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by tingling©

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my editor JimmyB and Peaches whose encouragement made sure this story got written down. This story is pure fiction and not suitable for those under 18 or who take offense easily.


I challenge any man to resist the charms of Sarah, the young woman who sits at the front desk of my office and is the perfect image of a secretary. Today her long blonde hair was sculpted elegantly into a bun as always and she wore a smart pin striped dress that she has been favouring lately. It comes down to about the middle of her thighs and shows off her long stocking clad legs to perfection. As is the case on many mornings, just thinking about her slender figure got me wondering about what was hidden underneath that dress.

I had to quickly rush into the office before Sarah had a chance to finish her polite professional good morning greeting and desire to be of service. I like Sarah; she is an excellent secretary, but her willingness to serve was beginning to get to me. The morning turned out to be a write-off as my mind filled with illicit thoughts of Sarah. It only took the usual loud tapping sounds of the keyboard to stop before my mind was racing again. I used the excuse that I wouldn't be able to focus on my work until I had proved to myself that my secretary was fulfilling her duties.

I peeked my head slowly around the office door, making sure I concealed my ever stiffening cock, which was now aroused at the possible things my secretary could have be doing. From my safe vantage point I could see she was engrossed in something on the computer screen. I edged closer and saw the words Literotica and BDSM before Sarah's head had quickly swivelled round. At that moment, her face became a picture of guilt as her eyes caught mine. Immediately she looked down, the sign of a true submissive.

I focused my attention on straightening my expression so that she wouldn't recognise my arousal at the situation. When she finally looked up again it was evident that the shock over-shadowed my obvious desires. I stood tall and crossed my arms, summoning all the displeasure I could muster and pompously reminded her of company policy regarding the viewing of pornography at work. The consequences of this meant she had to pack up her things immediately and I would have to personally escort her off the premises. Her expression quickly changed from fear to despair as she looked up at me with her piercing blue eyes that filled up quickly with tiny tear drops.

Begging me not to fire her, she managed to give out her heart wrenching sob story between heavy breathing and fits of tears. I am a cold hearted man so her tale of woe had no impact on me, but her heavy breathing and her eagerness to sell herself out rather than lose this job did. It takes a special person to resist the charms of a beautiful secretary; it takes a completely different person to use this golden opportunity to satisfy their own lustful longings. Today I was that person.

Sneering down at her in contempt, I told her that the only way to save her job was to show me what a dirty slut she was. I wanted to see if her interest in BDSM was real. Her eyes widened as she looked at me in confusion, and then as soon as she realised what I was implying, she blushed a beautiful shade of red and started stuttering, trying to explain what she was looking at as if I didn't already know. Silencing her now with the wave of my hand, I told her in a matter of fact manor just what I expected from her if she wanted to keep her job, (which was to position herself over the desk and lift up her dress for me).

She hurried to obey my first command but paused, panic stricken at the prospect of revealing her underwear to me. Asserting my authority over her, I stepped towards her and yanked the dress up. I pulled it much higher than she would have dared to reveal, which allowed me a glimpse of the black Basque that had been containing her ample breasts all day.

Containing her breasts is a great crime, but rather than deal with that then and there my eyes were drawn to her dainty French knickers. I lightly touched them as she shivered under my probing caress "stay put, slut!" I barked as I marvelled at the intricate lace detail through my fingertips before yanking them down to her ankles.

"Spread your legs and place your hands on the desk," I ordered. Whilst my eyes searched for something I could use and fell upon the wooden ruler, I picked it up. Feeling the weight in my hand, I didn't hesitate to 'smack' her left check, 'smack' then her right before moving to place a 'smack' between her cheeks briefly touching her cunt. The first two smacks made her cry out in pain, but with the third, her yelp of pain contained a moan of pleasure. I admit I wasn't fully in control of myself as I randomly and fervidly spanked her ass, delighting in the contrast of her bottom now as rosy as her face, a vivid contrast to her porcelain smooth skin.

Throughout the spanking I told her how her moans show me what a slut she was, and that she must want more. Responding to this, she desperately groaned and wiggled, turning to cushion the hard blows I was now delivering to her gorgeous ass. Telling her off for moving, I demanded that she stayed still. "Do you want to keep your job?" I asked, and then reminded her to do as she was told or else she would find another girl in her position. When I had broken her spirit through the verbal abuse and spanking, I pulled her by the hair that had come loose to face me and ignored the tears in her eyes as I ordered her to strip.

"Strip, Sarah!" I barked and stood there waiting expectantly as she fumbled to carry out my command. Unhooking her knickers from her ankles, there was a brief moment where I thought she was going to pull them back up, but she placed them neatly to one side and began the slow teasing process of removing her dress.

The sight of her sweet cunt bare and exposed made my stiffening cock rock solid. As the dress came off and revealed more of her firm round cleavage her nipples stood to attention and already looked swollen despite the fact I had been unable to take them in my mouth. I looked forward to teasing them later and before she had chance to fold her dress neatly over the chair, I threw her to the ground. She let out a small cry as the harsh abrasive carpet made contact with her roasted buttocks reminding her of the recent spanking she had endured.

