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Family Vacation

by papafrogger©

When the tire blew on the interstate he didn't get mad. When the engine overheated he didn't even get angry a little bit. When it started to rain he sighed and shrugged his shoulders. When he dropped his cigarette on the seat and they had to stop and put it out he started to get a little peeved.

Standing in the rain his wife Shannon held the umbrella over Veronica their eighteen year old daughter and herself while he grumbled and mumbled cleaning the burnt seat. When he finished they piled in the car and drove towards the cabin again. Veronica sat in the backseat with her headphones on quietly singing to herself instead of bitching about missing her friends.

Shannon stayed on her blackberry trying to run her office from the time they left the driveway until the signal just disappeared. As she swore and tried to hold her phone up for a signal he smiled and turned the radio a little louder.

She put her phone away crossed her arms and glared at him, "This trip is bullshit Donald and you know it!"

Looking over at her he kept his smile on, "No dear actually having you on the phone for several hundred miles is bullshit. We decided to take this trip so the three of us could get back to the close family we used to be before you started to run the world and Veronica started to dress and act like a tramp," he kept his eyes on the road.

Shannon wasn't about to let him off that easy, "I don't remember agreeing to this trip until next spring Donald!"

He knew when she used his full name she was pissed, but he didn't really care any more, "Shannon, you are so full of shit your eyes are brown. In the spring you would have made up more excuses not to go, but I'm sure Bob and you would have found plenty of time to fuck like a couple of bunnies. Oh did I forget to tell you? I've known about your affairs for some time," he smiled at her shocked reaction.

Without any excuses she sighed, "Fine if you already know why this trip, why not just serve me with papers?"

Pulling over he stopped the car and turned it off. Sitting there for a few seconds he gathered his thoughts, "The only reason is because I love you. It's that simple, no tricks, no lawyers and no secrets. I've had photos and video of your meetings for months, but until recently didn't know what to do about it."

She furrowed her brow and fidgeted with the buttons of her blouse. In a soft voice she asked, "What did you decide to do?"

From the back seat Veronica sat forward putting her arms on the top, "Yeah dad what do you want to do with the slut now. I mean Christ even I knew about the other guys," she snickered at her mom when she turned her red face towards her. "Oh don't act so surprised mommy dear. I would come home and hear you and whoever fucking like a couple of dogs in heat! Then when I would bring my boyfriend to the house you would rub all over him. You practically humped his leg for Christ's sake!" she sat back and slumped in the seat.

Turning to look at Veronica Don said, "I wouldn't act so high and mighty missy. I've got film of you and several of your boyfriends, or girlfriends, fucking like dogs in heat. I guess the panties didn't fall far from the crotch did they?"

His daughter froze in her seat staring at him, "You're lying and you don't have anything!"

He smiled at her and pulled a DVD from his pocket slipped it in the car player and turned it on. The screen lit up and she sat up straighter as the scene opened with her sucking some guys cock while a girl licked her crotch. The scene shifted to the guy jerking his cock in her mouth filling it with cum then another scene of the other girl fingering her cunt and licking her clit making her scream and orgasm.

Shannon could only hear the action but could imagine what was happening from the sounds.

Don switched to the front screen and fast forwarded to Shannon being serviced by a very tall thin black man. His cock wasn't very thick but it was long. She was sitting on his lap backwards looking at the camera which was hidden behind a mirror while he sweated and slammed her cunt from underneath. The next scene was two men; one had his hands on her head fucking her mouth and another stuffing her cunt from behind. Just as if they planned it the guy getting a blow job dumped his load in her mouth making her gag and choke, then the other man slammed his cock deep in her cunt and unloaded his seed deep in her pussy. They pulled out and one of them started to take pictures of the one guy's sperm dripping out of her onto the mattress and the other guys cum covering her tongue and smiling face.

Don smiled, "Those pictures cost me a couple of hundred bucks by the way," reaching over he shut it off and put the DVD in his pocket again. "I've got the whole week set up for us to get closer as a family. I want to do the things we used to do before we got so caught up in the fast pace of work and escapism," he turned on the car and drove back up on the road, "I hope you two can get with the program. I'm trying to save this family."

