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A Long Way Home Ch. 06

by dan57©

Winter lessons (a long way home 6)

Written in association with Dalhia57 without whom this story would have never been written!


It was a Wednesday evening. The Christmas vacations were reaching their end. Tim thought they had been very lucky that year to have snow for Christmas. It added a fairy tale appearance to the landscape.

They had made a long walk through the country not on foot, but on skis. Tim and Tom loved skiing and practiced every year. It was Leena who had introduced them to that sport first in Scotland then in France with Dan and Kira and this time on their own with their girlfriends. Quite evidently they had chosen to share that pleasure with them to whom they had been recently engaged. This new deeper bonding hadn't changed their way of life : the girls learned their lessons, made their homework and then had recreation with their buddies. The two professors really took seriously their job of sex professors and their students couldn't be more assiduous to their lessons.

Skiing is not widely practiced in India as the weather is very hot and the Himalayan slopes quite steep. Neither girls had ever practiced skiing and even less so on cross country skis. After the initial inevitable falls that made everyone laugh but were harmless, Naina and Ritu had rapidly become quite able to ski at a reasonable speed on such a flat track. Cross country skiing is a very demanding sport and their clothes were dripping with sweat when they came back to the house they had rented. it was isolated not to attract attention if naked girls could be seen frolicking inside through the windows.

The morning had been foggy and cold : they had skied in full tack with very warm clothes but, around noon, a warm sun had warmed the atmosphere and it got too hot for them. Naina had complained the most bitterly. Tim proposed her to try to ski with only a bikini. She had declined it, thinking he had gotten crazy but Ritu, for once, didn't agree with her : she had seen photos of girls skiing in very reduced bikinis in Switzerland and even one where the girl had squarely taken off her top. The fresh air had made the topless girl's nipples interestingly taut and swollen but she seemed not to suffer really from the cold.

They got back to the house to change. Ritu came down wearing the skimpy bikini she had brought just in case they went to the local swimming pool. She put on also her ski vest and put the rest of her tack in a rucksack Tom volunteered to carry. Naina needed more than persuasion from Tim just to put her bikini under her complete outfit. Tim and Tom followed Ritu's advice and were in Tee shirts. It was finally quite comfortable and the three of them greatly enjoyed their afternoon walk. The poor Naina was bathed in sweat that dripped down her back into her trousers. After an hour, she had to surrender and peel away her thick clothes. Tim would carry them. He had also to dry her carefully as cold sweat was the best way to get a cold.

Naina soon discovered that as long as she kept in the sun light, she felt quite comfortable and she enjoyed skiing almost in the nude. When the sun begun to decline, they just got back to the car. None of them wanted to make it a day and they decided to drive to a pub nearby. The girls' bikinis were stiff with sweat and smelled awful. Naina proposed to go back to their house to take a shower before returning to the pub but that was a ten miles drive on snow covered roads. Tim had a better idea : they had in the trunk clothes to change they had bought during a shopping spree into which Naina and her sister indulged from time to time. Now that they lived with Tim and Tom, their expenses were very limited : just the lunch and drinks at noon and a few things for their courses. . .

The parking lot was deserted at that dusk hour. Tim dared Naina to strip naked beside the car and change to normal clothes.

- It'll just take a minute or two and if a car comes, you'll just jump into the car!

Naina had always been rather adventurous but, this time, Tim pushed her a bit far. She turned her head around. There was nobody on view, no engine noise, just some crows in the trees. She took off hastily the top of her bikini. Her tits were perfect and added a pleasant spice to the white landscape. She put on a white blouse and buttoned it, just leaving the top buttons undone. She then wanted to put on her long wool skirt before pulling off the rest of her bikini but Tim stopped her in her tracks.

- Don't deprive us of the most beautiful view of the day.

He lifted a camera he was holding to let her know she had been videoed and he would keep a trace of her public strip tease in their private photo book. Naina laughed at his impishness and allowed him to take several stills of her pulling down her bikini bottom then putting back on her long skirt. It had buttons in the front and Tom bent down to open them up to the middle of her thigh. She would wear a long skirt down to her ankles but if she walked too fast or turn too briskly, the skirt would part and show a large part of her thigh to the whole assistance. Tim would love it but Naina less so!

