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Veronica's breasts were beginning to let down their milk, and she was worried it would show through her t-shirt. She was completing the last leg of a jog in the park, and the thin bra she had worn allowed her breasts to bounce and move easily as she ran. The excess movement and their fullness made Veronica feel eager to express them. She imagined how good it would feel to have the milk drain and spray out from her nipples. No one was around and she gave her breasts a quick squeeze. The milky wetness was now apparent in two round blotches on her t-shirt.

Luckily she was rounding the last turn of the path, and hopefully she would not pass anyone on the way to her car. Her tits had caught the attention of her colleague, Robert, on prior occasions and it seemed they would today too. He was taking advantage of the pleasant weather, and was in the park also. He saw Veronica and stopped, milling around the parking lot. He must be waiting for her. They had a shared love of her milky breasts, and he would be very excited to see her damp shirt today.

Robert smiled as she approached, and Veronica and he made small talk for a few minutes, but his eyes kept dropping down to her shirt. She ignored the fact her nipples were soaked, and enjoyed Robert trying to hide his growing excitement. He asked if she would like to come over for a swim, to cool off from the run, and she readily agreed.

After a quick swing by her home to pick up her bathing suit and some other items, she arrived at Robert's. He seemed pleased she had not changed out of her running clothes. Veronica went in to the guest bedroom to change. She purposely left the door ajar, enough to allow a peek into the room. She quickly stripped and sat on the bed, opening her tote bag. Out she pulled an electric breast pump, plugged it in next to the nightstand and attached it to her breasts, which were nearing the point of engorgement. The hum of the pump signaled to Robert what she was doing. Just as she expected, she saw him peering into the room. She lay back on the pillows, propping herself up to comfortably pump. Slowly as the milk was being drained, she opened her legs and rubbed herself. Making sure every bit of her wet pussy was on display, she massaged her clit. It only took a minute before a small orgasm caused her to shudder in delight. Her sweet and inviting body was too much for Robert, she heard him groan as she turned off the noise some pump.

"Robert!" she exclaimed, and accused him of spying on her. He pushed open the door, and admitted to watching her. He was only wearing his swim trunks, and his erection was pushing through the nylon cloth. Watching her breasts being pumped as she pleasured himself was quite a turn on, and he could not help but be excited.

Veronica stood and pulled a sheer robe from her bag on the floor. Wrapping it around herself she ordered him to come closer. "Watching me will not do! Are you being naughty? A spanking is in order." Ordering him to remove his shorts, she put him over her lap. The slip of silky fabric did little hide her still dripping, swollen breasts, and he could smell her sex as he leaned over her legs. A couple quick swats on his bottom did little more than make him harder. His cock was pressing into V's lap, and he murmured her name as he rubbed her soft legs. Her hand lingered over him, before she removed him from her body.

Sitting him up, she untied her robe and explained if the spanking did not have any effect on him, she would try something else. Using the sash from her robe, she blindfolded Robbie. He was naked and could not see what was happening around him. V pushed him down on the bed, and with Robbie on his back he felt her straddle him. Something wet and soft was pressed to his lips, it was her nipple dripping milk. He began to suckle and drink in the sweet fluid. V's legs were pressed against his hips, and he could feel her wet pussy on his belly. As he nursed she moved her hips, and he attempted to get his cock into her. She slapped away his hands. His member grazed her ass, and V felt the pre cum from his cock against her skin.

Suddenly she pulled her tit from his mouth. "You are impatient! I have a fix for that." Robbie could not see anything, but he smelled the baby lotion before she had even put it on his skin. She rubbed it in everywhere, cradling his balls as worked in the creamy lotion. Then she poured baby powder onto him, and patted it in also. Robbie loved every minute of the attention, and then he heard the unmistakable crinkle of a diaper. By instinct lifted his bottom, but he did not feel the diaper being slid under him. Instead V had turned and climbed onto the bed. She lowered herself onto his face. All he felt were her thighs brushing the sides of his face as her sopping pussy was poised above his mouth. He could not see but instantly darted out his tongue, and he tasted her. He bit at her clit, and she grinded against his mouth. He sucked and licked, as V began to stroke his cock.

He was rewarded as he felt her breasts rubbing against him, and her milk spraying him. The lotion and powder were being mixed with the breast milk, and she took him into her mouth. Her mouth closed around him, and he felt the head slide into her throat. Drinking in the juices from her, he began to pump his cock in her mouth. They continued, both rubbing against each other. V climaxed and pressed hard down on him. He was so close to coming, but V sat up leaving him straining against the empty air.

He heard the sound of the diaper again, but first felt the coolness of a wipe. She was cleaning her milk and saliva off him. He was so close to climax, but she tenderly wiped his cock, not stroking him to encourage him. Again she gingerly applied the lotion and powder, keeping him on edge. Finally, she pulled out the diaper. Robbie was in a daze and almost begging for release. "V help me, help me come."

V continued to diaper him, but to Robbie's surprise there was a small opening in the front of the diaper. He felt her fingers guide his throbbing member through before she closed the tabs on the side of the diaper. He did not know what to expect next, he wanted to remove the blind fold and see V. He imagined her red hair mussed, her nipples swollen from the nursing, her hips...he reached out to touch her skin. She was so close, with his hands on her ass he felt her climb onto him and straddle him again. She put the head of his cock to the lips of her pussy in an intimate kiss. She slid onto him, riding him. She leaned forward and took off the blindfold. Finally! He loved the sight of her tits bouncing to thrusts of her hips. He leaned forward to suck on her nipples, squeezing her breasts together to alternate between them quickly. They were almost drained, but he extracted more milk. Holding the milk in his mouth, he pulled V's face to his, kissing her hard. They both drank her milk as a huge orgasm rippled through Robbie's body. V's pussy was tight, and the contractions drew out every bit of cum from his cock. He fell back exhausted with V lying on top of him. He shifted and pulled off the diaper, it was wet with their fluids, inside and out.

He rolled V to one side, picked up the discarded breast pump off the floor and placed each one to her breasts. There was nothing left to suck out, they were empty, but the suction of the pump pulled her nipples. They were extended and hard, and Robbie loved to watch the nipple through the clear tubes. V smiled down at him, and they basked in the after glow to the hum of the pump.

Written by: morningchica

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