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A Surprise Threesome

by jklqs2003©

My first threesome was a surprise and one of the most memorable nights of my life. For over a year my lover, Jim, and I had talked and fantasized about including another man -- a man who would stretch and fill my already cum-filled pussy -- a "stallion." I told Jim that I was okay with him setting it up . . . never really believing he would . . . or that it would be so great when he did!


I'm not thinking about that when you suggest we go away this weekend. We start the weekend with dinner at an intimate restaurant, smiling, flirting, and almost constantly touching each other. I find myself feeling warm and wet -- a combination of the merlot we're drinking, and your touches.

After, we head back to our room, light some candles, and slowly undress each other. We spend a long time kissing and touching each other from head to toe. I spend a long time rubbing my wet pussy on your thigh . . . . you spend a long time rubbing your cock with its pre-cum around my nipples . . . neither of us can look away from the sight.

Eventually, you move down and put your face between my legs. I'm so wet and I get wetter when I feel your breath on me. You drive me wild, alternating between softly flicking my clit with your tongue and then sucking on it firmly. Every time I'm about to explode you back off, letting me come down a little, and then starting over.

I can't stand it anymore . . . I need your cock in me, and so I beg, "fuck me, please, fuck me," while trying to squirm down underneath you. You're not helping! Instead, you smile up at me and move to lie on your back next to me.

I smile back and take my time sitting up to kneel next to you. I look into your eyes as I raise my hands to my breasts and slowly spread the precum wetness you left behind around my nipples . . . . when it starts to soak in, I reach down and gather my wetness on my fingers and move them back to my nipples. You want some too so your reach down and slowly stroke the wet over my clit, very gently. I take one of my hands off my breast and move it towards your hard cock . . . . teasing you by stopping a fraction of an inch from touching you. Teasing you makes my clit grow even bigger, my pussy grow even wetter. Using your wetness, I grasp you firmly and slowly stroke up and down . . . . my other hand still rubbing one of my nipples. You rub my clit in time with my hand on your cock.

I need you inside me. I need to be fucked. I straddle you . . . look you in the eye, and hold your cock still. With just the slightest of pressure, I rub my clit over your cock's head . . . just a small back and forth movement of my hips . . . the feeling is soooo much, soooo intense, that I shut my eyes and just concentrate on feeling . . . . your two hands gripping my hips . . . . my pussy straining for your cock. After a few seconds, I guide your cock to my pussy . . . . slowly sinking down, engulfing you with my tight, very tight, wet pussy . . . . ahhhhhhh God, it feels good. I rest with you all the way in for a moment, loving the feeling of your cock inside me . . . me tight along the length of your thin five inch shaft . . . .

And then I start to fuck you intensely. My pussy is incredibly wet and trembling . . . . you meet me thrust for thrust for a while, then I feel you cum deeply and in huge quantities. I'm somewhat surprised and disappointed at how quickly you came . . . I sit quietly over you, watching you recover and wondering . . . .

You lay quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed, not moving. As I wait, I feel your hands start to caress my hips and then move slowly up, lightly touching over my still hard nipples and up to my shoulders. Your eyes open as I feel you pull me down for your gentle kiss as your cock slides wetly out of me.

SUDDENLY I feel someone behind me . . . . I'm surprised and scared, and try to sit up and look behind me, but you hold me still and look directly into my eyes . . . . I GET IT! I know what you have planned . . . . this is right out of our fantasy! I feel your hand gently holding my face and see you smiling at me. I know I'm safe . . . I know it's going to be okay . . . . in fact, I know I want it . . . I want it badly . . . I've been dreaming about it for years! You kiss me again and, putting your hands in the middle of my back, pull my chest down to yours. I lay like that for a moment, feeling an intense mixture of nervousness and anticipation.

Then I feel HIS hands, the huge hands of the stranger, grasp my hips and pull them up . . . further exposing my swollen, wet pussy to him. He pauses, just for a moment . . . . I know he is looking at my pussy. He knows -- and I know -- it's his for the taking. My pussy throbs in anticipation!

