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A Long Way Home Ch. 03

by dan57©

Academic meeting (A long way home 3)

With characters from a script proposed by Dalhia57 (she is always coming up with so many new plot ideas that I should prepare an agenda for next year!)

- - - -

Naina and her twin sister Ritu Dhaliwal had won a grant to continue their university studies in Birmingham, UK. They inadvertently entered a night club where the staff wanted them to strip naked for the benefit of the customers. Two of their professors saved them from being raped in public and offered them a basic sex education. They invited the two girls to stay in their big mansion. They had finally agreed. They had used their mouths and asses but let them keep their cherries.

- - - -

It was the term of the first trimester. Naina and Ritu, the young Indian students, had just received their marks. They were just not good but really superior. Professor Leena had even congratulated them.

- You're the best students we have had during the last five years. It's very good. You seem not to have had any difficulties adapting to life in England. Continue in this way and I can promise you an astounding academic career.

- Thank you, professor. We have had a good formation in India and all your colleagues are very helpful.

- I can testify that you understand everything at once and your questions are usually quite clever and anticipate on the future developments. I'm really impressed!

- We try to always do our best!

- You must spend most of your time studying. Perhaps you should try to go to dance halls with your friends, look for a boyfriend. . .

- We prefer to stay at home. Our only outings are usually reserved to fashion outlets, expositions and Indian restaurants.

- Yes, I've seen that you've changed your clothing habits: from quite modest kameez to mini skirts and quite tight tops. You must have become rather popular with the male students!

- Oh, Lady, we never go out with other students!

- Then I pity you, Naina, and you, Ritu!

In fact, Naina couldn't tell her professor that she had a very hot love affair with another professor in the same university, Tim Brookes and that she lived now with him. Ritu had a similar affair with Tom, Tim's twin brother and they shared the same very large house.

Ritu was way shier than her sister who was more self assertive and daring. Naina had quickly molded herself into the role of the Lady of the manor while Ritu had preferred to act as her discreet follower. Naina always chose the most daring clothes, the shortest dresses, the more flashy colors. She put on tops with the deepest cleavage or skirts with quite revealing slits. Ritu always used almost demure, very enveloping bras and left the flashy push up models to her sister who had to scold her to force her to wear quite reluctantly some more fashionable outfits. Somehow, it suited perfectly her lover's mood as Tom was always a step behind Tim who was the most adventurous of the pair. Tim and Naina were them the domineering force in their group, always on the prowl while Ritu and Tom were just a step behind.

The weather had recently turned cold, windy and rainy. They needed boots and in a quite typical way, Ritu had chosen boots with big heels two inches wide and three inches high. Naina had chosen five inches plateau stilettos. Ritu appeared like a young pretty woman, certainly worth of attention but Naina seemed stunning in comparison. Many people watching her in the commercial halls were deeply attracted, their heart beat soared and their cocks always got instantly rock hard. They would have immediately abandoned wife and children for the possibility of fucking their wet dream!

To their dismay, Naina had eyes only for her beloved mate Tim. Under his orders, she would do Tom or any other guy he designated her. Tim's brother has asked several times to swap their girl friends and each time he came to the same conclusion : Naina was extremely good in bed, ready to suck him any time and she opened her ass as lewdly as her sister Ritu but it seemed that there was a special alchemy between those two that immediately transformed good almost marital relations into a burning frenzy that consumed them as soon as they were together. It seemed to be very rewarding as you would never have imagined such a beautiful couple. She had always her hand on his arm or around his neck while his hand was at the same time around her waist or on her shoulder. They really needed to be permanently in constant touch.

They had had just a passing incident after two weeks of life in common. They had fucked three times in a row : mouth, ass and mouth again! Tim had presented her his cock, asking her to suck him and make him hard again, freshly out of her ass. His dick had suspect brown stains on its length. She didn't want to take it into her mouth and he had to wheedle her a long time to make her obey. There was nothing unusual in the taste of his cock and she finally surrendered completely. The problem was that she was very tired at the end and went straight to bed to sleep without doing her homework. She had a control the next morning and earned a bad mark.

