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Becky - The Cock-Tease

by zaksx©

Jim was 37 years old, happily married. He had dark hair, blue eyes and a charming smile that crinkled his eyes up attractively. He was still fairly fit but not as lean as he had been in his twenties, and with his 6ft height and three-day beard he looked quite tough and very strong. They lived in a quiet street, reasonably up-market, and although the houses were detached, the back gardens overlooked each other, so the neighbors would see plenty of each other in the summer. The neighbor who caused Jim the most thought was Becky. Becky lived next door and was the only child of a well-off couple in their fifties. Becky was 20 years old and had mid-brown shoulder length hair, quite a plump body with large, firm breasts. At home with her parents she would dress demurely and look like the sweet innocent girl next door, but when she was at college or out with her friends, she would dress in tiny miniskirts and high-heels, and look like a bombshell.

Jim knew this because one night he had been drinking with his work buddies late on Friday night, and as he came out of the pub he saw Becky walking past with two other blondes. They were dressed to kill, and Becky had instantly come up to him and kissed him on the cheek, and then stared up at him from close by, so he could get a good look at the large expanse of cleavage that her tiny top was showing. She was flirting outrageously with him, batting her eyelids and holding onto his arm. Jim could see that his work colleagues had picked up on this immediately, and they started asking to be introduced to his new girlfriend. Jim politely said goodbye and made his escape.

The next day Becky "accidentally" bumped into Jim in the street and smiling at him asked: "So, did you like my little skirt last night?"

"I can't say I noticed it." Jim responded; making sure he didn't rise to the bait.

"Oh, is that because you were staring at my boobs so much?" Becky teased.

"Actually I thought your blonde friends were very sexy!" Jim answered back. It worked - Becky got a sulky look and pouted a little.

"Well, you can't have them, they've both got boyfriends. And so do I." she said in a teasing voice, but it didn't seem to faze Jim.

"That's ok - I have a beautiful wife in case you'd forgotten. Anyway, it was nice chatting but I have to get on." Jim responded and then walked past Becky and got into his car to drive off.

Becky couldn't help teasing him. Ever since she first started fantasizing sexually she had imagined her big muscular neighbor fucking her. And as time went on, her fantasies about him had become more extreme. She knew he was devoted to his wife, so in a way it was safe to use him as the subject of her dirtiest fantasies. When she lay in bed daydreaming about Jim, he was always forcing her, taking her against her will, holding her down and pushing himself into her roughly. And it worked every time - each time she used that fantasy she had an amazing orgasm. Of course it was just a fantasy, but the other night when she bumped into him, something had changed. Her inhibitions had been dulled by the vodka she had been drinking. That night when she had finally ended up in bed with her boyfriend she had imagined it was Jim fucking her. The next morning when she woke up she thought of Jim and realized she wanted it for real.

Becky's boyfriend was nice; sexy in the way lean fit twenty year old boys are; but he was too nice in bed. When Becky came it never had the raw excitement she really craved and that her fantasies had. He was only a couple of inches taller than her; and his slim body was beautiful, but it didn't affect her the same way Jim's big muscular build did. Becky had decided she was going to tease Jim as much as possible, but when she tried it that morning, Jim had seemed completely unmoved.

In fact, Jim was far from unmoved by Becky's flirting. Sex with his wife had become a once-a-month thing that happened when she wasn't too overtired by the twins. The result was that Jim's balls seemed permanently overfilled. Becky's touch on his arm the night before had given him a thrill he hadn't felt in years. The talk about liking the other two blondes was complete fabrication. In fact he had been staring at Becky's fresh, chubby, young thighs showing under her flared mini-skirt and he had worked hard not to stare at the delicious expanse of breast laid out in front of him. The teasing that morning had got him even more worked up and he was cursing the girl for taunting him. Still, he knew if he let her suspect how much he fancied her, her teasing would be worse. Or even more annoyingly, she might count him as a conquest and move on.

That afternoon, being Saturday, he went out to mow the lawn. His wife and kids had popped out to the shops, and he was just wearing a pair of short cut-off jeans and an old work shirt that was too worn for business. He'd just got the mower out when he heard Becky calling him over the fence.

