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Cum Filled Panties

by Many Feathers©

The problem was, I wasn't expecting her to come in when she did. Usually, Carlotta arrived in the early afternoon, spent three or so hours cleaning, and then left. I had once again confiscated both a bra as well as a matching pair of my sister's panties, a tiger striped design that I found peculiarly sexy, and loved the feel of. I hadn't had the opportunity to do anything with them until now, as my sister had been hanging around, finally going off to do some shopping with mother. Dad had left earlier, as he usually did to spend the day over at a buddies house watching the college football game, especially with Carlotta coming by that afternoon to do cleaning, and he hated it when he was trying to watch the game as she ran through the house with the vacuum on.

So with all that, I was finally left all alone, plenty of time on my hands to sit back, enjoy a nice leisurely stroke, and dump a nice wad inside my sister's bra and panties.

I was so engrossed in doing that, that I didn't even hear the first knock, nor would I have had time to do anything even if I had. Seconds later, Carlotta walked into my room carrying her cleaning gear and stopped stone cold there in the doorway as she looked over at me, sitting upon my bed, cock in hand, my sister's bra and panties wrapped around it like a present, with me sitting there eyes closed, just jerking away without a care or a worry in the world as I did so.

"My husband enjoys doing it that way too," she said simply.

I think I must have jumped three feet straight up in the air, though I know it only seemed that way, sitting there, eyes wide open now, the damage already done, so there was no point in even trying to hide what I was doing, let alone remove the offending garments as that would have only revealed my hard prick entirely.

I don't know what it was I expected to happen either in that brief moment of time when I heard the sound of her voice, not hearing really what she had said, only that she had said something, and there I was, jerking myself off into my sister's underwear. I thought then that I'd hear her scream out, yell something in Spanish, perhaps even come over and take a swipe at me with her feather dust broom or something, but certainly not what I only then realized she had said, as she calmly stood there looking at me.


"I said, my husband enjoys pleasuring himself that way too," she said now walking over to actually sit on the side of the bed, which stunned me even more when she did so. "And I love it very much when I watch him," she added smiling at me, which I had seen her do before of course, but never in quite the same way that I saw her smiling now. "Do you mind if I do?" she then asked.

I was still speechless up until that moment, but then I finally found my own voice, though it honestly quivered a little when I spoke.

"You're uh.... you're husband enjoys doing this too?" I somehow managed, realizing as I said that, I had just confessed to doing it more than once, though even that thought would have appeared ridicules under the circumstances, though I had briefly entertained saying that by way of some excuse for what she'd just caught me doing.

"Very much so, and even I find it very erotic whenever he does, though mostly, he prefers shooting himself onto me instead while I watch him."

"Oh my God!" I thought to myself as I continued to sit there looking over at her.

" it ok then if I watch you?" she asked once again. "I promise I will not say anything to anyone of what I see here," she said with an edginess to her tone of voice, that told me she was actually aroused, or at the very least, becoming so.

"He uh...he uh.... likes to squirt it on you?" I then asked, my hand once again fondling my prick beneath the material, the movement not going unnoticed as I did so, Carlotta's eyes immediately drawn towards it.

"Oh yes, all the time," she grinned, "Every day in fact," she added lustfully, "and I too enjoy it when he does, I love seeing his creamy sperm splattering against my clothing, especially if I am wearing something dark in color."

I felt my cock suddenly harden even more if that were possible, allowing the material I had been stroking myself with to fall off to one side, now allowing her to see my hard swollen prick in all its majestic glory.

"You have a very nice hard stiff prick," she said in her somewhat broken English, though again I could hear a lusty edge in her tone of voice as she did so. "Have you ever cum on someone who is clothed?" she asked, "Or do you prefer just jerking off into a pair of panties or something?"

She could see it in my eyes that I had, even before I had answered her directly, her smile suddenly widening. "I prefer the later," I stated, though I think my answer wasn't as clear to her as I'd intended. Seeing the confused expression on her face, I made it a lot clearer for her. "I like squirting on women's clothes while they're wearing them."

