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My First All Male Rough Gangbang!

by MrJimJim©

I was so... So nervous!

I mean, after all, it's not every day you're going to have 19 of the biggest black cocks of all time over for a gangbang!

So I leave work early. I stop at the liquor store for booze for mixed drinks. I stop at the porno store and buy a medium sized butt plug, all 4 of the 'size queen' DVD's, 3 12oz tubs of anal lube, a ring gag, some Velcro bondage restraints, and finally 2 brand new pair of men's pantyhose. Just a typical Friday night, right?

Like I said I have 19 fat cocks coming over tonight, and I want it to be amazing. Of those 19, 1 of them is my long time fuck friend Erich. I invite Erich over 45 minutes early to help get ready. We both strip naked and each put on a pair of pantyhose. Erich mixes the drinks, and finally uses the restraints to tie me down to the kitchen table. He puts the ring gag in my mouth last as the doorbell rings. (For those that don't know, a ring gag gags you with your mouth wide open, so any cock is given free reign.)

Erich waits until all 19 are present before opening the kitchen doors to let the fun start. I can hear him in there watching the DVD's with a couple of others, and telling them not to start just yet.

When the doors finally open, I see 3 swinging dicks walk in, and then someone blindfolds me. This wasn't part of the plan, but I'm LOVING how I wont know what's in store for me!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love being dirty. I love being a used and abused, nasty, filthy, humiliated, lowlife cum drinking cock whore. I have no idea why, but the thought of 19 of the biggest cocks I've ever seen using me as a free hole makes me rock hard and ready for action!

Not 10 seconds after the blindfold is put on me someone rips open my pantyhose and I feel a big gob of the anal lube drop onto my hole and all down my ass crack. I'm already oozing precum in anticipation!

Then.... Nothing... 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Nothing!

I start to wonder what is going on. I hear them in the room with me. Are they playing with each other and leaving me out?!

A hand grabs my hair and my throat is impaled with a fat cock. I choke a little which makes him shove it harder into my throat. Moments later his pubes tickle my nose, and I think I have 10 inches of cock in my throat.

While I'm being force fed this monster, I feel a cock head at my entrance. It's big and the heat from it is immense. My cock twitches anticipating my violation. I'm loving this!

I feel him pushing, pushing, and pushing. He wont go in. he backs away and I feel the butt plug get shoved into me HARD. The sudden intrusion makes me jump, and I feel a little pain shoot through me. I try to complain but I'm still throating 10 inches of cock.

After 5 minutes the pain is gone and it's changed into ecstasy! I feel it being pulled out, and shoved back in. heaven!

Someone pulls it out to its widest spot and holds it there. The feeling is awesome! I hear one of them say my cunt is ready and it hits me... I'm the cock whore for 19 huge dicks, and my cock explodes sending streams of my cum onto the floor!

1 of them says he's ready, and the plug gets pulled out with slop sound. It's immediately replaced by the same hot cock head as before, and with just a little push he shoves right in. he doesn't stop with the head to get me used to it, no. He shoves down, down; down until I swear the cock that just pushed into me is touching the one in my throat!

The sight of the violation sends #1 over the edge. He pulls almost all the way out of my whore mouth and empties his balls into my mouth. I cant close my mouth to swallow because of the ring gag, so most of it dribbles out on my chin and the table. They take out the ring gag and make me lick it all up, calling me cum slut the whole time.

#2 see's me licking cum off the table and his cock swells and throbs a huge load into me. My now hard cock explodes again. Whenever I feel a guy cum inside me, it makes me cum, every time.

He pulls out and is replaced by #3, who isn't as fat, but just as long. He starts fucking me like a wild animal hopped up on steroids and pheromones! My little hole has never gotten this kind of rough plowing! In no time at all he's dropping a similarly big wad inside my greedy little hole. Again, my cock goes off. I'm in cock heaven!

This goes on for hours. Sometimes there's 30 minutes to an hour break time for these guys. Meanwhile, I'm tied to the table overflowing with cum!

Then it would start again. Not all 19, but 14, then 7, then 4, then 3. But the last 3 stayed until sunrise the next morning.

I would start to doze off, and I would get jolted awake by another ass plowing or throat filling!

At 4am Saturday, Erich wakes me up and says they've all gone.

He unties me and I climb down. When I do, I feel what feels like a million loads of cum flow down my leg. I squeeze shut to savor the feel of gallons of cum inside my abused little fuck hole. I grab the butt plug and put it inside me. I love the feel of the cum around the plug up my ass as I walk off to the shower.

I get done with my shower, and I got back to the other room. There's a ton of cum on the floor and table. The booze is gone, and 2 of the 3 tubs of anal lube are spent, but I've never felt so much like a naughty little cum dump like I did right then, and my cock exploded again.

Written by: MrJimJim

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