When Tim came back with the bad mark, he was rather angry :

- Naina, Look at this mark : a D!!! You never earned such a bad mark! How did you manage?

She explained she had been too tired to work late.

- You could have told me that you had a test the next morning with Mrs Leena!

- It's your fault! You're too good a lover! I couldn't have skipped the occasion to have you fuck me one more time.

- I fuck your mouth AND your ass twice a day. Don't tell me you need more!

- I need MORE, Master, much more, from you, whenever you're near me!

- I think you should dominate your needs and I'm going to explain you how to do it! Go and ask Ritu and Tom to join us!

- Yes, Master!

- - - -

- Good, Tom and Ritu. Sorry to disturb you! Naina had had a bad mark last week with Leena. She told me we had fucked the evening before three times and she felt too tired to do her homework!

- And you intend to punish her for her laziness!

- Exactly! I'll spank her until her ass is quite red and warm. Then I will apply a dozen of my best! I'm speaking of old fashioned English rattan cane strokes on your pretty ass, cunt!

- Oh no, Master! Have pity on me!

- When you entered this house, you promised to work hard to offer me a perfect academic result and you told me then : "You may punish us if we make sloppy work". You did and you'll be punished just as you said.

- Oh, God, help me!

- Don't count too much on his help. You really need to be chastised, I think! Now please, make you lying on your belly on my lap with your buttock as high in the air as you can, legs parted to steady you and finger crossed on your neck behind your head. You'll count the strokes with aloud and clear voice. I may stop at forty if you behave.

- Oh God, it's too hard!

- Let's begin!

Tim locked her arm behind her back and blocked her right leg between his. She could no more try to stand up. He was so much stronger than her and she had no intention of making him angrier against her.

- Zap,. . . one, . . .zap,. . . two. . . zap,. . . three and so on

Naina clenched her teeth and counted to forty strokes administered with a steady and strong hand. Her ass cheeks slowly changed colors from pale pink to dark pink then red and finally to a fiery red. She was at that moment weeping. As soon as Tim freed her from her arm and leg restraint, she jumped up, rubbing her buttocks with the desperate look of an abused child. Tim told her he had not finished with her. He wanted her to submit completely. It would be easier for her to receive her punishment, the next time. If she took it reasonnably well, he would just have to raise the limit just a bit too high and force her either to do still better or receive an increasingly hard punishment. It would be a fair trade : in the first case, she would ultimately win and by rebond, he would too. and in the second case, he would be the only one to gain something if you don't take into account a smarting ass!

He made her bend against the back of an armchair. Tim went to fetch a menacingly supple rattan cane coming for one of the best whip makers from London, not far from the British Museum. They had purveyed the royal family. There was no better commendation for him, he told to Naina.

- You'll count once more up to twelve. If you don't spell it loud and clear, the stroke won't be taken into account!

Swoosh! the noise was really audible this time. It was quite different from the rustling of fabric that could be heard when Tim had spanked her! Naina screamed but the stroke had not landed on her buttocks. She felt ridiculous.

- Uuhh! You're the kind of girls who cry before being hit, Naina? i thought better from you! Let's start!

- Swoosh,. . . Aarghhh,. . . one,. . . swooshh,. . . Aargh,. . .

- Oh that one really hurts! How can you do that to me?

- I fear, deat, that this one will not count!

- Oh no! Have pity on me, Master!

- I have but I need to punish you soundly for you to know you're cared, supported and loved. Do you think I love caning you? Your screams are piercing my heart, believe me but I will do my duty. I expect you to do the same in the future and tell me when your academic duty comes in opposition to your sexual education!

- God! Yes, Master!

Naina was a proud girl. Although she had never been punished that brutally, she had heard of it and Tim's voice had been uncertain enough for her to be sure he thought her punishment was essential for her education. She clenched again her teeth.

- Please, master, continue your caning of my bottom!

- Swoosh,. . . Aarghhh,. . . two,. . . swoshh,. . . Arggghhh,. . . three,. . .

