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Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 21

by regularguy13©

The phone rang, Beth answered,

"Brenda?" asked the lady on the line.

"Hold on, I'll get her for you," Beth said politely.

Soon Brenda was on the phone, "Hello."

"Hi Brenda, this is Ingrid from next door, Tom's mom."

"Oh, yes. Tyler still raves about the key lime pie you brought over when we first moved in."

"Leif and I were pleased to welcome you to the neighborhood. We're having a barbeque this evening, a casual affair. I wanted to invite you and your clan over. I understand your mother-in-law and cousins are staying with you," Ingrid said pleasantly.

"That's very kind of you..." Brenda responded wondering if she should graciously decline. Things had been a little crazy recently.

"Brenda, please join us. I would mean some much to the kids. Abby is Tom's first real girlfriend. They like each other so much and they want us to be friends too."

When Ingrid put it that way, how could Brenda refuse?

"Of course we'll be there. I insist you let me bring something," Brenda responded.

"Well, I would tell you to bring your bathing suits, but I understand you don't wear one. See you at five." Ingrid hung up. She was pleased that they were coming, but she suddenly worried if the off the cuff remark about the bathing suit was going too far.

Brenda hung up. "Had Tom told his folks they were nudists? Well," she thought, "that is the least of my secrets."

Brenda announced to everyone, "We have been invited next door for dinner. Tom's folks are hoping we can be friends, like Tom and Abby." Brenda didn't know how correct that statement was.

^^^^ Mid-afternoon, the twins sought out Brenda.

Abby said, "Brenda, I want to make a good impression with Tom's parents, but I have nothing to wear! Will you take us to the mall?"

"Great ideas girls," Brenda said. "We've been cooped up here too long. Tyler, Janice, care to join us?"

They both declined. Undeterred the trio went shopping.

When they got to the mall, Brenda asked them, "What do you two have in mind?"

Beth responded, "We want something more grown up than jeans and a cotton top."

Brenda spied a Victoria's Secret shop and said, "Let's look in here."

The twins were overwhelmed by the sexy clothes on display. They had lived in a world of utilitarian white bras and panties.

"Wow," Abby said, "Look at all the styles and colors. Mother has never bought us anything like this."

"You're not children anymore," Brenda explained. "It's time you dressed like it. My treat. First thing is let's get you some 'big girl' underwear and by that I mean some thongs and sexy underwear. Something you can be proud to show the boys."

Next Brenda got them a couple of bras that accentuated their curves and again were feminine, pretty, and fun.

Brenda said,

"Hey Abby. This is cute." Brenda pointed to one of the mannequins which was wearing a sexy halter-top/gaucho pants outfit.

Abby said shyly, "I've never worn something like that...showing my breasts and my artificial leg."

"Girls," Brenda said, "This would be a good look on you. You've got the boobs to carry it off. You know what? Let's all wear it. We'll get it in 4 colors. We'll surprise Aunt Janice with a new outfit. Make sure we grab another thong; we can't have her ruining the look with 'granny panties'."

The twins agreed and soon they were headed home with their new clothes.


The women looked fabulous in their new outfits. The twins and Janice found the thong a new and interesting experience. Janice kept thinking she had a wedgie. Beth liked the material touching her anus.

The top had issues too. For one thing, none of them could wear a bra. Brenda was comfortable with that. The twins were excited to be wearing something that finally allowed them to show some cleavage. Janice worried that her jugs would spill out of the halter-top.

At around 5 they walked next door. Tyler dressed casually, but with a nice shirt so he was in tune with the well dressed ladies.

Ingrid answered the front door. Ingrid was tall, 5' 9", blond and had light blue eyes befitting her Scandinavian heritage. She was slender through the hips and bust. Braless, her gherkin sized nipples were prominent poking the shear fabric of her backless top. She also wore a short skirt.

"Hello everyone," Ingrid called out in greeting. "Please come in. Ladies you look marvelous. I love the matching outfits"

Leif was right behind Ingrid beaming. He was blonde, rugged and one inch taller than his wife. It was obvious that Tom's burly nature came from his father.

Brenda stepped forward planning to introduce everyone.

"I'm Brenda..."

Ingrid swept forward; she surprised Brenda by kissing her full on the lips instead of on the cheek. Leif followed up with a kiss to Brenda's cheek.

"Umm...This is my mother-in-law Janice," Brenda said.

Janice got a kiss on the lips too from Ingrid and an enthusiastic handshake from Leif. "Oh my," she said to herself stepping backwards.

"And of course these are the twins, Abby and Beth," Ingrid said in a friendly way. "Now help me which is which?"

