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I pulled over about twenty feet from where she stood, thumb out. She walked to the passenger side and leaned in. We were headed in the same direction. She got in the car, flinging her bag to her feet. I drove at a leisurely pace, my right arm draped half out the window holding a nearly-smoked cigarette. The music played low, interspersed with news and commercials. She sat with her head back, eyes closed. I took in her long, dark hair and high cheekbones. She had full lips, wet and slightly parted. Her oversized sunglasses hid her eyes but they were apparently closed, as she didn't make any comment about the fact that I was staring at her between glances at the winding country road in front of us. She was wearing a halter-top that exposed her delicate chest bone and half of each of her rounded breasts. Her denim mini skirt had ridden up when she sat down and I could see her smooth, lightly tanned, muscled thighs.

"I have to pick up my girlfriend," I said, " . . . it's on the way."

She turned her head to me and smiled. "No problem, thanks for the ride."

My girlfriend was waiting outside on the porch as I drove up. She got in with a curious glance at the stranger in my car, who obligingly slid over to let her in. She had to spread her legs so I could maneuver the gearshift between her legs, but there was plenty of room.

As we drove away, my girlfriend looked appreciatively down the length of the young hitchhiker's body, and gave me a knowing glance. We were old enough to be this twenty-some year-old's parents.

We stopped for some beers and gas and were soon chattering away like old friends. The girl was shy at first, but soon warmed to my vivacious, beautiful girlfriend's questions. After finishing a six-pack between them, my girlfriend finally broke the ice.

"Those are the prettiest titties I think I have ever seen . . . do you mind if I touch them?"

The girl looked uncomfortable, glancing from my girl to me, to the desolate countryside surrounding us. Not saying anything, she watched as my girl reached out and wrapped her hand around one of her breasts, squeezing and lightly weighing it in her hand before softly jiggling it side-to-side.

"Sweet, sweet titties," my girl murmured as she played with one than the other.

"I'll bet your pussy tastes sweet, too, doesn't it?" The girl just sat stock still, afraid to even breathe.

"Let me suck those sweet little titties." My girlfriend pinched one of the girl's nipples, already hard and visible through her thin cotton top. The girl squirmed a little closer to me, not even noticing that I was pulling onto a dirt road half-hidden from the country highway we were driving down.

My girlfriend lowered her head and started sucking and gnawing at one of the girl's nipples, while twisting and pulling at the other. The girl turned her head to me, frightened. I smiled and started rubbing the bulge that had been in my jeans since I first saw her.

"Ohhh, look what you are doing to my man." My girl panted as she freed the hitchhiker's tits from their top.

Tiny, sweet aureoles budding with little, erect, eraser-tipped nipples popped in and out my girlfriend's mouth as she sucked them to a bright pink.

The girl began to struggle as she realized we were now pulling into an abandoned rock quarry. I stopped the engine and put my arm around her, pinning one arm between us, and one with my hand. I reached over and started rubbing one of her tits with my other hand while my girlfriend reached between the girl's legs.

"Is your pussy sweet, baby girl?" she said, "Is it wet?"

I could hear and smell the answer to the last question as my girlfriend's fingers slid past the girl's underwear and made contact with her dripping slit.

My girl reached up and pulled the girl's sunglasses off, revealing amber-brown eyes rounded with fear.

"Oh, don't be afraid little girl . . . we just want to taste you—make you feel good."

She started finger-fucking the girl, chuckling low in her throat.

"Mmmmm . . . sweet little pussy wants to be licked."

I had both my hands on the girl's titties now as we lowered her on the seat. My girlfriend opened her door and stepped out, pulling the girl's legs straight and drawing her sopping underwear from her. She pushed the girl's skirt up and started sucking on her pussy.

"Mmmm, mmmm" my girl moaned as she lapped her with long slow licks. "You have to try this pussy, baby, it is so good."

She sucked at the girl's tiny hole and pushed her tongue up as far as it would go, then sucked on her swollen lips and clit. The girl started rhythmically grinding into my girl's face and arching her back as I twisted her nipples. I ground my stiff cock into the back of the girl's head as my girlfriend put a finger in the girl's cunt, finger-fucking her while sucking and licking her clitoris. The girl was ready to cum, and had a tremendous orgasm the second my girlfriend inserted another finger in her ass. My girl eagerly lapped up and sucked the girl's juices, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. She lay spent and drained on the carseat after a half-hour of tender ministration. My girl raised her cum-drenched face, then and looked at me.

"You have to fuck this cunt, baby, she is so ready for it."

She rose and came to my side of the car, and opened the door. I kissed her deeply, passionately, tasting the girl's pussy juice all over her face. She rubbed her titties against me, laughing as I reached between her legs and quickly pumped her to her own orgasm. As I knelt on the ground to lick up her cum, the hitchhiker started to stir.

"Show-time" my girlfriend said, as she replaced me on the seat behind the girl's head. She started kneading and pinching the girl's titties again, reaching down to put a finger or two in the girl's still-throbbing cunt. I watched as I slowly walked around the car and unzipped my pants, freeing my stiff cock from the tight jeans. The girl opened her eyes as I drug her to the edge of the seat, then her eyes widened as she saw my dripping prick.

"N-no" she whimpered, shaking her head and weakly struggling to get away.

"Shhhhh . . ." I said as I spread her legs and thumbed her clit.

She quieted once my thumb started rubbing a smooth circle around her red, swollen button. As soon as she started to grind I put the tip of my cock in the entrance to her tight, wet hole and started to head-fuck her. I looked down at my prick just popping in and out of her cunt and had to slow down so I wouldn't cream then and there. Her pussy stretched around my cock, sucking it in every time I withdrew. Deeper and deeper, slowly she got used to my size, until I was fully impaled. I looked up into my girlfriend's eyes then. She was feverishly watching my cock, mouth open. She looked up then, licked her lips then bit down on the lower one. She nodded and I pulled the girl's legs up to my shoulders and started pumping that tight, wet pussy with everything I had. The only sound I could hear was the wet slosh and slap as I drove it home in a fast, furious fuck.

The girl was writhing around and moaning, her arms trapped under my girlfriend's legs as she knelt over her, sucking and licking those titties. I saw one of the hitchhiker's hands reach up under my girlfriend's skirt then, and knew she had a hand full of that sweet pussy I licked every night. My girlfriend started humping the girl's palm, and I saw her eyes widen as the girl started pumping fingers into her cunt. The girl pulled my girlfriend's pussy over her face and started licking and sucking her as her fingers continued to pump in and out of her cunt. My girlfriend continued to twist and pinch the girl's nipples, and now we were all moaning. I was close to cumming, but I wanted to see both of these girls get off. I watched as my girlfriend started to tense up, then ground my palm into the girl's clit as I pounded my cock into her. I felt the girl's pussy contract around my prick as she screamed against my girl's clit and started sucking like she couldn't breathe. My girl and I came at the same moment, both of us pulsing as I shot load after load into that sweet creamy cunt.

After we all rolled off of each other, panting and exhausted, we stepped into the quarry and drank a beer. We were all quiet, just looking at each other and smiling. We started to laugh and talk, and in the darkening of the day, I leaned back on a boulder while my woman licked my balls, and a stranger sucked my cock, and thought about what I was going to do with these beautiful women once I got them home.

Written by: asbyatt

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories