fuck! Fuck, I'm cumming, Vic! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" Each word was more of a passionate gasp than the previous one. Her face contorted as she fought the impulse to close her eyes, keeping her gaze fixed solidly upon his own face as she masturbated herself past the brink and to orgasm.

"Fuck!" Vic bellowed loudly, the word followed by a deep, low groan as his semen shot from his dick, spattering on his bare chest in a searing rain. "Fuck!" he nearly screamed as a second, equally large shot joined it. "Oh, yes! Oh!" A third wad joined the first two.

"Cum with me, Vic! Oh, yes! Um-huh! Um-huh! Yes! Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Vic responded with a long, very low-pitched moan as yet a fourth jet of sperm was sent spewing from his cock as he jerked it faster and harder than he ever had in his life. "Fuck!" he cried. "Fuck, yes!" Even with no more cum surging through his prick, he couldn't stop jerking it. He was still rock-hard and waves of pure joy washed over him as he fought to keep his eyes from closing reflexively, staring hard at Angie as she writhed in the throws of her own glorious orgasm only inches away from him, her hips bucking against her busy hand as her pussy spurted thin streams of hot, fragrant musk across the decking and onto his legs. The feel of her cum landing on him, hot and fresh elicited a fifth jet of sperm from his cock. "God damn!" he bellowed. "Fuck!" The words were more primal, animal screams that actual syllables. "Fuck, yes!"

Finally, at last spent, the pair of them collapsed, breathing hard, still looking into each other's eyes.

Then Angie grinned. "We'd better get inside. Quickly. There's no way the neighbors didn't hear that. Especially you, little brother." She stood, getting her long, willowy legs under her and rising in a smooth motion.

Vic struggled to rise and would've fallen into the pool had she not grasped his arm. "That was, by far, the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life, Angie. Thank you!"

She kissed him on the cheek. "Thank me later. Let's get inside!"

Leaving their swimsuits lying on the decking, they raced toward the house, naked, hand in hand, genitals dripping, though the darkening evening.

"You know, Angie," he said as they stepped into the house. "I wouldn't really have turned over that video of you and Daniel."

She grinned at him. "I like to think not."

"And I only had the one copy of it. The one that you saw. I lied about the others."

"I'm glad."

He stood watching her, neither of them making the slightest attempt to hide any part of themselves from the other's sight. "If you knew I wouldn't turn that over to Mom and Dad," he asked at length, "why'd you let me blackmail you with it?"

She squeezed his hand and her palm was sticky with her cum. "You know why, little brother."

He grinned. "I guess I do."

She turned away, still holding his hand, leading him toward the stairs. "Let's go get cleaned up. But not until we've cum again. Actually, we've got the time. Let's just make this into an all-nighter and clean up in the morning."

Vic's cock twitched and started to harden again. "Sounds great!"

Leading him up the stairs, Angie said, "And I hope you know that I never, ever would have really told anyone about your porn collection."

Vic grinned. "I know. I guess, deep down, I wanted to masturbate for you, too."

Angie led him into her bedroom and turned on the light. Leaving the door open, she playfully shoved him down onto her bed. "Good. I'm glad to hear that, little brother. 'Cause you're going to keep doing it! A lot!" Sitting on the bed with him, she spread her legs, pulling the flushed folds of her cooze wide open, easily slipping a delicate finger into her sopping twat. "And I'm going to be doing it a lot for you, too!"

Without taking his eyes off of her, Vic reached over to his nightstand and picked up the handset of her cordless telephone and handed it to his sister. "But first," he said, watching her diddle her hard clit, "you're going to call Daphne!"

Angie laughed and took the phone from him. Still tending to her dripping cooze, she dialed her best friend's number from memory.

Written by: Scott_Harper

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