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Operation Breeding Camp

by Snowflock©


SOLUTION to military brainstorm - create a "Breeding Farm" while solving the reproduction issue that's lingering globally. Make money and ensure new babies are born to only the "rich and famous" ( "genes" it's survival of the fittest out there!) in the world's society.

This IDEA came from Military and Global Leaders. It was a cross between a concentration camp, farm and a zoo.

After all - humans are mammals ... and mammals have been bred for ages in zoo's while humans observed their every move -- Thus -- why not turn the tables...breed female specimens in a similar manner for the good of the planet...?

Camp Set-up in General

A Breeding Camp was constructed in the middle of a forest -- far away for civilization. An electric fence surrounded the place and had guard towers on every corner. On the one end of the camp "sweat pits" was also dug into the ground with bamboo bars at the entrance. The walls was vertically dug down and made of ground, rocks and roots of plants. It's obvious that very little attention was put into "comfort" in these pits.

Not very far away is and open area with a few huge strong trees -- between these trees are several ropes, chains and hooks that are attached to them. With one glance it's clear that this may be a torture area. Even the ground has been cleared of grass and small bushes in this area. This area has been specially located close to the sweat pits as the screams and moans was to assist unwilling sterile women (whom was awaiting in the pit until called for their "assisted decision classes") make their decisions in their own time and out of their own free will -- no one wanted to force them into donating their womb for the benefit of the world and their country.

The Main Place

In the center of this camp is an enormous grass roof with several thick wooden pillars supporting it. Each pillar has a Thai carving on it - temples, elephants etc. Below it is cement built seating area with a few wooden boxes at the corners with one-direction view windows. It is obvious that these seating boxes are built to allow spectators to observe activities while remaining totally anonymous.

What all these spectators are looking onto is two large but shallow pools. Each pool has it's own walk-way made from bamboo with soft lights along the way to provide a soft and gentle atmosphere. Don't be fooled by appearances folks...activities here are everything BUT "soft and gentle".

One pool has sloppy, slimy mud in it while the other has white foam that makes large bubbles all along the side.

In these two pools is where the "weak" get's separated from the "strong" - continuing with the way in which nature works in the animal kingdom....survival of the fittest!

The fittest get the Honour of donating her eggs/womb (some may require "assistance" towards this decision). The others live in poor, sweeping, cooking, and if anyone has a desperate (need to be desperate as they are considered "below standard") need to fuck -- they can use the lesser ones in WHATEVER way they please...ass, cunt, tits, mouth, throat...mostly the Handlers would use the infertile maids as they could only handle the fertile breeding bitches...but not fuck them.

Boy Ply Pen & Research Lab

Just behind this pool arena is an area that is known as the "boy play pen" -- this is roughly similar with a grass roof, wooden pillars and bamboo walkway to the pool arena. It had wooden bunk beds that would be where selected females would be residing while awaiting delivery. It had convenient pathway's to the pool arena for entertainment on command.

Onlooking this central pool and rope area's is a luxurious office hut - with bamboo walkway's to both area's for "The General" and his fellow officers. A bit behind in the background is staff housing and a large kitchen facility.

In the total far, faarrr back of the camp is an infirmary with a very modern research laboratory. Here again no expense has been spared -- both the operating theatre and laboratory has got up-to-date German made equipment. There are also a few recovery rooms. Close by is staff housing that is furnished very ordinary. The laboratory has a huge square sign that say's "sperm/egg research" while the small hospital say's "deliveries" immediately know that it does NOT refer to deliveries of baked cookies...

Goal of this "camp"

As pollution contaminated the water and decreased fertility rates it became a global concern of stagnancy with no population growth. That's when the militaries from the strongest and richest countries brainstormed together .... the result? They contacted the best genetic researchers and together they came up with a pilot project that would not only kick start population growth again, but that would also be extremely profitable to the member countries. They argued that in human society the "fittest" will also be the "richest".

