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My Wife's Boss With Big Cock

by quutoo©

Finally harry was balls deep. The other three men looked to see Mary's cunt stretched to just a thin ring around Harry's cock. harry started to withdraw and the next time he shoved it in it got better. he was finally fucking her with a passion and Mary was loving it. She grabbed Arnold's cock and started sucking it. Arnold's cock was torpedo shaped. The head was small enough for Mary to swallow easily and then it got thicker till the middle was about as large as a large bottle of wine. Jim got down and when his wife pulled Arnold's head out of her mouth she gave it to him and he engulfed the cock almost to the balls.

Mary was amazed at the way her husband could deep throat his monster cock. She kept trying and could take no more than three inches. Chad's cock she could swallow as she turned to him to suck his slimy cock. Her husband and Chad had left their cocks coated with sperm for her to suck off. She squeezed back on Chad's cock with her lips over her teeth and was rewarded with a mouth full of cum. She swirled this cum around in her mouth and got more off Jim's cock. Then with her mouth completely full of cum she tried sucking on Mr. Arnold. She got almost five inches but being that his cock was fourteen inches long it was very little.

She left a lot of cum around his cock so her husband could swallow some. He would suck her cunt after everyone had fucked her there but she let him have a little preview. Arnold threw his head back and moaned. He never dreamed that he would ever have his beautiful employee sucking his cock. He had fantasized about it plenty but here she was with six of his thick inches lodged in her throat and gagging to get more of it in her throat. Jim was sucking Harry's monster cock and watching his wife trying to get her bosses' cock all the way down her throat. She had managed swallowing about half but the other half sprouting from his lean body was thicker than what she had taken already.

Jim glanced to toward Mary and saw that she had gotten most of her bosses' cock in her mouth. She had her lips stretched widely around the thick piece of meat. She finally got her lips and mouth slick enough, Arnold's precum which leaked from his piss hole was heave and helped to pave the way for his cock. She began to moan around Arnold's cock while She sucked loudly. Her lips made a slurping sound as she sucked. Arnold cried out the he was coming and Mary prepared herself for the cum onslaught. She was not prepared for the mass of Arnold's cum.

The fact that his sweet little married employee was sucking his cock made him give up all his sperm to her hot wet swallowing mouth. He hoped she wouldn't drown but Jim was there helping her now. Husband and wife both swallowed down her bosses' cum like it was ambrosia. It did taste good and Mary wondered why she had been so resistant all these years. She would fuck her boss also but she wanted to do it in her bed where she had fantasized about his large cock since she accidentally got a look through the bathroom door when Arnold thought she was out and used a pair of her panties he stole from her dirty bin once when he ran by their house. Arnold had jerked his cum into the wadded panties.

Jim and Mary swallowed down all of her bosses' cum. It was a job but they finally were licking the remains from each others faces. Then while Arnold lay there , satiated for the time. Chad got behind Mary and shoved his nice sized cock up her cunt from her ass. Mary looked at Jim and told him that she loved him and that she was glad that they could enjoy men together. "You know honey...we can fuck several of our friends...I know six men that I work with that will be more than happy to let you suck them if they can fuck me." Jim heard his wife and imagined all the sex that they would have soon.

After Chad filled her cunt with sperm she went on her back with her legs spread as wide as she could get them. Harry worked his large cock into her slowly. Mary knew that if she was going to be able to fuck Arnold then she would have to get used to large thick cocks. She looked at her husband and asked him if he thought that he could get Harry's cock in his ass. Jim told her that it would be easy, "I think I can even get your bosses cock in it."

After he had filled her cunt with cum Mary put a sanitary pad, that she carried for emergency use. She turned it around so the plastic side was against her wide open cunt, holding the flood of cum in her. She loved to feel it slosh in her womb. Arnold told the couple that he would take them home and that he would see Harry and Chad the next time they came to town. The three people left with Mary half carried between them. She was that worn out after the frantic fucking the other men did.

Mary took her boss by the hand and led him and her husband straight into the bedroom. A few minutes later Mary's boss was on his front. His ass was held high by pillows. Jim and Mary were laying side by side between his legs and were busy at his huge cock that hung down from his crotch. All twelve thick inches of it. " Oh God Jim I just don't think I can take this cock...Harry was bad enough...I enjoyed the hell out of it but I'm afraid if I fuck too many cocks then I'll get too loose to feel you...I guess you can have my ass then honey...slurp slurp..." Mary was sucking at her bosses' monster cock. Jim had moved under his balls and was ramming his tongue in Arnold's anus.

