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Mom's Tied Up Ch. 04

by MrJDoe©

Patti had never been as shocked as she was right now. She quickly realized she had passed by some unseen line in the sand, and her life would never be the same. She blushed bright red. "Stevie! Oh, god! I didn't mean for this to happen!" she cried, then began to sob deeply.

As Patti sobbed, she couldn't bear to look at her son. She couldn't believe she had given into her lust, with her son sleeping in the same bed right next to her!

"Mom, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..." Steve's voice trailed off. He didn't know what to say. He had just jacked off and came on his mom. He could see his cum on the bed between them, and knew some of it was on her.

Patti rolled off the bed and hurried out of the room. She turned and went into the bathroom down the hall, shutting the door behind her. Tears ran down her cheeks as she sat down on the floor. She had masturbated, thinking of sucking her own son's cock, and got herself off. She's also done it in front of her son. She felt as she must be the worst and most wicked mother there ever was.

Steve lay back on his mom's bed. He'd just watched his mom get off fingering her pussy, and he'd shot his cum onto her, but her reaction wasn't what he had hoped for. The sight of her crying had made him feel like he was the world's biggest heel. She'd lost her husband, and now she'd found out that her only son was a pervert!

With a heavy sigh, Steve got up and walked down towards the bathroom. He could hear his mom still crying through the door. He knocked quietly on the door. "Mom, are you ok? He asked.

From the bathroom her quiet voice came, "I'm ok, Stevie. Just give me a little bit of time, please."

Steve started to speak, but then realized he had no idea of what to say. He sighed, turned and went down the hall to his room and shut the door. He sank into his desk chair and looked down at his feet. He saw he still had a drop of cum on his cock, and without thinking wiped it away.

Patti gradually stopped crying. She stood up and ran some cold water and filled the sink. She bent over and plunged her face into the water, and then straightened up, the water running down the front of her nightgown. She reached for the towel and dried her face, then looked in the mirror. She could see her own face, pale from the shock of what had just happened. The wet nightgown had turned see-through with the water that had run down her chest. She absently noted her nipples were hard as rocks...

Patti sat down on the toilet seat with her face in her hands. She couldn't imagine what her son was thinking. Patti also wasn't sure where this was going to lead. Was she going to let her own son know that she was a slut? A dirty whore that needed sex?

Steve pulled on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. He went downstairs and headed to the kitchen. He poured a glass of juice and sat at the table, thinking. He had no idea of what his mom was thinking about, or what she thought about him. After the night he had came home and found her tied to the sawhorse, he's had all sorts of fantasies about her. Now, he just didn't know what to think.

Slowly, Patti pulled herself together. She got up and washed her face with warm water and soap. She looked into the mirror again and saw herself. Patti could still see her breasts through the damp nightgown. She could also see her son's cum on her nightgown. She pulled the nightgown over her head and walked down the hall and back into her room. Dropping the nightgown on the floor she look down and saw her son's cum on the front of her panties. A wave of lust pushed through her body, radiating from her pussy. Putting her lust aside, she pulled on a robe and headed down to the kitchen.

She found her son sitting at the table in the adjoining dining roof, a glass of juice in front of him. He had a completely blank look on his face as he sat there, staring at the juice.

"Stevie, do you want me to make you something to eat?" she asked quietly.

She watched as he said nothing, but shook his head.

Patti sat down in the chair next to him at the table. "Stevie, we need to talk."

"Ok" was all he said.

"Stevie, I'm sorry about what happened. I know that was very inappropriate for me to do in front of you. What you did was only a natural reaction for a young man. I'm sorry I'm such a bad mom" Patti said softly.

Steve hadn't had any reaction until she got to the part about being a bad mom. "You're not a bad mom! It was all my fault"

"No, baby! It was all my fault! I just can't control myself." cried Patti.

They sat in silence for a couple of moments. Finally, Patti said, "Stevie, I need to be totally honest with you. It's just you and me, now Do you want to hear the truth?"

Steve said nothing, but just nodded, yes.

"Ok, I think you know I didn't have the happiest marriage with your father?"

"Yes, I know that" said Steve,

"I loved your Dad in some ways, but in bed wasn't one of those ways. I had a lot higher sex drive than your Dad did. Another thing was that he wasn't really able to satisfy me. He wasn't big enough. So, we ended up doing things that satisfied both of us, as much as possible."

