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Family Vacation

by papafrogger©

The lube he used had taken some of the soreness away but not enough to make it feel good. "Don what are you doing baby? My pussy is sore, slow down will you?"

He smiled down at her never losing a stroke, "Gee honey maybe I thought you wanted it rough from the way you and our daughter talked at the sink! I guess it would have been better for you if she had licked you first, huh?" his balls slapped her ass, "Didn't think I would listen in sweetie? Probably didn't think I'd do a lot of things did you? Well this week should open your eyes almost as wide as all your holes will be!"

She didn't know what to say her head was reeling. He had listened to them and didn't say a thing. Her mind felt fuzzy as if she couldn't focus right.

Looking in her face he laughed, "Feeling a little odd dear? It could be the drugs I slipped in your food," slowing his pace until he could slide his cock deep in her and pull out without any reaction from her, "Yeah weird huh? Oh by the way Veronica is probably feeling the same effects too. I'm not very sorry about making your fuck hole sore and I should go get her and put you both side by side so you can watch me fuck her. In fact I think I'll put her face in you crotch while I slide my cock deep in her bowels, won't that be fun?"

He pulled out laughing as she tried to talk but the drugs wouldn't let her, "Now don't go away! I'll be right back."

She lay there with her legs wide open and a tear running down her face. The cool air felt good on her sore pussy lips though.

He went into his daughters room to find her laying on the bed with three fingers stuffed in her cunt and a pillow across her face, "Veronica sweetie are you ok?" pulling the pillow off he threw it across the room, "What's the matter honey can't move? Here let me get this robe off you so we can go see mommy. Oh did you see my cock before?" he wrapped his hand around it got on one knee next to her face and wiped it across her lips milking out some of his pre-cum to drip it in her mouth, "There that should help, not you of course but it felt good to me. Oh ok, here you can eat some more. Does your mom's pussy juice taste good, I always thought so."

He leaned forward and slipped his cock between her lips. Using his fingers he opened her jaw to get past those teeth then started to fuck her face. She had never had a cock as big as his so he didn't want her to gag and throw up, only a few inches.

"See honey doesn't it feel good to have a real mans cock in your mouth? I wonder if it's better with your mom's pussy juices covering it. I'll just have to ask you later when the drugs wear off, because I just pulled out of her cunt before I came in here, cool huh?"

Stripping her robe off he bent down and sucked one of her nipples in his mouth then bit it making her grunt, "Oh did that hurt? No?" moving to the other he did the same thing. Standing up he put his hands on his hips and whistled, "Damn baby you have a nice set of tits! I think later I'll squeeze them around my cock, but for now let's go see your mom."

Picking her up he brought her in their room and rolled her face into her mom's crotch, "See honey I told you what I would do. Too bad our little girl isn't able to stick that tongue of hers in your box. I've seen what she can do with it and I bet you'd enjoy it!" pulling Veronica's legs apart he lifted her hips and pushed her knees forward so her position would stay.

"There that's sexy! Don't worry Shannon when I start to pound my cock in her from behind her face should rub your cunt ok," he could see her eyes getting wide, "Oops sorry I didn't tell you? Ever since I watched her getting fucked by her friends I can't keep thinking about how good it must feel to have a nice tight pussy again wrapped around my cock," laughing he got between her legs and rubbed his extra large cock between her pussy lips, when the head was a little wet he dripped some lube on the shaft. Using both hands he rubbed the oil along it coating the whole thing until it glistened.

"Veronica you should see how the oil makes my dick shiny. I bet you can't wait to feel it in your hole can you? No? Ok well here it is!" parting her lips with the head he let it slip past them then shoved almost all of it deep in her cunt forcing her face into his wife's sore pussy, "Wow baby you're tight! I bet you're glad I used that oil, huh?" letting his cock rest deep in her tight pussy he moved his hips from side to side in an attempt to widen her out. She must have started to enjoy it her hole had gotten more and more lubricated as he wiggled his cock in it, "Shannon I think our little girl likes to be fucked by daddy! Her pussy is getting wetter by the second and I can feel the muscles grabbing it. I should have fucked you earlier sweetie!" he started to quicken his thrusts and because she was so tight he could feel his balls tighten.

