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Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 11

by xleglover©

Jen awoke early, before sunrise, her eyes red from crying. Not bothering to pack, she threw on a blouse and skirt, not even bothering with underwear. She wanted to get home, she needed to see her husband. She went down to the lobby and stepped into a taxi for the two hour ride home.

She fell into Michael's arms as soon as she got home. "I'm so sorry," she cried, tears running down her face. She told her husband the whole story, how she had let Randy seduce her and have his way with her, not leaving out anything.

To her surprise, Michael wasn't angry. "Honey, it's okay. This is what I hoped would happen." Michael brought Jen's hand to his crotch, so she could feel how hard she had made him. "See?"

Michael pressed his wife's hand against his crotch. "You did what I wanted you to do." He pulled out his hard penis and wrapped her hand around it. "I wanted Randy to fuck you."

Michael rolled Jen to the bed and buttoned her blouse, exposing her braless breasts. He pushed Jen's short skirt around her waist, and got between her legs.

"No Michael," Jen protested. "I'm not ready for this. We need to talk."

For the longest time, Michael had fantasized about this ... about fucking Jen after she had been with another man.

To fondle the tits that had been groped by another man. To kiss the lips that had kissed another man. To tongue the mouth that had swallowed another man's cock. To penetrate the pussy that had been used by another man.

"No, Michael, no," Jen whined as her husband pushed apart her slim legs.

Michael couldn't help himself, he was consumed by lust. He covered Jen's lips with his, pushing in his tongue, exploring her mouth. He cupped and fondled Jen's tits with one hand while, with his other, he guided his penis to his wife's pussy.

Michael slowly pushed in, and within seconds he was fully inside her. He noticed the difference immediately, and his penis twitched with excitement. Where before his wife fit him like a tight glove, now she felt looser. This clear evidence of Jen's affair with Randy made him dizzy with excitement. Jen had fucked another man! The excitement was too much. With three short jack-rabbit thrusts, Michael came inside his wife.

Michael pulled out as his penis soften, and then spooned Jen. "Don't be upset," he said as he kissed the back of Jen's neck. "You didn't cheat on me, or break your marriage vows. I wanted this, you know that. You're a wonderful wife, you've given me everything. You've made my fantasy come true."

Jen turned to face her husband, tears running down her cheeks. "I never thought you really wanted me to sleep with another man. To go all the way. I always thought you were just saying that."

Michael grinned. "Well, now you know I meant it."

Jen buried her face in Michael's chest. "But how could you?" she cried. "How could you want me to give myself to another man? Don't you love me?"

Michael hugged his wife. "Of course I love you," he said soothingly. "I love you more than anything. I don't know why I am the way I am. I can't explain it to myself, so I can't explain it to you. The thought of you with another man ... another man giving you pleasure ... it's such a turn on for me. I can't help it, it's how I am."

The married couple hugged each other for a long time. Michael got hard again, thinking of Jen and Randy. This time, Jen didn't protest when Michael entered her.

"Did Randy really make you cum?" Michael asked as he slowly fucked his wife.

"Yes," Jen said hesitantly. "I'm sorry, I ..."

Michael kissed his wife. "Don't apologize. I'm not mad. Just tell me the truth, okay?"

"Okay," Jen said reluctantly, feeling uncomfortable about talking so opening.

"Was Randy ... was he good?"

Jen hesitated again, not wanting to hurt her husband's feelings or bruise his ego.

Michael kissed Jen. "Just tell me the truth, it's part of my fantasy," he said gently, trying to make his wife understand. "Nothing you say will hurt me, I promise. I really want to know. But you have to tell me the truth, okay? Don't tell me what you think I want to hear. Just tell me what really happened. Okay?"

Jen nodded. She hesitated again, but then finally said, "He was ... he was good."

Michael pushed harder into his wife, his lust growing.

"Is he big?"

"Um ... yeah."

"Bigger than me?"

"He's ... he's big," Jen said, avoiding her husband's question. Michael saw the discomfort in Jen's face, so let it go.

"And he made you cum, just from fucking?"

Jen nodded slightly.

"You didn't have to play with yourself?"

"No," Jen admitted, her voice soft.

"How many times?" Michael grunted, his orgasm near.


"Two times? You came on his cock two times?"

Jen nodded.

"Say it!" Michael urged, consumed with lust. "I want to hear you say it! Say you came on his cock two times!"

"Michael, no ..."

"Say it, damn it," Michael growled, overwhelmed by lust. "Say it!"

Jen turned her head, not wanting to look into her husband's eyes. "I ... I came on Randy's cock two times," she said reluctantly.

Michael's body tensed, and with a lurch he came.


Michael and Randy sat across from each other, beers between them.

"Here's Jen's suitcase," Randy began, finally breaking the awkward silence. "I packed her stuff. So ... how is she? Is she okay?"

Michael took the offered suitcase. "She's okay," Michael said, feeling awkward sitting across from the man who had fucked his wife just days before. "I mean, well, she felt bad at first. But I think she's getting used to it."

Randy looked at his friend. "How are you?"

Michael grinned sheepishly. "I guess I'm getting used to it, too."

Randy looked concerned. "It's not what you were hoping for?"

"No, no, it's not that," Michael said. "I'm happy it finally happened. It just takes getting used to, that's all."

Michael hesitated, then finally added, "I'd do it again."

Randy raised an eyebrow. "Will Jen do it again?"

Michael looked past Randy, into the faceless crowd. "I think so. I hope so."