By the year XXIII even women was desperate to have sterility mostly seemed to affect women. Men grew older with no-one to follow in their footsteps - but could do little about it. It was a concern to ALL. A fertile women and non-contaminated water was as rare as nails in hay, and when found - fearsly guarded while hidden away. Any child that was born was done in total secrecy - kept silent and hidden from the militaries and governments.

In an attempt to find the fertile women they made it legal to treat women as "specimen" -- ANY female above the age of 20. The military in various countries overheads this operation. * Any female that did not render herself to voluntary specimen testing would be jailed for 7 years. * Any person (male OR female) that would assist a woman to hide away from the authorities to avoid specimen OR fertility testing would be jailed for 7 years minimum.

There was no way out.

There was no way around not being sent to the Breeding Camp for Evaluation...


Specimen Selection

Specimens of 20 and up were immediately shipped off to "the breeding camp". They were not even allowed to say bye to their loved ones. Often they were just GRABBED while walking in the street. The military that was in charge of OPERATION BREED THE BITCH would go thru a town/community -- kidnapping any female of 20yr or older.

Sometimes they'd just ransack houses and grab screaming hysterical women out of the bed/bath. Operation Breed The Bitch worked like a well-oiled machine. Sending in specimens -- some "unsuited" specimens returned (not all as some was kept behind as maids); other more suited specimens would not return for the minimum of 9 months -- sometimes longer.

There were several breeding camps that operated under the same guidelines / outlay as described here.

Here's a description of events:

1 -- female specimen arrives on military truck at Breeding Camp -- only belongings are clothes on her back (if she had any on at time of "taking");

2 -- competion starts immediately -- a pen is set up -- fairly large 800 square feet with high fence around; all specimen are put into pen; for every 1 female specimen about 3 male horny men are sent in to start their evaluation...

female specimen try to hide behind trees/bushes, climb branches, fight, kick, scream and bite...while 3 men chase her till she's exhausted (like wolves in a deer hunt)...only to circle around her -- ripping her clothing off while yelling out phrases to start the indoctrination process "bitch -- do you think you'll get the honour to breed?" and "give up now and we'll make it easy" and "you're only here to full-fill your animal duty -- to BREED"

The more the specimen fights the 3 men surrounding her, the more they notice her strength. This is the start of healthy, strong specimens for the breeding program. Deliveries are done here without anesthetic...only another reason why strength is so important.

3 -- Next day strong healthy specimens are sent to the 2 pools while men and "buyers" look, interrogate and assess there strength, appearance, and skills. Here they wrestle while entertaining the crowd.

4 -- End of the day -- the winners from the pool contests are taken aside.

They were gathered up in groups and told their fate by The General:

"You have proven yourself to be the strongest specimens from the pen and pool evaluations. You will only be referred to as "specimen breeding bitch" and get a number behind that (specimen BB1 etc). That will be tattooed to you for easy identification from the BREEDERS. They pay lots of money to come breed you whores and we don't want mis-matches to occur. Each Breeder get some choice in selecting His own specimen breeding bitch.

You will now be escorted to our EGG Lab -- where you will be protted, probed, examined, tested and tattooed. We will now determine who is FERTILE. We have already selected specimens with strength and stamina for breeding and child birth.

Resistance are expected...after all -- you have already proven that each specimen have "fight" in herself. Be assured...we have way's to deal with resistance! For example...strap down beds with electrical prods for behaviour modification. THUS -- the more you cooperate -- they easier you make it on yourself."


Breeding Bitches was sent off to the Egg Lab. As they were placed on the military trucks each one was blindfolded and handcuffed. That was ALL that they were wearing. The "Handlers" was not from the Cream of for them to work at the Breeding Camp was a dream come true -- they got to man-handle naked women on a daily basis.

At the Egg Lab photographs, measurements, blood work, DNA samples was taken. All of this was then sent to the "Organizing Office". This was really the nerve centre of the entire Operation Breed the Bitch.

Files for three fertile, strong specimen breeding bitches would be sent to each hand-picked man all over the world. Politicians, business men, world leaders etc. Anyone that wanted a child and had the money to pay.