Steve sat there silently, just nodding.

"Well, since he died I haven't had any release of all that feeling that has been building up. Then I woke up this morning, and you were in bed with me and I just had to do it. I know it was wrong, but you were there, and looked so strong and I just couldn't control myself. I don't blame you for what you did; after all I led you on."

"Mom, I don't..." Steve began.

"Stevie, I'm not done yet. I'm ashamed of what I did this morning, with my own son there, but I just couldn't control myself, and it may happen again. I just have to get off and when I do, I do."

"It's the way I am Stevie. I know it's dirty, but it's the way I am and I've always been. I guess that's why your Dad and I drank so much. We just couldn't meet each other's needs completely and now he's gone and you're all I have left. I hope you don't hate me."

Steve sat there in stunned silence. It wasn't everyday your mom told you that she was a nympho. Then he did the best thing he could have done. "Mom, I love you: he said.

Patti heard the words, "Mom, I love you." Then, she burst into tears.

Steve wasn't prepared for that and he stood up, bent over and put his arms around his mom.

Patti cried for a minute or so, and then looked up at her son with a tentative smile on her face. "I love you, Stevie. I love you so much!"

"Mom, I am the man of the house now, right?"

"Yes, baby. You are that."

"Ok, then, I'll be your man,"

"Oh Stevie! I'm not sure we should..." she said, then paused in mid-sentence.

"Look, Mom, am I going to be the man of the house or not? Steve asked.

"Yes, but you don't need to do that!"

"Maybe I don't, buy maybe I want to."

With that, Steve pulled his Mom up into his arms and kissed her.

Patti struggled with her feeling for a moment, then responded and kissed him back.

She looked up into his eyes and asked softly, "Stevie, are you absolutely sure you want to go there. If we do, there may be no going back to the way we are being mother and son."

"I'm sure!" he said firmly.

Steve kissed his Mom again and she responded. Patti felt flushed with lust. It felt so good to have a strong, male body against hers. She could feel her nipples harden and her pussy starting to get wet. She could also feel her Stevie's cock hardening under his shorts.

Steve finally pulled his lips away from hers. "I want you, Mom. I want you now!" His hands dropped to the tie on her robe and untied it. With the tie gone, her robe gaped open, revealing her naked body. He pushed the robe off her shoulders and dipped his head to take one of her hard nipples between his lips and sucked hard on it. His hand kneaded this other bare breast, pinching the free nipple between his fingers.

"Ohhhh!" Patti moaned. He hands ran through his hair, stroking his hair as he sucked on her breast. She kissed the top of his head and wrapped her arms around him, trapping his head against her breast.

Finally, Steve stood erect in front of his Mom, both hands working over her heavy breasts. He thought they were really nice. They were full breasts, which sagged just a bit, but looked and felt great.

Meanwhile, his Mom dropped her hands to his groin. She could feel his cock getting harder and longer. His balls felt really full too. She grasped the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down on his legs until they dropped to the floor. He fingers encircled his cock and balls,

Patti slowly but firmly grasped his cock, jacking it, Steve groaned as he watched and felt her hands on him. He couldn't believe this was really happening to him. This was the hottest thing that had ever happened in his life!

Steve could feel the cum welling up from his balls. Without any warning, cum shot out of his cock, squirting onto his Mom's chest. 4 squirts of cum were all he had left after he had masturbated earlier, but his orgasm sent Patti over the edge and she clutched at his cock and shuddered as it passed through her.

Steve leaned into his mother and kissed her deeply. She released his softening cock and put her arms around him, He could feel his cum on his mother's chest smearing against his.

"I'm sorry I came, Mom. I wanted it to last longer."

She smiled at him and said, "That's ok Stevie, I didn't last any longer and it felt very sexy to have you cum with my hands on your cock."

After several more moments of kissing, Patti said, "Are you sure you're not hungry, because I am!"

"I guess I am after all" Steve admitted.

"What would you like?" she asked. "I'll make anything you want."

Steve smiled and said, "I think I had some of what I wanted!"

Patti blushed and said, "Ok, besides that!"

