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Anal Invasion

by MTL17©

"Yes mistress Torrie, I'd love to feel your dick back inside my ass hole." Trish said.

"Good, but first, look into my eyes." Torrie ordered, and Trish obeyed, "Who's bitch are you?"

"Mistress Torrie's bitch, I'm mistress Torrie's bitch." Trish said submissively.

"Good bitch, now bend over like your little girlfriend." Torrie commanded.

Trish immediately did as she was told, bending over for her mistress who soon filled her ass with strap on again.

This continued for a long time, Torrie and Stacy viciously butt fucking and spanking Trish and Lita until they were both farting wrecks, both on the verge of orgasm and then at the last second pulling out and demanding their bitches suck their cocks. Every time that happened Trish and Lita would not even bother to wait until they had got their bowels under control before obeying.

Soon Trish and Lita lost all bowel control completely and just began continuously farting, although a lot more rapidly either during a butt fucking or right after it.

As the sodomising and the spanking and the cock sucking and the farting continued Trish and Lita got more and more desperate to cum to the point they thought they would die if they weren't allowed to cum soon. Luckily for them Torrie and Stacy had grown tired and they wanted to finish properly breaking in Trish and Lita before the night was done. So Stacy laid down a challenge.

"Alright bitches listen up, we're going to play a little game." Stacy said, "In a second Torrie and I are going to completely ruin your ass holes. Being the anal sluts you two obviously are the need to cum will be unbearable, but I'd think twice before allowing yourself to cum because who ever cums first is going to get a full-bodied beating tomorrow morning and then who ever didn't cum first is going to be allowed the privilege of being DP'ed by me and Torrie. You got that sluts?"

Trish and Lita moaned incoherently.

"Good," Torrie said, turning to her girlfriend, "Now you know the rules Stacy, first one to ruin her bitch's ass hole gets first dibs on these two sluts tomorrow!"

"No problem, cause Lita is about to squeal like a bitch." Stacy said confidently.

"As if, Trish is so totally going to be the one squealing first!" Torrie argued.

"Oh yeah, watch this." Stacy said as she grabbed a tighter hold of Lita's hips and began savagely slamming her bitch's shitter causing Lita to squeal like a bitch.

"No fair, you cheated." Torrie snapped angrily as she began ruining Trish's ass at the same brutal pace Stacy was ruining Lita's ass.

The WWF girls cried hysterically as they were viciously sodomised by the WCW girls but the truth was that every brutal rectum wrecking thrust felt like pure heaven to them. The butt fucking Trish and Lita were receiving had sent them to a paradise of pleasure, their ass holes sending fireworks of pleasure through their bodies at the tiniest movement of the strap ons buried inside their bowels.

Although it wasn't the total paradise they would have liked because no matter how hard they tried Trish and Lita couldn't ignore the fact that they now had no bowel control whatsoever and were obscenely farting on every rectum wrecking thrust.

Trish and Lita couldn't even try to stop it any more. In fact their farting seemed to becoming louder and more violent with every single thrust. And the louder Trish and Lita farted the more they felt humiliated.

And it wasn't just the loud farting that left Trish and Lita feeling humiliated.

They had been sexually bullied by two women they were physically superior to, two women they could beat with ease, and yet here they were, bent over, taking it in their asses like a couple of little bitches for these two women, loudly farting on every one of their thrusts and loving it. It was like no matter what humiliating and degrading thing Torrie and Stacy did to them Trish and Lita just couldn't get enough.

In that moment it felt like they had been born for this, like they had been born to be the sexual playthings of these two sadistic blondes and their real place in life was bent over, taking it up the ass for these two technically inferior women. Well, physically inferior, because Torrie and Stacy seem to have proved who was mentally superior and that seemed to be the difference between kicking ass and getting fucked up the ass.

Maybe Trish and Lita would find the strength to fight back tomorrow, to overcome Torrie and Stacy and get some revenge for this humiliating and degrading butt fucking, but for now all Trish and Lita could do, all they wanted to do, was fart, scream hysterically and beg to be sodomised by the WCW girls.

As for Torrie and Stacy they were far too caught up in fucking Trish's and Lita's butts to care much about their bitches any more. At first Trish's and Lita's cries had been music to their ears but now Torrie's and Stacy's attention was completely focused on Trish's and Lita's ass holes.

It was a beautiful sight to the WCW divas.

Those once tight little holes had been spread out wide in submission by the dildos which were moving through those spread out holes, moving in and out of the WWF divas rectums, Trish's and Lita's anal rings looking very red and sore from the abuse they had taken, all the while loud and disgusting squelching sounds of submission echoed from the deepest parts of their bitches bowels. It looked so incredibly painful, and Torrie and Stacy loved the idea of causing Trish and Lita pain.

Ever since they arrived in WCW Torrie and Stacy had been told how good WWF divas were and how Trish and Lita in particular were two of the toughest chicks walking the face of the planet. Well they certainly didn't look very tough right now, bent over and noisily farting as they happily took strap ons up their asses. But however undignified Trish and Lita looked now it didn't stop the fact that Torrie and Stacy had been compared to them since they debuted and they were so sick of it. And Torrie and Stacy were more than ready to take out all of their frustrations on Trish's and Lita's poor little ass holes, which right now were being ripped apart by the WCW girls dildos.

The butt slamming Torrie and Stacy gave Trish and Lita was savage. It was savage, it was brutal, it was cruel, and Torrie and Stacy loved it. And so did Trish and Lita.