You are holding my head, kissing me, my eyes open and just inches from yours, as I feel this stranger's cock against my opening. I feel myself getting wetter. I arch my back further, welcoming the stranger's cock -- no, the "stallion's" cock - to my pussy. He pushes his enormous head against my opening . . . I gasp . . . it's HUGE . . . . and I don't think it will fit. I pull away a bit, but you hold me firmly, look me right in the eye and say, "Come on baby . . . just try."

I settle again and push back slightly. His cockhead feels like it covers my whole pussy area. His cock is so hard! I feel him move slightly and his head slides between my lips, stretching them, opening me. With a couple more nudges, my pussy almost magically opens and his head is in me! OH MY GOD, my pussy has never been open so wide. It feels so good -- just the head of his cock inside me -- my pussy lips feel as though they've closed around it.

He slowly, but firmly, pushes again and begins to work his cock into my throbbing pussy . . . every thrust opening me up more. He has a couple inches in me now and then pulls back to my opening and pauses . . . I tremble, waiting for more. Finally he starts again . . . slowly pushing more of that magnificent cock inside me, opening me up just a little bit more, and then withdrawing. Each thrust is so consuming . . . the sensation of being opened, so incredibly great.....the feeling of my very wet pussy wrapped around his extremely thick cock, simply indescribably wonderful . . . . . it's different than anything I've experienced before . . . it's so intense . . . it's so good . . . no, it's so great. . . slowly being opened and stretched . . .

I can't focus on anything other than my pussy . . . stretched and throbbing . . . and then so empty when he withdraws . . . stretched and opened just a little more . . . . and then sadly empty again . . . . one slow thrust after another. His opening of my pussy takes a wonderfully long time, but eventually I feel truly full . . . his cockhead rests against my cervix and every inch of my pussy is tight around his huge, thick cock. He rests there; giving me time to adjust and I breathe deeply and relax.

But not for long . . . I suddenly realize that even though he has filled me completely, I don't feel his body against my ass . . . there's more, and I tense and shake with anticipation. My eyes focus on yours, you smile as you see the realization in mine. You softly kiss me, freeing me . . . letting me want more. I lift my head slightly, and, continuing to look directly into your eyes, start to beg.

"I want it . . . the rest of it . . . all of it . . . . do it . . . give it to me . . . . please . . . . oh please!" It feels so good to tell you both how much I love what he is doing to me . . . . how I love his cock in me . . . . it excites me to tell you that the stallion is making my pussy his....I can tell by the look in your eyes that it excites you too . . . . that he is claiming my pussy . . . . making me his slut . . . .

He slowly withdraws a fraction of an inch at a time until only his head is in me, my head is down, my eyes closed and I continue to tremble and beg, "I want it all . . . "

Then he slides back in me with a slow, smooth movement. My head slowly rises and my eyes open as inch after inch of his amazing cock slides in me . . . . when he hits bottom, he keeps pushing until I feel myself opening up a fraction of an inch more. . . . . I'm looking straight ahead, eyes wide open and panting, moaning and gasping for air each time he fills me. It hurts, but I'm overwhelmed with how good it feels . . . one moment I want him to stop and then I hear myself begging loudly, "oh please . . . .I want it all.... please!"

My head rises and my eyes open with each stroke, but I can't focus on anything but his cock and my pussy . . . I'm so full, so tight on his huge shaft. After what seems like hours of his slow, gentle opening, I finally feel the stallion's hips against my ass. I sigh and revel in how much I LOVE the feeling of my pussy being wrapped tightly, very tightly, over his magnificently thick, long, rock hard shaft.

I am so focused on the feel of his cock in my pussy that I'm almost surprised when I feel your hand moving . . . . moving towards my pussy. I try to focus on your eyes...but I feel miles away . . . I feel your fingers lightly stroke over my clit and immediately, I'm there! I have the briefest moment of fear - scared to let go . . . . but with one more stroke of your fingers on my clit, I start to cum.