The women looked at each other, Shannon raised her eyebrows then Veronica nodded.

Shannon put her hand on his arm, "Ok honey, we'll try that's all we can do, right Veronica?"

Veronica leaned forward and patted his shoulder, "Yeah dad, we'll try. I kind of miss the fun we used to have together."

Laughing he slapped the steering wheel, "That's my girls!" He didn't really believe them at all but he was prepared for that too.

They arrived at the cabin an hour later. Don opened the house and the windows to air it out then after cleaning the fridge he brought the food in and loaded it up. The girls wiped down the bathroom and set it up and then un-wrapping the mattresses made the beds up.

The living room had a vaulted ceiling with a huge fireplace on one wall. The kitchen and living area was one room with a breakfast bar and a small table to either eat on or to play cards. They didn't have a TV only an old radio that got just a few stations.

The bathroom had a very large shower, a claw foot tub big enough to seat two and two pedestal sinks.

Both bedrooms were the same size and had King sized beds with blanket chests and a seating area next to a double window sharing a common walk-in closet.

Don and Shannon started dinner while Veronica put together the salads.

Don had the steaks ready to put on the grill when it started to rain in sheets hitting the metal roof like pebbles. Looking outside he shook his head, "Well I'll have to use the broiler in here. Are the potatoes done yet?"

Shannon checked and after poking them with a fork she pulled them out, "Yup, all done. I'll put them on the back to stay warm; your turn!"

Don turned the oven on broil and in a few minutes had the steaks done and ready to serve. They sat down and dug into the first meal eaten as a family for a long time.

The girls really tried very hard to please him but he knew it was just an act. Putting up a pleasant façade he fooled them into thinking he was happy with his idea coming around.

After finishing their meal the girls offered to clean up so Don went in to take a shower first.

Shannon turned on the water and motioned Veronica over to her, "Look we both know what the score is, right?"

Veronica crossed her arms and nodded her head, "Yeah I know what the score is mother. You can't stand dad in the sack and you can't stand for me to get laid!"

Shannon grabbed her chin and pinched it hard, "Listen to me little girl your father is great in bed! Even after all the other men I've fucked they never measured up to your father. He has the biggest dick I have ever seen and had the pleasure getting slammed with; I just need some variety that's all." Shannon started to wash the plates.

Veronica was shocked when she heard about her dads cock and even more so about how good he was in the sack, "But why don't you just have him do other stuff with you? Mom, if dad's so good can't you just stay with him?" she put her hand on her moms arm.

Stopping her washing she sighed, "I know baby, it's just that I like the attention from other men, one thing leads to another and we go to bed. I love your dad and don't want to lose him but I just can't help myself."

Veronica smiled at her, "Shit mom I'm just like you. I feel like I need to have a bunch of lovers, guys and girls! Have you ever been with another woman?" she asked her leaning her breast on her arm and rubbing it up and down.

Shannon giggled and gently pushed her away, "Stop that you slut. No I never made love to another woman but I was always curious what it would feel like," she went back to washing the pots.

Veronica started to dry, "Well if you ever change your mind when we get back, I have a girl friend that would love to get you in the sack. She even told me how sexy you looked."

"She did?" Shannon stopped to look at her daughter.

Smiling at her expression, "Oh yeah. You remember the pool party we went to last month at Cindy's house?" she nodded.

"Well when she and I went to get changed we started to kiss each other and stuff, one thing led to another and we gave each other an orgasm with our hands. Anyway she and I were just laying there catching our breath when she asks me if you had ever been with another woman. I told her I didn't know; but I sure knew you liked cocks then I told her about you making so much noise at the house, well you know," she kept her eyes on the drying.

Shannon's mouth dropped open, "Holy shit, I don't know what's worse! Your friend asking if I like girls or how many times you heard me when I was, you know."

Veronica laughed, "Mom I think by now we can say the word fuck can't we?"

She laughed, "I guess you're right, no secrets now, huh?"

Shaking her head they continued to wonder what Don had in mind for the week's events.

Don was thinking the same himself as he dried off in the shower. He smiled as the plans he had in mind for the two whores he had in the other room came up. Throwing on his sweats he entered the living room, "You guys want a fire tonight? I think it's a little cool."