Conditions to them was: Social Standing of the highest class, Money (this 2 conditions already indicated them to be the "fittest" by natural selection in a competitive world) -- and if married -- the wife had to accompany the Man to the Breeding Camp to witness the Breeding Ceremony.

When the Breeder made His selection -- He'd contact the Organizing Office for payment and travel arrangements. Usually this happened quick as it was so hard to come by fertile women -- and most women that had climbed the ladder to success had ingested too much contaminated water thru her lifetime (it took time to reach the "Plato" for that level of success) -- which would leave her infertile. The richest and fittest Men started placing bids on based on the 3 files he received for specimen that was found strong and fertile.

Guests arriving at the Breeding Camp received the best food, treatment and accommodations -- tucked away cabins in the woods.


On the opposite end of the camp was huge green trees with huts made from wood for walls and dried grass for the roof cover. This end of the camp appeared like a romantic "out-of-Africa" dream. It was always maintained and kept in tip-top shape. Birds could be heard in the tree tops and a few mats were tied to some large trees -- all strategically distantly located from each other. Inside these huts was a bright front porch entrance with netting around to let cool fresh air in but bugs out.

On the porch was bamboo chairs with large soft pillows to sink back into while enjoying nature's sounds and scenes. Inside was divided into a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom area -- all decorated to enhance relaxation and tranquility while complementing the surroundings. No money was spared with interior decorating -- soft, clean bedding with large inviting pillows, large windows to view outside with animal printed curtains.

The kitchen was miraculously layed out while the bathroom had a large indoor jacuzzi with a view into the woods with trees that's been discreetly placed in front of the window to allow for an awesome outside view while prohibiting onlookers from seeing inside. It was obvious that the residents of these huts has lots of money to live in these rich and comforting huts.


After Egg Lab testing

The infertile specimens were sent away -- either back to their towns/communities or if the camp services needed replacement of maids (was a horrible hard job doing cooking, cleaning...and they had to keep the handlers sexual appetite up while also providing release). Often the maids would be rotated -- old infertile ones returned and fresh ones brought in.

The group of fertile specimen breeding bitches was kept aside.

The General again spoke:

"You were found fertile. The fact that you are fertile automatically means that you have volunteered to donate your eggs for the good of the world and civilization. Your country thanks you. It is only a few females that get this honour - you should be proud."

"You have one of two choices -- either you only donate your egg to research and possible implantation into another sterile female OR you donate your egg and womb to save the planet by being bred like a bitch that you are."

"Should you decide NOT to donate your womb or egg you will remain in the camp pits until such time that we can "gracefully"..and The General had a sadistic grin...assist you in making the decision to donate your womb and/or egg and by that do a duty to your country."

"Should you decide to sign up for egg and womb donation you will be paired up with the highest bidder available globally...USA, Canada, UK, Germany, China, and name a few. Your measurements, background and photographs (naked from various angles) has already been sent to potential childless couples for their joint decision. This will ensure survival of the strongest and fittest. You will be impregnated by your Sperm Donor in the presence of his wife as we do not advocate nor encourage extra-marital affairs. At ALL times of impregnation MUST the wife be present."

"Once determined that you are actually pregnant you will be provided with a bunk in the "boy play pen" for the duration of your pregnancy -- should you decide to donate both your womb and egg - you will entertain the camp Officers, medical researches and paying patrons in a specially created arena."

"Those that only donating their egg for research/implantation will be reminded that the Harvesting Ceremony will be made extremely painful and humiliating -- to satisfy any Sadist. During this time the egg donor specimen will be milked in the stables like cow 2x per day to provide milk to the kitchen. You will also be kept at the Breeding Camp until such time that the paying couple (Breeder and wife) has successfully had the child. Should the paying couple's pregnancy fail -- they will return and breed you FORCEFULLY! You will then automatically donate your womb and egg and not have a choice this time. Once determined pregnant you will receive the same treatment as any other specimen breeding bitch that's been knocked up."

"Therefore whores -- you will notice that donating your womb and egg from the start may save you time at Breeding Camp and also -- save you the strong possibility of a 2nd Breeding Ceremony."

Written by: Snowflock

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