"Let me try that too," Mary said as she saw Jim tonguing her boss. Jim scooted over to make room for her at his ass with him. Soon Arnold had two tongues sticking deep into his ass. The only time they stopped tonguing ass was when Arnold said that he would like to try and fuck Mary. Jim held his cock stead as Mary tried to sink her stretched cunt over the big cock. Arnold wanted to cum and cum in side of someone. Jim told his wife and her boss that Arnold could fuck his ass and cum in him. It was a tight fit but Jim had been fucked many times several years hence and his asshole never shrunk up.

Mary watched in surprise as her husband was getting butt fucked by her boss. She latched her lips to Arnold's and tongue fucked his mouth as he was slamming into Jim. When Arnold came inside Jim. Mary watched Jim's rectum swell up from the large load. Afterward it took fifteen minutes for her to suck all of the cum from her husband's asshole. Then after a rest in which Jim and Arnold both sucked her butt and cunt for a long time Arnold was ready to fuck Mary.

" You hear that Jim," Mary said slipping her tongue into her husband's ear, " My boss is ready to fuck me."

" Are you ready to have his big cock in you baby...I know you'll love it...It felt so good in my ass," Jim told his wife.

" Hey you two would you hurry up and fuck me...I've wanted that pussy of your wife for as long as she's been working for me. I,ve fucked with some of the other people at the office but I never knew I could have you till today" Arnold place his big round cock near both Jim and his wife's head,"

" Come on darling suck my boss with me...hey boss do you like to have your little secretary suck your cock for you?"

Arnold almost blasted cum in their licking sucking mouths. He pulled his cock from them and arranged Mary where her but was at the edge of the bed. Her boss stood in between her spread legs. " Come on," Mary urged spreading her cunt lips wide. They snapped around Arnold's big red cock head. Arnold looked at his secretary and then at her husband. " I guess you know that I'll probably stretch Mary out to where she can't feel you any more and her cunt will be like a giant cavern to you." Jim nodded his head and told her boss to fill her cunt with his cock.

"Yes fuck me now boss...fuck me with your big cock." She grabbed it and wrapped both her hands around it. It felt so big to her. One hand would only reach half way around it so she pulled it to her cunt...right in the center where his cock head penetrated her inner lips. Jim pushed on Mary's hips driving her onto Arnold's cock. Mary threw her arms around her bosses' neck. She brought his lips to hers and pushed her tongue into the man's throat. " Oh I love you can fuck me forever...isn't that right Jim?"

Jim saw how turned on his wife was and his cock hardened. He grabbed the six inches or so that still remained outside Mary's cunt and pulled it into his wife's cunt while pushing her hips forward. Soon their efforts to seat the think cock worked and Arnold's cock hair meshed with her own dark mass of curls. His cock was deeply embedded in her cunt." Oh yes Arnold...fuck my wife's cunt...fuck her cunt till she screams," Jim yelled as he saw the look of pleasure on Mary's face as she felt the fullness inside her cunt. The huge was finally in her...all the way in her.

Jim woke from his exhausted sleep. He remembered that he and Arnold had gotten their respective cocks in her holes. He filled her ass while Arnold filled her cunt. An exhausted whimpering , well fucked housewife spooned her husband as he slept. Her bosses' soft cock lay coated with sticky cum , as were her cunt bush and asshole. Cum ran from both holes well after Arnold and her husband had sucked the cum from her sex holes. The three satiated people slept. Jim came awake as from a fog and felt his wife moving to her bosses' fucking cock.

Arnold had awoke first and saw his secretary laying, dried cum all over her body and face. His cock rose and he felt with the hard head through the dried hair around her cunt and ass. He pushed and the cum crust cracked and his cock entered her loose gash. Jim lay on his side as he watched them. he jerked on his red hard cock as he watched his wife's boss fuck her once more. He was sure that Arnold would spend many hours in their bed fucking his wife. And he would spend many hours sucking all the cum from Mary's cunt and ass.

It was a week later that Jim rode the elevator to Arnold's office. Mary had called him an hour before and asked that he come pick her up from work. As he opened the door he was floored by the sight of so much naked flesh. The flesh belonged to the twelve people that managed Arnold's office. It was, as far as he could see more men than women by almost three to one. One of the men he had always seen naked, Arnold, the boss.

Mary was on her hands and knees, along with the other two women, Sandy and Jill. Men holding a hard cock in his hand stood in a line three deep behind each woman. "Jim you get in back of me and suck my pussy to get it sloppy wet. Then you can suck each cock and guide it in me to fuck my cunt. Jim grabbed the first hard cock and sucked it a few times.

Damn it was tasty and he was sure that Mary had had it in her mouth before. He lined the cock up with her cunt entrance. It was easy as Arnold's large cock fucking her several times all week had made her once tight cunt loose. Her cunt swallowed Ricky's cock and then Mary started to yell for him to fuck her. "Now Jim you can suck Sandy's and Jill's cunt and then feed them cocks. Jim grinned and prepared to do his job.

more in the next episode to be published soon.

Written by: quutoo

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