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Building a Better Jessica Ch. 03

by DeeperDown©

"Are you ready to lick my slit, my little slut?"

Jessica knew what she wanted to hear.

"Yessss. Let me lick your cunt please." Her voice had betrayed her lust. Her modesty was gone and she was driven to begging.

Jiao moaned and lowered her hips to press her sopping cunt onto her face.

"Lick my cunt, you filthy slut."

Jessica could only answer with a moan. Her mouth was covered by Jiao's wet mound and she lapped up the girls juices eagerly. Her tongue darting back and forth from fucking her with tongue to licking at her clit.

Jessica had never tasted a woman before, not even herself. Now, she was addicted to the sweet gushing taste. Jiao began to rock her hips, grinding her cunt into Jessica's face and exposing her own bleached asshole to her tongue on every stroke.

The rocking stopped and Jessica plunged her tongue into Jiao's ass, picking up where she had left off yesterday. Things were different now though, she felt like a filthy slut and it was liberating.

She was jolted by the sensation of hair tickling her thighs. Hairless, they were even more sensitive. Seconds later she felt Jiao's tongue pushing between her own wet mound. Jessica had never had a sixty-nine before but it felt amazing. She moaned and redoubled the intensity with which she penetrated Jiao's asshole with her tongue.

The buzzer dinged, startling both women.

Jiao raised her head from Jessica's leaking hole.

"It's been fifteen minutes. You need to get into the shower now."

Her hair. Jessica had completely forgotten about her hair. At this moment she didn't care either. She had one thought on her mind -- cumming -- and it was all she was interested in doing right now.

Jiao dismounted the chair, pulling her sopping cunt from Jessica's face. Her juices had run down Jessica's face, over her chin and glistened on her breasts. Jiao bent, locked her gaze with Jessica's and slowly licked her juices from her breasts, up her neck before sealing her lips over Jessica's own in an open-mouth kiss.

Jessica could taste Jiao and herself all over Jiao's tongue and eagerly pushed her own pink tongue into the other woman's mouth. She was hot and she needed to cum, badly.

Jiao broke the kiss. Jessica tried desperately to hold onto the other woman's mouth. Without negotiation, Jiao grabbed Jessica roughly by the arms and dragged her, stumbling in her heels, to the shower where she turned the warm water on and left her splayed on the tile floor.

"Wash out your hair. I'll be back."

Jessica sat stunned for a moment. Her pussy throbbed with need and the taste of Jiao's slit was still strong in her mouth. Her arousal was not fading. Her nipples stood rigid from her chest, from lust, not the warm water.

Gently, she pushed herself to her feet. Standing in the shower with the tall heels she began to rinse the ink black dye from her hair. It pooled at her feet, looking out of place in frame with her Caucasian skin and high strapped heels.

She felt Jiao before she heard her. The girls arms wrapped around her waist from behind startling her. She could feel the other woman's soft naked breasts against her back. Her pussy throbbed in response.

"Bend over slut."

Jessica hesitated, unsure of the command.

"Get on your knees. Now." It was a command. Jessica hesitated and then awkwardly bent over.

"Get on your knees, spread your legs and arms." Jessica's face flushed with both embarrassment and lust as she bent over into a doggie style position in the shower. The warm shower continued to cascade over her body, but the water running off her body was no longer darkened by dye.

"Ass up, arched your back slut." Jessica did her best to comply. Her legs were spread wide displaying her cunt obscenely. Her back arched uncomfortably and forced her to lower her head closer to the tile floor.

Jiao cupped Jessica's mound with her hand, eliciting a deep moan from the newly raven haired girl.

"Do you need to be fucked, slut?" Jessica's responded with a deep low moan and thrust her hips in a fruitless effort to gain relief from Jiao's unmoving hand.

Jiao leaned over and began furiously licking Jessica's exposed asshole. Jessica shook and moaned. She panted uncontrollably.

Jiao paused and then gathered a mouth full of saliva. Carefully she allowed it to spill from her mouth onto Jessica's exposed bud. Without taking her eyes off Jessica's asshole she fumbled with her hands on the cool tile floor until she found the anal plug she had brought with her into the shower.

Swiftly and before Jessica could realize what was happening Jiao rammed the plug into Jessica's ass. Bursting past the sphincter, Jiao pushed it right to the hilt then quickly released Jessica's mound, stood up and backed away.