The girls nodded and Veronica got up, "My turn for the shower!"

Shannon waved at her and turned on the radio, "Don't use all the hot water please!"

The closing of the bathroom door was the only answer she got, "I bet I get a cold shower Don."

He got up and went to the water heater in the kitchen closet, "I turned the temperature up a little. Even she shouldn't use it all," Don started to make a small fire in the fireplace while Shannon read her magazine on the couch.

When the wood was burning good he sat next to her and placed his hand on her thigh, "Remember when we didn't have any kids to worry about coming in on us?"

She looked over at him and tossed the magazine on the table. Smiling she ran her hand up his thigh rubbing his thickening dick through his pants. Leaning against his side she kissed his ear and cheek as she made him hard. When she felt his cock straining to be free she untied the top string and pulled his pants open until his cock sprung out against his stomach.

Looking down in is lap she sighed, "I never get tired of looking at your cock," she looked in his eyes as her hand stroked the length of it, "I hope you know how sorry I am about those other guys sweetie. I don't know what I was thinking when I have a beautiful piece of man meat like this at home."

She bent her head down into his lap sucking him in her mouth, rubbing his balls then licking the full length of his dick. While she was doing this her mind went back to the first time she had a chance to see it. They had just gone to dinner and it was their third date so she was very horny and needed to be fucked badly. Don had been a perfect gentleman by waiting until he felt it was right, but damn!

She asked him in her apartment for a drink and practically had to rape him before he would even get with the program. When she slipped under the covers and he came out of the bathroom turning out the light she said, "Oh no you don't buster. I like to have a little light to see things with!" she turned on a small desk lamp next to the bed and gasped when she saw the size of his cock.

He didn't say a thing he just stood there looking at her because the sheet had slipped down across her full breasts. He was a tried and true boob guy and hers made his dick start its upward climb to curve towards his stomach.

Shannon threw the covers off the bed and got on her knees. Her eyes were full of lust for this monster meat pole in front of her. It must have been all of twelve inches long and as thick as her wrist. She could feel her crotch getting wet in anticipation of riding it, feeling his cum fill her up.

When the covers were thrown off he gasped when he saw her in all her naked glory. She had the body of the kind of woman you would see in a girlie magazine. Full heavy breasts with a trim waist, flat stomach and flaring hips. She had shaved all her pubic hair off leaving her slit smooth as a pre-teen.

After she had her fill of his huge member that night she couldn't get enough of it or him. He was a genuine nice guy who would do anything for her. They fell in love and got married several months later. Their daughter showed up the next year and Shannon started to stray from the marital bed when she went to a local gym to get back in shape. The rest is as they say history, after having sexual relations with a pretty large amount of the guys that exercised there she had to have a regular diet of it. Of course she had to change gyms several times or they would call the house to get a date or meeting at the local hotel for an extended lunch.

She had her mouth moving up and down his shaft now that his pants were down at his feet. Her hand had his balls cupped as she rubbed them.

He had his hand on the back of her head as he pumped his cock in her mouth. His head thrown back and his eyes closed while she serviced him.

Neither of them heard the bathroom door slowly open and Veronica sneak around the corner to watch the action on the couch. 'Holy shit dad's cock is huge! Mom wasn't kidding about him being able to satisfy a woman.' She tried to be as quiet as possible while she watched her mom suck his dick. Seeing her parents like this was turning her on; slipping her hand down to her crotch she started to rub herself through her panties; her other hand was pinching and squeezing her breasts and nipples under the robe. Breathing harder she closed her eyes and imagined her fathers cock in her mouth instead of her moms. Just about ready to cum she opened her eyes again and gasped quietly because her mom was watching her as she lowered her mouth down on his cock.

Shannon had opened her eyes for just a second to discover Veronica fingering her pussy as she watched them. 'Wow watching another girl is a huge turn on! Her tits were magnificent; maybe sex with another woman would be fun.' Keeping her eyes on her daughter she started to suck him faster making slurping and sucking noises and smiling at her when she calmed down and smiled back.

