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Aunt Faith

by docholiday1981©

The story I'm about to tell you took place in the summer of 1995, which was the summer a 18-year-old boy became a man and a father. I lived with both parents in a house that was fairly big and had an apartment below it that we used to rent out.

My mother's youngest sister, aunt Faith, got married at the age of 25 and had her first daughter at the age of 27.

Her husband, uncle Harry, was 10 years older than her and was not very well off so my parents let them stay in the apartment below us until they could afford to get their own place. Harry got a job offer in Germany for a food chain company with a good pay. He was soon gone and left my aunt alone with their 2-year-old daughter.

My aunt was scared to spend the night in the apartment with just her 2-year-old and asked my mother if she could have her nephew (Me) spend the night at her place.

The apartment had a living room, a kitchen, a bath, and one bedroom. She put a futon for me on the floor next to her bed because she was afraid that I would toss and turn at night and end up waking or even smothering her daughter.

The room was dark and I laid on top of the futon while my aunt was getting ready for bed on the other side of the bed. I could hear her taking off her clothes and putting on her nightdress.

She got in bed and told me how grateful she was to have me around as her man to protect her at night. I was lying in my place for a good hour and a half without being able to sleep when I heard my aunt rub her feet on the bed sheets making a noise that got my attention.

I have liked women's feet since I was 4 years old and used to play with my mother's friends' feet whenever they came to visit. As I got older, my taste for feet became more refined and disciplined. I only liked high arches, with toes that were not too narrow at the top or crocked.

Each toe had to be gradually longer than the one next to it starting with the pinky and ending up with the big toe. The soles needed to be wrinkly other wise I wouldn't pay them a second glance. My aunt's feet were exactly all that except that the toe next to the big toe was about the same length.

I got up and crawled to the base of her bed making sure I didn't make any noise since the closet next to her bed had mirrors on the doors and she would be able to see me without getting up. I could see the soles of her feet but the toes were still covered by the sheet.

I got my nose close enough to sniff them but I could hardly detect any scent at all. I slowly exposed her toes and put my nose in the small space between her big toe and the one next to it and filled my lungs with a mesmerizing aroma.

I stuck my tongue in that space and rubbed it in and out of there for five or six times and then put it back in my mouth trying to taste her foot flavor like a foot connoisseur.

My heart was pounding in my chest and my eardrums sounded like an African tribe celebrating before consuming a human meal. My breathing was very heavy and when I got close again to her feet for another tasting she moved her right foot away from my face.

I froze immediately and held my breathe until she seemed to settle back, I then proceeded to lick her left sole and got bold enough to suck the bottom of her heel into my mouth. I did that since I tested my own feet and noticed that part to be the least sensitive part.

I then licked all the way up to her toes and took her big toe into my mouth, she wiggled her toes a little and I almost had a heart attack, I immediately docked down and crawled back to my futon thinking that was enough risk taking for one night.

The next day she came up to my house around 2 in the afternoon and sat next to me in the living room while my mom went to the kitchen to make tea. She had her socks on and she moved her foot until it touched mine, I didn't move away and I did nothing, she soon started wiggling her toes like she was tickling me. I looked at her and with a smile she asked if I were ticklish.

I confessed that if rubbed very gently my soles were very sensitive and ticklish. I asked her if she were ticklish and her answer was on her soles, right below her toes, and between them. She then told me about thinking of getting a French manicure done on her toes and asked me what I thought about it.

I was not sure how to answer her question because up until that moment no one knew how French manicured toes turned me on beyond any control. I said that I thought her toes and feet were very lovely and a manicure would make them even lovelier.

She stayed a while longer with my mother and I and then excused herself to go get her nails done and buy groceries leaving her daughter with my mom. At around 6 she came back and asked me to help her get her stuff into the apartment while she got her daughter.

As I was sitting in her living room watching TV she came in and was wearing a silk robe and sat down across from when, crossed her legs, which parted her robe open exposed her left leg up to the knee.

She was breastfeeding her daughter and bouncing her left leg, which cased the robe to fall off exposing her entire left thigh. I immediately noticed that she had her fingernails done but she wore a pair of ankle cut white cotton socks.

I was becoming very uncomfortable in my jeans from the bulge growing in my pants and excused myself to go in the bedroom and put a T-shirt and some shorts on. I had to walk past her to exit the room and I snuck a peak and saw how my little cousin was sucking on her mother's tanned nipple while a stream of white milk was running down the side of her mouth, she was making noises that sounded like a starving prisoner trying to hover down his meal before it's taken away from him.

It was obvious that she liked it and enjoyed the taste of her mother's milk. I noticed a look of joy, peace, love, and great content on both their faces. I continued to the bedroom and changed into something more comfortable and walked back into the living room to see my aunt still in the same position but my cousin was now sucking on the other breast.

Her robe was parted at the chest and I could see her hard and sensitive nipple still dripping with milk while she was focused on my cousins breastfeeding. I started thinking of all the things that people say about breastfeeding, how it forms a strong bond between mother and child, that it's an act of pure love and nourishment, and also a joy for the mother.

I was thinking that it was not fare not remembering how I was breastfed and how it even tasted like. My thoughts were interrupted with my cousin belching on her mother's shoulder and then my aunt got up to put her in the bedroom for some rest.

She was gone for almost three hours and didn't come back so I assumed that she was sleeping next to my little cousin. I stayed up for another hour or so and then turned in to the bedroom. I laid there on my futon and then my aunt started rubbing her feet on the sheets just like last night, which was like an alarm alerting me to some action that I should be taking. It was a conditioning not much different that Pavlov's dog.