The four women devolved into animals, two brutalising the other two's butt holes, savagely sodomising them over and over, the four of them becoming lost in the perverted anal sex.

The WWF girls fought hard not to climax but the pleasure they were feeling was so strong it was inevitable that they would cum, the only question was who would break first.

Ultimately, and perhaps not surprisingly, it was Trish who fell over the edge first.

She was the weaker of the two WWF girls and after an impressive fight things just became too overwhelming and her orgasm crashed over her. It was her first anal orgasm and it was by far the most powerful orgasm of her life, an orgasm her body was completely unprepared for and it showed. Torrie struggle to keep a hold of her new toy as it thrashed around and spasmed as if possessed by some kind of daemons. The thrashing only got worse when Trish experienced a second anal orgasm shortly after her first, and then the third quickly followed, which was followed by the fourth, and the fifth and so on. Trish came so much she thought she would die but she didn't care, this pure ecstasy was worth it.

Satisfied she was going to be the lucky one being DP'ed tomorrow Lita finally let herself go and allowed her climax to hit her. The problem was it hit her so fast and so hard she didn't think she'd ever recover and before she got the chance to even try she was hit by another orgasm, and then another, and then another, and then another. Like Trish she was receiving her first ever anal induced orgasms and like Trish she was in no way prepared for them. They were just too powerful and reduced her mind to mush and her body to a quivering wreck.

As the WWF girls writhed in climax the WCW girls allowed themselves to cum, their orgasms nowhere near as powerful as Trish's or Lita's but satisfying nevertheless. Plus at least Torrie and Stacy got to keep their dignity. Trish and Lita were begging so shamelessly to be ass fucked as their bodies spasm violently and their asses exploded in deafening farts that Torrie and Stacy didn't see how Trish and Lita could ever look at themselves in the mirror again without seeing a couple of disgusting anal sluts staring back at them. Oh well, that wasn't their concern. The only thing Torrie and Stacy were concerned about with right then was making a statement, that statement being WCW girls are better than WWF girls, and Torrie and Stacy knew just how to make that statement.

Simultaneously reaching down to the balls of their strap ons the WCW girls shared a smile before squeezing their fake balls and releasing the contents inside them, which was their girl cum, deep into the WWF girls bowels. Trish's and Lita's minds had turned to complete mush at this point so neither of them was even aware that their ass holes were filling with girl cum, but Torrie and Stacy were very, very aware of it. To Torrie and Stacy this was the ultimate sign that they now owned Trish and Lita. The WWF girls ass holes had been busted open and filled by the WCW girls strap ons and now Torrie and Stacy were filling Trish and Lita with their cum, coating the inside of their colons in girly liquid turning Trish and Lita into their bitches forever. It was quite simple really. The WCW girls were marking their territory, marking Trish's and Lita's ass holes as their territory.

Exhausted by the seemingly endless string of orgasms brought on by the brutal butt fucking Trish and Lita fell face first onto the bed, the lower half of their bodies following shortly. Crazy with lust Torrie and Stacy followed Trish and Lita down, the WCW girls laying on their bitches backs as they endlessly pounded into their ruined poopers.

Trish and Lita did nothing to stop Torrie and Stacy, allowing their new owners to use their ass holes in whatever way they saw fit, the WWF girls laying their incomplete submission to the WCW girls as they continued too sodomised them.

Finally Torrie and Stacy removed their dildos from Trish's and Lita's ass holes in one swift movement, sat back and watched as their bitches butt holes completely failed to close, their holes stretched to the point were Torrie and Stacy seriously doubted whether they would ever recover, the loudest and most obscene machine gun like farts exploding from them in rapid-fire for the next two minutes until their asses finally began to start calming down.

Sometime later when Trish and Lita were only letting out the occasional gentle fart Torrie and Stacy laid down in front of them on the bed and just waited.

As if sensing they were supposed to do something Trish and Lita looked up into the eyes of the two women that had so totally dominated and broken them before their eyes fell to the two soiled dicks which had so totally dominated and broken their ass holes.

Without a word Trish and Lita cleaned their owners strap ons, gobbling them down like they were the tastiest of treats, Torrie and Stacy chuckling at their submission as they stroked their bitches heads condescendingly.

"So, what did we learn today?" Stacy asked Trish and Lita after she was satisfied they had done a adequate job of cleaning the cocks.

"WWF girls are nothing but bitches for WCW girls." Trish and Lita said together happily.

"Good bitches." Stacy said as she and Torrie proudly patted Trish's and Lita's heads, "And who's bitch are you Lita?"

"I'm your bitch mistress Stacy." Lita said obediently.

"Good bitch." Stacy said, stroking Lita's hair like a pet.

"And what about you Trish?" Torrie asked, "Who's bitch are you?"

"Mistress Torrie's. I'm mistress Torrie's bitch." Trish purred.

"Good bitch." Torrie said, stroking Trish's hair, "Now, you and your fellow bitch go to the other bed and get plenty of sleep, you have a long day of butt fucking and submission a head.

"Yes mistress Torrie." Trish and Lita said submissively as they got up and began to awkwardly walk towards the other bed, but not before Torrie and Stacy smacked them hard on their asses, which caused them both to fart and giggle submissively.

With that the four divas snuggled up on the two different beds and went to sleep, Trish and Lita dreaming what their new owners would do to them, Torrie and Stacy dreaming what they would do to their new bitches.

Written by: MTL17

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