Thinking to herself, 'Shit this is sick. Watching my mom suck my dad's cock is hot but since she knows I'm here it's even hotter!' Deciding to go for broke she pulled her panties down and dropped them on the floor, running her fingers up her legs she pulled her pussy lips apart showing her mom the pink folds and wet slit then smiled as she smiled back at her.

With her one hand squeezing her titty she slipped her finger between the shiny wet lips of her cunt then pulled it out to suck in her mouth savoring the juices.

Her action made Shannon stop so he pushed her head down on his cock again, "Almost there sweetie, suck my cock baby! I want to cum in your mouth!"

Pulling him out of her wet lips she smiled, "Ok baby fuck my mouth, I want to feel you're cum slide down my throat. Fill me up with your cum honey!" using her hand she stroked his shaft while her mouth sucked what she couldn't swallow.

Veronica was pounding her fingers in her cunt getting ready to cum but knew she would make too much noise. Pulling her fingers out she licked them clean and pulling her robe tight picked up her panties put them in her pocket and just watched her mom give her dad a blow job. She could hardly wait for him to shoot his sperm in her mouth.

Shannon kept her eyes on Veronica as she got ready to drain his balls in her throat. Going faster she felt his cock head swell and the first small squirts hit the back of her mouth. Pulling back she continued to stroke him using both hands, keeping her mouth open for his sweet cum. Humping up into her face he started to shoot deep in her mouth not giving Shannon time to swallow it all.

"Oh fuck baby! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!" he shot rope after rope of thick sperm in her mouth filling it up to overflowing.

Shannon had to close her eyes to keep from getting blasted but clamped her mouth down on his cock head to suck out the last of his orgasm.

Veronica had her hand on her clit as her dad hosed her mom down. She had never seen so much sperm come out of a guys cock before and was jealous of her mom getting it all. Slipping back to her room she quietly closed the door sat on the bed and fingered her pussy until she came. Her hand was a blur as it pounded her soaked cunt. Pulling a pillow over her face she screamed into it as her vaginal muscles contracted around her fingers during her orgasm.

He was in heaven; his wife was the best cock sucker he had ever known. Her skills were the best ever. The best part was she enjoyed giving blow jobs and drinking cum. He still had his eyes closed while she licked him clean.

Shannon was still turned on from having their daughter watch. Sucking the last puddle of his seed in her mouth she swallowed it down stood up and bent forward to kiss him deeply letting her cum covered tongue twist with his in his mouth. "Come on lover I need to be fucked!" she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bedroom.

Catching his breath he allowed her to drag him in the room his cock pointing the way. She jumped on the bed after stripping out of her clothes and lay back with the legs spread, "Hurry up honey, I need it real bad. Give me that big cock baby, fuck me hard," she had her fingers rubbing her clit and dipping in her open gash.

Looking at her he smiled and stroked his cock while she played with herself, "Oh you're going to get just what you want honey, trust me," kneeling between her legs he pulled her legs wide open and slammed his cock deep into her cunt making her scream with pain and pleasure.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me! Faster baby, faster! Harder, harder!" she grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them open giving him better access.

Grunting as he pummeled her cunt Don smiled as she whimpered when he hit her cervix deep in her sex canal. He buried his eleven inch cock in her until his balls hit her ass then did it again and again.

Scrunching up her face as he hit the bottom she could feel every inch of his cock as it slammed in her cunt, "Not so hard baby, it hurts!"

He ignored her protests and picked up his pace as he fucked her. Faster and faster until his rhythm was like a machine.

She was crying and moaning as he fucked her, the pain was getting worse the more he pounded in her. She wasn't excited any more and her secretions were drying out making her sore. It burned the more he fucked her cunt.

Trying to push him off because of the pain she couldn't move him at all. It was like trying to push heavy furniture out of the way on carpet. Pain was the only thing on her mind now and she couldn't think of anything else.

He reached over and grabbed the sex oil they always used for making love. Still pounding his cock in her red angry looking cunt he could feel his dick getting sore from no lubrication so he dripped some oil down on the shaft as he pulled back. After several drips coated his shaft making it slide easier he continued slamming into her pussy.

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