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A Good Hair Day

by VeniVici©

The a-board on the street read, 'Unisex Hairdressing Salon.' John walked past it, and down the narrow alley to where an open door led up a flight of stairs. There, at the top of the stairs, was the salon.

"Hi Angie!" He called out as he went through the door, holding his arms wide to embrace his red haired friend. They kissed long, and with tongue wrestling passion, as both of them were very pleased to see each other again.

"So, how are things with you?" she asked, as John sat down in a salon chair, before having a long cape placed around his neck and fastened at the back.

"Fine! And you look good enough to eat as usual." He told her, while she stood behind him, starring into the large mirror opposite, and grinning at him knowingly, stuck her tongue out.

"All on your own this lunchtime?" he asked his auburn beauty, as she still pulled faces at him in the mirror.

"Christine, my boss, has gone home for an hour, so little old me is in sole command." She fluffed up his long hair, and ran her fingers through it, before asking him with a wicked wink, " and how would sir like it today?"

"Oh, you know me, my love - simply serve it up, all hot and horny, with a dash of utter filth thrown in for good measure. I mean, who wants to mess around with boring old fashioned foreplay, when a girl's simply gagging for it?"

Angie feigned a snarl, and grabbing him by the hair, pulled his head back hard to whisper in his ear.

"Now listen here, we'll have non of your naughty fucky ways today. Someone might come back at any moment and catch us." She let go of his hair and came round the front of the chair to face him, and provocatively rested a knee on his right leg, showing him her wide-open crotch, all be it hidden under her jeans, but well known to John in ever way.

"I'm sure I can still smell that Mazola oil on your hair. You haven't been to another one of those parties have you?" She demanded, feeling hurt.

"No, honest! I'd only ever go with you." John insisted, as he watched Angie continue to stroke her crotch, in a delicious lewd manner through her tight jeans.

"Shit, I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw that circle of straw bales with a great tarpaulin thrown over it, and five gallons of Mazola cooking oil, shimmering in the center. I thought there's no way I'm getting my kit off, and diving it there!"

"Well you did, and didn't we have some fun?" He said, reminding her of that hot summers night at a friend's farm.

"There was quite a lot of standing around drinking, and wondering who'd be the first?" Angie said, still rubbing herself for him. "It was that girl with her pubes dyed bright green, and 'keep off the grass,' written across her stomach, who just dived in, and every one followed." She pressed hard on her now, quivering quim, and clenched her teeth, adding, "talk about a Roman orgy, I've never seen twenty randy people, trying to fuck each other with such wild determination in all my life. Slippery as an eel, wasn't in it."

John thought that the Romans would have used olive oil, which at least tasted better, and smelt better than Mazola cooking oil.

"Yes, but remember they had slaves to clean them up afterwards, not just paper towels." Angie pointed out, remembering being rubbed down by an oily girl, who proudly told her that she'd lost count of how many times she'd been taken in the slimy pit of pleasure." She suddenly laughed, and wanted to know. "What was the name of that young man who looked like a jockey? You knew him -- Small, funny looking guy!"

"Jim! And you're right, he did look like a jockey."

"Yes, that's him," Angie giggled. " Well, remember when he screamed out that some bastard had got a cock stuck up his arse, and everyone sliding around on the tarpaulin shouted back, 'you should be so lucky!' Shit! I nearly wet myself laughing. I know I'd certainly had all my holes well and truly stuffed that night, no mistaking. I could hardly walk the next day."

"We must do that again sometime," John told her. "But what about your boss? Why are you worried about being caught by her? I thought you and the boss had an understanding on matters sexual. Isn't she always at you? Taking your sweet breath away, or something like that?" John wondered.

"Not any longer." Angie pulled a face, and flicked her auburn fringe out of her eyes, and stopped touching herself. " We now have a little apprentice called Tara, and it seems the management can't keep her hands off the new girl. You should see how they both stay on at night pretending to lock up the salon. I popped back one night saying that I'd left my bag, and caught the two of them at it."

"At what?"

"What do you think?"

"Well ... I'm not exactly sure what to think." John teased her.

"The boss only had little Tara's knickers off, and was down on her while she lay back in this very chair."

John gave a shudder, and added smiling, "I've had you in this very chair too, remember? Several times!"

"I know that, but - its just - well, I felt a bit spare all of a sudden seeing the two of them at it like that. I felt kind of surplus to requirements."

"Hey, you come here and let me cuddle you, you poor thing. I still love you. You'll never be spare to me." He held out his arms from under the cape and Angie bending over, rocked gently in his arms.

John slipped a hand up her long slender legs, and stroked her shapely bottom for her. "It's been too long since you let me have your pretty little self." He reminded her, feeling suddenly very horny for her right there and then.

"Hahh! You can't be going short, if I know you? What's happened to the one you always take to the woods? Isn't she giving you enough?" John kissed Angie on the lips and let her up from his hold.

