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A Little Jazz

by molly_hunter28©

There are soft strands of some sultry jazz filling in through the bedroom into the bath where I stand. My hands grip the porcelain as I look at myself. My eyes shinning brightly, a smile on my lips as I look at my reflection. My hips gently swaying to the strands of music that filters in.

I can see you sitting on the edge of the bed, shirt undone, not even a button done yet. Your shirt is a brilliant blue, close to matching the color of my eyes. My smile widens as I see your dark eyes focused on me. The swaying in my hips moves faster as the beat changes.

I stand there in those black mary jane heels that I so love and the sheerest black stockings. I can see your eyes following those stockings up to the purple garter and satin thong. My hips sway slowly now, softly keeping your attention. The satin and lace demi cup bra holds my breasts in place but offering up ample cleavage for your gaze.

My whole body sways from the bathroom mirror, dancing now by myself to the rhythm. My eyes drift close and my hands move over my soft supple skin. I know your watching, I can feel your gaze following my every move. I smile, I can't help it. There's a power I feel as I move. I turn slightly in the bathroom to face where you were sitting. Only your not there anymore, you've moved.

You're walking toward me with that look in your eye. The one you get when you're on a "mission". I suddenly feel like a piece of meat about to be gobbled up. I like the feeling. It sends tingles through out my body, landing right in the spot between my legs. Damn, just a simple look from you can do that.

My body out of pure instinct moves towards you, even though I think to tease. It's just so hard when you're around. I always ache for you and it's a fact you know and use against me. I bite my bottom lip as you just watch, standing so close to me. I back away, trying to regain some composure, some sense before I simply loose myself and jump on you.

Then again, that wouldn't be so bad I think.

I grin, wickedly. I'm sure you can imagine my current dilemma as I look at you. Again though, you don't move. You are calm and collected while I'm a little frazzled. The jazz has changed, more sultry and smooth now. No longer are my hips swaying though. My fingers rest on my stomach, feeling those familiar butterflies. Finally I reach the cool countertop and gasp at the contact.

You're in the doorway, letting your eyes caress my skin. Looking at the satin fabric, watching it cup my breasts, caress my mound. Your jealous of it aren't you. I know so. I can tell you want your hands, your body to be that which covers it. I look up, I let my hands move behind my back, to the clasp of the bra.

I undo it and let it fall forward. It lands silently on the floor. Your eyes darken, heat up, burn with the same desire. So I might be back in control now I think. Could be you are just letting me have my fun.

That very well could be it. It doesn't matter though. I'll enjoy while I dare.

My hands reach to cup my nipples, rolling both, hardening them even more. My breath is rapid, growing harsher. I lean now for support on the counter. I let one hand fall, slipping over the smooth softness of skin. Resting at the rim of the satin and lace thong, I look at you and you nod. I let my hand slip inside.

I'm wet. So very wet already.

I let my finger linger over my clit, rubbing the hardened nub with just the slightest pressure. You know you do this to me. Make me crazy like this. I see you watching, absorbed. My other hand moves down and I decide to remove those panties. I turn, offering a view of ass just for you as I pull and step from them.

It's only then I hear you. Stay like that.

I smile to myself. My hand once again slips between my legs as I lean against the counter. My head lying on one arm, eyes closed as I picture you standing there watching. My fingers move over the wet folds, so soft, so sweet, and so smooth.

A little farther I spread my legs, putting on this show while you watch. I know how you enjoy watching, seeing me like this, leaving me so open for you, not able to hide anything. Not that I would ever want to, having you know each detail, each curve, is so freeing.

I moan as my fingers dance, as they play on each delicate nerve. Parting and slipping inside, rubbing and teasing. Feeling that sticky sweet dew, my own scent filling the bathroom as I'm lost now to touching. A finger slowly slips inside, just one and its nearly too much.

I gasp loud.

I've always enjoyed this, masturbating but now knowing you are watching me its so much more. More intimate, more arousing, dirtier.

Faster, you say.

I'm not to far lost that I don't hear you. I move those fingers faster, the new rhythm making my knees falter. There's that pressure now, building. I can feel it in my toes as my fingers, now two move inside my pussy. The feeling, so intense, my mouth opening, my voice filling the room as I moan, speak those soft little dirty words that you like.

They are words that no sweet little good girl should know but yet I do. I can imagine you smiling, a wicked grin on your lips as you know how close I am and that I'm waiting, simply holding back, wanting to hear those words from you.

You take your time. Only when you are ready.

Finally I hear it.

Cum for me.

Three simple words yet its just what I need to hear. I let go, crying out. My voice high as it fills the room. My legs give out and you are there to catch me. You stand behind me holding me up. Your fingers move to where mine were.

Rubbing, pinching my clit. Drawing out that pleasure yet again. Even though I feel I can't stand it.

Watch, you tell me.

My eyes fixed on the mirror, your fingers working between my legs and its all to quickly that I'm crying out, begging you to stop, to not stop. Wanting more pleasure yet wondering if I'll break from it all. I lean against you and hear you whisper.

Very good.

Written by: molly_hunter28

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