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A Long Way Home Ch. 04

by dan57©

Encounter in a gym (a long way home 4)


Naina and her sister Ritu were continuing their first year at Birmingham University. Their results were still very good, even tending to get better from their professors' assessment. They worked hard, studied seriously and produced fine results at exams. Their pregnancies passed unnoticed. They suffered from morning sickness but otherwise had no problems. In the evenings, after they had done their homework with the constant help from their boyfriends Tim and Tom, they worked hard to explore all the positions proposed by the Kamasutra.

Naina had seen many in museums or books but never tried any. For Tim, it felt as if he was showing a young girl a candymaker's shop. She marveled at everything, wanted to have a taste of any thing, just to see what would give her the most intense pleasure. Tim was touched when she asked him also which ones were the most pleasant for him and promised she would exercise to be supple enough to perform them to the perfection. And each morning he could see her working on the thick carpet in their bedroom. He proposed her to install more convenient floor in another room for her exercises but she declined immediately. He gathered that hr exercises were also a gift she offered him. It was true that she exercised in the nude and he had plenty of opportunities to watch her body in unusual positions.

Once he told her he would like to take pictures of the most erotic poses she was taking. Thereafter, Naina placed their camera on a table just beside the carpet at the most convenient place for him, whenever she exercised. It was with such details he was sure she really cared for him. His collection of images of Naina's contorted body had become soon impressive!

That evening, he made her lie simply on her back. Then he made her lift her legs until her knees were pressed on her tits. He mounted her. He realized that he could enter her deeper than usual. She let her ankles on his shoulders. it was heaven for both of them. He just used his outstretched arms not to squeeze too much her tits which supported most of his weight. Tim took his professoral tone and explained her :

- This one is named "The deep one". It's s a position of total penetration, of course. Some women find it uncomfortable or even painful but it's heaven for the man. The only problem is that we are to far away to kiss!

- Oh, that's not a problem!

Naina crossed her hands behind his neck and pulled it down with all her strength. His outstretched hands prevented him to fall on her, so it was her whole body that lifted itself to him. Their lips touched and they shared a deep passionate kiss in the air. Naina's tits were squeezed completely but she seemed not to care. They were lovers at the peak of their young passion and nothing seemed unreachable to them. They prayed fervently that they could stay in the same mood for many years, if not for the rest of their lives. Both of them realized at this moment they were thinking of staying together for a VERY long time.

- I'll need something I can grip with my hands to haul myself up to exercise and I'll soon be able to fuck you in the air!

- That's a variant I've never heard of!

- Don't speak too much! You could now really fuck your little Naina!

Tim complied with a big smile. He would never have imagined finding a girl so pleasant. She was a dream, the dream so many men shared but never found!

One hour later, Naina stirred and whispered to Tim's ear :

- I would like to try another one!

- Uhhh? What are you speaking of?

She kissed his ear and nibbled at his earlobe.

- A Kamasutra position, silly boy! What else?

- Your wishes are my orders, sweetie!

Tim kneeled in front of Naina and drew her to him. He made her lower herself until her cunt lips entered in contact with his cock and slowly skewer her. He made her do it quite slowly to let them enjoy the progressive dilatation of her very wet sheath. The evidence was patent : she was so wet that he was sure she really desired him. It was not an effort she was making to please him. She really was in need for him and he loved it that way.

When their crotches came in contact, her bald pussy tickled by his hairs, he took her waist in his hands and helped her to lie down on the carpet. Their bed was far too soft for such games! When her shoulders touched the floor, he made support her arms behind her shoulders. Her legs quite naturally went down behind his back and Naina soon was making a bridge, supported only by her hands, her feet and Tim's cock still deeply embedded into her.

She would have to make most of the efforts. It was very tiring for her even though Tim tried to help her with his hands helping her up when she thrusted back at him. Neither of them was able to comment on this position that was new to both of them. They were moaning desperately as the pleasure they found in this position was immense. Naina worked back and forth like a jackhammer. Their moans had been replaced by screams of utter delight as they used all their strength to increase even more their delectable tempo. When she felt the first spurts of Tim's climax, Naina arched her back as high as she could, lifting Tim's body with hers. The deep penetration made it extremely enjoyable for her too. She would have preferred both of them to reach orgasm together but she had been too tensed for that, only centered on the pleasure of feeling him moving inside her.