"Oh fuck little girl I'm going to cum in your pussy! Here it comes baby! Cmmmmmmnnnngngggng!" he pushed his cock as deep as he could and emptied his balls. The squirts of his sperm filled her box until it ran out on the sheets. Shot after shot of his man juice emptied into her cavity until he was done and slipped out unleashing a torrent of cum running out of her open hole, "Wow, you should see this girls!" grabbing the camera from the bag he started to take several pictures of his cum leaking out of her while she still was face first in her mom's crotch.

After getting some really good close-ups he snickered, "Well this week won't be a total loss; after I sell these on the internet!"

Rolling her off her mother he positioned her so her one hand was on Shannon's pussy and the other was at her own. Scooping his cum from her cunt he dripped some on her mouth and lips then digging out some more he dripped it in his wife's mouth and across her lips.

"There we go, it looks like my dear wife and daughter have been eating cum and fingering each other, or whatever I say for the pictures. I'm sure some of your friends want pictures of this Veronica; after all I heard one of your girlfriends thinks mom is hot," he bent down and sucked on his wife's tit then gently bit it, "You dear wife look so content to be covered with my juices from our daughters pussy. Maybe later when I do some other things to you I'll be able to watch while you lick her twat. Yeah, we're not finished having a good time as a family yet!"

He was a very strong guy so picking up his daughter he stepped in the shower set her down in the corner to wash her off. Using the shower sprayer he rinsed his cum from between her legs, "Daddy will be right back!" propping her in the corner he stepped out and came back with an old fashioned douche bag and hose.

Hanging it on the door frame he smiled at her while filling it with some stuff from a bottle and warm water, "This, in case you were wondering, is a douche bag. It's used to clean out a woman's vagina, usually after her period. I'm going to flush your cunt with it! Won't that be fun? We can't have any drippy dried cum in you now can we? If you and I are going to keep fucking this week I want that pretty fuck box clean a few times."

Taking the hose he slowly slid it deep in her vagina sliding it in and out for fun. Bending down he sucked her nipple in his mouth and started to nurse on it. Releasing it he grinned at her again and laughed, "Never thought to see your good old dad sucking on your titty did you baby?" still looking in her wild eyes he opened the clamp letting the warm water solution flood her pussy washing out everything in her down the drain, "I bet that feels better now doesn't it honey?" to make sure he got her cleaned out good he squeezed the bag forcing more fluid out like a garden hose.

The sensation must have been like putting a sleeping person's elbow in water to make them pee. Veronica started to urinate a strong stream hitting his feet, "Well hon, I guess you had to go," when she finished he used the little bit of solution to wash her off. Soaping a washcloth he scrubbed her stomach and down between her legs. Rinsing her off he took a towel and dried her as best he could then carried her back to the bed.

Pulling Shannon to the edge he picked her up, "Your turn dear, upsy daisy!" sitting her on the bench in the shower he stepped out and set something on the seat next to her. He went through the same procedure of cleaning her out, "Just wanted to make sure there wasn't any left over cum from your last lover in there baby. I normally like sloppy seconds when their mine just not someone else's."

Filling the bag once more he took the hose in his hand held up her leg and slowly slid it in her asshole until he hit resistance, "I guess that's as deep as it will go, huh? I've heard this feels good; but you tell me later, ok?" unclamping the hose he watched as the warm solution slowly filled her bowels, loosening everything in there. When half the bottle was gone he pulled the hose out and slipped a butt plug in her ass like a cork, "Don't want to leave anything in there; that would be nasty later when I stick my cock in. I know how much you don't like to be fucked in the ass by my cock, but if you watch the DVD I bought you'll remember when you had those two Mexican fellows who filled your ass with a little taco sauce from their dicks," kneading her stomach he worked the solution around waited the correct amount of time, amusing himself with licking her nipples making them hard.

Looking at his watch, "Oh goody it's time to pull the plug!" grabbing the short handle he kissed her lips and with a laugh pulled it out letting out a torrent of feces and water to be washed down the drain. She did the same as her daughter, peed on the floor. Using the rest of the solution he slipped the hose back in her ass squeezed the bottle and hosed her insides out until it was clear.