"Hello, nice to see you hard at work." she called out.

Jim turned around to see Becky in a white bikini, rubbing suntan lotion into her arms. The bikini seemed to emphasize her breasts and he could see her nipples pushing through the material. He could see Becky's round tummy but even with her chubbiness her breasts seemed to hang a good five inches out from the rest of her body. Jim felt his cock growing and he felt glad he had left his old work shirt hanging out so the teenage girl couldn't see the bulge in his trousers.

"I see you are taking it easy." he replied.

"Yes, I'm taking the whole summer off. I did think about working, but Daddy gives me plenty of spending money, so I thought I'd devote the summer to tanning, clubbing and fucking my gorgeous boyfriend." she taunted him, her eyes sparkling.

"It sounds a bit boring to me." Jim lazily replied, making sure he didn't give anything away.

"Oh it's not boring, he loves my sweet wet pussy and he can keep going for ages." said Becky, raising the stakes as she tried to get a reaction from the older man. "He really loves my blow jobs, too, he says they are the best he's ever had!"

"Well, he's only young! There's still time yet." Jim replied, deadpan, but secretly enjoying the look of shock in her face as she realized the implication in what he had said. "Anyway, I need to mow the lawn."

With that he bent over to start up the old petrol mower.

"He's getting something you will never get!" Becky almost spat back, angered by his cool calm demeanor and the fact that he didn't respond to her flirting and teasing. The younger boys at the clubs were always gagging for her: they laughed at her jokes, bought her drinks, and begged for her phone number.

The noise of the mower meant no conversation was possible, but Becky walked over to the sun-lounger and moved it round so she could watch him as he mowed. Every time Jim found himself facing the other garden, he could see Becky on the sun-lounger over the low fence, and she seemed to be rubbing more and more sun lotion in, first to her arms, then to her legs, and then her tummy and cleavage. As she did this, it looked as if she was deliberately trying to show off her young body to the older man. But just as much as she was showing her body off, she was deliberately not looking at him.

Becky was fuming inside at him, but she also knew that she still wanted him. His rebuffs had made her want him all the more, and as she lay there on the sun-lounger, she imagined what his chest looked like under that old shirt, thought of stroking her hands over his broad shoulders, and imagined his ice-blue eyes looking into hers as she kissed him.

She spent as much of the weekend as possible in the back garden, on the sun-lounger, in each of her three bikinis. At one point she thought she saw Jim looking at her from the upstairs window of his house, but most of the time he was playing with the kids or out with his wife and family. When he was in the back garden with his wife, he deliberately kissed her when he knew the younger girl was watching, just to make sure that Becky got the message properly.

A couple of weeks later, Becky was just getting up at 11 o'clock after a night out with her friends. Her parents were out and she heard a lot of coming and going outside, slamming of car doors, kids voices. She looked out of the window and saw Jim loading his wife and kids into the MPV, and watched as they drove away, leaving Jim behind. She could tell from the luggage piled high in the back that they must be going for at least a week. She immediately headed down to have breakfast and started thinking how she could seduce Jim. Although it was a weekday, Jim seemed to be staying home - he must be working at home that day.

Becky decided since it was a nice day to head out to the garden. After sorting out her makeup, she put on a tight top, deliberately choosing her most uplifting balcony bra, and the same short, flared skirt that she had worn the Friday night that she had bumped into Jim. Underneath it she wore no underwear. She took a nice steamy blockbuster and headed out to the sun-lounger once more.

Jim looked out of the kitchen window to see Becky sitting reading. Somehow the sun-lounger had turned once more so now it was facing almost directly towards his house. His cock twitched as he looked at the gorgeous young girl, her skirt hardly covering her crossed legs, and her firm young breasts bulging out of the tight t-shirt she was wearing. She wore dark glasses so he couldn't tell what she was looking at, but despite the fact he watched her for at least five minutes, he never noticed her turn the page once.

Becky noticed Jim watching her through the window. She couldn't see well because of the reflections on the glass, but she could see his shadow. She decided to see what else she could do. She went through her own house, out the front door, and then went up the front path to Jim's door and knocked on it.