"Get on your knees slut! Take out my cock and suck me!" I demanded giving her no time to think about the position she had found herself in. The struggle with my belt caused her to quiver as she unzipped my trousers and struggled to get my pulsating cock out of my underwear. She opened her mouth revealing her wet delicate mouth.

Tentatively licking at first like a kitten first tasting milk, her innocent charade didn't fool me. I grasped a handful of hair, and forced my cock further down her throat. "You're fighting for your job!" I told her as I pushed my cock deeper inside almost causing her to gag. I pulled back a bit, but soon her sloppy sucking irritated my frustrated member. I thought about the cock sucking practise she needs.

The joys of training her to please me would have to come later as now I needed some release. I wanted to fuck her dripping wet cunt. Picking her up like a paper weight, I plonked her on the desk and reached for my set of office keys. Quickly opening a drawer she had no access to, I reached in and withdrew several items concealed in a compartment in her desk. She looked at the items placed beside her with curiosity and alarm, before I focused her attention back to me.

I pulled down the top of her Basque revealing her magnificent breasts. She immediately reached across her chest to protect her modesty, but being one step ahead of her, I already had a wrist in the hand cuffs. I quickly fastened the other securely behind her back. Her modesty amused me, as I told her that the restraints would prevent her from relieving herself. She looked even more alarmed so I decided to explain the other two items as I applied them to her dripping cunt and tantalising clit. "This is pussy rub and it will make you throb without release, and this is tingle, which will make you wetter without giving you any release. Oh and both will be warming."

At the word warming she looked agitated and so to reward her insolence I applied a bit more, making sure I poked inside her cunt which seemed surprisingly tight. The combination of pussy rub and tingle started to have an affect on her juicy cunt and clit. Her moans were cut short though, when I revealed that she wouldn't feel release until my cock was in her tight cunt.

Levelling my cock against her wet entrance I waited, my cock hovered with the tip lightly touching her clit so that when I breathed out the force caused my cock to flick over her clit. My breathing was not the only thing causing her to convulse, as waves of pleasure worked their way in waves through her body.

My fingers were working their magic on her nipples, tugging and teasing them mercilessly into submission. She bit her lip and eyed my hard protruding cock so nervously that I had to resist the urge to take her then. When she finally plucked up the courage to ask me to enter her, it was so quiet I almost missed it.

"What was that, Sarah?" I grinned lustily."Did you say something?" Leaning over I whispered the words I wanted to hear, in her dainty earlobe before lifting her generous breasts in my firm hands and squeezing them, until the moment I saw her cave into her body's lustful desires."Oh please sir! Fuck me! Fuck me please! I need your cock inside me!" She groaned. "Say it again Sarah!" I knew this was torture for her, and I loved it. I loved her descend from womanly pride to the trembling dirty slut before my eyes, who tear stained begged me to fuck her.

She repeated the words I wanted to her and more. She verbally degraded herself describing herself as wanton, dirty, a slut and a whore and begged me for my magnificent cock to take what was mine for the taking. "Fuck me like the slut I am! Please, please fuck me! I'll do anything for you if you'll just ram your cock into me like I deserve, like the whore I am!"

With those words spurring me on, I slammed into her, entering her quickly and without consideration. I was taken back by how tight and wet she was, tighter than she should have been. I wasn't going to let this slow me down; if anything, it spurred me on.

When I first entered her, I was so rough I knocked her glasses down her nose, and with the second thrust they flew off and fell to the floor. She forced herself further over the desk in an attempt to see if her glasses survived or to escape me. Either way, I didn't care. Pulling all her hair loose now, I controlled her movements with one hand and expertly undid her Basque, all the while thrusting in and out of her. Even then she was being the model secretary trying to muffle her screams as I drove into her hot hole.

She let out a cry though I ripped out the Basque from underneath her all but naked body. It must have caught both nipples quite roughly when I yanked it off her resistant body. I felt my climax building with every thrust, and with every push her constrictive cunt yielded to my desire. Soon her moans of pain turned in to moans of pleasure. Just as she was getting into it and showing me the slut that she is, my climax built to breaking point and I pulled out of her on the brink of cumming. Forcing her to her knees in front of me, I knew she thought I wanted her to suck me again, as if I would have wanted to submit myself to that torture again.

Holding her by her hair, I kept her close to me with one hand, whilst with the other hand I started jerking myself off frantically. Unsure of what I wanted, she opened her mouth, the second she did my cum hit her in the back of the throat. This shocked her instantly causing her to close her mouth and turn her head away, although not before she had enough to have to forcefully swallow and taste my cum. The rest of my sticky cum hit her cheek and ran down her face, I twisted her head back and the last blast covered her heavy breasts.

When I was spent I forced her to swallow some more as I made her lick me clean before straightening and tidying myself. Un-cuffing her wrists I commanded that she rub the warm cum I had just released all over her into her smooth silky skin. Her skin now glistened with sweat and my juices, looking down she was a mess with her hair loose and a red tear streaked face. Resisting the urge to wrap her in my arms and embrace her, I instead mustered a look of disgust and threaten to take her anally if I ever caught her again up to no good. Leaving the threat hanging in the air I promptly returned to my office, and here I am now thinking about the new position my secretary has opened for herself.

Written by: tingling

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