Rinsing her crotch and ass off he washed her clean with the washcloth. Drying her took a little longer because she was taller than Veronica, but he did his best picked her up and laid her next to the other slut on the bed, "Ladies you look good enough to eat, but I know you're tired and probably want to get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow and when the company gets here I want you to be rested for an evening of fun," reaching in his suitcase he pulled out four pair of handcuffs and proceeded to clamp them on them, "This is for your own protection so you won't hurt yourselves during the night. Now tomorrow morning you'll feel a little groggy but in a few hours it should pass. I'll give you some pills to counteract the effects so you'll feel a lot better."

Attaching Veronica's arms to the headboard and her feet to the foot board he had her spread eagle. Taking Shannon he turned her the other way and put her arms to the footboard and her feet next to her daughter's, "There you go, all snug and safe," bending down he bit each of their nipples then laughing turned out the light and closed the door locking it. Because they couldn't speak or shout their tears ran down across their cheeks until they fell asleep.

The next morning Don woke up and took a shower, made some breakfast and relaxed with a couple of cups of coffee on the front porch. Smiling to himself he hummed a tune as he cleaned up from the night before. Just getting finished with the dishes he heard his wife screaming his name.

He unlocked and opened the bedroom door, "Yes dear did you call?"

"You fucking bastard! What did you give us last night my head is killing me! Son of a bitch, I'm going to sue you for everything you've got and then I'll own you, FUCKER!"

Smiling he sat on the chair in the corner, "Well, well, well! My you woke up a little angry didn't you? Veronica did you want to say anything to me?"

She grinned at him and with a sweet voice said, "Daddy when the police get done with you prison will seem like a vacation. Raping your daughter while she's drugged? No court will believe whatever you tell them," she lay there with a shit eating grin on her face.

He continued to smile, "My goodness, you may be right! Is there anything else before I give you a pill to feel better? I know your heads must be pounding. It's only for the headache, nothing else. I guess I'll just have to take my chances in court, but oh well I deserve it," he got up and they could hear him filling glasses with water. Coming back in he put the pill on their tongue and let them take a sip of water to wash it down.

"I'm not going to un-cuff you until your headache is almost gone though. You might want to hurt me and I wouldn't like that. Just a little while so relax. Tell you what I'll start to pack the car while we wait," he walked out and they heard the front door close.

"Mom, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine except for the headache. God my head feels like it's going to split! How are you feeling?"

"The same as you, my head hurts a lot. Are you really going to send dad to jail?"

"No not really, I just want him to think that. With this evidence I'll have as many boyfriends as I want and he'll have to let me or else!"

Veronica laughed, "Man you are a horny little slut! I guess I'll do the same thing then, although..."


"Well, I really liked to have that big cock of his in me. Think we could get him to do it again, but gentler?"

Her mom giggled, "Now's who the horny slut! Yeah don't tell him but I was kind of getting into it last night! I wished you were able to move when your face was between my legs!"

Now Veronica giggled, "No you didn't just say that! Turned you on huh?"

Out side Don was listening with the recording equipment he had installed throughout the house, 'Just what I thought would happen, the tramps,' he thought. Taking off the headphones he moved away from the house and using his cell phone called the rest of the week's party guests. He had rigged her phone to lose signal.

Coming back in he quickly un-cuffed them and stood back waiting.

After stretching and cussing him again they threw on some clothes and went into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Don, sit down! Let me tell you how it's going to be from now on. I get to fuck as many guys as I want and you won't say a word! If I want you to fuck me after them, you won't say a word. If you won't agree then I'll get a lawyer and take everything you've got!"

"As for me daddy, I get to have my friends over for sex parties or orgy's or just to play music, whatever. If not then mom and I will have to have the same lawyer."

Looking at his feet he shook his head, "I just don't know. Maybe I should just turn myself in to the police and go to jail. I don't know if I could take being a cuckold husband and father. Sorry ladies I have to think about it for a while. I know what I did was bad, but don't forget you two drove me to it," he pointed at them then got up grabbed his fishing gear and walked out, "I'll be at the lake fishing if you want to find me!"

Looking at each other they hesitated then jumped up to stop him, "Hey come back here we want to go home!" he was nowhere to be found.