Steve responded by pushing her robe off her shoulders, so that it fell to the floor. He said, "I don't care what it is as long as you can fix it while you're naked Mom>"

"I'm naked and covered with cum too!"

"Well, maybe we can get some of it inside later."

Patti laughed again. "Well, maybe, but we'll have to pick up some condoms first."

"Condoms?" asked Steve.

"Baby, I don't want to get pregnant. One son at a time is enough." The she turned and opened the fridge.

Steve swallowed hard and sat down. He remembered cuming inside his Mom while she had been drunk and tied to the sawhorse. "Jeez, I hope I didn't knock up my Mom!" thought Steve.

Patti found the eggs and asked, "How about scrambled eggs?"

"Fine" he replied. "Mom?"

"Yes, baby?"

"Don't you have any condoms?"

"No, I just told you we need to get some."

There was silence for a moment. "Uh, didn't you and Dad use them?'

Patti smiled then said, "Well, yes we did, but I threw them out after your father died. Besides, they wouldn't have fit you anyway."

"Oh, sorry, I just wondered."

"Don't worry, I'm sure I'll think of something." In fact, several things occurred to her, but it was probably best not to rush too fast.

In moments the eggs were ready, with toast. They were both very hungry. Steve was also thirsty after his second orgasm. After a plate of scrambled eggs, 4 glasses of orange juice, he was feeling good. Gazing at his sexy, naked mother didn't hurt either.

Patti gathered up the plates, silverware and glasses and rinsed them. She'd run the dishwasher later. She had better things in mind for now.

"I feel all sticky. I think I need a shower. Want to help wash your mommy, Stevie?" she asked with a smile.

"Only if I get to wash all of you!"

"That's ok, baby, I'm planning on washing all of you too."

Up the stairs they went together, Steve's hand was on Patti's bare ass, and her hand was holding his cock.

Entering the bathroom, Patti got out 2 towels, body wash and some body oils she placed into the plastic caddy that hung on the wall of the bathtub enclosure. Patti got the water started and waited for it to warm up.

Steve leaned on the vanity and watched his naked Mom as she got things ready.

"Ok, ready to shower?" she asked.

Steve came up behind her and followed his Mom into the shower enclosure. He turned and slid the door shut. Turning back, he saw her standing under the water. He skin and hair was wet and slick. She looked very sexy.

Patti asked, "Want to wash my hair?"

"Sure!" said Steve. She passed the shampoo back to him and he got a good amount into his palm. She stepped back close to him and he began to lather her hair. Patti was aroused by this as she'd always found hair washing very sexy!

Patti leaned into his chest as he shampooed her hair. Her hands gravitated to his groin. Steve asked, "Am I doing a good job?"

She smiled and said, "I'll let you know if I don't like it!"

Patti pulled away and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. They continued a leisurely shower until every inch had been washed. Patti reached over and shut the water off.

"All done?" asked Steve.

She didn't answer, but instead knelt on the tub floor and took his cock in her fingers. Leaning forward, she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. It didn't take long to swell as she sucked it. Very soon, it was longer than she could take.

To Steve's disappointment, she stopped sucking his cock. She got off her knees and stood up, but didn't let go of his cock. She looked deep into his eyes and said, "I want you inside me, Stevie."

Steve was confused. She wanted him inside her, but she didn't want to get pregnant.

Patti saw the confusion on his face. She reached back into the caddy and pulled out the bath oil. She opened the bottle and poured some of the oil onto his cock. Her hand spread the oil over his cock and balls. Patti looked back into his eyes, and as she stroked his hard cock, she said again, "I want you inside me."

She released Steve's cock and turned to face the front of the shower and leaned over, bracing herself with her arms. She spread her legs apart and looked back over her shoulder. "I want you inside me now!"

"Um, Mom, I don't...."

She turned her head back to the front of the shower and then said in a low voice, "Fuck me, Stevie! Stick you cock inside me! I want you inside my ass!"

Steve took a deep breath and stepped forward until his cock was up against his Mom's ass. He took a hold of his cock and worked it up and down between the cheeks of her ass. He used one of his hands to spread her cheeks so he could see her exposed anus.

He slid his oily cock head up to her anus and pushed gently. He kept slowly pushing forward as he felt her ass open to him and he could feel the heat of her ass around the head of his cock, He continued to push until he had about an inch of his cock in his Mom's ass.