"She's fine and dandy. Well, more like, just plain randy!" He chuckled.

"Is she the one you wanted to rent my spare room for?"

"Yes, the very same. It's getting too cold for copulating on the cold, cold ground. Autumn is here."

"And you just want to save her from the foggy, foggy dew, I suppose?"

"That's it, my little sexy stylist. I hope you're still willing to let me have that spare room of yours for lunchtime trysts? Remember, I did say I'd pay you."

"Oh yes you can have it, but what if I was to pop home myself one day, how would that be?"

"Join us for a threesome, or just to watch in the corner and promise not to laugh?"

"Can you really imagine me doing that? Just watching you service your 'Maid Marian,' and not wanting to join in. It would drive me wild seeing you make her beg to be shagged stupid. Anyway, what's she really like, this lunchtime shag of yours?"

John pulled Angie's hand under the cape and thrust it onto the hardening prick in his pants. She squeezed it and laughed. "Well just talking about her, certainly gets you all nice and horny if nothing else. She must be good!"

John undid his trousers to let Angie's hand get his cock out. She held it tight and rubbed him fast and furious, making him protest that she be gentler. She said sorry, and stopped, and knelt down beside the salon chair. Throwing off the cape to one side, now rubbed him slowly this time, as she asked for all the low down on his fucky friend.

"Well, she's called Lizzie. She's single, and lives on her own. Has bluish eyes, short mousy hair, and is on the tall side." He paused for a moment picturing Lizzie in his mind, before going on. "Nice tits! She has very nice - large tits! They go with her athletic body, which I suppose, is possibly from all the hard work she dose."

"All the fucking she gets up to, I'd say!" Angie sniggered.

"No! No, you're wrong there. It's from all the physical hard work she dose, working with horses."

"Phew! You know what they say about women and horses? Sometimes the woman's in more of a lather after a good gallop, than the horse. I hear they just can't get enough after having all that heaving flesh between their legs. Just desperate for a fuck."

"Well, funny you should say that, because she dose have a special favorite saddle with a very high pommel that rubs perfectly against her clitty. Sends her wild with lust, so she told me."

"I bet it dose. And have you had the pleasure of having her -- hot off the saddle?" John gave a dirty grin, remembering well, how he had indeed waylaid his horse-lady several times.

"Well, once or twice we've met in the forest, when she was out for a ride."

"And I suppose you invited her to step down and ride you, you dirty devil?"

Angie bent over him and after licking it slowly all over, sucked his very hard, aching cock, into her drooling mouth, making him grab her hair and moan with pleasure. She let go of him for a second to say, "more, tell me more! How would she be with me there?" she wondered, before taking his cock all the way back down her tight throat.

"She says she hasn't ever done it with another woman, but that she's sure she would just go with the flow if the situation ever arose."

That was a situation that John very much liked to imagine happening, and he lay back in the chair and closed his eyes. The picture of Angie's flaming auburn hair laid next to his friend Lizzie's, on a bed, with them kissing and touching, was one of his latest fantasies. One that stirred the spunk in him and made him throb hard thinking about watching them play in his mind's eye. Angie showing how pleasurable her hot tongue could be on Lizzie's big firm breasts, as her own small pert ones, were being fondled in return. While all the time he was kneeling over them both. Enjoying sticking fingers into all their moist places, and listening to them purr with pleasure, wondering which one to fuck first.

"Lizzie's also a great masturbator!" John went on, shaking himself out of his dirty fantasy. " Loves doing it, and especially letting you watch her. She'll fuck herself with anything you give her to play with so long as she can accommodate it safely in her pussy. In fact she cums so often and so big, it quite frightens me sometimes that she'll maybe do herself a mischief, so I often have to stop her just for safety reasons."

"Bollocks!" Angie spluttered. "You're just beside yourself watching her. The dirty bitch! You just can't help yourself from stuffing this cock up her, that's all. You do tell me some bloody rubbish, you know?"

"Talking of stuffing, why not just slip your pants off and sit on me while we have our chat? You'd like that, I know you would."

Angie stood up, and with lust written all over her pretty face, slowly pulled her jeans down to reveal a pair of pink and white panties. She flicked off her shoes and then her jeans, and then teased him by pulling her panties down a little at a time revealing her beautiful bright red pubes so as to make him laugh and stretch out his hand, to try and grab them for himself.

"No touching! You just lie still and let me do all the work." She insisted.

When finally naked from the waist down, she moved a lever at the back of the chair and it fell backwards into an almost prone position. John slid down the chair with his pants well down below his knees, so that he could be right under Angie, as she stood straddling him. Taking his cock in her hand and half squatting, she slowly rubbed it up and down the lips of her very wet and expectant pussy. She watched John's face all the time. He groaned and lifted his bum off the seat in the hope of impaling her, but she resisted him.