Moaning with lust and pain Jessica rolled over on the tile floor. Her body needed to cum and the sharp pain in her ass caused her heart to beat faster. She could hear the blood as it rushed through her ears. The pain was excruciating and she cried out and sobbed until slowly, as her muscles flexed and tried in vain to expel the plug, the feeling began to turn to pleasure.

Jessica had never had anal sex before. Not even with a finger. Now, she found herself with a plug in her ass and a desperate desire to stroke her clit. She was so close to cumming now.

Jiao broke Jessica's concentration.

"Get up, slut. We have to finish getting you ready."

Jiao, naked herself, strolled out of the shower and as if sensing that Jessica wanted to do nothing more than stay there and bring herself off, she turned the water temperature to cold.

Jessica shrieked. She tried to stumble to her feet but the combination of heels and the plug in her ass forced her to fall twice before she finally made her way awkwardly out of the shower stall. She was alone in the shower room but saw that there had been towels left out for her. She wrapped herself in one to stay warm and began drying her hair and body.

Jiao returned with a bag and dropped it in the corner before quickly approach Jessica.

"We don't have time for this." Jiao swatted the towel away from her body, grabbed Jessica's arm and dragged her to another stall in the room. Flipping a switch Jessica felt herself surrounded in warm air.

"Use this to speed up your hair." Jiao tossed Jessica a fresh towel and closed the door. The warm air felt wonderful against her skin. Her ass throbbed from the plug lodged deep inside, she flexed her muscles and the pain made her flinch.

Several minutes later, and fully dried, Jessica stepped out of the stall and into the colder air.

Jiao stood there waiting for her.

"Put these on." She passed Jessica a flimsy ball of material which when unraveled appeared to be a pair of tight fishnet stockings with holes in the bottom so that she could wear them over she heels. Jessica bent and began to awkwardly pull them over her shoes as Jiao returned to the small bag. The stockings fit and came to her mid-thigh. They were very tight at the top and didn't need garters to be held in place. The dark fishnet framed her hairless mound and made it look even more wanton and obscene.

"Follow me." Jiao gestured and left the room with the bag and the rest of the contents under her arm.

Jessica followed awkwardly behind. She felt completely degraded wearing high heels, stockings and a plug deep in her ass. She caught up to Jiao as she was wrapping herself in a warm robe, her wet hair fell down her back.

"Sit here and we'll get you ready for your training."

"My training?" Jessica asked questioningly as she sat gingerly in the salon chair. The plug pressed deeper inside her.

Jiao walked quickly to the bag and retrieved and item.

"Yes your training. In a little while you're going to get fucked."

Jessica was taken aback at the bluntness but she couldn't hide the fact that the words instantly made her pussy wet. As if reading her mind, Jiao returned and roughly forced Jessica's legs open.

"You want to cum don't you baby?" Jiao's voice had fallen again seductively. "You want to feel a big cock in your cunt?" Jessica shuddered with lust as Jiao's fingernails traced their way down her mound and flicked her clit.

Jiao drew her hand back to her mouth and licked Jessica's juices off her finger. She bent and inserted a small egg-shaped vibrator into Jessica's sopping cunt, eliciting a deep moan. The vibrations from the vibrator in her love tunnel shook the plastic plug in her ass producing a sensation she had never felt before.

"You want to be ready to be fucked don't you, slut?" Jiao gently combed Jessica's still damp hair while Jessica spasmed and thrust her hips trying desperately to gain release from the vibrator lodged in her slit.

"Yessss," Jessica moaned. "I need to be fucked."

"Why do you need to be fucked?" Jiao coached. She had finished with Jessica's hair and had gathered it to the side to expose her neck.

"It feels good," Jessica moaned, her hips now thrust obscenely into the air trying to milk an orgasm out of the invaders deep inside her.

"No baby, what's the real reason you need to be fucked?" Jiao gently began fastening a plain black leather collar around the girls neck. A simple silver clasp held it in the back. The only decoration a large silver ring in the front.

"I'm a slut and I need it in my cunt." Jessica's body spasmed with the admission. She was close to orgasm now but seemingly unable to drive herself over the ledge she'd been brought so close to since she arrived.

"Good slut. You're ready to be fucked now."

Written by: DeeperDown

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