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The Homecomming

by soncurious©

This had been a long time coming. My son was finally back in the states and was arriving home for a much welcomed visit. I hadn't seen him in 10 months and missed him. You see, he's a Marine and was in Iraq. His plane should be landing anytime and he should be here in about an hour. I'm trying to get the house straightened up ahead of time but I am interrupted by the phone. It's my son, he's at the airport, and wants to ask a favor. A Marine buddy flew in with him and was supposed to catch a connecting flight but it's been delayed until tomorrow. He wants to know if his buddy could spend the night here instead of sitting in the airport all night. Now I had a houseful of kids but told him if his buddy didn't mind the couch, it would be fine with me. He said they'd grab a cab and be here soon.

When the doorbell rang forty-five minutes later I opened the door to see my son standing there and gave him a big hug. He stepped in and introduced me to his friend. Now this guy was the same age as my son, twenty-one, a little taller, very well built and so handsome it took my breath away. He smiled at me and thanked me for allowing him to stay. The rest of the evening was spent talking about Iraq and laughing about some of the things that went on here while he was gone. The whole time I found my gaze focusing on his friend and occasionally I thought I saw him looking back. I couldn't believe I was actually openly flirting with a guy more than half my age.

By midnight I decided to say my good nights and headed to bed. I fell asleep thinking about my son's friend. About two hours later I was awakened by a hand on my hip. It was my son's friend, I asked if there was a problem, did he need something. He leaned down to whisper in my ear and said, "All I need is you." I turned my head to look at him and he kissed me. Well, it was like my entire body short circuited and I started responding to the kiss. Our tongues danced together in each others mouths. My arms went around his shoulders and he laid down on the bed next to me. He started running his hand over my breasts, lightly squeezing each one. He didn't have a shirt on and I could feel his well defined muscles while I caressed his back. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I wasn't about to stop. It's not everyday a woman in her forties gets to enjoy a young, hot stud.

I let him take my shirt off and he began kissing and sucking my breasts. I slid my hand into the back of his shorts and grabbed his firm ass. His hand slid into my shorts and his fingers found my extremely wet pussy. I arched my back as he finger fucked me so he could put them in as far as possible. My hand was now in the front of his shorts stroking his very big hard shaft. I couldn't wait any longer and started removing his shorts so I could see that huge piece of meat. I removed his hand from my pants so I could focus all my attention on what turn out to be the most incredible eight inches of cock I ever seen.

I lowered my head down to take as much of him in my mouth as I could, I must have licked and sucked on him for ten minutes, totally enjoying every inch of him. The soft sounds he was making turned me on even more. I finally stopped and told him to eat me. He positioned his face between my legs and slowly started teasing me with his tongue. Running it over my clit, back to my ass, sticking it deeply into my hole and back to my clit. Moans escaping from my mouth. He covered my entire area with his mouth as I came hard. He licked up every bit of my juices, savoring the taste.

He licked his way back up my body. I could feel the head of his cock touching my hole and my pussy began twitching. "Ram me, pound me as fast and hard as you can," I tell him. He gladly obliged by thrusting himself deep inside me till I felt his balls hit my ass.

After five minutes of hard pounding he exploded all his hot juices deep inside me. He let loose one hell of a load because it immediately oozed out of me and down over my ass. I didn't think it would ever stop. He lay on top of me and I put my one foot on the bed next to his hip and pushed. We rolled over and now I was on top of him. His cock was still hard as hell so I started riding like there was no tomorrow. I reached back, grabbed his balls and rubbed them against my ass as I grinded my pussy on him. I orgasmed once again and he exploded inside me for the second time. I lay my sweaty body down on his and we kissed deeply.

A couple of hours later we awoke and he went back downstairs before my son woke up. In the morning, his cab arrived and we said good-bye. He thanked me again for letting him stay and hugged me. I never did tell him I wasn't on birth control and frankly if I got pregnant, it was worth it.

After I closed the door, my son looked at me, smiled and said, "Damn mom, you sure do know how to do your part for our troops." "Your bed was rockin' last night," he added. I could feel the heat rise to my face and I know I must have turned red as I shrugged, turned and walked away with a big smile on my face.

Written by: soncurious

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