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Keep Watching

by Archer2050©

I had to grip the door handle extra firmly as I opened the door to the guest bedroom, making sure my hand stayed steady. There was really no explanation for what I was about to do, and it scared me out of my mind. But I'd tossed and turned with the notion for too long now. I'd always knew what the right thing was. It was just hard defining "right" between what I wanted and what was moral. And now it was time. I had to do face this.

He looked worse than a deer in the headlights when he saw me step quickly into the room and shut the door fast but quietly behind me. He looked like a murder caught red-handed by the most intimidating police officer on Earth. Or maybe as if I was God, and he was...just himself, waiting for my divine judgment.

But he didn't know I felt God's eyes burning me, too.

The situation called for an explanation. Why I was there. Why I wasn't surprised to see him doing what he was doing. Why I was wearing only a robe, and not bothering to have it tied shut. Why the nipples that I know he could see, even in the dim light of the television, where as hard as jewels. But I knew I'd never be able to form a sentence, and he'd understand soon enough anyway. I was quiet, fighting huge butterflies in my tummy while trying to keep my expression neutral, as I quickly walked to the bed and practically jumped onto it. The squeak of the springs was loud, but not loud enough to wake the others in the house.

I crawled on top of him, straddling him, sitting in the way of the TV he'd been watching. When I planned this in my head, I'd wanted to meet his eye, but now I couldn't, though I was facing him. I moved so my face was beside his, so our eyes wouldn't meet. This turned out to have benefits. It allowed him to keep watching the TV. And if he kept watching, the video would explain eventually. I whispered into his ear.

"Keep watching..."

I don't know if he did as I said, but I imagine he was too blown away to do anything but comply. My father got that way when something really startled him. He was always a strong, brave man in my eyes, but there were times, like when my mother died years ago, that he just became putty. The fact that he wasn't pushing me away told me this was one of those times. He didn't move. I couldn't even feel him breathing.

But, my God, he was hard.

Time didn't make any sense. Everything was happening at the speed of light, but I felt like I'd been there for ten minutes. In truth, I'd only been in the room for three of four seconds by now. I knew this because I hadn't stopped moving the whole time, and even now I was still positioning my body, grabbing his naked hips, then sinking myself onto him easily. Too easily. I hadn't been this wet when I'd been standing outside the door, trying to talk myself into going for this. But in just three of four seconds, my floodgates had opened. I squished wetly around him, the sound of his entrance ten times louder than the low volume on the TV. Once I felt him inside, I sunk onto his length as slowly as I could bear, which wasn't very slow at all. My body sucked at him, wanting it all and then wanting more. I ground my body against his hips when I couldn't go down any further. I drew in a sharp breath, the way I usually do just before I climax, though this time I managed to hold back. Next, I sighed a long, strained sigh, communicating my need for pleasure, and the fact that I was already getting more than I could handle. My body shuddered, and then so did his.

I'd had dildos and a couple men bigger than him inside me before, but I'd never felt as full as I did with my father's cock in my pussy. He seemed to reach beyond me, electrifying my hips, my spine, my tummy. When he throbbed, I felt it tickle every nerve ending in my body. I closed my eyes, sat up on him, and threw my head back, fighting back orgasm that would've hit for sure if I hadn't managed to focus and will it away. I wanted so desperately to fuck him, but I knew I couldn't move or it would be over.

Probably for him, too, I thought.

"Marie..." he whispered anxiously, like he knew this was wrong and wanted to talk me out of it. But he didn't.

Ignoring his tone, I groaned back. It wasn't him saying my name that made me hot. It was hearing his voice, confirming his presence and knowing he was seeing me like this.

"Oh, Daddy..." I gasped, my head still back, my eyes still shut.

I felt my robe hanging over my breasts, but it might as well have been a noose around my neck, because I needed them to be free. Needed that more than air. So I pulled my robe off, displaying my nude body to my father. I arched my back so my modestly sized but perky breasts pointed at him with their fat, pink nipples. I ached to see his face as he no doubt looked at them, but I was still too scared to meet his eye.

"Oh, Marie," he said again, and this time he sounded like he was sobbing, or on the verge of it. "My God..."

I felt him shaking, not in any sexual way, but in fear. That helped me, because it reminded me that I had come here to take control of this. I leaned forward and hugged him, my breasts flattening against his hard chest, my head resting over his shoulder, our cheeks touching, my lips at his ear.

