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My Ex-girlfriend Ch. 01

by covertopsten©

A few months after having been dumped by my girlfriend of four years, I bumped into the guy who was now seeing her. John wasn't aware that I was the ex-boyfriend and so proceeded to tell me over beers one Saturday night what he and his 'new requisition' as he called her, had been up to.

"Jeesus, I'm so glad she dumped the stupid twat she'd been seeing. She's a real goer."

When we were going out, my girlfriend and I had come to an impasse in regards to sex, the whole sexual drive thing having died a year before the break up, so, just a little intrigued, I asked;

"What do you mean?"

John proceeded to fill me in with what my ex-girlfriend had been up to since we'd parted, and I was literally stunned.

On their first date, John had arrived a little early. Monica was still doing her hair so he went into the living room and sat down. She came in a few minutes later, dressed in a figure hugging skirt, her legs encased in black nylon.

She sat down on the sofa next to him and they began kissing, my ex-girlfriend clearly more than a little turned on, her hand going to his crotch and unzipping him. John, not known for his gentlemanly virtues at the best of times, assisted her by freeing his cock so that she could grasp it whilst still tonguing passionately.

"Needless to say," he said grinning, "I soon had her down on her knees, knickers off, with that plump ass of hers in the air, rubbing my old bell end over her marmite starfish and probing her pussy with the tips of my fingers. Man, was she wet! And her with her stockings and suspenders on... I nearly blew my stack just looking at her."

He told me he'd played around like that for about five minutes.

"Until she was really moaning for it, really begging for me to push it in, you know?"

I nodded, not really knowing what he meant. When we had had sex, I had never been able to give her an orgasm.

"When I finally obliged, I very nearly shot my load she was so tight. I mean, I've had some tight pussies in my time, but Monica? Man, what a vice... And did she moan when I pushed it in!"

As he went on to say, he'd gripped her arse cheeks and 'went to it;'

"..really punishing her cunt, you know? There I was, my balls slapping against her stocking tops, and she begins to yell, "Do me! Do me! Harder, harder!" I pushed her head down so I could slam her cunt faster and deeper. She started whimpering then, and all the while she was diddling her clit like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my balls starting to twitch and was about to pull out, but a moment later she began shaking as her orgasm hit her... Her cunt squeezed me as she went off and this time she screamed, gasping screams, you know? Like I was killing her or something...."

That had been it for John.

"I just exploded inside her, red hot gushes of spunk. I whipped my cock out and wanked over her arse cheeks, spraying her stocking tops, her suspender belt and her cunt with cum while she just gasped on the floor, her fingers dipping in and out of her hole. I don't know how, but I managed to get up and I got my mobile and took a picture of her like that, her arse still in the air, panting into the rug, hole oozing spunk..."

Apparently, John and his friends had a little web-site where they would post photos of the women they'd fucked (with or without their consent) and it was agreed that Monica's was one of the more horny pictures they'd collected.

"Here," he gave me a card with the website on it. "She's unbelievable. We've almost reached the point of dedicating the whole site to her..."

"She knows about it?"

"Nah. Not yet. I've been thinking of telling her for a while now, but, well, you know..."

"But she knows about your camera..."

"Oh, yeah. Sometimes we look at the photos while we fuck. And the films..." He grinned over the lip of his pint glass.

"You've filmed her?"

"All on here, mate," he said, tapping the card which I'd laid on the table. "Just keep it to yourself, right?"

That night I returned to my flat and turned on my computer, accessing the web-site with the code number John had scrawled on the back of the card. Whoever had designed the site was no amateur and I didn't find any problems locating the cum-spattered face of my ex-girlfriend. The photos and films were in separate files and I wanked myself slowly as I clicked through them.

One film had John reaming Monica's arse and cunt hole as she lay on her back, her knees pushed back to her ears, her black suspenders stretching against her bum cheeks as she moaned for him to fuck her with his tongue. Another was of Monica on her hands and knees, bucking beneath the thrusting attentions of a bloke with tattoos on his biceps, whilst he mauled at her tits with his big hands and called her a dirty slut, every once in a while giving her arse a vicious slap.

The photos in the albums were named.

'Fresh Cream Pie' was of course the photo taken by John after his and Monica's first fucking. Monica was looking back over her shoulder, her fingers up to the knuckle in her oozing pussy, with a look of dazed delight on her sweaty face.

I clicked on 'Having Friends Round for Lunch' and discovered Monica on her knees, servicing three erect cocks; one in her mouth whilst she wanked the other two by hand.

'Rip!', a collection of three photos, showed Monica naked but for a pair of ripped cream pantyhose, staring at the massive cock she was about to be violated with. The second was a close-up of her cunt fully stretched by the monster cock and the third, what her pussy looked like after her fucking, with what looked like a gallon of spunk drenching her pubes and ripped tights.

'Naughty Girl' had Monica with her head between the thighs of a busty brunette who was sitting in an armchair in front of her, the brunette's knees hanging over the armrests to give Monika better access. John was in the background grinning with his stiff prick gripped in one hand. I saw that this picture also had a video link so I clicked on it.

"...that's it... Give her a good licking..." John positions himself behind Monica, wanking his cock, its head purple and swollen.

"Good, deep licks... get in there... that's it. Yeah, that's it..."

The brunette takes a handful of my ex-girlfriend's hair and starts revolving her hips against Monica's mouth. Monica takes a hold of the brunette's thighs to stretch her legs wider. The brunette throws her head back and gasps.

"Yeah, good, good..." says John as with one hand he takes Monica by the waist and with the other guides his cock into her from behind. Monica's groans are muffled because her face is being pressed hard into the brunette's spread cunt, but her body literally quivers as John begins to fuck her, slowly at first but gradually building up a rhythm.

"Ooh, yeah... that's it. That hits the spot." Monica's groans are coming more frequently now and she tries to lift her face from the woman's wet cunt but John isn't having any of that. He pushes Monica's head back down whilst he fucks her.

"...go on... do it... lick that cunt, lick it good and proper..." Monica starts to groan louder as John hammers into her, his thighs slapping against her bum cheeks and the brunette begins to buck her hips with each thrust from John. A moment later and my ex-girlfriend starts to cum from John's attentions, the cameraman going in close, Monica's cunt gripping and spasming around John's girth as he pulls back and pushes in, pulls back and pushes in.

"Yeah... Oh, yeah! Fuck!" Monica is still cumming as John loses it. His yells are accompanied a moment later by the 'squit-squit-squit' of his cum exploding from Monica's cunt with every one of his thrusts. The brunette shudders and bucks around Monica's mouth, pressing Monica's face into her, now screaming as her own orgasm hits her...

My own cock exploded cum across the screen a moment later. Needless to say, I have returned to that website on numerous occasions since and one day I will describe more of my ex-girlfriend's exploits.

Written by: covertopsten

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