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A Halloween Outing

by ZoieDoulos©

jennaslave lay on the bed, feverishly masturbating while her JaredMaster watched. He was standing at the foot of the bed languidly stroking His magnificent cock while jenna thrashed and rolled about on the bed begging her body to cum again. her mind raced to count how many times today He'd made her masturbate to orgasm with no help from Him whatsoever. He must have called at least twenty times today...



"Kneel down."

"Yes, Sir!"

"I want you to masturbate to orgasm."

"Yes, Sir..."

"Do it now, I want to hear you."

"Yes, JaredMaster..."

"Why are you hesitating, jenna?"

"i... Do You... A- are there further instructions, Master, Jared?"

"What more do you need, jenna? DO it!"

jennaslave put her hand between her legs and began to circle her clit with her first two fingers. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she started to become aroused.

"That's not what I want. This is not a seduction, jennaslave. you have been given a command, do you intend to take all day to perform this task?"

"N-no, Sir... i'm sorry, Sir..."

she worked her clit harder and faster. This was new and strange to her. Why didn't He just tell her to cum? jenna didn't question her Master's means, for it would not be acceptable to do so. Still... He'd already conditioned this body, which belonged to Him, to cum at His command. Three little words were all that was necessary to complete this task. Why didn't He just say them? But... He was the teacher. He knew what was best in her training.


"i'm sorry, Sir... i d-don't..."

"I'm going to call again in five minutes. You are not to touch until then but you should know that I am expecting a better performance for My next call."

she'd started to speak but the dial tone rudely interrupted her. What was going on? she didn't understand this exercise. she tried not to dwell on the why and focused her mind on the clit that had started to swell beneath her fingers. Obviously, she was to touch and cum... without any verbal command to cum from her Master. It had been some time since she'd cum without hearing those words. Could she do it?


Five minutes already?


"Do it."

jenna quickly stroked the cunny that had only just begun to respond to her the first time.

"Quickly, jenna"

"Yes, Master!"

she rubbed hard and fast but she knew it was taking longer than He wanted, so she leaned over the bed and lay the phone down, placing her ear over it so she could use both hands and still hear her JaredMaster. With both hands at work on the clit and cunt she was able to cum in only a couple of minutes more.

"Thank You, Sir, for allowing me to cum."

"Good girl. Be prepared to do it again."

In what may have been twenty minutes... maybe less... the phone rang again.




This went on all day. JaredMaster would call and wait and listen for her to cum until finally He'd arrived home and taken her straight upstairs to their room, where she now tried once again to masturbate herself to orgasm.

"My Sweet Possessor... i don't think..."

"Do it, jenna, or be punished."

she wouldn't have that. she couldn't. she moved to a doggy position but nothing helped. His cunt was just not responding to her anymore. Please! she thought, please just say the words! But it was not to be. jenna turned and lay on her back at the foot of the bed so that she could look up at her JaredMaster's long rigid cock. Oh, yes! That was much better. she was getting wet again. Moaning, she imagined His long hard cock inside this cunny that she fingered so fiercely... Yes... jenna lifted her knees to her chest and spread them as widely as she could, then she plunged her fingers inside to stroke that egg shaped spot that made her feel so delicious, while the other hand worked furiously on the swollen and protruding clit. she fucked herself with no shame for there was nothing she wouldn't do to please her Master.

When she came it was hard and fierce as cum gushed around her hands. JaredMaster watched with obvious pleasure as He stroked His long hard cock.

When jenna came, Jared could take it no longer. He'd toyed with her all day and now watching this lewd display before Him was enough to make Him shoot His hot load all over her face. But His sweet little cum-slut had done well so He rewarded her equally. Ready to explode He climbed on the bed and straddled her panting face and straightening her head, He plunged His stiff dick straight into her throat. she'd been breathing hard and now the air was completely cut off from her lungs. she gagged and choked but Jared fucked her anyway for there was no stopping His gift now.

It took only a half dozen strokes after watching her fuck herself that way and He was emptying His balls into His possession while He growled the words "very good girl" and "Mine!" through clenched teeth as He twisted her nipples brutally with both hands.

Later, when He bathed her, Jared told His jennaslave that they would be attending a Halloween Masquerade party the next evening and that she would be meeting some new people that He'd been consulting with.