Her feet rubbing against the sheets made me salivate and I got up and crawled to the base of the bed just like the night before. Both her feet were sock less and totally exposed this time and I just stood there looking at those wrinkled soles and marveling at the beauty of her toes.

I crept in and I stuck my nose to the sole of her foot and took a very deep whiff, they had a musky smell from her sweat that was intoxicating. I started to nibble on her soles, I liked and wet my lips with them, and she tasted heavenly.

I started licking between her toes and right below her toes, where she told me she was ticklish, just to check how deep asleep she were. I did not get any response from her so I opened my mouth and took her toes in my mouth make sure I got a lot of saliva on them so I can suck it back into my mouth allowing me to taste her foot juice. I had a great time with her feet and soon my heart beating was getting more relaxed and I was feeling more relaxed and confident.

I started to kiss and lick up her ankles, which were lit up from the moonlight coming through the window the only light illuminating the room. She suddenly retracted her feet putting her soles flush on the bed cover with her knees bent and her legs parted like she was laying down on a gynecologist's table.

The bed sheet was raised up to about 5 inches below her knees and I could see all the way to her ass. I went in the kitchen and got a small flashlight, crept inside the sheet between her legs and proceeded to exam this woman's crotch.

She was wearing white, cotton panties and they were very moist and damp in the center that concealed her pussy lips. I got up closer and sniffed her moist spot, did had a certain salty sweaty aroma, I didn't think it was sweat drops from her pussy but the panties were some what bend on the side and I could see her lips, they looked like some desert bread that was glazed with some sugar nectar.

I was very careful to move my hand ever so slowly and gently until I was able to get some of that nectar on the tip of my finger. It felt very thick and moist, kind of like the pre-cum that has been oozing out of my shaft for the past 30 minutes. I smelled my finger and it smelt salty, I tasted it and it was just like my pre-cum tasted like only less salty.

I moved in a second time to get another sample and this time I pressed a little harder and I could feel her pussy muscles contract under my finger and a sigh escaped her lips. I knew she felt me touch her petals but did she wake up to that last touch. I immediately turned the flashlight off and just froze in my spot without so much a breath.

I could then sense the change in her breathing and I could tell that she was taking deep breathes like someone who'd just fell into a pool of very cold water. I waited until she calmed down and slowly moved myself from between her legs and went back to my futon.

About an hour later she got up and went to the bathroom, I heard faint moans and some vibrations coming from behind the bathroom door and she then came out without flushing the toilet. I was very suspicious of this bathroom visit but did not leave my futon for the rest of the night.

The next day we were watching TV when she told me that she was feeling sleepy and was going to go shave her legs and take a bath before going to sleep. I was watching "Rambling Rose" and there was a part in it where Rose gets in bed with the young man and her fingers her bringing her to a violent, breathtaking orgasm.

I was sitting there aching from my last nights adventure and how close I was to maybe giving my Faith an experience not so much different than Rose's. I got up and went into the bedroom and found Faith sleeping in that gynecologist position and the lights were all out.

I laid in my futon for a little while making sure she didn't make any sounds and comforting myself that she is sound asleep. I got the flashlight out of my pocket and went to my examining table, I stuck my head in there but I was not prepared for what I saw.

She was not wearing any underwear and her pussy was shaved bold. I assumed she just shaved herself and didn't want to wear any underwear so that it doesn't rub against her newly shaved pussy causing irritation. I certainly was having a front row, raw view of my sleeping aunt.

I started my ritual of licking her toes, this time the upper part and between them, moving gently to the inner side of her feet to lick the soles at the high arch, while I was doing so I noticed her pussy lips where getting wet and her pussy and asshole were puckering up.

I moved in further and licked her pussy juice allowing my tongue to penetrate her lips slightly and I felt her contract some more with a very faint moan but this time I didn't not stop thinking she was probably dreaming what I doing to her and not conscious to the fact that it's being done for real.

I looked down and noticed her asshole was glistening with her dripping pussy flood. So I made the mistake of licking her asshole and she jumped up from her sleep and looked down at me. I started shacking and my face was flushed, I felt like I was about to pass out, my luck finally ran out.

She exclaimed: "Are you OK?"

I answered: "I'm not feeling very well, maybe it's something I ate!"

She said: "Poor baby, look at you face. You are trembling."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me up to her, she put her hand on my forehead and I was cold, sweating, and shacking. She told me to get in the bed with her and covered me with the sheet. She pulled me tight to her chest, put her right leg on me so that her thigh was on my upper thighs and started to rub her leg up and down my two thighs.

"This will warm you up very soon and you will feel better", she said.

Her rubbing gently slowed down to a very rhythmic and erotic pace and she was occasionally kneeing my balls. I started to get a hard on and then I opened my legs a little allowing my dick to point down the inside of my left thigh. She touched it few times and then I noticed she slowed her rubbing so that she was only rubbing my dick with her knee.

The fabric of my boxers was nylon-like and it did not absorb any moisture. Her knee was feeling the witness of my pre-cum and then suddenly I started to feel the wetness of her pussy lips that were rubbing against my right thigh all along without me noticing from all the attention that my dick and balls were getting.

She moved herself slightly upward allowing her pussy lips to barely part with my skin and smeared her juices up my thigh. The expected happened and I shot my load with a spasm and a moan, she felt my load from under the fabric of my underwear felt the rest of it being squished between her knee and my left thigh. She nuzzled against my neck and was breathing heavily she pulled me close so that her right breast was pressed hard against my right arm and she asked me very calmly, "are you feeling better?"

"Yes, much better, thank you."

If you want to know how our relationship continued send me your comments and request the rest of the story.

Written by: docholiday1981

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