To protect her feet from the snow, she was on her tiptoes on Tim's shoes but he didn't complain. Her tits rubbed against his chest as she arranged her skirt. She put on pumps and sat in the car. As Naina had been bold enough to strip nude there, Ritu couldn't do less than her sister. She placed her toes on Tom's feet and pulled off her top then the bottom of her bikini. She was completely nude between her boyfriend and his brother. She basked into the last rays of the sun and hastily put on a puch shorter skirt and a small pull with short sleeves and a poncho. She was ready to enter proudly the pub.

Six months previously, they would have been horrified entering a public place without undies but they had grown out of that feeling. Tim had explained to her, men had not special senses to detect bra or knicker-less gals but they weren't stupid : a girl trying to hide herself and not acting normally would surely focus the attention on herself.

To further convince her, Tim had offered her a triangle bra that supported quite efficiently her breasts but didn't prevent their pendulous moves. all the eyes of the male customers were centered on her tits. . . As the mystery had been solved, Naina felt more at ease to stay among a crowd when she was not wearing undies.

The next time Tim had asked her to enter a restaurant, she had carefully checked her own attitude : her fiancé had been right. She was looking down to her feet, avoiding the gaze of the other customers and, for some unknown reason, she was making her tits giggle wantonly as if she wanted to advertise she wasn't wearing a bra. When she kept her body on line, practicing self control to a level so far unknown to her, nobody noticed anything. She could relax now! Naina had now another string to her arc : she could now choose to look demure or wanton in the same outfit! It was just more difficult when they were in a dance hall. In that case, she always tried to dance very close to Tim or to her present partner. None of them complained : They considered it a very pleasant treat.

This time; the pub was really overcrowded. Be it at the bar, near the tables or in the small adjacent dance floor for the New year celebrations, you had to open your way with your elbows! Naina had quite efficient cushions to avoid bumping too hard against someone although she hated it. If she had been alone; she would never have entered such a place! She braced herself and followed Tim. She would follow him anywhere. He had saved her and her sister from ultimate defilement and she felt she had a big debt to her prince.

People seemed to get into her way quite voluntarily, perhaps to force her to rub her tits against their back or their chest. Tim had to acknowledge that the young Indian girl was so pretty that it was quite a likely eventuality.

Tim and his brother sipped a pint of a good ale but Naina and her sister just drank fruit juices. Even a beer seemed too rich in alcohol for their taste. When they had refreshed at the bar, Tim took Naina's hand and led her to the small dance hall. There were no slow dances,r waltzes or house music, just hard rock and the girls wore flashy clothes, hair styles and make up, a quite typical cocktail of some of the current undergroud trend, at least a small part of them. Although, Tim and his brother were respected professors, members of the gentry, they seemed at ease among such people. Naina and Ritu weren't certainly but they were with their boyfriends, so anything else didn't matter. Maybe they would have felt as safe as they were with Dan or Peter, although Ritu doubted that the shy Peter would have entered such a dance hall!

The dance beat was rather fast and they rocked quite a bit. There was no way of keeping their boobs on line and soon their hips and tits were swinging in unison. It had a side advantage : the other male dancers as they realized it stopped to dance and pulled out to watch Naina and Ritu dancing wildly with their boyfriends. The twin professors made it into an exhibitionof themselves and their girls. When they stopped, winded after about an hour of non stop dancing, they relized that they were the only dancers left and that all the eyes were turned toward them. To be more precisen all the male eyes were turned toward Naina and all the female ons or most of them watched the muscular chests of Tim and Tom.