Now she really grinned. "Would you like?" she asked.

There was no mistaking that. "Yes! Yes I would!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Not here," she said, and I thought when she said that, meaning here in my room.

"On here," she then said, as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing to me as she did that she happened to be wearing a black lace bra beneath it. "Here," she said grinning. "You like?"

It was obvious to me, long before now even, that Carlotta had some reasonably nice-sized tits, though that's about as far as I'd ever let my imagination go concerning her. Now however, as she finished removing her blouse, sitting there beside me, her full breasts half spilling out of the top of her bra, I realized just how big they really were, the hint of a very dark areola just winking at me out of one side of one of them, as she readjusted herself, the lace in front giving a further hint as to the size of them as the thin almost see-thru material gave way not only to their coloration, but the enormous diameter of them as well.

"You cum on my tits for me then?" she asked hotly. "You spurt your semen all over them both yes?"

"Yes, yes...and fuck yes!" I told her, my arousal suddenly way off the charts as I now rolled, kneeling on the bed beside her, stroking my dick, rubbing it in fact against the front of her breasts, across them, feeling the soft material of her bra as I pressed the head of my dick against it, against her tits, then slapping my prick against her as well, all the while as she cupped them for me, urging me on with her sexy sounding accent, now punctuated with erotic words, thoughts and ideas as I found myself now having the time of my life!

"I like seeing you, play with your dick!" She spoke urging me on, "I like feeling it slapping my breasts," she added, watching me do that. "And I will like it even more...seeing it squirting all over my black bra, so I can wear it, your cum drying on it, seeing it later, and remembering the way your prick spurted all over them."

Just hearing that was enough. A mere second later, I was doing just that, squirting and spraying more cum than I think I ever had before, the volume of it shooting out, hitting her bra covered breasts as she gleefully and excitedly laughed, watching it, catching it, both of us seeing it splatter, sticking against her bra, much to both our delight.

"Yes! Yes! Cum! Spurt! Squirt on me!" she wailed enthusiastically, even as the volume finally ebbed, though my prick still yet throbbing wildly, excitedly. Carlotta scooped what portions had actually hit flesh instead, of which there was a great deal of, sliding her hand down inside her bra, coating her breasts as I realized it with my spunk, seeking more if it, and then doing the other. "This will feel much pleasurable as I work," she then told me. "And...I will be able to smell your cumming all day while I do."

And then as though nothing had even happened, she put her blouse back on, though the knowledge that she now wore a cum-covered bra beneath it, even then gave a twitch to my cock as she began busying herself with dusting my room. I slipped out of bed, jumped into a pair of jeans as she did, still trying to convince myself this had really just happened.

"You may...whenever you'd like, when I am here, and it is safe...cum on me again, no matter what I am doing, ok?"

"Ok," I answered simply, grinning broadly myself now upon realizing I had stumbled into the perfect fantasy of sorts. Though the incidents at the mall had been exciting, the danger associated with doing that had been almost too dangerous to contemplate ever doing again. But now, I'd been given the perfect opportunity to continue on with my fetish, and with someone who would indeed appreciate, understand, and accept it without any sort of judgment whatsoever!

"And I bring you...some panties," she said gathering up my sister's which she soon after took with her downstairs to wash.

I wasn't sure what she had really meant by that either, but decided to let it go for the moment, whatever she had meant, I was now sure I would discover soon enough, and delightfully so whenever that was.

I sat for a moment after she had left, hearing her as she bustled about the house cleaning, wondering if she had indeed meant what she'd said when she'd said it, sometimes, though I usually understood her clearly, the words spoken which I used, or which she did, didn't always necessarily mean the same thing. But it was also a difficult thing for me to entirely misinterpret as well, and as I sat there thinking about it, wondering...I felt my prick once again stiffening, and decided to test it out, see if what she had told me, was indeed what she had actually and literally meant by it.