When she counted twelve, she was crying like a foutain but her hands were still clenched on the back of the armchair and she had annouced all the strokes in a loud if unsteady voice. Tim came to inspect his handiwork. Stripes of red turning already brown decorated her bottom. He had applied the same force to all the strokes, separating the weals by an inch precisely, five on each buttock and the last two ones, aplied with more force were perfectly horizontal, The angry weals perfectly framed the other ones. Naina would have problems to sit down for a couple of days. Before he allowed her to retire to their bedroom, he applied a generous layer of a salve. Naina felt the pain fade away soon, replaced by an unusual warmth that permeated throughout her buttocks.

- You may stand up now, Naina!

Surprisingly, he took her in his arms and she instinctively embraced him fiercely.

- i promise, I'll always do my homework! It'll be my frst priority! I beg your pardon for having disappointed you! I'll never do it again! You were right punishing me, Master!

Naina was so moved that she bluberred in her haste to recognize her misfeats, desperately hoping he would forgive her. Tim caressed the back of her head and bent down to kiss her on the lips.

- It's finished, darling! You're forgiven and accounts are settled. It's now old History! Try not to give me any reason to punish you again!

- I'll do my best!

- I expect nothing less. Now you may have homework?

- I do!

- Then go and work at it for us to enjoy the evening later!

Tim used her back passage three times that night and each time, she sucked him clean afterward. Such acts were now simple routine and she performed them without thinking to it. It was her girly duty, wasn't it?

- - - -

Tim and Tom had decided to officialize their bonding to Naina and Ritu by offering a party to their closest friends. They wouldn't give it the name of a formal engagement party but it was the general idea. There would be only Mrs Leena and her husband Peter, and one of their mutual friends, Dan, a French scientist who occasionnaly came to Birmingham University and his wife Kira.

Tim had decided what she was to wear that day. He was getting somewhat domineering with Naina and she loved it that way. She had always been daring and always ready to try new endeavours but she had discovered that being occasionnally submissive had also its pleasures! He had told her he would like her to wear a saree to welcome her guests. She would have rather worn her former salwar kameez but she also knew that Leena always put on rich sarees and that Kira often made the same choices. In fact, it had been the other way around : Kira had convinced Leena to wear Indian clothes as she loved that country even before visiting it eight years before, for the first time. It was funny to find two white women wearing a complete Indian outfit with mangalsutra, toe ring and bindi in Birmingham.

Naina had chosen a red embroidered saree worn with a bikini blouse. It's called a bikini top giving her outfit a somewhat more western look. Some Bollywood stars have begun to wear it on public occasions. If Leena and that Kira who Naina had never met so far wore traditional sarees, Naina wished she would attract most of the attention of the four men that would be there. She realized she was becoming quite fast some sort of an exhibitionist, planning her outfit just to be watched in it!

Naina just hoped that their guests would appreciate the food : she had prepared her favorite dish : Mattar paneer with cheese, peas, tomatoes, onions and spices according to taste. Tim and Tom loved their food hot but her cuests could differ. Tim had prepared a BBQ with lamb and marinated pork ribs. Ritu had prepared the dessert : something she had named Kheer, rice and milk mixede and boiled together with sugar. When she had explained Tom the recipe, he laughed :

- Please explain your recipe to Dan when he comes. He is a rather good cook from his own confession and he made me, the last time I went to visit him in Francen what he called a riz chasseur that is about your recipe but it's also an old French one. He will love to know that good food may be universal!

When Mrs Leena and her friends knocked at the door, Tim went to welcome her with Naina on his side. He had put an arm around her waist It was still another deviation from Indian customs but Tim was English, after all. She felt finally quite proud of this possessive gesture. He cared for her and intended to show it off!. Gradually she was more or more at ease being exhibited by Tim and she loved it more and more, relishing in advance the reactions that a new, even more daring outfit would produce.

Naina opened wide eyes when she saw what Leena was wearing : her black saree was a web of the finest lace, almost see through and the choli was made in Lycra, moulding itself to the curves of her huge breasts. She had no coat, so she had had to walk at least one hundred yards in such a skimpy outfit and she appeared to be completely at ease with it. In Mumbai, she would have been fondled or even raped before she would have covered half that distance! Naina and Leena exchanged formal namaste but Leena kissed Tim quite warmly. They presented to Naina, Peter, Mrs Leena's husband. He had a very aristocratic countenance but he was rather skinny. He was nevertheless in top form and his appearance drew the respect, not for an old man but for a very powerful one!

