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Bride of the Demon

by Coxswain©

And it was bigger! A lot bigger. I got used to it during the night, but with this new insertion it was stretching me again. It hurt. I limped back to the bed.

I looked out the window that morning for a long time. Where in hell is my life going? Would the zobyathu be in my ass forever? What did the demon visit mean? He tried to fuck me but didn't. What did that mean?

I was sick to my stomach. I knew it wasn't over. Depressed, I decided I had to put some normalcy back in my life. I got up, got dressed to go to the gym.

Mom and Dad had come home sometime during the night. I heard them at it as I passed their bedroom. The door was ajar. I peeked in.

Inside, Mom posed naked, face-down on the bed, one soft leg on the floor, the other splayed out wide over the bed, a big, black dildo stuck in her ass. Dad spread her pink pussy-lips with the fingers of one hand and with the other pulled back the foreskin over that giant new cock of his. Damn, it was bigger every time I saw it!

The big thing slid into Mom's cunt, bobbing the dildo above--no doubt Dad felt it as he entered--and his cock stretched Mom's pussy like a tree limb. But all she did was growl in a husky voice. "Faster, you bastard, ram that thing up me! Come on!"

Dad did as he was told. While I watched, stroking my own cock through my pants, Dad reamed her out like a horny rabbit.

At one point, his hips lunging like irresistible pistons, Dad turned his head and looked at me. Drunk with lust, he could think only about his balls and the seething channel of my mother's cunt, but his eyes burned into me with a grim communication: Fucking was what males were born for. Then he looked back down at my mother's sweating back and concentrated again on reaching his orgasm.

I leaned back against the wall, pulled open my pants, and stroked myself in the same cadence as my father's fuck-lunges. God, it was wonderful--we came at the same instant!

The diameter of my cock swelled in my hand, the flare of my cockhead spread out like an angry red parachute, and giant, spattering gobs of the same stuff Dad was pumping up Mom's cunt slopped up into the air in the fireworks every man on earth could produce.

At the same time Dad groaned loud, and I saw slathers of cum running back out of Mom's pussy. He had filled her up.

One of my ejaculations made it as far as to splat against Dad's leg. Dizzy with his own ecstasy, he turned to me again. "Happy Halloween," he croaked, barely able to speak. Mom turned her head, too. Her eyes were dilated. Stoned with lust. She said nothing, just looked at me.

When I finally could, I straightened up, zipped up, and left the house, leaving my cum still on the floor.

I went to the gym, my mind buzzing like the zobyathu was in my brain. My whole goddamn life is turning upside-down! What is causing all of this??

I spent the morning in the gym. Then, somehow feeling like a soldier about to ship out to war, I felt a craze to see Juliette again. I drove to Vazcla, a little worried. What if she finds the zobyathu in my ass?

Keep your pants on, stupid.

But I didn't want to. On the other hand, if she went for my belt buckle, I would be a goner. I could hear it: "What in the world is that thing in your butt?? Euww, that's sick!"

Just my luck, Juliette was horny that evening. "Better get those pants off, St. Naphtali boy." Her voice was like honey running over the side of a pancake.

Who can think straight with an invitation like that? Everything was spinning, dizzy, but good. Right. Religious! Supposed to happen!

She unbuckled my pants and I helped her pull them down. My jockstrap drooled precum through the mesh: I was busted. "Ooh, looks like something might be getting too ripe."

She pulled it down, and I went crazy. Damn, any second she's going to see that brass handle!

"Lie back," she purred. "Let me take care of you, country boy."

God. All my prayers were coming true--and I had a ticking time bomb sticking out of my ass! One look, one touch down there, and she would see the fucking butt-plug! This, the most wonderful moment of my life, would evaporate before my very eyes in a puff of outraged smoke.

But I was helpless. How could I say, "Don't give me the blowjob"?

My brain running 100 knife-edge miles an hour, I saw her hand reach down and grasp me. A wave of warmth--and lust--swept over me, starting from that small, lascivious hand.

"Ooh, look at that big boy." She looked at it with wonder. God. The most sophisticated woman I know. Looking at my ugly ol' cock like she's never seen one before!

And then the Moment of Moments. Lovely, wondrous Juliette lowered her head and that gorgeous mouth opened over my throbbing cockhead. God. In. Heaven! I was in instant ecstasy! A razor blade away from an orgasm.

I wanted to be cool. In control. Hard to get to.

But, oh, my God! Juliette was in control. "Mmmmmm," she murmured, sucking my cock down into her throat. I almost passed out. And she got me.

Raving like an Easter Bunny in a harem of horny cottontails, I lost it. "God, oh God, baby! Suck me! Suck hard!"

Damn, was she hot! Nothing ever turned me on like the sucking mouth of Juliette. "Oh, God, baby, I'm almost there! Faster! Unnh, yeah!"

Then it happened. I had no idea she was such a pro, but she stuck her finger into my ass-crack. To finger my asshole, I guess--nothing better to take a blowjob over the top--but she found it. I felt her touch it--it buzzed briefly. She found the zobyathu.

Shit. Now it's all over. How will I be able to handle this?

But she did nothing.

Her hand moved away. It went back to fondling my balls and stroking my cockshaft.

I was confused. She had to have felt it! Didn't she think it was strange? Does everybody have a brass handle sticking out of his ass??

But she did nothing. Didn't stop sucking my cock. Didn't stop fondling me. Damn, how many people have a brass butt-plug?

But my body had its own agenda. "Ohmigod, baby, I love you!" I stiffened, petrified with pleasure, and I creamed like the first male on the first day of creation! Gallons of egg-white down her throat, spewing my ecstasy, the physical creation of my love!

Incredible. Her lips were rubber-band tight around my dong, and I realized women rule. Juliette controlled me like I was a TV and she held the clicker.

Man, it was great! She swallowed every drop. Left me like a limp rag, sagging back in the bed like I'd been run over by her brother's Maserati, and when the tender caresses gradually turned to foreplay, I realized we were going on to another chapter--Juliette was a beautiful nuclear bomb, a volcano covered with orchids.

She lay beside me, naked, fitting up against me like a second skin. When her mouth found mine, I tasted my own cum, then sword-fought with her tongue as my fingers pried between her legs, seeking out that magic Pearly Gate.

When I found it, a thrill went up my back. Wet! God, she's wet for me!

"Yeah, baby," she murmured in my ear. "Bring it on."

Dizzy with lust, I brought my head down to her pussy, stuck out my tongue, and got my first taste of the essence of love. She writhed and moaned as I licked her pussy-lips open, but I was far and away drunker than she. Bobbling my tongue over the horny little preacher in her pulpit, I heard her beg: "God, baby, I'm on fire! I want you! Do it! Now!"

As I rose on my hands, a push-up over her, she raised her legs, spread them out, and grabbed a knee in either hand. She pulled her legs back, rotating her drooling pussy up to total, complete, absolute submission to me.

What else could I do? I nudged my cock to her cunt, it opened for me, and--Jesus!--I slid in. Magnificent. Wonderful. The finest feeling on earth. I'm home! Where every man should be!

Incredible feeling. Sweet-tart. She spread her legs for me, welcoming me, and every ooh and ahh I got from her was like a compliment, love words in the eternal language of fucking.

Lunging in and out, I learned what love is--all I wanted was to drive her crazy. Didn't think about my own cumming. Wanted to see her writhe in ecstasy under me. My whole goal was to see her eyes go glassy, see her stiffen up with pleasure, see her shiver with ecstasy at what I had done to her.

And--oh, God!--it worked! Juliette went from from "Ohh, yesss" to "Oh, God, yes, yes, YES!!" in a couple of seconds. She rolled her eyes back in her head, clutched at me, digging her fingernails into my back, and--Oh, God, her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vise--she let out a primeval, eldritch scream that send thrills up my spine.

And that pushed me over the top. Like 10 shots of Jim Beam, I was nuts, crazy! I shoved everything I had to the depths of her pink valhalla, and I pumped her enough cum to impregnate her and everybody else in her sorority.

Je-sus, what a cum! My balls actually ached.

Both of us wallowed in each other, cuddling, hugging, and caressing. Kissing messages to each other. That afterglow was--I'll say it--the happiest moment of my life.

When it finally ended, my cock slid regretfully back out of her, slopping out with a gurgle. I kissed her yet again.

When I stopped, she murmured, "Eric--I love you."

No fucking doubt. THAT was the happiest moment of my life.

I spent the night with her. Didn't sleep a wink. Don't know how may times we got it on. All I know is that by morning I could still work up a usable hardon, but I was shooting blanks.

Never thought I could feel so triumphant. I was Caesar Fucking Augustus! And Juliette made me feel that way. God, I loved her!

I never wanted to leave her, but we had to play the hand we were dealt. I had to get out of her room before morning. I drove back to St. Naphtali.

Back home, I slept through the morning. Didn't get up until noon. I had nothing else to do--and nothing else to think about, so I spent the afternoon and evening working out in the gym--finally I was the last in the room. The gym manager stopped at the door, "Eric, lock the doors after you, okay?"

