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The Power of Scent

by Killozap©

Julie and Andrew were married since two years, they had met the first time one year before they went to the register office. Their life had turned completely after they met each other, they both had been singles before and enjoyed the loneliness.

But that changed rapidly after their first sexual intercourse, they felt the power of attraction between them, liked the smell and taste of each other.

Andrew was an enthusiast in cunt-licking, and this was liked much by Julie who also was addicted to oral sex. An important thing was Julies body and Andrews admiration for that kind of female bodies, Julie was a big beautiful woman with lots of flesh on the bones. She was much shorter than Andrew but weighted two times the weight of him. Andrew really loved her body, but the fat admiration had lost much importance to other things they do in normal life or when doing naughty things together.

So Andrew was licking her cunt and she suddenly wanted to be taken doggy style. She rolled on bed, presenting her giant ass to him, moaning: "Now, come one, take me, fuck me, take me hard!" But Andrew did not want to fuck at this moment, he was still addicted to lick her, and of course he could reach her cunt easily with his tongue, and her gigantic belly was visibled to him, ready to be fondled by his tender hands. He started to lick her wet, wet pussy, and suddenly he was attracted by an other smell, it was a smell that was closer to his nose than her cunt was. They had started sex direct after coming home from their jobs, and they both liked the smell of their bodies, the smell of sweat, the smell of heat. He stopped licking and started to take noses of this new smell, instantly recognized the source of that new odour.

It was her unwashed asshole, containing everything that the loo paper did leave.

He instantly loved this new scent, this was a stink that was converted to a lovely smell by his horniness. He wanted more of this, divided her ass with his hands, showing her anus to his disbelieving eyes. It was such a lovely view, her asshole showing a slimy crust of her sweat and manure, really not looking dirty, it looked marvellous to him, and he could not stop to advance his nose nearer to that stinky hole. He had some thoughts about hygiene and about the things he had learned as a boy. It should by disgusting and an ugly thing, but nothing disgusted him, and the view was fantastic. All thoughts concerning sickly consequences were blown away by his horniness, he pulled his nose directly in her asshole, taking the maximum intensity of her scent. She moaned loud, she had never thought that her asshole could be a erogenous zone, could bring her to heat. She waited some time, thought that he will now start to fuck her.

But he didn't start, his face stayed at her stinky asshole, he fought with his conscience to let go or to stop the investigation here. There could only be one result, the conscience had lost the war against his horniness. His mouth suddenly surrounded her stinky hole, his saliva and his tongue cleansed her anal residues. He did swallow a part of this new brew, but could not prevent his head to put every part of his face in that stinky slime, he was in absolute ecstasy, and while he was licking and smearing his face, he suddenly came, his cum hit the sheet, and he continued to caress her hole, a hole that he will se more often in the future.

She was astonished by the new "friend" Andrew had found, but she felt his horniness and that turned her on, too. She did not think that his asshole will be something for her flavour, but she hoped that she was totally mistaken.

She did not regret that she was not fucked that evening, she knew that there are more fucks to come and every variety in their sexual life was a way to strengthen their relation.

So she wanted to try the taste and smell of her asshole, wanted to find out what made him such randy. She took some fingers and cleaned her asshole smelling on it, tasting its smell. She was surprised how horny she got short after. She renewed that three times by letting her fingers run over her asshole, and then decided to give his asshole a try the coming evening, she now could hardly wait to smell his perfect scent.

Written by: Killozap

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