Ritu and her sister had been afraid when Tim had told them he wanted to party with Mrs Leena. She was their professor like Tim and sexual relations between students and professors are often frowned upon. Leena seemed even pleased when she recognized Naina on Tim's side.

- Oh Naina, I would never have suspected you to dally with Tim. I knew he had a new girlfriend but never I. . . You made a very good choice : he is the meanest of men, clever, caring and quite open. In fact, I could have considered him for myself if I hadn't been happily married with Peter.

Dan and his wife Kira arrived as Peter was chatting quietly with Tom. He had hit on Ritu who seemed under the charm of the English man. Dan was more interesting to Naina's taste. He was tall, he had large shoulders and muscles were bulging on his arms. He could have been a wrestler or something like that. Naina would never have thought him a scientist and even less one known in his speciality from what she gathered from their discussion.

Kira had the appearance of a real princess with high cheeks, straight nose and commanding stance at all times. Authority seemed to radiate from her body and neither Naina nor Ritu would have thought to rebel against her leadership. Leena seemed similarly enthralled and so were Tim and Tom. The only one who seemed impervious to Kira's domination was her husband Dan. He treated her with deference but it was totally devoid of any hint of submission : they were equals, nothing more but nothing less.

Kira seemed quite cheerful with Naina and her sister. She enquired about their life with Tim and his twin brother. She gathered soon that they had shared their beds for several months, had serviced them with their mouths and asses but had kept their cherries so far. It was beginning to be a burden for both girls : why their mates hadn't made their conquests total, decided to own them completely? They had now a quite marital life, went out to restaurants or go shopping with their respective boyfriends but none of them had even hinted of taking their last virginity. Were they not pretty enough for their taste or was there a problem with them being Indian girls?

Kira laughed when Naina expressed her worries.

- Nothing of that sort! Tim told me about it, the last time he went to France to meet us. He thought that you would have to ask for it. He wanted not to impose anything on you and as you never even spoke of that, he shied out of opening the subject, thinking you didn't want to reach that ultimate step in your relations. May I suggest the four of you to grow up? You have a fine relation : twin brothers and twin sisters! You should enjoy the situation as much as you can!

- Sure, but, you know, it's difficult! They are our students and we never. . . And we never had live in girlfriends. . . We don't know. ..

- I see the problem! Do you want me to organize it this very evening? You'll have to abide my orders even if you consider them ultimately shameful to you. Beware of just one thing, girls : I intend to lit up a fire in your bellies you'll never be able to quench!

They gave their total assent immediately.

- The young cow must be led naked to the bull on a yoke attached to her collar, don't you think so? Leena will surely agree to show you how to behave. Tim do you have a dog collar and a leash or a rope?

- Yes, Kira!

- Leena, strip completely. I want you on your four at my feet immediately.

Tim run to get the items Kira had asked. At this moment, she radiated authority and nobody, even the University Dean would have challenged her. Leena asked in a shaky voice :

- Princess! Please, don't let my students dominate me! My authority would be shattered!

- I know it, Leena. There's no hurry for that! Tim and Tom must keep their strength to service their girlfriends, so tonight, I will ask for the help of Dan and Peter!

- Whenever you want, princess!

Naina and Ritu followed the discussion with keen interest. They knew their immediate fate was sealed and that they had had no say about it. At least, Tim and Tom would take their cherries but it would be a big turn on for both of them of watching Mrs Leena, their professor be fucked by her own husband and Kira's husband in front of them. Peter had not objected when Kira had decided to offer his wife to Dan. It seemed quite normal to have in this group girls publicly shared in front of their partners. Naina had no illusion about it : sooner or later, she would have to service other men than Tim : Tom, Dan, Peter, two of them or more? She could just guess! But Tim would surely be expected to watch her. This very idea frightened her but also aroused her terribly. She felt quite horny at the moment!

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