"It promises to be quite an evening, jenna, and I want you to be rested and relaxed and beautiful, so let's get you dried off and into bed."

"Where are W/we going? Who are these people? How did You meet them?"

"So many questions, little one! I will tell you when the time is right. Now, is the time for resting."

jenna started to speak again, but thought better of it. she had pleased her Master today and did not want to disappoint Him by acting out now. He held her close and despite her rampant curiosity she drifted off into a perfectly dreamy sleep.

The next morning, Jared woke his sweet slave gently and took her downstairs for breakfast. jenna loved how He cared for her and nurtured her. He was always so in tune to her needs that at times she wondered if He could read her mind. He'd made a light breakfast of fruit and whole wheat toast and blended frappe. He smiled at her and for a brief moment, she felt that time had stopped as she was awe stricken by the light in His eyes. God, how she loved this Man! There was NOTHING she wouldn't do to please Him... Nothing.

Jared watched jenna eat with a quiet joy inside. He was always amazed at how she could take His breath away. Even in the first hours of the morning with her hair tousled from sleep and no make up on her face, she was the most beautiful thing in the world to Him.

When she stopped eating because He was staring at her, He cleared His throat and spoke before she could ask if anything was wrong.

"you may choose what you like for your dress today. There are a couple of errands I want you to run but nothing that requires special attire. I know that you are quite curious about this evening but all will be revealed to you in time, My little one. Run your errands this morning, and if you finish in time...? W/we'll have lunch and I'll take you to buy a new pair of shoes for tonight."

jenna's eyes lit up and JaredMaster couldn't help but laugh. He kissed her sweet mouth with a gentle need then left her to her errands.

jenna quickly put the few dishes in the dishwasher and hurried upstairs to the bathroom. On the chaise was the black leather masque JaredMaster bought for her at one of the many renaissance fairs they had been to. jenna had been fascinated by the craftsmanship of the hand-made leather items, but the masques were her favorite. Jared had watched her as she wandered around the booth admiring them all with wonder. That night in their room He'd surprised her with the black one that she'd lingered over the longest. It hugged the upper half of her face and was sculpted to resemble the features of a cat.

jenna picked up the masque and smiled as the memory of that night flooded her mind. Master had enjoyed calling her His little "pussy" as He'd placed the masque on her and used her thoroughly.

Also on the chaise were the Star-shaped nipple rings and a collar that bore a star as well. JaredMaster had marked her permanently, a long time ago with a tattoo of a crescent moon (her) that interlocked with a matching Star (Him). T/they'd chosen these symbols for reasons that would likely seem insignificant to others, and then T/they'd joined them together as One. When He gave her jewelry that was adorned with a star, she wore it proudly as a symbol that she belonged to Him, though no one ever knew it, but her. This collar, however, was new. she'd never seen it before and she puzzled over it.

It was a thick, rather heavy, polished silver chain, and it bore a small padlock also made of polished silver with a star engraved on it. jenna wore a leather collar and occasionally a locking collar at home, and sometimes when they went out to private locations, but never had she worn either of them in public. It had been JaredMaster's wish and hers too, that their private lives remain private. But here was a chain collar with a lock, laid out for her to wear when she would be meeting people for the first time. Whoever these people were... Jared intended for them to know about who T/they truly were to each other. she was apprehensive, but she could not deny the thumping between her legs.

she decided to wait and shower after her errands so she ran her fingers through her hair a few times to remove a few tangles then twisted it into a clip on top of her head. she washed her face and brushed her teeth, then a dab of deodorant and a spritz of body spray. JaredMaster permitted panties only on rare occasions and though He'd told her to dress as she wished today, she'd grown accustomed to not wearing any, so she pulled on a pair of white shorts. jenna's large breasts were very rarely unrestrained in public, so she chose a white lace bra and one of Jared's cotton button downs. It was pale blue and she much preferred the way it looked on Him as opposed to her. she slipped into a pair of strappy but modest height sandals and was ready to go.

In the car, she turned on the ignition and let down the convertible top, then unfolded the note that awaited her on the seat. The list was short but the items listed made jenna smile.