Abby raised her hand slightly and said, "I'm Abby." She was soon rewarded with a kiss. Ingrid then swooped down on Beth and kissed her on the lips saying, "Welcome Beth."

Leif gave each of the twins a kiss on the cheek. Extraordinary restraint considering he was picturing them as he saw them yesterday, naked and with a dick up their ass.

Tyler introduced himself. He soon found himself in Leif's muscular handshake. Ingrid gave him a smooch on the mouth and made sure to drag her erect nipples across his chest.

Leif herded them all out to the patio.

"Dinner will be ready shortly," he said.

Leif picked up a tray with shot glasses and walked thru the crowd handing them out, saying,

"I know it must be hard to believe that a couple of blue eyed blondes named Leif and Ingrid Swenson are first generation Swedish-Americans," he paused letting their laughter die down.

"Don't worry, no reindeer steaks tonight. We are feeding you American food, but the drinks I've handed out are Swedish. We call them 'brannvin' roughly translated it means 'burn-wine'. It is a folk version of vodka with herbs. To your health... Halsa," Leif cried out. He and Ingrid downed their shots.

Tyler was thinking "I like the way the evening is starting". He shouted, "Halsa," and emptied his glass. Brenda followed suit. Abby and Beth paused only for a moment hoping no one objected to them having alcohol. Hearing no objections they quickly did the same. Janice, who was not a big drinker, felt obligated to join in the toast. She downed hers after saluting her hosts with a raise of the glass.

Burn wine was an adapt name. The twins and Janice were staggered by the effects of the alcohol. Leif had expected as much. He smiled at the three grimacing women.

"I admit it is an acquired taste," Leif said.

"The bar is open. You'll find beer, wine and more brannvin. Get yourself a drink and we'll sit down to dinner."

They enjoyed a good dinner. They had their fill of good conversation, salads and grilled chicken, steak and vegetables. As they were finishing dinner, a man and two boys carrying musical instruments joined them.

Leif jumped from his chair when he saw them and bellowed a warm welcome to them. To his dinner guests he said,

"Friends, this is my brother, Ragnar, his son Thor, and Idris. Idris is a foreign exchange student from Nigeria who is going to Thor's High School. They are here to bring life to our party."

Introductions were made all around. Ragnar was like his brother, burly and blonde. Thor was a good looking blonde, 19 years old and an accomplished guitar player. Idris was 20 years old. He was a tall and thin young man with a quiet demeanor and a shy smile. His skin was as black as coal.

Ragnar said, "Sorry we couldn't make it in time for dinner. We are ready to lead you in song and drink. Thor get us all a beer and let's get this party started."

Thor and Ragnar took center stage and tuned their instruments. Idris sat ready with his African talking drum. Everyone gathered the chairs in a circle around them. Leif replenished everyone's drink and said,

"We shall now sing and drink. You all will be called on to participate and the penalty for not singing is to chug a glass and the penalty for not drinking is to chug two glasses. I'll be monitoring you to be sure everyone is having fun."

The group sang, laughed and had fun. During one of the breaks, Leif pulled Janice off to the side and said,

"I'm playing a practical joke on my wife. Will you help?"

"What do I have to do? Janice replied.

Leif showed her a beautiful gold bracelet and said,

"Wear this." He put it on her wrist. "If Ingrid, better make that anyone I'm sure she will enlist the help of your family, asks where you got it tell them 'Leif gave it to me. I earned it'. Can you do that for me?

Janice was captivated by the beauty of the bracelet.

"Ahh...what a lovely bracelet. Sure I can do that," she said.

Beth wanted to use the break as an opportunity to go to the bathroom. She asked,

"Ingrid, where is your bathroom?

Ingrid replied, "I need to use it too. Come with me."

Ingrid led her thru the house. She glanced at a closed door to the laundry room and said,

"It looks like the hall bathroom is occupied." Ingrid grabbed Beth's hand and said, "I'll take you to the master bath. I'd like to touch up my make-up anyway."

The ladies skipped up the stairs, went through a large bedroom and into the bath. Ingrid gestured to the toilet in the corner and she went to the mirror and picked up a hair brush. Beth pulled down her pants and thong and peed.

Ingrid brushed her hair and turned to speak to Beth,

"I love your outfit."

Beth smiled and finished her business. Ingrid did not turn away, she watched Beth pat her vagina dry and flush the toilet.

Ingrid gushed, "Oh look at you. You have no hair. I've thought about doing that. Do you like it? Did it hurt? Can you show me?"

