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Goddess Rules Ch. 01

by sub_boi©

Today he is dressed in My little white panties. My little cock can scarcely be contained by My little white panties, but he must wear them anyway. My cock gets hard simply by the feel of My little white panties and, as such, My cock is peeking out the top. I can see his precum already. He wants to be sucked off, I know, but he won't be...not now.

In My black garters with no panties, sheer black bra and black leather boots, I command, "Crawl on your knees like the little pussy boy you are. Lick My boots up and down and stroke My cock."

Already he is moaning in agony...he wants to come so very badly. But he won't...not now.

"Unzip my boots and remove them. Take My toes into your mouth. Suck them clean through My silky stockings!"

He does.

"Lick My feet and legs up and down and jerk off hard." He whimpers and whimpers but he is just My little pussy boy and I tell him so.

"Worship your Goddess and take your hands off My cock, you little panty waste"

The naughty inconsiderate panty waste will not remove his hands from My little cock. "Take your hands off your little cock, you slut," but he is weak and so I must punish him for his weakness.

I take My velvet rope and tie him over the hard wooden chair. He squirms uncomfortably and begs for forgiveness, but Goddess will not have it.

"Goddess, please don't punish me, I promise to leave Your little cock alone," but it is too late. I gag his mouth with My last used filthy panties,

"Shut your mouth, boy, not one more word."

He trembles in fear and anticipation of the beating to come. He is afraid of Goddess and rightly so. I take my tool of choice--the paddle--and deliver soft blows to his white little ass. Then harder and harder until he cries out in pain as best he can with My dirty panties in his mouth.

"This is what you get for being a filthy little slut boy who can't keep his hands off My little cock. 10 more blows and I want to hear you thank Me each time."

His voice is garbled through My now-wet panties but he thanks Goddess as commanded.

"That's a good little boy," I say as I bring My pussy close to his face, giving him the slightest whiff. He moans again as I push My pussy against his nose, making it wet with juices.

I untie him. "Get on the bed, you little fucker, I want to see you jerk off again."

"Yes, Goddess. But Goddess, I'll come."

"If you come you little shit, you'll get another beating immediately. You come only when Goddess tells you to come."

"Yes, Goddess."

He jerks off as I push him back on the bed and sit My wet pussy on his face.

"Worship Goddess as you should!" He laps at My pink pussy until I am smothering him and I come hard.

"Thank you, Goddess."

"Now lick My asshole, boy."

"Yes, Goddess."

As he licks My ass, I reach for the vibrator, turn it up to full power and place it on his tight little ass. He whimpers again, afraid of what is to come. Slowly, I push the cock into his ass as far as it will go and he cries out in pain and pleasure. I fuck him with the dildo until he is near coming, then make him remove his hands from My throbbing little cock.

"Against the wall, slave, hands up." This time he obeys. "Stick out that little red ass!" and he does. "I am now going to fuck you again, my little slut boy, how do you like that?"

"I like it, Goddess, I am a little slut boy."

"Very good, now you'll take it in the ass, boy."

I fuck him from behind like My little bitch. He pumps his hips, wishing he could fuck, but all he has to fuck is the cold, hard wall." I am merciful, reach my hands around and stroke My little cock and he cries out.

"On your knees facing Me, bitch!"

I push his face into My dripping pussy and make him lick My clit until I come and come again harder and harder until I am finished with him.

"Goddess, please, I want to come."

"What makes you think Goddess will let you come, you little whore?"

"Please Goddess, please, let your little whore come. I'll do anything, anything."

Goddess is merciful and I take his cock into My mouth, sucking hard, but he won't come...not now.

Written by: sub_boi

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Category: BDSM Stories