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Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control

by shoguy©

"Well mother it looks like Frank and I will be in Vegas all weekend fucking and playing with each other. Oh- and if you only knew the size of your fathers enormous cock and the way that it fucks, I know that it would absolutly make you jealous. Sorry mom, but I'll be in Vegas with your father fucking all weekend while you're playing tennis or going to the club with your stuffy old friends."

What Allison didn't know was that her mother was also going to Vegas for a weekend of wild fucking; not with her grandfather, but with the three young Middle Eastern men that were at the party. Her mother had agreed to go to Vegas with the three men as a special gift from her father to them for the business deal that went wrong for the three sheiks and that Frank made over one hundred million dollars from. Her mother knew that Frank owned her for the lifestyle he provided them and she knew that it was the only thing she could do when her father told her that the three men would like to take her to Vegas for the weekend. She knew that the weekend would only be about one thing –fucking and pleasing them. Just the thought of being with three Middle Eastern men who wanted her for nothing more than pleasure absolutely turned Allison's mother on. She would soon find out that these men were very rough with women and demanded obedience. She would also learn that they each had big cocks, not quite as big as her fathers, but each was ten inches, and all desperate to be pleased!


Written by: shoguy

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories