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Betting the Bride

by SusanRogers©

Chapter One

PRELUDE: Paying His Debt

Susan Rogers had her arms folded high on her chest and leaned on the window sill of her second story apartment, her chin down on those folded arms and rarely lifting from that pose. Occasionally she would wave to those below that acknowledged her but at that very moment it was of her best interest not to lift very high from her stance. At times she dropped her face down into her arms to mask her reactions to her hidden activity.

From that lofty position she was watching a softball game on the sandy field just below. It was one of the things she loved about their particular unit. It was adjacent to the busy recreation field and in the evenings she could always see what was going on. Her appearance from that high perch each evening was common, almost expected, and all of the guys waved as they looked and wished. Even though many of them had their wives and girlfriends at their side there were still many obvious hard cocks caused by Susan's casual appearance.

If dropped into downtown L.A. or Manhattan, maybe she wouldn't create such a stir. But out here in Western Australia she was as hot as the midday sun. Twenty five years old, short brown hair, perfectly tanned legs, perky ass and prominent breasts that routinely sported hard long nipples...she left nothing to be wanted. But most of the folks, men and women alike, loved her because of her outgoing, friendly Texas personality. Nobody was too small, too unimportant for Sue. Especially the children in the housing area in which she lived and taught.

She and her husband Colin were at the end of their third year at that family compound on the Western coast of Australia. The oil company they worked for went to great lengths to provide as much comfort as possible for all of its employees and their families no matter the importance they played in the production process, but with Colin being an engineer and her a certified teacher they had things especially good.

They were approaching end of their contracts and would soon have to make a "stay or go" decision. They had made an earlier determination three years before to use the isolated assignment as a chance to build up a bankroll and they had been very successful. It was really isolated out there and she felt life was passing them by but staying another year or two would allow them to pay cash for a nice home when they returned to Texas.

But at that very moment, neither work nor her future was on Susan's mind. Not at all. She was very, very distracted and looking out that window was just another part of the distraction.

Not just a distraction, actually. It was very clearly part of "the deal."

Until just a week before Susan thought it had all been over three years ago. The wagers, the quiet "deals" that had involved her but in which she had never been a knowing or willing accomplice. She thought it had all gone away, that it was a very forgettable part of a tainted past.

Since the very start there had been questions, nagging concerns about their first month of marriage. For Susan, those first few weeks had been so surreal, so unforgettable, and for the first year and a half of their unforgivable. She had held herself in blame for so long.

Then, about half way through their assignment in Australia there came the enlightenment, a jolting moment of truth. After a long sex saturated night that left them both in one of those moments where everything is so perfect that anything is allowable, she questioned Colin softly about their honeymoon and the week following.

At that precise moment, in that wine softened atmosphere already precluded by a long, sensual mutual orgasm, Colin Rogers opened more than just his heart to her. He opened up the past.

In those early hours, as he spoke softly of that quick but tainted period of their relationship, Susan's mouth opened wide at the revelation unfolding before her. How could she have missed it?

It had taken her months to get over his admission. So many mixed feelings. Anger and disappointment at her groom, yet orgasm inducing memories of her own behavior during those fleeting weeks.

But it was over. Never to happen again. He had promised.

But here she was again. She wasn't sure what circumstances led to her present predicament...only that she was obviously the prize.

A slow stroke on her swollen clit from a knowing tongue brought Susan's attention back to her present situation.

Suddenly she shuddered, moaned slightly and rose sharply before dropping back down to a lower level. During that fleeting ascent a sharp observer from outside would have caught a glimpse of her perfect breasts as they were quickly exposed before being covered again by her folded arms.

From the field below Susan appeared to be wearing a white tee shirt. What was hidden was the fact that the shirt had been cut off so short that the body of it was no longer than the sleeves. When she straightened up the lower portion of her breasts were clearly exposed, the trimmed shirt barely reaching down to her extended nipples.

Although she appeared to be looking casually out the window, Susan's lower body was slowly rotating, her hips rising and falling in a soft circle spurned on by the sensations flowing outward from her agitated, excited clitoris. Out of view from the others, she was actually down on her knees, her legs spread wide to accommodate the head and mouth that was paying her swollen clit such intense and devastating attention.

It was getting more and more difficult to keep her eyes open for any length of time and she knew the moans escaping her open mouth were getting more and more audible. Surely there would be a time that somebody besides the two of them would hear her.

It had already been going on for over thirty minutes. At first it was just the wispy flickering tongue searching her open crotch for a random target, masterfully finding and tantalizing an area she wouldn't suspect...not just exciting her pussy but creating erotic expectations about where the next sensation would appear.

Slowly, so very slowly, the adventurous tongue became more aggressive, more dominant, before giving way to a searching mouth. After the initial shock of the first exploration, Susan's mind slowly followed her body into the depths of his offerings. Now, she was pretty much a gelatin mass quivering and reacting to each tiny lick, every subtle suck on that expectant clit. She could almost hear her juices flowing freely into his mouth when his tongue drove deep into her pussy.

"U-u-u-g-g-g-h-h-h," slipped quietly out of her and her hips did a wide circular rotation. The pressure, the speed, of the sucking mouth on her swollen little bundle of nerves had suddenly increased.