I was working with the barbells when something cast a shadow over me. I turned around. Wolf Dante! "How's it going, you little fucker? Still got the hots for my sister?"

With that, he grabbed me, threw me back onto the wrestling mat, and fell on me, nearly cracking my ribs. Stunned for a minute as he knocked the wind out of me, I was limp as he ripped the T-shirt off me, yanked down my shorts, and rolled me over onto my back.

He lifted up my legs and mounted me, his weight on my legs naturally rolling my ass up, aligning it with the hard cock he had released from his jockstrap pouch--just like his I had done to his sister the night before.

The leg straps of my own jock were spread wide, like lane markers pointing straight to my asshole, and sure enough, the big bastard found the zobyathu. "Well, well, what's this? So you're a fag after all! Wait till Juliette hears!"

He grabbed the brass handle, and it started buzzing. "Let's just get rid of this little butt-plug, and you can show me what your ass can do."

With a vicious yank, he jerked the thing out of me, by then as big as a baseball, and I almost passed out from the pain. Then he spread my legs and worked his cockhead into me.

My brain was going crazy: That's the demon's ass. You're taking the demon's meat, man.

If all the rumors were true, Wolf Dante was hung like a palomino. But his entry didn't hurt. His cock sank into me like my ass was made for him. The zobyathu had worked.

God, it felt good! There was a little pain, but the jab was more like a spicy red pepper before a good meal. And as the big shaft slid into me, I shivered with pleasure. Much better--way better than the zobyathu-buzzer and jacking off! Wow, cocks rule!

Thank God for jockstraps, the perfect male underwear. Everything that needs support gets it, and nothing obstructs a lover's entrance. As Wolf's big ram slid in and out, he moaned, "God, oh, God--so fuckin' tight," which surprised me. I thought the zobyathu reamed me out bigger for the demon.

Then I realized I had been clenching my asshole for him, giving him the best friction, and it hit me--I had automatically strained to give my partner the most pleasure. Like Juliette did with me. In a weird thought-twist, it was almost like my first fuck with her was training for fucking her brother.

For all the rumors, Wolf 007 wasn't as experienced as he let on--his lunges were so crazed and frantic, he actually yanked himself completely out of my ass at one point and had to pause to re-aim. At that moment, I got up from the floor.

He growled, expecting an escape attempt--and I swear to God that was my original intention--but I lay back on one of the benches in the locker room. Couldn't help myself. I loved it. I wanted to be fucked in the ass.

Wolf was training me to meet the demon.

When I spread my legs and raised them high in the air, waiting for him, he smiled, crouched over me, plugged himself in, and--oh, what a fine feeling!--started plowing again. I hated the guy--he was raping me--but I went crazy. "Ohhh, Christ, you got me, you bastard! Oh, yeah, c'mon, make me! Let me feel it shoot up my ass!"

But just then powerful hands grabbed Wolf and yanked him off me. Herald Cobalt and my father had "saved" me. His face furious, my father picked up the zobyathu, touched it to my pulsating asshole, and it sucked itself up inside me again. "You have been chosen," he roared.

"Damn," I growled to myself, "he didn't get to finish me."

I got up, picked up my shorts, and pulled them on. Without a word, I turned and walked out of the locker room. As I passed the showers, I saw Wolf on his back, his legs splayed around the heaving body of Herald. Cobalt was plowing the man to the max!

And to my astonishment, Wolf, the big alpha-male, was broken--"Yeahhhh, take me, you big bastard!"--and as I looked closer, I saw Cobalt staring down into his eyes. Laser beams burning into his victim.

Controlling him. I shuddered as I realized Herald's powerful cock-antenna was deep inside Wolf's body, its radiations enslaving him from his very core.

With goose-bumps, I realized I was a pebble on the floor compared to the power of these men and the situation swirling around me. I couldn't get my mind around it: I had been chosen to be bred by a demon. I tried not to believe it, but the zobyathu was up my ass. And look what Cobalt just did to the baddest bastard on the Vazcla team.

Oh, God, is that my fate? Skewered on the giant pecker of a demon?? I thought about escape. I'll get Juliette, and we'll drive somewhere they'll never find us!

I walked out to my car and took off.

Later, I banged on her door. "Juliette!" When she opened it, I pulled her into an embrace and kissed her. Hard.

"What's wrong? Eric, What's the matter?"

"You will never believe this in a thousand years. All I can say is that I beg you to come with me!"