Beth had been nude for a week, so she had no qualms about showing off her bald pussy.

"Sure," she said and spread her legs. She continued, "No, it didn't hurt. We all did it and it was fun. Brenda told us you need to be prepared in case you meet someone you want to be intimate with."

"True, so true," Ingrid replied calculating her next move. She went for it. Ingrid quickly stepped forward and touched Beth's bare pussy lips. Beth was startled to be groped.

Innocently Ingrid said, "I'm sorry to surprise you. You look so smooth. I had to feel it for myself."

Ingrid pulled down her skirt and underwear, showing Beth her furry sex.

"My husband has been begging me for years to shave. I would love to surprise him. Would you mind helping me?" Ingrid pleaded.

"Won't they miss us," Beth worried.

"The songfest will carry on without us and, dear, when Leif finds out what you done for me, he will be amazed and thrilled." "Okay." Ingrid began assembling the supplies. Ingrid removed her silk top saying, "I can't have this getting wet."

She had very small breasts and pale areolas. Her erect nipples were huge. They were fat pointy structures all out of proportion to her chest.

Beth stared at them. Ingrid smiled and said,

"Funny looking aren't they."

Beth blushed, "I sorry, I didn't mean to stare..."

"Don't worry, you didn't hurt my feeling," Ingrid said as she grabbed and twisted one of her nipples. She pulled it taut and let it snap back to her chest. Then she said,

"Leif loves them and I guess that is all that matters."

Ingrid stepped behind Beth and began undoing her top. She said,

"Beth, let's not ruin your new outfit. You can keep your thong on if you like."

Beth stepped out of her clothes and stood in front of Ingrid wearing her little thong. She was beautiful, perfectly proportioned for her 5'2" body. Slender hips, a tiny waist and bountiful 34 B tits that put Ingrid's bosom to shame. Her nipples hardened right before Ingrid's eyes. Beth's labia slips were outlined against her tiny white thong.

Ingrid inhaled a deep breath as she took in the view.

"You are absolutely gorgeous, Beth." Ingrid said and she meant it.

The girls got down to business. Within 15 minutes, Beth had Ingrid shorn as bare as a prepubescent girl. Ingrid thoroughly enjoyed the process. She had her pussy in Beth's face. She loved the touching, cutting, and scraping of her most intimate area. Ingrid's pussy was hot, wet and perfuming the room. She knew it and Beth knew it.

Beth cleaned up her work site with a damp cloth. Ingrid cooed as the fabric contacted her sex. She handed Ingrid a mirror to admire her work. Ingrid marveled at the look and the smoothness. She did not hesitate to touch every part of her sex including inserting a couple of her fingers in the wet snatch and using the fluid to massage her clit. Ingrid moaned with pleasure.

"How can I ever repay you, Beth?" Ingrid said seriously.

"Well, the rule at our house is ...the shaver gets the first kiss," Beth looked at Ingrid questioning.

"Absolutely," Ingrid begged. "Please."

Beth kissed Ingrid's bare sex. She licked her from clit to anus and then did it again. Ingrid sighed heavily and held Beth's head in place. Beth lapped up Ingrid's tangy secretion. Her own juices began to flow.

Ingrid hissed, "Oh Beth that feels so good. I will not release you unless you promise to swing that trim little ass of yours around so I can thank you while you pleasure me."

"No." Beth said sternly.

Beth paused and then giggled. "Not until I get a chance to play with your nipples."

The "No" had scared Ingrid. She worried that she had been too forward. When Beth giggled a relieved Ingrid broke out in a big smile and said,

"Help yourself. Take all the time you need. My breasts are small, but they are very sensitive."

Beth sucked, tugged and played with the outrageous nipples. Both women enjoyed the activity. Beth got a big kick out of Ingrid's pull toys.

The women arranged themselves with Beth on top so each could put a mouth on a bald pussy. Ingrid pulled Beth's thong aside and licked her to an orgasm. Beth's tongue dug into Ingrid's fragrant crack. She licked and probed her sex and brought her to a rocking orgasm.

As the women were dressing and preparing to return to the party, Ingrid put on a gold bracelet and gave one to Beth. She said,

"Please wear this. If anyone asks about it, tell them you earned it.

^^^^ While Ingrid and Beth were getting to know each other, Leif spoke to Brenda and Tyler.

"I'm trying to play a joke on my wife. Brenda, would you help me by wearing this?

Leif handed her a gold bracelet.

"It's lovely."

"Brenda, if anyone asks about it. Tell them that you earned it. At the end of the evening all the women will have an opportunity to earn it. I expect you will take this home with you."