They walked around the yard yelling for him to get back and take them home. When he didn't show they grumbled walked inside and started to pack things up. Several hours went by and Don hadn't come back.

"Think dad's ok? He's been gone almost four hours, maybe he got hurt."

Furious Shannon crossed her arms and stood by the screen door looking out, "If he didn't get hurt he will be when he gets back!"

By now it was getting dark and the anger had turned to worry. Sitting on the porch they could hear a truck coming up the drive. A few minutes later a huge four door truck came in the yard and parked next to the house. The headlights were facing the porch blinding them.

"Mom, who is it? I can't see."

"I don't know honey," standing up she shielded her eyes and yelled, "Hey, turn your lights off we can't see! What do you want?"

All the doors opened and Don came around to stand next to the truck, "Its ok fellas you can come out now."

Two fairly large men and a woman stepped out then slammed the doors. Don reached in and shut off the lights. "Come on up to the house folks and meet the entertainment for the next few days."

Shannon and Veronica could feel the hair on their necks tingle and stand up.

"What the fuck do you mean Donald about the 'entertainment'? If you think we're going to entertain some of your friends for the rest of the week you can kiss my ass!"

Veronica didn't say a word just stood there glaring at him and nodding.

"Now sweetie that's no way to be after you told me what you wanted from now on. These gentlemen, Dave and Larry, are going to fuck you as much as you want. Marlene here is for our switch hitting daughter, but its ok baby because she likes men too. Now that we've been introduced you two get back in the house and fix some dinner then we'll have some fun, NOW!" he had been stepping closer to the porch and yelled the last in their faces, "Did you think I was so stupid that I would try to take care of both of you for a week?"

Pointing back to the guys he waved them over, "Dave, see that Shannon here can find the stove. Larry please help Marlene with Veronica and see if she can be of some help too. Oh, I think they need to be naked from now on, don't you?"

Shannon stepped closer to him and held her arm back to slap his face, but the guy named Dave grabbed her arm and with his other took the waist of her jeans and picked her up like a suitcase, "Let me go you son of a bitch!"

"Man she sure can wiggle Don. Does she do that riding your dick?"

She doubled her efforts to get loose kicking and screaming even as he carried her in the bedroom and threw her on the bed, "Look bitch do as you're told and we won't have to hurt you?"

She hit the mattress and bounced. Getting her wind back she screamed at him, "Hurt me? How about you come a little closer and I'll show you what hurt is you bastard!" she put her fingers out like claws.

Smiling at her he pulled a pair of thin leather gloves from his back pocket and slipped them on, "Ok I guess it's time to show you we mean business here," when she tried to claw his face he easily grabbed her arm and spun it behind her so she screamed in pain, "Now I'll ask this only once, are these nails real or fake?"

She struggled against his hand but soon quieted down as the fear seeped in her heart, "F, f, f, fake, they glue on. Their fake, fake."

"Good girl! So this won't hurt very badly then," he pulled each one off and tossed them in the corner, "Now give me your other hand!" she meekly complied and he tore these off too.

Holding both her wrists in his one hand he had pressed against her ass so she could feel his growing erection, "Because so much of today's women have been surgically enhanced I think I should check other parts to see if their fake too," he reached around and jerked her shirt open sending buttons flying across the room. His rough hands squeezed her breasts through the bra, "I'm pretty sure these tits are all natural. Hmm, you like it a little rough don't you Shannon?" she didn't answer, "Well, you don't have to tell me, but your nipples are hard as a rock and there is only one way to tell for sure and that's if your pusssy is wet and swollen."

He stepped back and released her hands, "Ok, stand up and strip out of the rest of your clothes, now!"

Reluctantly she slid off the bed and unsnapped her pants letting them slide to the floor and as his eyes looked at her body from her face to her feet she lifted one leg out and with a quick snap tried to kick his face, but he was a lot faster.

Grabbing her leg wrapped in her jeans he pulled it up dropping her back on the bed with a bounce, "I thought I might see some more fight in you! The bad thing is now I have to show you who's in charge here," flipping her over he straddled her shoulders unhooked her bra snapping the straps and pulled it off from the side.

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