He paused, not being sure of how fast to go. He'd never fucked anyone in the ass before. When he hesitated, his Mom began to push back with her ass onto his cock, slowly impaling herself on him.

Steve put his hands on her hips and pushed further into Patti's hot ass.

When about half of Steve's cock was in his Mom's ass, she began to moan.

"Am I hurting you, Mom?" asked Steve.

"No! Keep pushing it in! I want all of your big, fat hard cock in my ass!"

Steve pushed harder and suddenly his cock slid into his Mom's ass all the way. She moaned again. Steve pulled on her hips until his groin flattened her ass.

Patti was breathing deep, feeling that hard, big cock inside of her. She breathed deep. "Oh baby! That feels so good! Don't move! Let me get used to that cock!"

Steve stood quietly behind her. He leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck. Then Steve let his hands cup her breasts.

Patti loved the kisses on the back of her neck, and the way her son's strong hands held her breasts. "Ok, now I want you to slowly fuck my ass with that hard cock of yours. Start slow!"

Steve began to slowly move his cock in and out, moving about an inch. He was fucking his Mom in the ass. She'd asked him to do it. No, she'd told him to do it!

He could feel his Mom's ass began to loosen on his cock, so he increased the amount of his cock me moved in and out. He began to squeeze her fat breasts as he fucked her.

Patti groaned. She felt so hot. "That's it! Fuck mommy's ass and squeeze her tits!"

Steve replied, "I'm going to fuck my mommy in the ass hard and work her fucking tit's over!"

Steve began to pound his cock in and out of his Mom's ass. His fingers found her nipples and pulled on them.

Patti grunted each time her son's hard cock bottomed out in her ass. Her son was fucking her in the ass!

She could feel her orgasm building. This was the kind of fucking she had needed for years, and now she was getting it from her own son! Fucking her up her ass!

Suddenly, her orgasm burst and she began to scream with delight. Her body shook as she came.

Steve realized he'd just fucked his Mom to an orgasm and that pushed him over the edge into his own orgasm. He pushed his cock as far as it would go up his Mom's ass and started depositing burst of cum inside her.

Steve held his cock deep inside her as his Mom's orgasm finished. Slowly, he slid his cock from his mother's ass.

Patti felt emptiness as his cock withdrew from her ass, but she could feel that load of cum he had left there. Patti straightened and turned to face him. She got her arms around him as far as they would go, and then kissed him deeply.

"Oh baby! That was great! You made your Mom feel so good!"

"I feel pretty good too, Mom!"

They continued to kiss and caress each other until they started to feel cold. Patti started the shower again and washed his cock and balls thoroughly. She had more plans for that big piece of meat. The she shooed him out of the shower to dry off while she washed her ass and pussy.

When she got out of the shower, Steve was waiting there with a towel and he dried her very gently.

Steve then took his Mom by the hand and led her down the hall to his room./ "Want to join me for a nap?" he asked.

"That sounds great, Stevie. Mommy could use a nap after being so well fucked!"

They got into the bed and she snuggled up close to him, nestling her head onto his shoulder. She looked at his face. He seemed very relaxed.

"Stevie, did you like fucking me in the ass?"

"Yep, it was great! I still want your pussy though," he said with a smile.

"I want to give you my pussy. We'll get some condom your size and maybe I'll have to see the doctor about getting on the pill."

"That would be great! I want to cum inside your pussy!"

"I want you're cum. I want it in my mouth, my pussy, my ass and all over my face."

As she said that, Patti could feel her son's cock begin to stiffen again. She had forgotten what it was like to be with a teen-aged boy. Their cocks never wore out!


"What Mom?"

She hesitated, then said, "You dad and I used to do things together."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Sexual things. Some things we did I liked, and I may want to do them with you. Do you think that would be a problem?"

Steve though of the night he came home and what had happened in her bedroom with the sawhorse. "No, but I guess that would depend on what kind of things,"

Patti thought that was a good answer. She said, "Don't worry about it. We'll talk about it before we do anything, and if you don't want to, it'll be ok. I liked the way you fucked me."

Steve smiled at that.

"We'll talk about it later, after our nap." Patti said.

They drifted off together in a deep, dreamless sleep.

Written by: MrJDoe

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