My whole body is shaking and spasming and I'm screaming, "Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, haaa . . . " I can't breathe as I feel my pussy clench around his huge cock . . . one long, hard spasm after another. It feels so good, so intense, lasts so long . . . I have never cum so hard....never cum so long before....I LOVE the feeling of cumming on his huge cock! By the time my spasms get slower and softer I have lost consciousness of anything but my cunt . . . .

I'm gone for a while . . . when I come back, he - the stallion - is holding me up by my hips, his cock still deep within me . . . the aftershocks of my orgasm are pushing YOUR cum out of me around his big, magnificent cock. I feel your hands grasping my hips, next to his hands . . . I didn't imagine this - four large, warm, male hands holding my shaking body.

I drop my head until my forehead is resting on yours as our stallion begins to move in and out of me again . . . . slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace. I still feel stretched, yet he simply fills me perfectly . . . it is though he has made my pussy into the perfect glove for his cock. His huge cock now moves with ease, deep within me. I LOVE the sensation of his long, thick cock sliding quickly inch after glorious inch, deep within me and then back out.

The stallion is soon thrusting harder and he's beginning to let go, giving in to his desire to take me hard. I begin to whimper, "Oh god, oh god, YES!" The pace is picking up and I feel him slamming in and out of my cum-dripping pussy. I'm trembling so hard . . . I'm exhausted . . . finally I can't support myself and give in and drop my chest to yours, burying my face in your neck.

But those four big male hands are holding my hips up and he continues to pound in and out . . . harder and harder . . . . faster and faster. I start gasping and crying, tears dripping from my eyes . . . it's too much, it's too intense! I know he's not going to stop until he cums . . . . faster and harder he pounds DEEPLY in me, the pounding now so fast and out of control! My pussy is on fire, wrapped tightly on around his huge shaft . . . . MY GOD, this is what it's like to be totally taken and fucked! I LOVE IT . . . . I'VE ALWAYS WANTED IT . . . I'M GLAD HE'S TAKING ME. . . FUCKING ME . . . I'M HIS . . . HIS TO USE . . . OH GOD YES, USE ME, FUCK ME . . . FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!

I'm so focused on my stallion's cock that I feel that first pulse . . . my head goes up . . . my eyes open wide in anticipation . . . . YES, FILL MY PUSSY! IT'S YOURS, FILL IT! Then his cock begins to pulse wildly as he squirts huge quantities of cum deep, DEEP inside me . . . filling me with his wet, hot, thick cum. He comes long and hard and then I feel him slump weakly behind me, his hands loosening on my hips.

The three of us stay that way for a few moments, not moving. I feel him take a deep breath and then all of those hands lower my hips and all of my body relaxes onto yours. I whimper a little as I feel him withdrawing, the sensation of his soft, still huge cock leaving me making me tremble.

I feel exhausted and taken . . . it felt surprisingly good to give up all control. I smile softly, wondering how I can thank you for this, how I can tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I feel you gently rubbing my back and kissing my forehead . . . my pussy clenches at your tenderness after the stallion has taken me so hard, pounded my stretched pussy so hard. I'm so full of cum -- mostly his -- and slowly I feel the cum begin to slide from within me. I lift my head and watch your face as you feel the stallion's warm cum flow out of my pussy and onto your balls. You look startled, but immediately I feel your cock harden.

I don't know how I could possibly want any more, but I do . . . I want YOUR cock in me! I want you to feel what the stallion has done to my pussy. I want your cock in MY LOOSE CUM-FILLED PUSSY! I want you to feel what you already know -- that the stallion's big cock has stretched my pussy beyond recognition and that I LOVED IT! That the stallion filled my pussy with his hot, thick cum and that I LOVED IT! But mostly, I want you to know that while I love you and need you, I'm going to want -- no, need -- the stallion to do it again someday soon, VERY SOON!

With his cum practically streaming out of my pussy, I roll us over until you are above me, kneeling between my legs. I watch your eyes get huge as you slide your rock hard cock back into my enormously stretched-out, cum filled pussy . . .

Written by: jklqs2003

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