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An After Party Christmas Present

by AnythingGoes2008©

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After many years of wanting to see my wife fucked by multiple men, it was finally going to happen.

She looked beautiful in her long red dress. The Christmas party had been a hit, and we were cleaning up when the door bell rang. It was about midnight. Ray looked at me and asked, "Who could that be now?" As she approached the door, I told her it was a surprise. She stopped, turned to me, and gave me a very perplexed look. I told her to get the door and she would understand. Ray turned back to the door and slowly opened it.

Standing in the doorway was Jay, Robert and Mike. All three of these men I had located on a local web site. After numerous discussions, I had decided that these three men, all black and all well built, would be a perfect gift for my beautiful wife. "Don't make them wait outside Ray...They are all here for you. You might want to invite them in." Ray mustered a hello and moved back from the door, her body language inviting them into out foyer.

Ray turned to walk to me probably to discuss what this was all about. Before she could leave the vicinity of the 3 men in my home, Mike reached out, grabbed her by the waste and pulled him into her, facing away. She gasped at the movement and froze. Mike reached around, cupped her breasts, and whispered into her ear. "We are going to use your body for the next few hours! You are going to do some things you have never done before. And when we are done, you are going to be covered in our cum, your pussy and ass will be stretched, and you will be exhausted. But you will enjoy every minute of it." With that, he kissed and bit on her neck. Ray immediately relaxed in his grip and fully understood my gift. She also understood her lack of control. She looked at me and for the first of many times this evening, smiled.

Mike pushed her forward into the living room and kept his grip on her, holding her 36C breasts in his hands. Robert and Jay followed, losing their clothes on the way. By the time Ray had any time to catch a breath, Jay and Robert were standing in front of her and Mike, naked, with their large cocks sticking straight out in front of them. Mike whispered in her ear, "Raise your hands above you head". Ray did as she was instructed and Mike lifted her long red sequin dress above her head, revealing her black lacy demi bra and matching thong. Standing there in her high heels, Mike pushed her to her knees, bent down, and told her to suck the cocks in front of her. Ray wasted no time and immediately took a cock in her mouth and started stroking the other. Jay reached down and grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock deep into her throat causing her to gag. He held her there for a moment, and then looked down at her moaning. Switching over to Roberts cock, she continued doing more of the same, deep throating each cock, going back and forth, letting the two men in front of her fuck her throat. She had only once before had black cock, but this was a truly special treat tonight.

Mike had now removed his clothes, as had I. Sitting in the corner running a video camera in one hand and stroking my cock with my other hand, I was happy to enjoy the scene in front of me. Mike walked over and stepped between the two other men pushing his cock at her lips. He was a couple inches longer than the other men, and quite a bit thicker. She looked up at him and smiled. Mike looked down at her and told her to suck his cock. She obliged eagerly, releasing the other cocks and concentrating on the new one in front of her. Jay and Robert stood watching the scene in front of them stroking themselves waiting for their next move.

Mike pulled his cock away and pulled Ray to her feet. Jay had taken a seat in on the sofa in the middle of the room. Ray moved to him and straddled his cock. Slowly pushing the cock into her cunt, she sank down until his balls were against her clit. She let out a huge moan of pure pleasure as she began to move up and down fucking him. Robert moved in behind her and began paying with her ass while she rode up and down. Spitting on her ass, he began working a finger deep into her. She turned and looked back at him and said, "Get your finger out of my ass and put your cock in." Robert wasted no time. Jay held her into position as Robert pushed the head of his cock deep into her ass. It slid in easily as she was relaxed and ready. Rays moans left no question, she was enjoying her surprise.

The two men encased my wife as they plunged their cocks deep into her body, causing her to spasm and scream with pleasure between them. It was beyond erotic and incredibly hot. Mike waited in the wings, stroking his cock. He must have been close when we started, or it was just the sight of my hot wife, 5'3", 135 Lbs, brunette and hot as fuck, but he walked over to the rear of the couch pulling her head down to the edge and pushed his cock into her mouth and immediately filled her throat with his cum. At the same time, I exploded in my own hand shooting my own cum all over the floor. Ray managed to take every drop and looked up at Mike with her mouth open full of cum. She then closed her mouth and swallowed every drop.

