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My Brother's Magnificent Cock Ch. 01

by penasweapon©

My brother has a big cock.

No, he has a magnificent enormous cock.

I found out this truth in high school. My brother was a year ahead of me and much of my reputation rested on the things that he did so I was always aware of what was going on with him.

Because of that it really sucked to have a brother who was a general in the army of nerds. Every teacher would look at my efforts and tell me how they expected more because my brother was such a good student.

He was annoying; the type of student who was horrified at the prospect of earning a 'B'. For me a 'B' was a good thing.

Something happened at the end of the tenth grade though. My brother -- the nerd -- began to work out. All summer long he was at the gym. He became like someone possessed. He ate and worked out. Ate and worked out.

By the time school started he was no Hercules but you could see that he was different.

I asked him one day what happened and he looked at me asking, "Can I trust you?"

"Duh, of course," I said.

"I want to change the way people look at me -- the way girls look at me," he said with all sincerity. I couldn't help it I laughed.

"And, that is why I can't tell you anything," he huffed.

I told him that I was sorry and that I understood. We had a good talk and it was great because it reminded me of why I loved my brother. As much of a drain as he could be on my popularity at school, at home he was the best.

He was always looking out for me. We could talk for hours about anything. His secrets were my secrets and my secrets his. We were extremely close. We would cuddle in our room and just talk to each other and really it was innocent --for a while.

Throughout the year he kept on working out and it seemed his efforts only intensified. By January he had packed on quite a bit of muscle - he wasn't the same Mike at eighteen that he had been at sixteen that's for sure -and the girls at school were noticing.

My times spent cuddling with my brother became fewer and further between as he began dating more and more. By his senior year he was dating regularly. It was after that the stories started.

I would be in the bathroom in a stall and there would be some girl who was talking about this boy with an enormous dick and it would turn out that -- it was my brother. As the months went on I would hear stories about his size and bits and pieces. I guess I should have felt embarrassed but instead I was jealous. As the stories turned more sexual my jealousy worsened.

Mike stayed at home after high school because he was attending the local community college. I was very thankful because our relationship stayed basically the same. Now, having turned 18 and being a senior myself I knew that our time spent with one another would really be diminished when I went to college the next year.

Cuddling with my brother one night I asked him about what was going on with him. "Mike, we used to talk about everything," I started "why haven't you told me about these dates that you have been going on?"

I told him that I was hearing stories about him. "What kind of stories," he asked excited.

I told him, I told him that they were stories about his size and that recently there had been stories about his ability. He was silent.

I asked him how we could be so close and he had started having sex and not told me.

Still a long silence and then he asked me, "How could I tell you?" "You are my sister what am I supposed to do come home and tell you how I convinced some girl to give it up," he asked "that's not going to happen."

"Why not," I asked --ok, snapped- "every time I am somewhere where the girls don't know I am there I hear about your big dick. Everything is becoming about it. The girls you've been with talk about it non-stop and the ones they haven't talk about finding out. It's all you and that thing. It's everywhere so I hear about it anyway. All day long it's like these girls are praying at the altar of your big dick and you can't talk to me about it well I know -- I can't help but know."

I was agitated and I didn't mean to say what I said -- at least not that way. I didn't want him to hear me talk about his dick so much I didn't want him to think that I was thinking about it, I was.

He pulled me close to him and whispered that he was sorry. It was then that I noticed something I had never noticed before -- his dick.

In all of our cuddling sessions it was never an issue but now I felt it. It was growing resting in the crack of my butt it was growing up my spine. My mind was reeling.

I wanted to turn around so that I could see it or grab it or -something - but I was frozen. I suspect that he was too or he would have broken our embrace. I could tell he was frozen because he was hardly breathing.

I could have been a bitch and done something to embarrass him but that wasn't really me and besides the monster had grown up out of his boxers and was on my back warm and throbbing.

We just laid there until we were asleep.

I woke up the next morning and he was already gone to the gym. I stretched to get up and could feel the cold floor seep into my bones as I stepped down. Memories of last night flooded my mind and for the first time I had a tingling sensation below.

It doesn't take a lesson to know what to do and I found my hand on myself making me feel things I never had before. As thoughts of my brother danced in my mind and my hand took me off to a blissful place I was brought back to reality by the sound of the shower in our bedroom turning off.

My brother wasn't in the gym he was back already.

I crept over to the door because I knew what was next. He had been jerking off for a few years now; we had talked about it but that was his private thing. It was curious to me but I never intruded, never even listened. But now, things were different.

It wasn't just a secret that a brother and sister maybe shouldn't share but wasn't really real. Now I had felt it. Now I had heard how big it was and felt it for myself.

I listened at the door and could hear the sound of it squishy, and rhythmic with a slapping sound. My mind was racing. What exactly did it look like? Then I heard him through the door, "come on." It was low like he wasn't really talking but commanding. And then I could tell he was doing it faster.

I realized that my hand was on me as I felt my knees weaken. I was on the floor in moments on my back with my knees spread and my hand flying away racing toward my first orgasm. Then the world fell apart and all I could feel was pleasure. I had never felt anything like it.

I briefly lost track of the world caught up in the feeling. When I came back down as my senses returned I realized that my brother was grunting like an animal behind the door.

Instinctively I knew he was just about done. I gathered myself and ran back to the bed.

He came out of the bathroom with a towel around him. He stopped at his bed and dropped off his stuff and then walked toward me. I noticed now the outline that I had missed all this time of his still firm cock -- it was large. He stood by me looking down. I wished he would drop the towel, no I hoped he would. He looked down at me and said thank you.

I knew he meant that he was thanking me for not making it worse on him the night before and causing him to die from embarrassment.

"If you really want to thank me you will let me see it," I said shocked at my boldness.

The look on his face was priceless. "I-I can't," he stammered.

"Please, I really want to see it," I begged.

He looked at me, sternly. "This is wrong," he said undoing the towel "you have to promise to never tell anyone."

And then I saw it. It wasn't anything like what I had seen in sex-ed class it was so big. It was bigger just laying there than the ones they had shown us erect in class. I was mesmerized. My mouth hung open literally. How could he be so large? Then it started to grow.

I couldn't believe it and I don't think that my brother could either. If someone as Black as him could blush then he was blushing. I reached for it but he slapped my hand away. "No," he said "that's too far. I -- I have to go take care of this."

He closed the towel and turned to leave. "Mike," I called "let me watch."

"Just come on. You'll never leave me alone about it anyway," he said.

That was just the beginning.

Written by: penasweapon

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