There was a cheer of applauses and the crowd came in to congratulate them. They had made a great show, just like professionnal dancers. In the swirl, they got separated and the girls surrounded Tim and Tom while Naina and her sister couldn't even see their boyfriends. They just saw a sea of male faces around them and soon they discovered that some of them had also hands as they felt themselves being poked, touched, groped, caresses, handled in whatever manner. Their bottoms and tits were stroked while their shoulders were caessed. a few hands wandered down their cleavage or up their legs. Curiously Naina with her long skirt unbuttoned to the middle of her thighs was more fondled than Ritu with her very short skirt! God, what would that have been if they had worn their demeanor school very short tartan skirts : they would have been raped on the spot! Ritu shrieked when a particularly shameless hand reached between her legs. She slapped it away but her scream of surprise had another result : Tom extracted himself from the melee to come to her rescue and Tim appeared to the right of Naina. They never have been so happy to retrieve their buddies!

Back home, Tim prepared them a cocktail to put them back on their feet. He used ice cubes. they had a big provision of them in the American style fridge. A lewd light appeared in Tim's eyes. He unbuttoned completely Naina's blouse and parted the tails to expose her luscious pert breasts. She knew better than to fight him. He was in his professoral mood and wanted to teach her something. She let him develop his demonstration.

Tim took an ice cube and very gently applied it to her hot left tit. The coldness made her shriek but she let him continue. he rubbed it on the whole surface of her orbs, insisting on her cleavage and her nipples. Her breasts were aching, seeming inflamed. yes really, there was a flame in her breasts and it lit up soon another fire in her belly. The water from the ice cubes was dripping from her breasts and flowing on her belly, drenching her skirt but she didn't care. To the contrary she pushed her breasts forward to offer them to his caresses and hollowed her belly to make her tits appear bigger. She was sure he would love the effect. Naina discovered that her breasts wasn't the only place that was dripping : her cunt was oozing a river of love fluids and he had just rubbed a couple of ice cubes on her breasts!

Tim choose new ice cubes and continued rubbing her breast with them. This time he used both hands to fondle both breasts simultaneously. Naina head sobs and moans before realizing they were coming out of her own mouth. the treatment Tim Was applying to her breasts was really very enjoyable! Her nipples had grown bigger than they had ever been : they were swollen engorges, looking like gigantic raspberries and as taut as bullets. They would have drilled holes in Tim's chest!

From the corner of her eyes, Naina saw that Tom was peeling Ritu's pull up, exhibiting also her proud breasts. He grabbed feverishly ice cubes and began to imitate his brother. Ritu began to blubber as she got turned on quite fast by these lewd caresses.

Naina discovered then that the pleasure she had felt as the cold cubes were rubbed against her sensitive breasts was nothing compared with what she felt when Tim replaced the ice cube on one of her breasts by his quite hot lips. She reacted by grabbing her hair and drawing on it. He sucked greedily her breast and that was sufficient to give her a strong climax that made her juices flow even more freely. That was the signal for Tim to switch to her other breast while he applied again his devilish ice cubes to the tit he had just abandoned.

This continuous stimulation of her breasts was so enjoyable that both girls cupped their breasts in their hands and offered them to their boyfriends' ministrations. The twin sisters had closed their eyes, had their mouths gaping open as waves after waves of pleasure rocked their bodies. Naina thought that if such pleasures would be provided to her on a regular basis, she would see to have the ice cube reserve always filled up. She would even give up completely wearing bra and the lecherous men watching her be damned, she wouldn't care any more about them!

Tim and his brother wanted now to stand back a little and watch Naina and her sister from some distance. They thought it was thhe appropriate time for the girls to have hands on practice. They rubbed the ice cubes on each other's breasts to maintain their turgid state. Their nipples had grown even bigger than previously. The girls were so softened by the pleasure bubble into which they were trapped that Naina obeyed immediately when Tim told her to suck and lick her sister's nipples. Ritu screamed very loud when her sister made her reach their first true lesbian climax. When she was back on her feet, she didn't show any reluctance to return the gesture.

Naina was usually the dominant sister but she pressed her own breasts pretty hard to offer them to her sister's mouth. She just took care to arrange herself to offer the most interesting view to her lover and eventually to his brother. Tim came to her side to watch the pleasure swelling in her body and the build up of an earth shattering orgasm. It was so strong that she crumbled on her knees, half comatose. Ritu and she embraced and shared a long mouth to mouth kiss. Tim and Tom encouraged them but they didn't just hear them, lost in the contemplation of each other's eyes.