"Shhh..." I said as soothingly as possible.

I opened my eyes, seeing only his pillow, and the flashing light projected by the TV behind me. I had forgotten all about the TV.

"Turn it up," I whispered. He obliged. When the feminine groans and grunts had gotten loud enough, but not too loud, I stopped him by adding, "Just keep watching".

And then I started to fuck him.

I didn't let loose. I wanted to, but I couldn't. Despite everything that was happening, part of me wanted him to forget that I was his daughter. At least for now. So I just wanted to pleasure him, let him watch the video, and then we could acknowledge the incest in play when the time was right. And so I fucked him by moving just my ass, bouncing my hips off of his and then slamming back down. I was so good at this maneuver that, even as my sopping cunt fucked him like an animal, the rest of my body hardly moved by comparison. Still, I wasn't all in control. I tried to keep a slow and steady pace, but the best I could manage was growing steadily faster. He wouldn't last long, and either would I.

The wet sucking of pussy, the slaps of our skin, and my ultra-heavy breathing was all I could hear at first, but then I strained to listen beyond that, happy to find that I could hear the video playing behind me.

I didn't need to hear it to know what was going on, though. Because I was in it. It had been made just a couple days my sister, Melanie. It showed us making out, undressing each other, sucking each other's breasts, fingering each other, eating each other's pussy, and the whole time we were playing for the camera. We'd made plenty of these movies before, but we'd never shown them to anyone. Melanie was married, and her husband didn't even know.

I slammed onto my father's cock even harder as I imagined what he'd been doing right before I entered the room; jerking himself while watching his two beautiful daughters attacking each other in a sixty-nine position. The waves of pleasure running over my body began to mingle with waves of heat as I quickly worked up a sweat. My breasts slipped against him because of the new perspiration that began to lube our bodies, and my nipples dragged against his skin, further electrifying me. I was in danger of losing control before the time was right, but I couldn't stop myself.

Meanwhile, the video played. When Melanie and I had made it, I had expected it to be just another great sex tape with my sister; for our eyes only. But when she spoke to the camera, it seemed like she was imagining someone else was watching, or would be. Someone specific. I noticed, but didn't think much of it. Not at first.

I felt my father's hands on my ass. The feeling was amazing, but I had to put a stop to it. It wasn't right. Not yet.

"No, Daddy," I said. And he took the hint and moved his hands away. "Just watch," I panted, still fucking him at an ever increasing pace. I was very close. I wasn't going to make it. But conflicted as I was, there was no stopping me.

Soon, though, the critical part of the video began. I could hear my sister talking dirty to the camera as she put on a strap-on dildo. I heard my own recorded grunts and moans as she fucked me with it. My little sister could fuck me better than any man.

And then she said it; the line that changed everything.

"Oh yeah, baby," she said to me as she pounded into my pussy doggie-style. "Take that cock. Let me fuck you. Let your baby sister fuck you for daddy."

I reacted more with shock and confusion than disgust or anger. I hadn't understood. I'd never had fantasies about our dad, and I didn't know Melanie had, either. I stopped thrusting back against her strap-on to look at her for an explanation of her use of that word.

But Melanie had kept fucking me, just as now I kept fucking daddy, waiting for the moment...

On the tape, Melanie leaned forward and whispered to me. The video didn't pick up the words, but I'll never forget them. She told me how dad had found our videos one day, and how she caught him watching them one night...and she sucked him. Swallowed his cum. A horrible, deplorable act. Sure, she was an adult, 25 and married. But sucking her own dad's penis!? Eating our dad's cum!? How could she? Furthermore, how could he do that to his own little girl? But Melanie had been explicit, and told me it didn't bother her in the least.

And, on the video, though they couldn't be heard, those were the words that had set me off: "I swallowed his cum, baby," Melanie had said. "Daddy's cum was sooo warm..."

And then, on the video, I was off, screaming and thrashing against Melanie's fake dick, shouting "My God! My God!" for being so shocked that the idea of sucking off my father was making me hot, and for how incredibly hot it was making me. I started to scream things like "Fuck me daddy!" and "Give your baby that big cock, daddy!" on the video.

But there in my guest bedroom in real life, the message had been sent. Dad had seen and heard my feelings in the clearest and most simple way I could ever communicate them. He knew what I wanted, and I knew he would give it to me. But I wanted to hold off for just a few seconds more. There was one more part of the video I wanted him to see.