A minute later, the door opened and Jim looked out at her. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans, no shoes, and a dark short sleeved shirt that showed off him muscular arms.

"Hi Becky, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, I just needed to borrow some sugar." Becky responded. She knew it was lame, but she didn't care.

"Just a second, I'll fetch it for you."

"Can I come in out of the sun? It's very hot out here." Becky asked.

"Sure, come in." John replied.

He held the door open for her, letting her come past him into the house. He closed the door behind her, and then suddenly she felt him push her against the wall, and then she felt his hand grabbing her hair and his mouth biting her on the back of the neck. Becky was amazed. She hadn't been expecting him to do anything after ignoring her flirtation for so long.

She felt herself getting wet as he held her up against the wall, forcing her breasts into the cold plaster, his teeth gently biting her earlobe, his hand in her hair holding it clear, his other hand holding her round the stomach. She could feel his body up against her back and bottom and she could tell he was pushing his groin up against her bum from the pressure.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking you." Jim whispered into her ear, his breath feeling hot against her.

"B... but you can't fuck me!" Becky protested. "I have a boyfriend and you are married."

"You think you can tease me like this and not get fucked?" Jim responded, no humor in his voice. He sounded different, no longer cool; no longer detached; his voice husky and urgent. "I'm going to show you what happens to a dirty little cock-tease who goes too far." And with that, he pulled her back by the hair, his other hand reaching up to find her nipple, and then squeezing it hard as he found it.

"Owwwwwwwww!" Becky moaned, as the pain shot into her body. She felt it right in her pussy, almost as if a steel wire connected from her nipple to her clit. This was turning her on more than ever. She loved how he hadn't messed around, just forced her up against the wall. She could tell that her pussy was flooding with juice. His breath and mouth on her neck and ear was amazing too, driving her crazy. Much as she wanted him to fuck her, she continued protesting.

"I'm not a cock-tease. Now stop it!" she said, though she was aware that her voice was breathless as she said it.

"Oh you are the biggest cock-tease I've ever met. My cock has been hard for weeks thinking about you. My balls are aching they are so full of cum. I'm going to fuck you so badly you're never going want to touch that boyfriend ever again." And with this he pulled her arms behind her back, holding them tight by the wrists. She could tell how strong he was from how easily he did this, despite her struggling against him. She did her best to escape his grip, but he managed to hold her with just one of his big hands on her wrists.

A moment later she realized he had pulled his belt out and was using it to tie her wrists together. Once he had her arms tied behind her back, he pulled her round roughly to face him. He put his hand up to her face and held her by the chin and looked her right in the eye. His steely blue eyes seemed to penetrate her.

"Let's see if you really don't want me." he said, his voice low and hard. And with that, he pushed his hand between her thighs and moved up to feel her. She could see the shock in his eyes when he reached her naked, shaved mound - he must have been expecting her to be wearing knickers.

"The dirty little slut isn't even wearing panties, huh?" he said with a gleam in his eye. Becky didn't say anything as his fingers suddenly pushed inside her opening her labia and sliding easily into her wet pussy. She moaned as his finger slid in deeper and she felt herself go weak at the knees.

"You dirty little whore, you are soaking wet and panting for my cock. You've been begging for this for months."

"No!" she replied, but the denial came out more like a moan as his finger slid over her clit.

"Are you sure you don't want my cock inside you?" he asked, and with this he let go of her and unzipped his trousers and quickly pulled them and his briefs off. His cock was big, thick and absolutely rock hard. It looked much bigger than Becky's boyfriends and her eyes widened visibly as she looked down at it. She wanted him to fuck her hard, force it into her, to feel it spreading her open wider than ever before: to feel it pushing in hard and fast and deep. Jim could see the lust in her eyes.

Jim grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her forwards suddenly. With her arms tied behind her, this pulled her off balance. She felt Jim's strong hands and arms holding her weight, and then slowly lowering her to her knees. Once she was kneeling in front of him, he pushed his fingers into her hair and held her head tight, his cock about 6 inches away from her face. She could see it twitching as the blood pumped through it, each heartbeat sending his aroused cock pulsing. Her mouth opened a little without her even realizing. She really wanted to taste him, to feel him push his cock into her mouth, to fill it up. But her perverse desire to be taken by him led her to deny it.