Use your credit card for this: Get a pedicure Buy something sexy at Bridgette's to go with your masque Pick up two bottles of champagne Meet your JaredMaster for lunch and shoes!

I love you! Jared

jenna was liking this night already! She went to Trio for her pedicure which was always a treat. Every time she left there it felt as though she were walking on air. Just two doors down from Trio was Bridgette's. It was an intimate apparel boutique that specialized in things that Victoria, with all her secrets, had never even heard of! Bridgette, was herself a Dom, but she catered predominantly to the submissive females. She was who the Dominant Men sent their submissive girls to, for items that the Men knew nothing about purchasing on their own.

Inside the shop there was a young sub with bright red hair, kneeling before her noticeably older Master wearing only a very sheer pink camisole that ruffled at the bottom.

"That's much better. I am quite fond of the demure, Bridgette. I want my girl to look... innocent."

"I have zat one in white and baby blue too, Darling, but she eez beautiful in zee pink, no?"

"Yes, I agree. I'll take the pink one and I'd like that two-piece baby doll set in the white, as well."

"Of course, my Darling... she eez very luckee to have such a generous Master!"

"Get dressed."

jenna watched as the shy girl scrambled quickly to the dressing room. she suddenly realized she'd been staring at the girl the entire time. It fascinated her to see such a public display of submission. she couldn't help but feel a tiny tingle between her legs when she thought of how it would feel for these mysterious people to know what and who she is tonight.

Bridgette handed the bag to the tall Man with the dark complexion and slightly graying hair, who then gave it to the girl to carry for herself. Then He opened the door and walked out first while the young sub followed quickly behind Him.

jenna was still staring out the window after the strange couple when Bridgette spoke, startling her.

"Vat does your Master require of you today, jennagirl?"

Bridgette, a very knowledgeable Dominatrix, rarely addressed the slave girls by the pet-names that she'd heard their Master's use, but she believed in customer service and part of that was remembering Her better customer's names as well as the names of their girls. Addressing jenna the way she did showed no disrespect to JaredMaster while letting jenna know that she remembered her and her station.

"Oh! i... i'm supposed to buy something sexy to wear to a Halloween Masquerade party tonight!" she'd been so startled her answer spilled out in nearly a shout.

jenna produced the masque for Bridgette to see.

"Ahh! I like zis very much! Eet, eez so... unique!"

"Yes, yes it is."

"Would you like to complete zee ensemble, darling?"

"i... um... i don't know, Madam. Could you possibly help me?"

"Oui! Of course! Bridgette's eez very diverse! Zerr are many options here!"

Bridgette put her arm around jenna's shoulders and whisked her off to a dressing room. An hour later, jenna left with a complete "pussy" ensemble and rushed to the liquor store.

her phone rang just as she was getting into the car.

"Hello, my Sweet Possessor!"

"Have you finished your errands, my little one?

"i'm on my way to the liquor store. It's my last stop before meeting You."

"Alright, I'll meet you there. It's closer to the restaurant."

"Yes, Sir."

"Did you find something nice at Bridgette's?"

"It's nice... but now i'm... well... perhaps there is too... little of it?"

"Not tonight, my sweet slave! Little sounds perfect! See you in about five?"

"Yes, my Love."

When jenna pulled in the parking lot, Jared was already emerging with the two bottles in brown paper bags. He put them in her car as He got in, telling her not to forget to put them on ice as soon as she returned home.

Lunch was delicious. They ate light again, as they were unsure of the menu for the evening. Jared reached across the table to touch His sweet slave frequently. she loved the way He needed to touch her, nearly as often as she needed His touch.

For shoes, they went to jenna's favorite place. The Foot Fetish had a suggestive name, but in fact, it was a warehouse shoe store the size of two football fields, with every style and brand that a body could want. she made her way through the long aisles to the nicer evening wear shoes. she was immediately drawn to a pair of black platform heels. They were one of her favorite brands for comfort as well as sex appeal and they added an easy four inches to her height. They buckled around the ankle with an open toe to show off her new pedicure.

Jared knelt in front of her and buckled each shoe around her ankle, while making a point to push her knees further apart than actually necessary. A quick glance confirmed that they were alone on the aisle and JaredMaster's fingers trailed up His jennaslave's leg to the edge of her shorts. When He leaned in to kiss her, His long fingers found their way deep inside His sweet slave.

jenna gasped and reached for His hand but knew better than to push it away.