Tim had to carry Naina to the dining room and Tom helped Ritu to get there. The food and the rest were quite welcome for both of them. Tim had prepared a very rich dinner with plenty of aphrodisiac food with oysters, anchovies served with quail eggs following a receipt proposed by Casanova with plenty of ginger, cinnamon, saffron, pepper and coriander, artichokes in curry sauce. The artichokes, the quail eggs and the ginger were to the taste of the twin sisters who were really veggies and they ate a double portion of it. Tim and Tom enjoyed the full meal. The evening was quite likely to be very hot!

They cleaned the floor of the bedroom, leaving only a thick carpet on which they lay together. Tim took Naina in his arms and cuddled her. She purred like a cat in delight. Ritu came back from the kitchen with a bucket of ice cubes. Tom was with her. He had plunged a finger into her twat and she let him drive her that way with giggles. Tim took one of the cubes and rubbed it against Naina's cunt lips. She mewled in bliss. The contact of the ice cube against her clit had been electrifying. A couple of ice cubes followed. When they became too small, Tim offered them to the young girl's lips and she swallowed them dutifully. Tim was her lover, her master, her future husband : she had to obey him completely!

Ritu was treated the same way and she loved every minute of it as much as her sister. The contact of very cold water on her love lips was finally very pleasant! Tim and his brother proceeded then to the next step. Picking a new ice cube, they pushed it into their girlfriends' love tunnels, then a second, a third, a fourth and finally a fifth one. Both girls gasped with the unusual feeling of having something very cold against their cervix. Tim pushed a finger inside Naina's cunt to play with the melting cubes inside her. His palm was immediately drenched with a slurry, the mixture of the ice cubes, the water oozing from them and her cunt juices as she was cumming continuously. The effect of the coldness on her bladder was also immediate. They needed to pee urgently!

Naina told it to Tim and instead of allowing her to go to the toilets, he accompanied her there, sat on the bowl and wanked himself until he was rock hard. He then told her to impale herself on his cock!

- Tim, love! I really need to pee. If you enter my cunt, I could lose control of my bladder!

- I know it, silly girl! I don't want to fuck your cunt, this time. Your ass interests me much more! You'll be able to avoid soiling me! I intend to teach you a little self control!

- But what if I don't succeed?

- Then you'll just have to clean the tiles afterward, of course! But I think your sister has the same problem as you. Jump on me before you lose that fight! Tom, sit on the edge of the bath in front of us! Ritu, straddle him backwards like a good pupil!

Naina obeyed without comment. Her swiftness was a direct consequence of her imperious need. She straddled backwards Tim while Ritu did the same with Tom. They parted their legs wide and let themselves slide down their lovers' cocks. Both of them were quite surprised when their cocks pushed against their cervixes without them letting a droplet of pee erupting from their bellies. They clenched desperately and it seemed that their urgent need made them even more enjoyable to their professors. Tim and his brother laughed at their predicament and urged them to start fucking them.

Ritu and her sister felt like young girls fighting in a mud bath : they were about to soil themselves or their lovers and they drew considerable pleasure from it! Tim and Tom sported really huge cocks that heralded their ultimate excitation. Both of them reached at about the same time their climax and the impact of their seed jets against Naina and her sister's internal walls and cervix triggered their own orgasm. Tim and Tom hastily disengaged and let the girls squat, one on the toilet bowl and the other one on the bath. Their deserted cunts were too much a stress for them and they went crimson as they released their bladders at last!

- Congratulations, girls! No, don't wipe yourselves clean! We'll just take a shower together!

Tim pushed Naina under the shower. He impaled her back on his cock and soaped her copiously. Tom and Ritu joined them. The four of them laughed of their wickedness. They finally disengaged with regret, dried one another, exchanging deep kisses. Tim led then Naina to the place of their previous lovemaking. He pushed maybe twenty ice cubes in Naina's back passage, pushed inside her a dildo shaped plug to prevent her from spilling water all over the carpet and entered her cunt. The ice cubes had now completely melted away and their cunts were ready to be fucked by their big cocks. The coldness had just made them quite tighter and thus much more enjoyable, if it was possible, to fuck!

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