At about the same time, both men exploded deep into her pussy and ass. Robert held his cock deep into her ass, holding her hips, and groaning loudly as he deposited his load deep into her bowels. Jay, beneath her with his cock deep into her cunt, did the same. I watched as Robert pulled out and Ray moved off of Jay. On her knees, Jay stood and joined Robert standing in front of her. Ray went to work cleaning there now semi-rigid cocks, cleaning the remnants of their cum mixed with her pussy and ass with her mouth as they again started to fuck her throat.

Robert now moved over, his cock now hard in hand, and pulled Ray up and onto the sofa. On her knees over the arm, he plunged his very large cock into her cunt with full force. Ray screamed out loud at the assault. It was a scream of enjoyable pain and pleasure all mixed together. It caused my cock to harden instantly. As I sat there, pondering the sight in front of me, the door bell rang. In the heat of this moment I had almost forgotten the final part of this surprise for my cock loving wife.

Walking to the door, I looked out the window to see Sara, our good friend. We had played with her the first time we went down this road, and it was intense. I opened the door and welcomed her with a hug. She wrapped her arms around me, kissed me deeply, and then reached down and grabbed my cock. I reached up, opened her long black coat, and revealed her naked body underneath. I immediately dropped to me knees and buried my tongue deep into her cunt holding her leg over my shoulder. She leaned against the wall and moaned as I worked her pussy and finger fucked her. After a few minutes of eating her and causing her to climax, I stood and directed her to the living room.

Upon our reentry, Sara found my wife, Mike buried in her ass, and two cocks in her mouth at the same time. They were pounding her with little care in the world and she was loving every minute of it. Sara walked a little closer and watched with great anticipation. Sara loves cock and pussy. She also loves to eat pussy which has just been filled with cum.

It was becoming clear that all three men were about to cum again. Mike, knowing the plans for the evening and seeing Sara had arrived, pulled out and flipped Ray onto her back. Pushing his cock back into her cunt he began working her as rough as ever. After a few minutes, he deposited his load deep in to her pussy, adding to the load she had already taken before. As soon as he stood up, Jay moved in and pushed his cock deep into her, and after a few minutes deposited his load. I at this point pushed Sara mover the back of a chair and plunged my own cock deep into her. I was not going to last very long. Robert replaced Jay and after about 30 seconds, deposited his load. I pulled out of Sara and replaced Robert in my wife's pussy and after a few minutes exploded deep into her. As I pulled out, Sara did her thing and moved between her legs and began licking up ever drop of cum from my wife's pussy as she slowly fucked her ass with her finger. Ray was in heaven. Grabbing the back of Sara's head, she ground her cunt on her face, covering Sara with our cum. Sara, 5'7" tall, blonde, 34D breasts and hot as fuck, went crazy.

It took all of a few minutes for all 4 of us to get hard again. With that, Robert and I grabbed Sara and moved her to the middle of the floor. Robert lay on his back and Sara mounted his cock. I moved behind her, lubed my cock up with my spit, and pushed slowly into her ass. The two of us quickly developed a rhythm and fucked her until she began shaking beneath me.

Mike grabbed Ray off of the Sofa. Jay was also on his back. Ray quickly jumped on Jays cock and Mike pushed his already cum covered cock deep into her ass. She had already been loosened and they were quickly bringing her to another intense orgasm.

As if on cue, Robert and I exploded deep into Sara. I pulled out of her ass and she rolled onto her back. Mike and Ray had also just finished depositing another load deep into Ray. She quickly came over and mounted Sara in a 69. The sight of the two girls eating cum out of each others holes was hot.

At this point, the guys all dressed and departed. I thanked them profusely and led them to the door, promising to have another even in a few weeks, but with more people involved. I returned to the living room and sat and watched as these two beautiful women ate each others cunts both fingering the others ass at the same time using the cum inside as lube.

Sara had rolled over on top of Ray and I walked up and slid my cock into her pussy. I could feel Ray's tongue as I slid my cock in and out, slowly enjoying this moment. Ray continued to like my balls and my shaft from below while I fucked Sara. After a few minutes, Sara had an orgasm to a point causing her to cum all over Ray's face. I pulled out to watch and worked my cock until I added to her facial shooting my cum all over her face and mouth. Sara spun around and began kissing my wife, licking up our cum and enjoying the taste of her own pussy.

The girls relaxed, kissing and embracing for a while as I sat watching. Ray looked up at me, smiled, and thanked me. She then stood up, pulled Sara to her feet, and they began to walk out of the room hand and hand. Ray stopped, looked at me and asked, "Are you going to join us in bed? I think it is time for me to return the favor!"

Written by: AnythingGoes2008

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