- God! That was so good! I'll exercise specially for this one. i never thought I could maje a backward bridge, hold the position so long and I would derive so much pleasure from it. How was it for you, darling?

- Ecstatic, luv! It's named "the arc" and I know it's terribly demanding on the girl. Frankly, I didn't think you would be able to arrive to the conclusion. You amaze me every day! What will you be able to do when you are as experienced as, say, Leena or Kira?

Naina's pussy felt sore from overworking.

- God, you are are an elephant man, it seems! I'm aching.

- Don't be so sure of it, my love! Wait until you've seen our good friend, the prince Kyrhan. He is really an elephant man, be sure of it. He will really stretch you out!

- You. . . You want me to be fucked by him! Ohhh, it's impossible!

- Why not, darling? Tom and I have several times double teamed his wife Kira!

- Kira? I thought she was Dan's wife!

- She is! Kyrhan has also given her a forged Indian identity, Kira Chowdhury and has married her quite officially. She is bigamous or the equivalent for a woman with two husbands and she commutes regularly from New Delhi to Paris nearly every month to meet both her husbands. One or another of the girls from Kyrhan's harem replaces her then. He may require you some day during your academic holidays!

- But then how would you cope without me?

- I would mourn terribly your absence and ask Ritu to help me. Tom and I could double team her now but Kyrhan would probably have sent me another of his girls. He is quite ready to share his women!

Naina smiled and punched her small fist plaufully on his belly.

- I seriously doubt you would really miss me! You would be too busy rehearsing Kamasutra figures with Leena, Kira or another girl.

- Leena was my teacher and Princess Kira had been hers! But all of us are ultimately indebted to prince Kyrhan himself. He is the most splendid man I've ever met : learned, skillful, powerful, clever, sometimes Machiavellian but always caring for your ultimate benefit or fulfillment. I have and you should have total faith in his leadership : you'll always be, everything considered the winner! Dan had a very good image about it : a stock trader always prefers having a forty per cent stake in a thriving company than the complete property of a bankrupt one!

Naina understood immediately what it meant to own à forty per cent share of your wife : she was shared with other men, and not just one! The day of her defloration and most probably of her breeding by Tim, neither Dan nor Peter had even hinted they would be interested in doing her. She had half feared it but also had half wished it. That would have been the symbol of her total incorporation in their close group. She had been disappointed as the lewdest move of Dan had been to French kiss her before leaving. She had let him use her mouth, allowing his tongue to enter her and even letting her own tongue swirl into his mouth. They finally disengaged out of breath with a huge smile. The ice had been broken and this first hot kiss was a promise of future shared pleasures.

Tim had to meet Dan for a joint study and Naina felt overjoyed when he proposed her to go with him. She would just miss two courses with Leena. They would ask her to authorize Naina to absent herself.

- God! It will just be as if we were married! I wouldn't lose that opportunity for anything! But what will we do about Ritu? Will she accompany us?

- Sorry but it will be impossible, Tom has a very important meeting on Monday morning and it wouldn't be fair to let him alone without Ritu. They are still in their honeymoon period, I think!

- I love my sister Ritu but traveling abroad with just you will be like a real honeymoon for me!

- Speaking of honeymoon, when the times come, where would you like to go? No need to answer immediately : it will have to wait until the end of your studies! I don't want you to be suspected of undue advantages!

- You. . . You want to really marry me!

- Of course, silly girl! You have shared my life, my home, my bed for four months now, you are bearing my baby and you thought I would never think of marrying you! You don't know me close enough!

- Don't hold anything against me. It was just that I am a simple Indian student!

- And I'm a simple English professor of physics!

- Oh, darling, I love you!

- Me, too, honey!

Mrs Leena was ready to allow Naina to absent herself.

- Just these courses are very important! You'll come to my home, the next week end and I'll give you a personal course. Two hours and exercises during one hour. Would Saturday or Sunday afternoon suit you?

