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Cum Filled Panties

by Many Feathers©

"I will date, and see, and marry whomever I feel like," I told her, though not meaning I was already thinking in those terms about a woman I hadn't even met as yet.

"Then you will meet her, and see if she is or can be for you, this woman you hope for," Carlotta told me.

I laughed it off, not thinking it seriously possible, having never even seen her for one, though if she looked even remotely like her mother, I could, and would indeed, no doubt find her attractive.

"Yes," I said. "Yes. I would very much like to meet her."


In the meantime, I still had my Saturdays with Carlotta, enjoying the all too brief moments we had when she would come over to do the cleaning. But we made a game out of it when she did, something we both very much enjoyed. One afternoon she had gone into the upstairs bathroom to clean, and though my mother was downstairs in the kitchen baking, I had watched her go in, timing it so that I had a nice firm erection, soon after walking into the bathroom myself where she knelt on the floor scrubbing out the bath tub. I had noticed she had once again worn one of her work-shifts, giving me an idea as I stood in the bathroom doorway looking at her. Carlotta looked back over her shoulder at me smiling, especially when she saw me standing there fisting my rock-hard prick.

"You must hurry," she said. "Your mother is just downstairs."

I wasn't too worried about it, I knew that the moment anyone even began coming upstairs across the hardwood floor before reaching them I would hear them. Even so, the warning wasn't without merit, along with the urgency. Carlotta didn't even say anything, our "game" now being one we both understood all too well. She quickly hiked up her shift, bunching it up so that she continued to lean over the tub. I walked over standing behind her, stroking myself, and felt the first delicious ejaculate already racing up my prick, watching as it shot out, seeing ribbon after ribbon of my spunk landing against her back, mostly against the black material of her bikini panties until only the dribblings of my cum remained. Walking over to her then, I pressed my prick against her ass, smearing and rubbing off the last remnants of my spending against them.

"Someone's comming," I warned suddenly having heard the all too familiar footsteps crossing the floor heading towards the stairway. Quickly sticking my prick back inside my jeans, just as Carlotta readjusted the shift she was wearing once again covering her backside, which I now knew was sticky wet with my spending. Having no time to exit the bathroom myself now, I merely turned grabbing my toothbrush and began brushing my teeth at the sink as Carlotta began rinsing out the tub. Mom passed by on her way to her room, giving me a quick smile as she passed and continued on without another word into her own room. Carlotta had by now stood, gathering up her cleaning supplies and passed by me, but not before running a finger along her backside, gathering up a bit of my spunk which she showed me as it stuck to her finger, licking it off with a smile and a wink as she then headed back down the stairs to finish up with the laundry. I smiled in thinking about that, as I had managed to leave her several cum-filled pairs of my sister's panties for her, along with a very special silk handkerchief she had given me as a gift for really special strokings.

That too had been another one of her pleasant surprises. As I had begun doing, much to my mother's surprise, though she was glad to see me doing a better job of picking up after myself, and in a sense making less work for Carlotta, I had stripped the sheets from my bed, and as was now usual, carried them downstairs to the laundry room where I knew Carlotta now to be as she sorted it out in preparation for washing it. Not at all surprised to hear me coming down the stairs, as it was now pretty much expected and anticipated that I would be, Carlotta turned towards me as I rounded the corner.

"I have a present for you," she said lifting the lightweight sweater she was wearing. And indeed she did, though at first I wasn't sure what it was I was really looking at. She had managed to place a black silk scarf over her braless breasts. It looked sexy as hell when I realized what it was. "Come, fuck my tits," she told me. Closing the lid on the hamper, she sat down on it, the perfect height as I walked over. Wrapping my prick in the delightfully slick material, she then pressed her magnificent full breasts around it as well and began jerking me off with them as I stood before her. It was the most incredible sensation, standing there watching as she cupped her breasts, capturing my black silked wrapped dick as she worked it lovingly up and down.

"Fuck this is nice!" I told her delightedly hearing her giggle.

"Even more nice to come," she informed me, though at first I had no idea what it was that she had meant by that.

I knew that no one else was home at the moment, everyone out doing their own thing, so when I heard someone's voice calling out from the kitchen upstairs, I was a little surprised by it.