"Don't make me do that. Please. You can't force me."

She looked up at him, trying to put on her sweetest most innocent face to see if it would stop him. Instead, he grasped his cock in his hand and squeezed along it, forcing the pre-cum that was inside his cock along to the end. Still holding her hair tightly with the other hand, he pulled her mouth closer to his cock-head. When her lips were just half an inch away he stopped. She could smell the pre-cum, and she had to restrain herself from pushing her tongue out to lick it off. The tight grip on her hair, and the way he had tied her arms felt wonderful, she had never felt so controlled before. She moaned and whimpered as he held her.

Jim could tell the girl was so aroused from her eyes. They had taken on a glassy look and despite her attempts to pretend otherwise she couldn't help moaning with pleasure at the treatment. Anyway, he didn't care. She had teased him and taunted him and he was going to show her what happened when she pushed him too far. He was so aroused he couldn't stop now.

His cock throbbed and his balls ached and he needed to cum badly, but he was going to hold off until he'd shown her who was in charge here. He pushed his cock forwards, using his hand to guide it. There was a big drop of pre-cum on the tip and he deliberately wiped this onto the girls full pouting lips. The lips weren't completely closed and it was obvious from how she reacted that she had expected him to force his cock in. She involuntarily licked her lips, tasting his juice and moaned again. Only then did he slide the cock into her mouth, pushing it open as he did, holding her head motionless in both hands. She nearly gagged as the huge cock forced into her mouth, and then she found herself sucking it as he pulled it out again. She could now taste him clearly, and the feel of the enormous cock filling her mouth only made her even wetter.

Jim looked down at the younger girl, tied and kneeling, her plump lips forced open round his cock and he nearly came just thinking how wonderful it was. Her mouth was soft and wet and he had to hold back from thrusting his cock in deep and fast and pumping all his cum down her throat. He wanted to save it for her cunt and to really fill her up, so he carefully pulled out his cock from her mouth. She left her mouth open as he did this, and he could read the desire in her eyes. It was almost like she was begging him to push it back in.

"Please!" Becky moaned. It could have been her begging for mercy or begging to have his cock thrust back in her mouth. It wasn't possible to tell which. But inside she wanted the cock in her mouth: she was just keeping up the role play as best she could.

Leaving her kneeling, Jim walked into the kitchen and came back with a pair of scissors. Without a word, he quickly cut off her top and bra, cutting them in several places so they came off even with her hands tied behind her. Becky was amazed and slightly outraged - it was her best bra - but Jim didn't leave her time to think about it.

He hauled her back to her feet and then bent over and started sucking hungrily on her left nipple. While he did this he started to finger her pussy and clit again. He carried this on for a while and then the sucking turned to nibbling and then to biting. Becky moaned with pain and pleasure. Each bite seemed to set her clit on fire and then the finger on her clit would send her pleasure soaring even higher. Soon she was moaning continuously.

She tried to say "No!" but it came out as a sort of grunt as the pleasure became too intense. A moment later she came, a deep shudder pushing through her body and the moans became almost a scream as she cried out in pleasure. She went weak at the knees and found Jim supporting her.

While she was still recovering, she felt him grab her up in a fireman's lift and carry her through the hall, up the stairs and straight into the master bedroom, where he put her down on the bed. She knew she wasn't a lightweight, but he had handled her like it was no trouble, carrying the helpless girl up the broad stairs of the house. He left her there for a second while he undid his shirt and dropped it on the ground. Then he stood there, completely naked, his cock even harder than when she had sucked it, if that were possible.

She knew he was going to fuck her now. She could see it in his eye. He roughly pulled her so she was kneeling over the bed, her naked breasts splaying out underneath her, her hair mussed and tangled over her head, just the short skirt protecting her arse and pussy. He lifted the skirt up, using his feet to push her legs further apart and then his hand cupped her mound, getting the wetness onto his fingers. He pulled her head up by the hair and forced his wet fingers into her mouth, making her suck on them. Then he let her head down again and started to spank her.

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