- Oh, Thank you, Mrs Leena! Saturday would do perfectly.

- You may come with Tim, I'll invite both of you for dinner. It'll be simpler than what you prepared for us as I never prepared veggie food! Peter would take care of Tim while we work together.

- I wouldn't want to force you to change your schedule!

- Shut up, dear. When you are as pretty as you are, you never force anyone to change his or her schedule. You're always welcome! I'll invite Tom and Ritu while you are traveling far from home with your betrothed!

Ritu was tearful when she heard the news. It would be the first time they wouldn't be together since they have left New Delhi. They had been like two fingers from the same hand and now they would have separate lives for three days! Naina felt the same but in the balance, there would be three full days of total intimacy with Tim. She felt so deeply in love with him that the inconveniences were completely outweighted!

Naina wanted to act like the perfect wife and prepared herself Tim's wallet, asking him what clothes he wanted her to take for him and for her. Her heart beat stronger when he told her that they would share a single wallet. Their common life was taking a more intimate bend. They were now really a couple. It made her quite proud and more ready to accept what he wanted her to wear.

- As you're my student accompanying me on a business trip, I would consider it befitting if you wore some sexy schoolgirl outfit with a simple white blouse and Tartan pleated mini skirt, cardigan and knee high socks. A small tartan beret would complete your outfit.

- Pheww! A rather sexy outfit but I've nothing you demand in my ward robe.

- No problem. Leena had lent me her personal outfit she wore in her school for delinquent girls in Scotland, last September.

- A school for delinquent girls? For Mrs Leena? You must be joking.

- Not at all but I suspect it might be some kinky place for adult role playing. She gave me a phone number in India if you were interested. Ah before I forgot : the weather in Scotland in September is the same as the one in France in late December. So I suggest you to wear stay on stockings under your skirt.

- But, what about the socks?

- Put on both and wear some black patent shoes. I suggest the one with high heels. Your legs will be even more beautiful!

When Naina put on the outfit Leena was lending her, she felt once more insecure : in India she usually wore quite shy kameez and salwars. She rarely put on more closely hugging trousers such as churidars and her boyfriend wanted her to wear during a long train trip such a sexy outfit! She had promised to always wear what he would request her to put on and she wouldn't back down from her promise but she had never expected in her wildest dreams she would have to wear something so outrageously provocative!

Tim made her walk around, telling her to wiggle more seductively her hips as she walked. He then noticed that her bra was encasing quite closely her breasts.

- What's this bra? Is it a piece of armor? Change it immediately to one of these push up bra I offered you last month.

The bra finally didn't meet his expectations.

- Let's try it now without any bra!

Her 36D cups were firm enough not to sag when they were unsupported but it was a new experience for Naina of being fully clothed but without a bra. Tim seemed very pleased, even delighted when he saw her breasts and hips wobbling slightly when she ran.

- Case settled! No bra for you for three days! Just take a bikini top to put with your saree when we'll dine with Dan.

- Will Kira be there?

- No, she is back in your home country with her dear prince Kyrhan!

Naina felt relieved not to have to confront Kira. She was not ready for it as she wasn't accustomed to this new situation. She understood she would probably be required to service Dan also but she preferred not to do it in front of Dan's wife, at least for the first time.

The travel was by far the most pleasant in Naina's memory : the high speed train from London to Paris, a short hop between Gare du Nord to Gare de l'Est, two nearly adjacent stations and again the smooth comfort of French high speed trains. For both trips, she was curled against Tim and the French passengers smiled when they saw the loving couple. Nobody looked Naina down as she was wearing a somewhat wanton outfit. It was a foreign country but she felt completely at ease and relaxed there. She decided then she would take French language next year as her mandatory option.

Dan was waiting for them at the station. He shaked hands with Tim but before, he had kissed Naina on the lips. She had expected it and let him kiss her as hard as he wanted. Tim watched them with a big smile. He didn't feel endangered. Dan loved dearly his wife Kira but wasn't afraid to show another girl he found her attractive. He finally let her down and sighed.

- Hello, Tim, I hope we will continue our very profitable collaboration! Naina, it's good to see you again. I hope our relations will be less academic, let's say, this time!