I could hear her down stairs, whistling, which she usually always did whenever she stood sorting out the laundry. I quickly headed down, soon after reaching the landing, unzipping my jeans, my prick once again hard. With it sticking out in front of me, I then walked the short distance down the hall, entered in through the open portion of the laundry room frame work where she looked up, spotting me immediately dropping a load of clothes into the washer, and then turning towards me.

"Again?" She smiled with a bit of surprise in her eyes as she saw me, saw my hard prick even then bobbing up and down of its own accord.

"Yes!" I replied, the word coming out more as a hiss...lust filling my mind, envisioning what I might do, or how.

"Where would you like?" she asked. "Or you rather just come here and do it?"

"Your...panties?" I asked, wondering if that's what she'd meant earlier. Had she offered her panties to me to jerk off with, and into, or...onto, as I now decided I actually preferred and wanted to do.

These too were black, as I hoped they might be, especially as she had been wearing a black bra. Carlotta unzipped her jeans pulling them down though keeping them around her thighs, just revealing to me as she did so, the black matching lace panties that she wore, surprising me a little that she would be. But then again, I was learning more about her with each passing second, discovering as I did, there was a lot more to Carlotta than meets the eye.

I began jerking myself off once again, just standing there looking at her as she stood, then she in turn surprised me even more, slipping her hand down inside the waistband of her panties, obviously fingering herself momentarily before withdrawing it, then showing me a bit of glistening fluid on her fingers, which she now smeared on the front of her panties, pressing inwards so that the outline of her lips clearly showed through, the crevice of her cunt, now sucking in the material, which stayed captured inside her, her fingers again smearing more of her female juice upon them, and through the material, which I also now knew must be leaking through from the other side as well.

"Fuck that's hot!" I said openly.

"You like?" she asked once again, and once again reaching down inside to gather up even more of her own moisture, her fingers busily smearing it, playing in it, rubbing it around the still confined lips of her pussy.

"Yes!" I told her.

"You come, stand...bring me your prick," she told me, and then held open the top of her bikini panties, taking my cock in her own hand, slipping it beneath the hem, allowing it to close around me. I next felt it as she caressed my prick, the material smooth, soft and slippery against my organ, though I also felt the softness of her bare flesh as well, the head of my dick actually being tickled by the soft bit of fur that surrounded her cunt, the wetness of us both, slippery slick as my prick yielded an abundance of lubrication, just as her own wet cunt was also doing.

"You cum for me again yes?"

"Yes!" I told her breathlessly.

"You squirt in my squirt?"

"Yes!" I said again.

"You fill my panties with cum that I wear all day then yes?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes!" I exclaimed, and then felt the rapturous discharge of my spunk as it once again poured out of my dick, spilling as I knew it to be doing, filling up the crotch of her own juicy underwear, as she too moaned in delight, soon joining me in her own precious orgasmic release.


Saturdays quickly became my favorite day of the week. Carlotta even changed her schedule slightly, coming earlier now as we both knew, my mother and sister would usually go out, as my father always did, leaving the two of us alone. There were still a few times of course, when either mom or my sister would still be hanging around, making it even more interesting, giving it an edge of excitement and danger as I would soon seek her out, wherever she might be, doing whatever she might be doing, and then quickly discharge a load of my spunk onto her. I did so, usually against her bra which she'd present to me, or again as we had, slipping down her jeans, or even pulling up the sundresses she'd begun wearing to work in, allowing us an even greater freedom of ease in order to allow me to cum on her panties. She would wear various and differing dark colors so we could both enjoy the erotically wicked sight of my semen clinging abstractly against the material as it ran down.

One day shortly after her arrival, which I'd been eagerly anticipating, she came immediately upstairs to my room, reaching into her purse she soon withdrew something, then handing it to me, which I accepted, unfolding as I did, realizing what I'd been given. A dark blue pair of bikini underwear, but I also realized as I looked at them they were far smaller than those I had seen her wearing.

"Whose?" I asked curiously, though already turning them inside out, seeing the white splotch so clearly stained within the crotch of them.

"My daughters," she said. "I will need to return them," she added, "to wash, clean...but not until you have enjoyed adding your semen to them."