"It is Theresa," she informed me. "I told her to come over and to meet you," she said simply, and then yelled out at the top of her voice, informing Theresa where we were. I began to step back, but she held me in place seeing the wild-eyed expression on my face. "Not to worry," she added, and continued to slow stroke my prick even as the sound of footsteps starting to come down the stairs reached my ears.

Theresa was a spitting image of her mother, though younger. Her long dark hair fell well past her shoulders, her olive complexion exotic, dark brown eyes, full lips that smiled warmly as she rounded the corner, seeing me as I stood there, my cock still comfortably held between her mother's breasts.

"Do you like it?" she asked walking over to stand next to us, her hand already reaching out to wrap itself around my silk covered member, which she then took over the stroking for, though still rubbing it up and down between her own mother's tits.

"Ah...ah, yes," I said a little dumbfounded by all of this, obviously surprised, but now more excited than ever at finally meeting Theresa, though I would certainly never have expected to be doing it quite this way.

"Mother has told me very much about you," she said as she stood fondling my prick. "I have been very anxious to finally come over and meet you."

It was almost funny, as she stood shaking my cock in greeting rather than my hand as we stood there conversing.

"You will have a nice creamy load for this yes?" Carlotta asked me.

"No doubt!" I responded, already the sensation of orgasmic bliss beginning to tickle my balls.

I felt the first gigantic eruption of my sperm begin soaking the scarf as Theresa excitedly pumped it out of me, still doing so between her mother's tits until she had milked out each and every drop, only then releasing me, unfolding the scarf to reveal the white sticky mess I had placed there. I then watched in amazement as she removed her blouse along with the bra she was wearing, revealing yet another pair of amazing breasts, each one also capped with enormous dark brown nipples, so wonderfully erect. Reversing the scarf, Theresa then placed it against herself, smearing the fresh cream against her own breasts, caressing and rubbing them with the scarf, the pleasured look in her eyes telling me in an instant that I wanted this woman more than anyone I had ever met before.

"You two go and get acquainted," Carlotta told us both. "I have much work to do here," she added only then covering her likewise gorgeous looking tits. She quickly shooed Theresa and I back up the stairs, where we immediately headed up to my room.

"Would you like to see my creamy pussy?" she asked the moment we had entered my bedroom.

"Hell yes!" I said, amazed to feel my prick already stiffening once again as I stood there watching her undress.

Theresa spread herself out onto my bed then, her hairless split winking at me as she spread herself with her fingers, the female nectar she was already producing, oozing erotically, sensually out of her cunt as she snatched it up with her finger offering it to me. I quickly took it, sucking it off her finger delighted with her sweet delicious taste.

Producing the black silk scarf still fresh with my most recent spending, Theresa once again wrapped it about my reawakened hard stiff cock. Leading me towards the opening of her delicate wet glistening split, she placed the head of my now wrapped penis against her.

"Fuck me," she said hotly. "Let us mix our juices together!"


Three months later we were engaged. Three months after that, I stood waiting for her as her father walked her down the aisle towards me.

At first, my own parents were dead-set against it of course, and did everything in their power to keep us from getting married. But Theresa as I quickly discovered was in fact, the love of my life. I had landed a decent job, though Theresa had an even better one. I'd put myself through school at nights, with or without the help my parents had always promised to give me, setting aside funds over the years that were to be used for my college education. When they realized they couldn't use that to deter me either, they finally relented and came to accept not only Theresa, but her entire family into ours.

And yes, Carlotta still works for my mother, but she got a nice raise out of it as well.

I stood looking at my bride to be as she approached, smiling at the promise of such a bright, fun-filled future together. She wore as was traditional, something borrowed, something new, something old, something blue.

But not everyone knew what was what of course. The dress being the same one her mother had been married in, fitting her just as wonderfully as I knew it must have fit her mother. But she also wore a pair of dark blue panties beneath the dress, those borrowed from her own mom, the new...being the fresh creamy deposit of cum I had placed in them earlier that morning, handing them then to Carlotta to give to Theresa to wear, which I of course knew that she was.

We stood side by side, vows given, taken. Giving me her secret sly smile, the one she always did when she felt the erotic sensation of my cum dampening her panties along with her own as she turned towards me and said, "I do...and I always will."


Written by: Many Feathers

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