The singing and drinking continued. Leif was a jolly tyrant. He penalized good singers, bad singers and those not singing. Everyone had to down a drink. The group has having a great time and everyone had a pleasant, alcohol induced buzz.

Abby had noticed the new gold bracelets that Janice and Brenda wore. When she asked about them, they showed the bracelets to her and told her that Leif had given one to each of them. Brenda smiled mysteriously and said,

"We earned them."

Abby saw her sister across the room wearing a new gold bracelet. Abby was jealous. The bracelets were lovely and obviously not inexpensive. She wanted one. She excused herself and sought out Leif.

"Leif," Abby said, "I'm seeing all these gold bracelets..."

"Yes," he replied, pleased to see his plan was working. He continued,

"Would you like one?"


"Well the ladies earned them by performing a task," he said.

"What would I have to do?" Abby asked

"Well, the tasks are a little naughty. But your sister and relatives were not too shy," Leif teased her. He hoped to sucker her in with sibling rivalry, by appealing to her competitive nature or just the desire for the shiny bauble. He pulled a blank piece of paper out of his pocket and said,

"Let's see what task is left...Go upstairs to the master bathroom. Take off all your clothes. Squat in the bathtub and pee on a mirror for Leif and Ingrid."

Leif smiled and handed her a gold bracelet. Ingrid saw Leif hand over the bracelet and she walked to them. She kissed her husband and said laughing,

"Where do you get those pieces of paper?"

Ingrid held up her gold bracelet and said to Abby,

"Abby your sister and I just earned our bracelets. My task was to get my pussy shaved and your sister's was to shave me." Ingrid laughed good naturedly. She lifted her skirt and showed them her lack of underwear and her freshly shaved sex.

Abby hesitated. These were her boyfriend's parents. And peeing in front of people? Abby had never heard of 'watersports'. Leif and Ingrid could see she was distressed.

Ingrid tried to convince her and said, "There is no reason to be embarrassed. These are just randomly assigned naughty activities that are meant to be fun. Just because every other woman has done them tonight and earned a bracelet doesn't mean you are less of an adult...No one need know what your task was, if you don't want to tell them."

Abby turned the bracelet over and over in her hand, admiring its luster. Brenda had one. Aunt Janice had a bracelet. Ingrid and Beth also.

"Let's go upstairs. I need to pee anyway," Abby said decisively.

Leif and Ingrid smiled and followed Abby into the house.

Leif and Ingrid were a well matched, happily married couple. They both enjoyed sex and accepted each other's proclivities. Ingrid enjoyed sex with other women. Leif had a thing about watersports. He loved to see women pee. Over their many years of married life, their love had grown and they never castigated one another for their sexual appetites. They assisted each other in satisfying their special desires. It had brought them closer together.

Ingrid directed Abby to the bathroom. She took charge of the event to allow Leif to fully concentrate on his fetish. Ingrid placed a hand mirror in the tub and said,

"Here, let me help you with your outfit."

She soon had Abby nude. Ingrid fought back the urge to caress the beautiful young woman's body. Abby blushed, embarrassed to be naked in front of the neighbors, not just any neighbors, but her boyfriend's parents. Ingrid helped her into the tub. Leif removed his clothes positioned himself to enjoy the performance. His hard cock was thick like Tom's.

Leif had a special fascination with women peeing. He enjoyed seeing the flow of the golden liquid, whether it was a heavy stream or the last dribbles that clung to the labia lips. He also loved the aroma because it re-enforced the fact that he was there. The odor reminded him that he was so close to the intimate act that he could smell it. He began to stroke his hard dick.

Ingrid knew exactly what her husband wanted. With her well practiced deliverance she said,

"Abby, I'm going to have you squat over the mirror. Hold on to the side of the tub to keep your balance. Wait for me to tell you to start the flow and stay until I tell you it's over. Okay?"

Abby nodded. Ingrid moved to be behind Leif.

"Abby please squat down over the mirror," Ingrid instructed.

As Abby did so her bald pussy opened. Abby could feel the cool air greeting her moist pink slit. Leif groaned approvingly and wiped the perspiration off his upper lip. Ingrid sighed. Ingrid loved the sight of a squatting woman with her legs apart and her pussy on full display. Ingrid found it immensely arousing.

They made Abby hold the position. Abby watched them study her sex. At first Abby was embarrassed. But as she saw the lust and hunger in their eyes, she felt empowered. She sensed that she was now in control. They were enthralled by her beauty, her body. She was like the consummate actor whose skills kept the audience's full attention. Abby stopped blushing and smiled with the realization.

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