- It depends only on Tim. His wishes are my orders and I promised to obey him strictly to the letter!

Tim and Dan chatted business with just a few comments for Naina to make her know they hadn't forgotten her.

Naina took off her cardigan and Dan had just realized how kinky her outfit was. He whistled appreciatively with a very gallic hand gesture!

- Naina, I beg humbly your pardon. I didn't realize how stupendous you were! Tim is really a lucky man!

The comment had stupefied the young woman. Dan was clearly a connoisseur of women's beauty and such praises went straight to her heart. She would be ready to forgive many things to him.

Quite surprisingly, Dan had offered the sofa to Naina and Tim and had chosen an armchair in front of them. Tim placed his hand around Naina's waist and drew her to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and they chatted amicably. Tim turned to her mate and nibbled gently her left ear with his teeth. When he pushed his tongue around her ear hole, she couldn't withstand the tickle. She moaned and turned to ask him to stop. Their lips came into contact and their accidental contact turned hotter and hotter as they kissed passionately. He cupped her right breast in his hand through her blouse. She arched her back to push her breast into his hand.

Naina didn't realize she had parted her legs until she felt his other hand snaking under her short skirt until he reached her crotch. Although Dan was less than ten feet away, Naina didn't try to push him away. Tim's caresses on her breast were so pleasant! His fingers reached the edge of her knickers and pushed them away. The tip of his fingers had now reached her love lips and caressed them more and more lewdly. Moans of delight were escaping her lips and she would never have imagined trying to push him away. He could have done the same thing on Trafalgar square at peak hours that she wouldn't have resisted him any more.

The yound woman leant on her extended arms and lifted her bottom from the sofa. He was thus able to pull down her knickers that fell to her ankles. He bent down and took them off completely. He carefully opened the knickers to expose the part that had been in contact with her cunt and inhaled deeply. Naina was blushing crimson as Tim commented :

- There's no sweeter scent than the arousal of a young healthy woman!

Naina turned to an even deeper red shade when Tim added in a quiet voice :

- Don't you think so, my dear Dan?

He handed the knickers to Dan who took them as if it was a precious relic. He drew it to his nose and inhaled as deeply as Tim had done.

- You're right, my friend. I would add that she is very aroused, ready to be fucked, to be fucked very hard! Don't make her wait! You may fuck her on this sofa, just now!

Tim bunched Naina's very short skirt around her waist, unbuttoned completely her blouse and opened it completely. She wasn't naked, just completely offered to their eyes. She felt very hot and never imagined just rearranging her blouse to cover herself. Dan was right : she was ready to be fucked quite hard! In fact she NEEDED to be fucked, used, abused and it had to be in public, in front of this Dan to whom she felt so deeply attracted. . .

Her boyfriend helped her to stand up and made her straddle him backwards. She had her bottom turned toward him. He pushed a finger into her sizzling hot cunt and took it out covered with a rich and fragrant coating of her love juices. She wasn't surprised when he pushed it into her ass hole. He intended to lube her for his penetration! She would have preferred him to fuck her cunt but she didn't raise the least objection. He was her master and she would allow him to use her any way he wanted!

Tim turned his finger into her bottom before scooping another load of slimy girl cum on his finger and pushing it into the same place. When he felt satisfied, he just placed both his hands around her waist and pulled her slowly to him. She felt the tip of his cock nibbling her ass hole before inserting himself into it quite slowly. It was painless. Her heart was beating crazily as if it wanted to escape from her chest. Naina felt her asshole popping when his knob had entered her completely. He was bigger than usual but surprisingly, she had no problem accommodating him. He went deeper and deeper, an inch more after each thrust until his pubic hair arrived in contact with her bottom. Naina felt as if he was about to jump out of her wide open mouth.

That was done : Tim was impaled to his balls into her ass hole and she still felt no pain. He began to maul her breasts, aiming his caresses from time to time to her clit that was engorged, swollen and begging for attention. Naina expected Tim would soon start to fuck her, moving his cock inside her submitted ass hole. The move never came. Instead, he spoke to Dan :

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