Now in her own time, she made contact with him, and only then did she let the head of his engorged cock taste the lips of her salacious slit. Ease him into her, and let him feel that first magic kiss of a warm cunt on a stiff cock. With her feet firmly on the floor either side of the chair, she stopped him from going all the way up her horny hole, even though he was now desperate to fuck her.

"Good, my Love?" she asked, teasing him more, as she watched his face twist in painful pleasure, longing to fuck her really hard and stuff her full of his pleading prick. John grunted, and Angie lowered herself down a little further, till at last she sighed loudly and had it all safely gather into her. Now sitting on his thighs, she supported herself with her outstretched arms on John's chest and slowly rocked backwards and forward.

"You are just so wet!" he told her, feeling her juices oozing down around his balls.

"Maybe I want it badly?" Angie suggested " Or is because I've just been for a good gallop on my trusty steed?"

"You never needed any horse to make you all steamy and hot, my little sexy slut. You were just born for it."

She liked the idea, of being the sexy slut. Being his very own, always available, very fuckable, sexy slut. Who had given herself to him without question, for the past two years, and had loved every moment.

She quickened the pace of her rocking motion, and bit her lower lip as she suddenly felt herself starting to cum. Her will power was being over taken by her cunts' desire to get itself off and orgasm big time. She was totally out of control, and just cumming like crazy, the only way she knew how. John also knew that gorgeous look in her face, and urged her on.

"Yes Angie, cum for me! Let it all go! Go on, give it to me!"

With a loud cry and a huge shudder, she did let it go, and climaxed all over Johns throbbing cock. Trembling several times, as she looked deep into his eyes, licking her lips, and snorting like some high-spirited mare in season.

" Good girl!" he praised her, now feeling her wetness even more. "Let's get you off again. I want more from you. I love to feel you cum. Let's get you off a dozen times more!" He cried out, bursting with horniness.

"Hey, hold on! We can't do this for too long. I've a Mrs.Willowby booked in for a shampoo and set. She could be here anytime."

"Can't you lock the downstairs door till we've done?" He asked with disappointment in his voice.

"No, that would really take some explaining away. There's a pressure pad on the stairs that buzzes when someone is coming up to the salon, that's all the warning we've got."

"Ok, then sadly I'll have to cum with you the next time." John grumbled, wanting to at least leave her all juiced up for the rest of the afternoon. Let her know, that the wet feeling she had, was his spunk melting inside her cunt, and running slowly down the inside of her lovely legs.

He held onto Angie's hips tightly, as she started to ride him again with renewed determination. Her cunt slurped loudly with each rise and fall of her body. She told him through clenched teeth, how much she loved to be fucked by him, and he believed her completely.

With her feet on the floor, she could rise and fall just like on a trotting horse, and increase her speed to a canter as she felt herself staring to cum again. Her body was racked by the need to orgasm. To feel the splash of spunk that could only bring peace to her aching cunt, and quell the insatiable itch for cock, that drove her crazy some days.

"Oh John! -- I can't help myself! -- I'm starting again!"

"Good girl Angie - I'm cumming too - Give it to me Darling, let it all go!"

Angie moaned loud and long, welling up to a wild crescendo before throwing her head back and yelling out "FUCK ME! -- OH, FUCK ME!" It triggered off John's cock to shoot its spunky load deep into the depths of her gasping, gagging gorge. Three times his cum gun fired its seed; and three times it felt that cumming cunny, clamp down hard to milk it dry. Drain him of all that he had, as they both groaned with joy at being blown out of their minds, and orbiting paradise together, before eventually landing back to earth with a thud!

"Gosh, I'd forgotten how badly I needed that." Angie sighed, as she dismounted from her lover and took a couple of paper tissues to mop her marinated minge, before putting her panties and jeans back on.

"You know, I really do love you some days John!" She said, kissing him tenderly, and then looking to the back of the room, to call out.

"You can stop playing with yourself Tara, and go and make us a couple of coffees!"

Quite startled, John sat up and turned in the chair to see who Angie was talking too.

A pretty blonde girl in her early twenties got up from a row of chairs at the back of the salon and grinning shyly, gave them both a wave.

"And some of those malted chocolate biscuits please." Ordered Angie. "Has she been there all the time?" John asked, quite amazed.

"Yes. Didn't you see her when you came in? She was sat having her lunch break, reading a magazine. Anyway, I thought it was time to get my own back on the little cow. And before you ask - Yes, I'm sure she'll let you. We can both have her, come to that, but all in my own good time. Okay?"

"Yes ok."

"And now my lovely man, I'm going to give you the best haircut you've ever had in your whole life. After of course, you've put away that delicious dick of yours. I'd hate Mrs.Willowby to arrive and get the wrong idea about having a little something extra on the side, as well as her shampoo and set!"

Written by: VeniVici

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