"Wow!" Was all I could think of to say at the moment, surprised by this, and then understanding what she had told me weeks ago about bringing me some panties.

"May I? Make you to cum in them?" she asked me.

I was both surprised and delighted by her request. As much as I enjoyed, truly enjoyed jerking myself off with the feel of a nice silky, satin like smoothness against my cock while I did, I had never yet, nor thought I ever would, feel someone else doing that for me.

"Really? Oh hell yes!" I told her more excited now that ever, immediately undressing, scooting back into my bed, head propped against my pillows, cock all nice and stiff as I sat back waiting for her.

Carlotta soon joined me on the bed, she had worn a simple cotton shift, something I had seen her wearing more and more often now. Sitting in bed next to me, she bunched up the hem, showing me she had indeed worn my favorite pair of her underwear, some silky blue ones that allowed a nice discoloration to show through when she became aroused, to which I could see was already beginning to happen.

"May I then?" I then asked, watching as she shook her head yes, her hand already surrounding my stiff prick with her daughter's stained panties, my fingers now playing in the slickness of her lips, still shielded by the material, yet already slick with the lubricant now soaking through them.

Carlotta jerked me, and I fingered her, the sensation of the material around my prick as she slowly and lovingly stroked me was exquisite, as was the sensation of my own probing fingers as I pressed the material of Carlotta's panties into her cunt about as far as I could manage it. I loved the feeling, the silkiness of her lubrication soaking through them soon clinging to my finger tips as I continued to work them back and forth, up and down, and then eventually locating her hard knot of a clit, wrapping around it a thin bit of material, which I also used to jerk her off with, as she continued doing to me.

Watching one another climax in this way, hearing the pleasured sighs of release that we gave to one another was music to my ears, and something I had grown so fond of enjoying with her, that I had begun losing interest, or any real desire to continue on seeing Janet. I knew and realized of course, that nothing more could, or ever would be possible with Carlotta. At some point, this would inevitably come to an end, and when it did, I would feel the loss of so simple a pleasure.

I had decided then to see if pursuing this with Janet was even remotely possible. We had during the course of the past few weeks gone out together a few times, and somewhat to my surprise, at Janet's coaxing, not my own even, as I had all but given up even trying, had hinted at, and then all but came out and started things herself by unzipping my pants, openly fondling my prick, inviting me to do the same thing to her.

Which I did, though initially, far more content to simply rub her between the legs, enjoying the sensation of doing so through her cotton panties, which I enjoyed, though the texture and softness of them wasn't quite what I preferred feeling. Still, I could feel the liquid moisture beginning to seep through them as Janet became more and more aroused, so much so, she eventually forced my hand, my fingers inside her cunt instead. And though I did indeed finger-fuck her, and eventually got her off, the experience for me wasn't quite as erotic, or as arousing as I also would have preferred.

I knew after arriving home that evening that I would never have or ever know the same level of excitement with Janet that I had known and shared with Carlotta.

I became somewhat moody in fact because of it, everyone keeping their distance from me over the next several days, finally informing Janet that I honestly didn't see any real future together, which merely darkened my mood even more. The only bright spot for me of course being Saturday, once again expectantly looking forward to Carlotta's arrival, though even that seemed to have less enthusiasm and excitement for me than it usually did.

She immediately sensed it too, and we sat as I poured out my fears and concerns to her, sharing with her how I felt, what I knew I needed and enjoyed, and how I had also come to grips with, that Janet could never be that, or ever do that for me in the way I might wish her to do.

And Carlotta understood, just as I knew that she would, and then she said something that as she often did, surprised me.

"You must come to know and meet my daughter," she told me.

I knew very little about her, only her name and the fact that she was a year older than I was in fact. She had according to Carlotta, gone through a countless number of boyfriends, dating for a while, but soon losing interest in each for one reason or another.

"I think only, your mother and father will not approve of this," she told me then worriedly. "I am a working for your mother, not to be your mother in law," she said reasoning things out in a way that I could understand her own honest concerns.

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