She knew she wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. Her orgasm was on a fast track and she knew by experience that when it happened it would rip straight through her body and out of her mouth. She would have to suppress it, to muffle it with her arms. She might be able to abate her guttural noise but she knew there was no way she could mask the undulations of an out of control body that was already starting to quiver with anticipation, soon to explode.

Susan looked down between her folded arms, making direct eye contact with her benefactor who was lying on his back and looking between her legs up at her. How could this be?

She knew the answer. In just the few seconds it took for her to enter an explosive orgasm she was able to flash back to the beginning, to that period three years ago, that changed her quiet life into one of sexual devastation.

The thoughts of her past exploded as did her quivering body. She covered her mouth to muffle the sound and with one last look glanced down at her husband.

He was on the field playing second base!



"I wouldn't trust a damned one of them."

The wizened voice spoke softly but it shook Susan out of her little trance. Despite the multitude of family around her she had somehow found a minute to quietly observe the loud shenanigans of her fiancé and his close group of old friends while they were laughing it up.

She turned and smiled as she faced the voice. "Grampie" Rogers wasn't her real grandma but by this same time the following night she would be, by marriage. Susan and Colin were to be married at six o'clock the next evening. But at that very moment they were at the very end of that calm before the storm also known as a "wedding rehearsal dinner."

Susan laughed.

"Why do you say that, Grampie?" She wasn't sure she really wanted an answer.

Grampie snorted a little as she spoke. Susan smiled inwardly. Who else but Grampie would walk around a rehearsal dinner with a lit cigar in her hand?

"They're all hooligans and good for nothing," she advised.

Susan laughed with her.

"Surely not all of them, Grampie. Blake and Blain are a little mischievous but I think Colin's okay. And Keith? He's a millionaire, Grampie."

"Yeah, I know. But I've known him all his life. Believe me, every one of them is always up to something rotten at somebody else's expense and that goddamned Keith is an instigator. All that money just gives him a chance to be even more of an ass."

Susan laughed openly.

"You know, Grampie, I think I'm going to call you every week just to keep tabs on everybody."

Grampie laughed lightly and just waved her hand at Susan as she walked away.

"You'd better watch yourself, little girl," Grampie warned her silently. "Those little bastards have no boundaries and no limits."

Susan smiled as Grampie walked away before shifting her attention to her sister who was coming towards her.

"Old Grampie is just a little cynical, I would say," she thought to herself.

It wouldn't take her long to find out that Grampie wasn't cynical.

She was clairvoyant.


There was nothing real special about Susan. On her wedding day she was twenty-two, average height and weight and had been told she was very attractive. In honesty, she felt that she was. She was lucky to have a really nice figure and her other features were pleasing. She didn't put herself in the category of strikingly beautiful but she always had more than her share of attention from men. It didn't hurt that she was intelligent, graduating from high school and college with honors.

Although she had dated many men and had been involved in some very heavy petting, Susan never had sex with anybody until she met Colin. They were both in college at the time, he from Dallas and she from a very small town with a strict Baptist upbringing. Rather than hitting it right off they instead sort of grew on each other over time.

Their original plans were to get married in late May immediately following their graduations and to honeymoon in Cancun. It wasn't their first choice but with both of them just graduating and starting to look for a job they certainly couldn't afford Paris, which was their dream.

Actually, it was the unforeseen change of plans concerning their honeymoon that were the catalyst of events that would first invade and then change Susan's life. About a month before their wedding Colin came over all excited one evening. He had just got off the phone with his Uncle Keith. Susan had spent some time around the man and couldn't bring herself to call him "Uncle" anything. He was only about 40 years old and looked ten years younger. There was money there from the other side of his family and he had a nice business and family. His name was fairly known in Houston.

Colin's excitement was caused when Keith told him that he had to travel to Paris the week after their wedding and wanted to know if they wanted to travel with him as a wedding gift. His own family was tied up with school still in progress and could not travel with him.

Even though she knew Keith could easily afford it Susan was hesitant because it was their honeymoon. She gave in a few days later when she personally spoke to Keith. He assured her that they would have most of the time to themselves while he would be tied up with business.

"Na-a-a, you kids go at it by yourselves," he laughed. "I'm after the money!"

Still, it made her a little uneasy, a tiny bit apprehensive.

Then, after their wedding rehearsal that Friday night Blake and Blain told her that they had a special surprise for her at their wedding. Now that made her real, real nervous!

Blake and Blain were twins and old boyhood friends of Colin's. By themselves they were just like Colin...really neat, attractive, intelligent guys. Put them together and Grampie was right. They were dangerous.

The three boys had lived their life in mischief, according to old friends and family. Even though it had been rather harmless fun they didn't hesitate to make somebody a target. Susan had the feeling that they had shared girls with Colin in the past and she knew for sure that both of them found her very attractive. Neither of them tried to hide it but she felt no concern. Actually, on the rare occasions they behaved it was kind of neat to be the obvious center of their attraction.

