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The Burning for My Son-in-Law Ch. 03

by JackFlash1959©

"Yes, Mom. I will."

Mike looked a little tired but happy. "Hey Mike, you're not done yet!" I laughed. "We're going to wear you out."

"I know, Tanya is next, right?"

I nodded and straddled his face. "Why don't you keep busy while we wait for your cock to harden."

With a smile, he began licking my pussy. Jen stroked Mike back to life. He licked well and I was cumming on his face before he was fully hard. I got off and fed him my big tits and realized that Jen had finished preparing Tanya for her turn. With her pussy lips glistening from the lube, Tanya straddled Mike. I almost cried as my pretty daughters worked together to keep Mike hard and penetrate Tanya.

Tanya got on all fours. "I want it this way. Fuck me from behind, big boy!"

She was a trooper and much tougher than her twin sister. She eased back onto his thickness and seemed to enjoy it as he pushed deeper and deeper. Terri recovered quickly and gripped Mike's cock and held it into her sister.

Tanya leaned forward onto her elbows and screamed when her cherry was popped. Jen was on one side and I was on the other pulling and pinching her nipples. She cooed and Mike was very excited. Jen and I caressed Mike's chest and fed him our tits as his hips pistoned in and out. She rocked back and forth to meet him and she began cumming. She was screaming "YES YES YES!" as I slapped her ass and Mike pushed the rest of his cock into her.

Mike was fantastic as his climax surged from his big balls and deep into my sweet daughter's pussy. She had lost all composure as she scratched the floor and just kept screaming as climax after climax burst through her pussy. I saw her juices run down her legs onto the floor.

We were all tired and lay on the rug. There were a few spots of a soft red color from the girls' cherries. I was happy that I had put them on birth control a few years earlier as a precaution. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and let sleep take me. My last visions were of us 4 naked women laying around with one naked man in our living room.

When I awoke, I shook the cobwebs from my head for a moment. Mike was asleep on the floor curled up next to Jen. Lifting my head slightly, I could see movement. The twins. What were they doing? I concentrated a little more and and could see either Tanya or Terri's head bouncing on ... Jim. They were taking turns giving Jim a blow job. One was sucking his balls and the other was sucking his cock deep into her throat. Jim, my benefactor. Jim, my husband. Jim, my lover. He sat on the couch after having returned from work and the girls that he thought were his daughters were attacking him like a lion attacks raw meat. His hands were on their heads but they needed no encouragement.

I walked over and he looked nervous ... like he had done something that he shouldn't. I gripped my tits and leaned them into him. He smiled and sucked them. I was leaning awkwardly and spread my legs slightly to lean further forward and feed my husband my tits more easily. He sucked some more and then smiled.

Hands gripped my hips and I felt the thickness of my son-in-law. It had all started with him, Jen and that big cock of his. Now it was poised at the entrance of my pussy from behind me.

Jim smiled again to Mike behind me. "Fuck her ... fuck her hard, Mike."

Mike's hands gripped my hips harder. I felt the head push in and sore as I was, I felt my lower back spasm with joy. My husband continued to suck my tits and I could tell by the look on his face that he was cumming and cumming hard and I heard the twins fighting over his spurting cum. Girls will be girls. The invader continued deeper into my vaginal walls. Deeper he went and I could feel him banging my cervix with each thrust. I felt his finger explore my ass and then push in. He fucked my ass with his finger and my cunt got abused by his hard cock. I was groaning as climax after climax ripped through my sore and tender body.

I had to get more comfortable so I knelt on the floor and Mike joined me, gripping my hips and driving deep inside me. Another orgasm ripped up my spine as the twins climbed under me and began to each suck my fat pregnant tits. My body was exploding and Mike continued his assault on my cunt. Jen got a pillow and rested her head between my and Mike's legs as she licked my clit. I was cumming again and tears ran down my face. There were too many things going on at once! My pussy was on fire. My tits were raw and my nipples engorged as the twins sucked them. My clit was expertly sucked and licked by my oldest daughter. It was climax on top of climax and then my husband brought his cock up to my face. I sucked it down my throat like I had never done before and he cried out. I had that cock going down my throat while Mike's cock spasmed into my pussy a load of cum that leaked down into Jen's greedy mouth. She lapped it up and I climaxed again collapsing onto the floor.

We lay there tired and sore. Later, the power came back on and none of really knew what to say. We slowly got dressed and went to our respective rooms for the rest of the night.

I knew one thing for sure ... the twins and I would help Jen any time she was sore or tired of Mike's big cock.

Written by: JackFlash1959

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