Michael hurried to his office and locked the door. He put the suitcase on his desk and opened it. He slowly sorted through his wife's dresses, heels and lingerie. He found the black dress Jen had worn to the wedding, and brought it to his nose, smelling the familiar scent of Jen's perfume. But he smelled something else. The musky combination of male cologne mixed with a man's sweat. Michael felt his penis stiffen in his pants.

Michael found Jen's stockings. His breathing quickened when he saw how laddered they were. Then Michael found Jen's panties, and his throat went dry. The silky, lacy thong panty was ripped at the sides.

Michael fell into his chair, his body shaking, his heart pounding. He pulled out his hard penis, and wrapped one of Jen's ruined stockings around it. He stroked himself and within seconds he came, catching his sperm in Jen's torn panties.

Panting, Michael put his head in his hands. It happened after every orgasm. With his lust sated, his doubts emerged. Why did he fantasize about Jen with other men? He recognized his wife's beauty. With her soft blonde hair, Cover Girl good looks, tight petite body and long shapely legs, Michael knew Jen turned heads wherever she went. He knew men lusted after her. Why, then, would he desire to see Jen with other men? Why would he want to share his wife's body with other men?

Michael knew Jen wasn't a virgin when he met her. But he also knew Jen had been faithful to him since they started going out, showing interest in only him, not any other man. Since their very first date, Jen's body ... her lips, her breasts ... her pussy ... they had all been exclusively his. Now, though, that wasn't true. Dick had fondled Jen's breasts. Matt's cock had been in her mouth. And Randy's cock had been in Jen's pussy.

His wife's body was no longer exclusively his. Michael felt regret at the loss, knowing it could never be undone. Jen had been with other men. Other men had used her body for their pleasure. That could never be undone.

But Michael's regret was laced with lust. Just thinking about Jen with other men stirred Michael's loins.

He remembered what Jen had said. Her sweet voice, uttering the words that had so thrilled him.

"I came on Randy's cock two times."

With a shaking hand, Michael began stroking himself again.


Jen guiltily glanced at Tyrone again, sitting at his desk outside her office. The young black man had become a good administrative assistant. But that's not why Jen stared at him.

From her vantage point, Jen could see under Tyrone's desk. Tyrone always wore tight jeans. His jeans were so tight that you could see the outline of his penis. He looked huge. Based on all the giggling in the lunchroom, other girls in the office had noticed too.

Jen shivered, then pulled her eyes away from Tyrone's crotch. "He's barely out of high school," she silently scolded herself. "And you're a happily married woman. You shouldn't be thinking such thoughts."

Her self chiding made her laugh. But her laugh was humorless, more like an unhappy sigh. Her marriage wasn't what she had dreamed about as a child. She loved Michael, adored him. But his fantasies and sex games tortured her soul. She wanted to be a faithful wife, not someone who slept with other men. She had crossed so many lines lately, broken so many vows.

Despite her regrets and misgivings, she couldn't deny the thrills. Even now, as her eyes darted back to Tyrone's crotch, she couldn't ignore the fires burning inside her. Sex with Randy had satiated her desires. But it'd been only temporarily.

Playing the game had lit a fire in her body. When they first started, she had only reluctantly agreed to play the game. She did it to make Michael happy. But her body couldn't help respond to all the male attention, to all the gorgeous guys that Michael encouraged her to play the game with.

The wedding was two months ago, and the satisfaction she had gotten from Randy had long since worn off. For weeks Michael had urged her to play the game again. Having crossed that boundary with Randy, Jen knew what her husband wanted, knew how far he wanted her to go. So far Jen had resisted. She wanted a normal marriage, one where she slept only with her husband, not with other men.

But she had to admit, she was thinking about it. Each time Michael urged her to play, it was a temptation, like teasing her body. Lately she had caught herself checking out other men. Her eyes would fall to a man's crotch, to see what she could see, and wonder what he had. Like how she looked at Tyrone's crotch, at his bulge in his tight jeans. Could he really be that big?

Jen shivered again, then felt guilty and bad, pressing her palms into her eyes in a self-reprimand, forcing herself to think of something else.

The knock on the door made her jump. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

Jen looked up, surprised. It was John, the older man who helped close her big deal. "John ... hi, there. No, that's alright, I was just thinking about something. Um ... what are you doing here?"

John smiled. "I'm here on business. Thought I'd drop by. See if you're free for lunch."

Jen remembered her last conversation with John, when she teased him, pretending to welcome his advances. She knew John would hit on her if she went to lunch with him. She didn't want to lead him on, any more than she had already done.

Still ... if she flirted with John ... played a "little" game with him. Well, then, she could tell Michael about it, and maybe then he would stop pressuring her to play the game, at least for a little while.

John was older. Almost old enough to be her father. But he was a handsome, well-dressed man, dapper and charming. She didn't want to lead him on, but it was just a little flirting and teasing ...

"Well, um, okay," Jen finally said. "But I just have to finish something ..."

"Of course, of course," John said, clearly happy. "I'll wait for you at your reception desk."

Jen closed her office door. She checked herself in the mirror behind the door, brushing her hair, touching up her makeup, putting on new lipstick. She sprayed a little perfume behind her ears, and on her wrists, then she went to her desk. She slipped off her 3" Mary Janes, then opened her desk draw and took out her black Manolo Blaniks with the 4" stiletto heels. After slipping into the sexier heels, she checked herself one more time in the mirror, and then went to join John in reception.

Written by: xleglover

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