Susan should have been more than a little concerned. She had no idea that Colin dangled her in front of his two friends as if she were a prize, teasing them with little tidbits of sexual information concerning her. Not a lot but just enough to whet their sexual appetites.

And, in recent years, "Uncle" Keith had kind of inserted himself into the boy's merry little band. He didn't just forcefully barge in on them but instead, over a period of time, became their graceful benefactor. All of them enjoyed hanging around his beautiful home in Houston and every now and then taking small trips with him, always at his expense. For Keith, the enjoyment came from reliving his college days through them and their stories.

But what the three boys enjoyed most was Keith's gorgeous wife.

Debbie was thirty-five and an absolute knockout by any standard. Although Keith had done very well on his own Debbie brought her own money to the table.

And her own rules, too.

Less than five years into that marriage the games began. Before their marriage Debbie had been the recipient of a lot of male attention and Keith had enjoyed a different pussy almost every week. Both were well aware of the other's casual infidelities that continued even after they were engaged.

But once married they didn't just wander their own ways. Both knew it was too dangerous and above all, they wanted to keep their young family intact. Over a few years they had two children and the kids were the common, unshakeable interest between the couple.

But for such attractive people the itch finally became too much. Through their little games, the two of them became the actual source of the "birth of the bets." Each would coerce the other into temptations with a little "bet". At first, it was little more than just goading. One of them would admit an attraction to somebody they knew or met and the other would nudge them into an innocent but erotic teasing of the unsuspecting recipient. But soon the innocent bets evolved into rendezvous that were full-blown "fuck and suck" dates with delighted partners. Afterwards, there was always some type of "proof" to be shown by one and always a price to pay for the other. In order for one of them to win a bet the other had to lose.

It was actually a system of controlled infidelity upon which they both agreed. By placing these little "bets" they each carefully controlled who, where, and when of the other's outside sexual activities. It was understood that neither would stray outside those boundaries.

And the boundaries definitely allowed the participation of the three boys. During their visits Debbie loved to tease them and Keith loved watching it. Without fail, he always lost those bets. At first there was never any real sex involved. She would wait until she had one of them isolated and casually appear in front of them in various stages of undress or "accidental" nudity. As it progressed over time she would eventually tease them unmercifully with her hands and mouth and softly insinuated suggestions, always in private.

Even though Keith was astonished at what she could coax them into doing, he also realized what a valuable source she could be. Especially concerning the sweet and absolutely delicious bride his nephew was about to wed.

Keith was totally infatuated with the innocent Susan. After some inquisitive coaxing from Keith, Colin began to share some of the same little sexual tidbits concerning Susan that he had already shared with the twins. After that both Keith and Debbie acknowledged that they found the possibility of Susan to be as erotic as it was unlikely.

But what the hell! With Debbie's delightful approval, Keith developed a complicated plan. He wasn't about to get off a winner. He and the boys already had engaged in a number of innocent and inexpensive bets in the past that had been stacked in his favor from the go. This time, the bets would be so tempting on the part of the young players he didn't think they could refuse.

The payout would be tremendous for the winners! Either way.


Their wedding day was Susan's dream come true. Without spending a lot of money it was absolutely beautiful and went off without a hitch. The wedding was in a small church but the reception was in a local hotel in which they had a room. As soon as they arrived following the ceremony the two of them went up to their room to spend a few quiet moments together before the reception. With so little time Susan was surprised when, after a long kiss, Colin laid her back over the bed and pulled her dress up.

"Um-m-m, what have we got here?" he teased.

He slipped his hands up her leg, playing a minute with her fancy little garter belt before moving on up and past the top of her sheer white thigh high stockings. She gasped at the unexpected touch on her bare leg.

Right then she wished it was all done and over with and they could be alone.

Colin moved his hand on up, finding and then sliding her flimsy pair of transparent white panties slowly down her legs. Susan never saw him slip them into his breast pocket. She would never have guessed that tonight they weren't just bridal panties...they were a much sought after prize that Colin was sure he would keep.

He dropped down on his knees and slowly started kissing up her legs, finally burying his face in her crotch. Totally taken aback, she moaned with the unexpected intrusion. It was such an erotic pleasant moment to break up the tension, not to mention it felt wonderful. He went into a feeding frenzy, absolutely bent on making her come. Susan didn't disappoint him. In order to make their wedding night special they had refrained from sex for a month and they were both primed and anxious for relief.

"Oh...oh...oh," Susan mewed like a kitten while her hips rotated gently as she elevated them in search of his mouth.

When she came, rather than it being a big erotic explosion it was more a perfect continuation of the evening, her muted orgasm quietly spilling over and out of her pussy. They both knew explosive ones would come later that night and there would be many of them, loud and excruciating.

But for now the crowd was waiting. They had no real time to waste so as soon as she came down from her orgasm Colin pulled her up. But first he did something so very abrupt, so unexpected that it should have sent out a red alert to her brain that something sinister was up.

She had on a really pretty garter to be thrown at the reception. Before he stood her up he kneeled down and quickly removed her garter.

"What are you doing, Colin? We need that later!" She was shocked that he had removed it.

Colin didn't relent.

"Later, you'll get it back later," he whispered. And he meant it.

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