It was when I pulled my pussy away from the strap-on, turned around, and then stuffed it in my mouth. I remember never needing a real cock more than I did right then, but I made do with the fake one, sucking it hard and fast while moaning, then backing away to beg for daddy's cock, for daddy's cum, for daddy to fuck my face. I rubbed my hand over my clit and blasted myself into orgasm, and I screamed onto that strap-on dildo, sucking it the whole time, begging for cum I knew it could never give.

In real life, I was now finally ready.

"Okay," I gasped in my dad's ear. "Now you can fuck me, daddy."

The way my dad reacted was not loving or gentle or father-like at all, which made it all the more better. After all, I wasn't after the dad that loved, but the dad that lusted. His body tightened and he grabbed my ass with one big hand, squeezing my cheeks tightly together, while his other arm wrapped around my back to hold my body tightly against him. I continued to bounce my hips off his, but now he was thrusting into me just as hard as I was onto him. He grunted with each thrust, as though he were pouring all of his energy into each move. I can honestly say I've never been fucked so well before in my life, even by my sister.

"Oh my God, oh my God," I gasped, trying to keep it to a whisper. "Yes, daddy! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your baby!"

I licked and sucked on his ear as I begged him to give me his cock.

"Oh God, Marie," he cried out, also trying to whisper. "I can't! I can't do this!"

There was no way he would overcome his body in this war, but winning his body wasn't enough. It was time to face him. Without missing a thrust, I looked him in the eye, kissed him full on the mouth, sucked his tongue.

"Don't tell me what you can't do," I said, breaking the kiss. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you! I want to cum in my baby!" he called back, tortured by pleasure and conflict.

I clenched my body around him and sunk myself harder and faster with my thrusts.

"Yes!" I screamed, much too loud. "Cum! Cum! Cum!"

And even as I was begging for it, my dad was crying out and shooting his load deep inside my body. I felt it enter me, thick and warm and heavy. It set off my own orgasm immediately. We screamed and moaned together, continuing to fuck each other frantically until our bodies could take it no more. My climax was one of longest I'd ever had, and his cum kept shooting for longer than I thought possible.

We didn't catch our breath for what seemed like half an hour. That whole time we just held each other, moving occasionally only to kiss or so he could suck my sweaty breasts. But mostly we just laid there, his sperm slowly running out of my pussy and coating his testicles. His hand kept hold of my ass, massaging it, teasing the crack.

I ran my hand between my legs and found his softened cock, wet with our juices. I stroked it slowly and gently. It soon stirred back to life. My clit throbbed.

I kissed him. And with our lips still touching, I told my dad in my most innocent daughter voice, that I wanted to taste him.

"I want to put your cock in my mouth, daddy. I want you to cum in me again. Will you feed me? Will you feed me your sperm?"

"Oh yes...oh God yes..."

And so I sucked him. He tasted strongly of my pussy, but also his cum, which drove me wild. I ended up sucking too hard and energetically, because before I knew it I had him on the edge again. I was so excited and so hungry for him, and when he asked me slow down, I was so thrilled that he wanted me to keep going that I couldn't help but suck, bob, and swirl my tongue faster. He came hard in me, and I held the goo in my mouth, tonguing it and savoring it for a long time before finally swallowing it with a single hungry gulp and moan. I shivered as I felt it ooze down my throat.

While he went soft again, I calmed myself down by slowly licking his balls clean.

I wanted to sleep there with him all night, but I couldn't. It was Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to my sister being there at my house, who probably would understand (she had made this latest video especially for him and was the one who suggested I surprise him like this in the first place), there was also her clueless husband, and my live-in girlfriend. I could handle being bisexual, but incest was something I had no interest in declaring. I managed to pry myself from his body and made my way out of the guestroom, making sure to take my robe with me.

On the way to my bedroom, I ran into Melanie. Seeing her made me remember how loud dad and I had been. I was instantly worried, and asked her if she'd heard anything.

"Yeah," she said. "But don't worry. You weren't the only one getting something special tonight." She smiled and winked. "If anyone asks, it was me."

And suddenly I knew I wasn't going to be the only sister with an interesting story to share. Melanie took me by the hand and led me to her guest bedroom. I wondered, excitedly, if we were going to make another video...and if so, might there be room for a third party?

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Written by: Archer2050

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