"Wait a minute. Calm down. Come on in. Let me take care of you." She moved out of my arms and stood in the middle of the living room.

When I stepped inside and walked toward her, Herald and Wolf leaped from behind me. Before I could react, they grabbed me. I was a captive.

Wolf carried me out of the apartment, slung over his shoulder like a sack of flour, like Herald had before, and he threw me down inside the Maserati. Wolf is a slave, too.

Back at the crumbling cathedral, Herald and Dad strapped me onto the altar again, and the dark clouds of fog began to form.

Soon I was covered with hot, moist darkness. I felt clammy all over. Sweating. In a steam bath. The black-hole liquor seeped into my brain, and I couldn't think straight. Everything around me swirled and moved in and out of focus.

I looked to one side and saw Juliette! Her face was twisted in a frenzied grimace. "Ah, yeah, you big bastard! Fuck me! Pump me that hot jizz! Give me your baby!"

Drugged and dull, I could only watch as the clouds slowly parted. Plowing Juliette, his cock hard and slimy--was Dad!

He looked over at me and smiled. A demon smile. A hell smile.

I rolled back my head and closed my eyes. At that moment the thunder announced the arrival of my groom. Barely conscious, I looked up. The black demon Chubog appeared out of the fogs. Jesus, that is one motherfucking big penis. I watched idiotically as he squatted over me.

Motherfuck. Guess he kills me now. I was too fucking drunk to care.

But the big thing made it into me. The zobyathu had done its job. I can fuck a demon. As stoned as I was, I felt proud! Chubog's fiery baseball-bat cock hurt like hell, but I had been in training for that moment for so long, I actually like it. My whole personality was transforming, like I was crawling out of a cocoon. "Ohmigod, Jesus! Give me that big cock! Take me, you big, black bastard!"

The pleasure was more than I could stand. Mind-boggling. Like I was about to explode. I heard myself screaming, "You got me, you big sonofabitch! Ram that big thing in me! All the way!" When I went hoarse, I continued to scream in the soft, wheezing voice until my vocal cords were blown. "Breed me, you big monster! Gimme your sperm!"

After one particularly deep stroke, when the sulphur-smelling demon bottomed out in me so deep I felt his cock dig my backbone, the dark clouds closed in over me. Hidden from me, he pulled back. Before the next stroke, the clouds parted, and I saw--Dad!

"Dad, you're--you're fucking me??"

Dad's big, scimitar cock, curved so perfectly to fit my guts, targeted my prostate and his in-stroke drove me so fucking nuts, I arched my back and cummed, spurting the family seed in big fountains.

I don't know if I passed out or not, but when I opened my eyes, the fucking was still going on. I looked up--into the eyes of Herald! I had the power-antenna in me! "Ugh, God, I love your cock, you big bastard! Fuck me! Do it harder!" Couldn't help myself. Suddenly I realized I had wanted Herald to fuck me since the day I met him.

He bent down to kiss me, and when I felt his lips on mine, again I catapulted a pint of jism, this time against his belly. Never had I been so pleasured by sex. I lay back to let him plow me. "Oh, yeah, you big sonofabitch! Gimme that big cock. Make me your bitch!"

It was fabulous. His cock in my ass was like being tazered in my guts--I screamed, I yelled, I went crazy. I shut my eyes in ecstasy.

When I opened them again, the big cock in my ass continued to drive me to oblivion--"God, yeah! Fuck me forever! Make me your slave!"--until the cloud faded--and I saw Juliette's face! She smiled down at me like a vampire, pulled back her hips, and the huge cock slid out of me. She leaped up, pushed down my legs, and straddled my chest. "Yes, baby, my little cocksucker, do me!"

My mind was totally blown. My gorgeous, graceful Juliette spread her thighs, and the big, black cock jutted out. Insane, I reached up to grasp it--it's real, not a strap-on. I licked my lips, then kissed it. Like I had kissed her. With my tongue jabbing at it, skewering into the piss-hole.

Then I opened my lips and spread my jaws wide. And I sucked Juliette's cock. This is impossible, my brain kept screaming, but there I was, on my back, sucking her cock while I held onto the huge thing with both hands

It suddenly hit me: I was no longer locked into the cuffs. I had been free for a long time. I realized I hadn't wanted to escape.

Sucking and jacking at Juliette's big cock, I got to her: "Oh, yes, baby, that's it! Show me how much you love me!" and a big gush of boiling jism shot into my mouth. Gulping it down and catching breaths in between, I looked up at her, and she smiled. A beautiful smile. A loving smile.

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