"Who do you belong to, jenna?"

"You, my Loving Master!"

"Good girl. Stand up."

Jared remained on His knees with His fingers deep inside His slave as she stood before Him. He reached under her shirt with His free hand and finding her turgid nipple, He twisted it hard, making her gasp aloud.

"OH! Master!" jenna whispered as her head dropped back and she put her arms around Him.

Jared freed the tit He fondled from the flimsy bra and pushed the shirt up to suck the big hard nipple that He twisted so cruelly.

jenna was frightened of discovery but too far into bliss to think clearly. she held Jared around His head as she bucked her hips against His hand. she lay her head down on top of His and lifted a leg and wrapped it around Him as well while she started to cum hard in His deft hands. she opened her eyes to see an elderly woman making her way around the end of the row, watching her cane and not yet looking up. jenna was panicked, but there was no stopping the wave of orgasmic fire inside her. Jared held tight to her but jennaslave dropped her leg and pushed her shirt down just as the woman looked up from her cane and smiled a sweet hello at what she surely perceived as a loving Husband helping to buckle His wife's new shoes. jenna swore she could hear a sucking sound as JaredMaster pulled His fingers from her throbbing cunt. she was flushed red and breathing hard as the woman stopped and spoke to her in a quiet voice.

"My husband, Earl, got down on his knees when he proposed to me, and I kept him like that for forty-seven years! Hang on to that one, Honey!" Then she gave them a wink and was on her way again.

When the woman finally rounded the opposite corner, jenna turned to face her Master, "Sir, i'm sorry. i panicked. i was afraid of..."

"Let's go," Jared stood up calmly, "W/we'll finish this in the car."

While Jared paid for the shoes, jenna fidgeted. she knew that He was disappointed in the way she had stopped Him but His mild demeanor over such blatant disrespect was puzzling to her.

jenna dropped back a couple of steps as she followed her Master to the car. she was anguished over what she was about to say but she knew that her Master would always listen with an open mind about any doubts she felt the need to express in regard to her service to Him.


"Speak freely, jenna. you are obviously bothered by what just happened. Tell me what your reservations are, and I will tell you how W/we will deal with them."

"Sir? If You decide You want to use this slave and this body that belongs to You...? Then i will joyously submit to Your needs wherever and whenever they may surface."


"There is no 'but.' i do not question Your motives. There is only a... request that You consider my reservations about exposing innocents to something they should not be aware of? i am Yours to do with what You will and i cannot fathom O/our life any other way. However, there are those who, i believe, should not be exposed to what W/we feel is perfectly acceptable... i felt very uncomfortable with what that sweet woman might have seen a moment sooner... but i would have been mortified had it been a child."

"Yet, you didn't stop Me when you were approaching orgasm... which tells me that the thrill of being seen is arousing to you."

"Sir... i... the thought of... well... the idea of serving Your needs wherever and whenever You choose does, in fact, arouse and excite me. But a willing audience is far different from an unsuspecting innocent."

"jenna, I love what W/we are and how W/we are evolving in O/our world, and you should know that I am very proud of your service to Me and your complete devotion to serving me. There was a time when you would have taken a sound lashing before opening to Me like you just did in a public place. I intend to express My pride and use you in public more often if the need strikes Me. However, I agree, that exposure should be more carefully considered. W/we will discuss further, the boundaries of public service, but know this... in a setting that is suitable... you will serve Me without question."

"Yes, Sir! Of course, Sir!"

"Besides, that was your entire fault for looking so damned sexy in those shoes."

jenna laughed! she loved his wit, as well as His willingness to let her express her concerns about things. He was perfect to her in every way.

Jared still had to pick up His own attire for the evening so He sent her home to start getting ready. she took a leisurely bath with lots of bubbles and spent extra time shaving to make everything soft and smooth for her Master's touch. she washed and dried her long dark hair and straightened it to lay flat and perfectly silky. she made her eyes up heavy and dark to accentuate them through the cat shaped eye holes of the masque. Finally, she applied a thin layer of lipstick, appropriately named, "kitten pink."

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