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Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 15

by herdad©

Liz and I continued to put our living room back in one piece and every time she left the room, I'd stare at her little boyish butt. A little butt that she wanted me to fuck. Well, at least try to fuck. I was actually kind of scared to try it. I didn't want to hurt her, but the more I watched that thing wiggle around the house, them more turned on I got to at least try.

We finally got everything back in the room and all that was left was to put everything back on the walls. Which would wait till later. Putting the pictures on the wall was Liz's idea to start the seduction of her mom and my wife, Beth.

I sat on my recliner admiring the room and how quickly everything came together. And more importantly how fun it was. I'll never look at housework the same way again. Liz joined me on the chair, sitting on my lap, and stroking my dick. "Sweetheart, there is nothing I can do until we eat something. I'm starving."

Liz said, "The eggs are still there from the breakfast we never ate. We can put them in the microwave and eat." She got up and I followed her out to the kitchen. Watching every little movement of her little ass.

If we were going to try and stick my dick in that little thing then I needed to get to work. Liz put our plates in the microwave and stood there waiting for them to finish. I got on my knees behind her and began massaging her small butt cheeks and sticking my tongue in her bung hole. I wanted her to be totally relaxed for what lied ahead.

We ate in silence in the kitchen and you could see that Liz was starting to get nervous with the idea of butt fucking. I looked at her and said, "You know, we don't have to do this. I will still want you."

"No, daddy. If Eve can do it, I can do it! And if Jimmy can take it, then I can take it. And if mom used to like I know I will." I stood up and carried our plates to the sink and returned to where Liz was sitting. I put an arm under her legs and the other on her back and picked her up and I carried her to my bedroom. "No daddy, not in here. We've done everything in here can we do this in my bedroom?"

"Sure, honey. But we have fooled around in there. I ate you out in there and ate Jimmy's cum out of you. And it was the first time I tasted your sweet ass." Liz then reached over and grabbed the baby oil.

"I know daddy, but I want you in me on my bed." She had a point. I wouldn't mind doing this on my bed either. But this was my step-daughters idea and maybe she'll like it and the next time we can do it on my bed. So down the hallway I carried my little girl.

I laid her on the bed and laid next to her. I wanted her totally relaxed so we kissed and I just ran my fingers all over her body. Not feeling, pinching, or squeezing, just gently touching.

I broke our kiss and worked my way down to those firm beautiful tits of hers. I kept my finger massage going on one and sucked the other in my mouth. As I was sucking I ran my tongue back and forth on her nipple and felt it growing.

My fingers just kept moving around her body and yet up to this point they had gone no where near her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her hands rested at her side. She was letting me run this entire show. Her breathing had got deeper and she said, "Oh daddy... you feel so good." I reached for her one hand and laid it on her hot snatch and she went to playing with herself right away.

I let go of her tits and continued my downward journey kissing every little inch of her body. I made a circle around her pussy and instead journeyed down her legs. Kissing and sucking the inside of her thighs and her lower legs and then I worked my way back up.

I stopped at her pussy and began licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She started to move her hand away, but I reached up and held her wrist and kept her fingers on her clit. "Just keep playing with yourself honey... let your pussy know that your ass is getting my cock."

"OK daddy." And she just kept playing as I ate her out. "Oooohhh yes daddy... I love when you eat me." And I raised my head, grabbed her hips and rolled her over on her stomach. Her hand came out from underneath her and I guided back to her precious twat.

I grabbed the baby oil and squirted some on my hands and an ample amount on her shoulder blades, her back, her legs and her butt. I straddled my baby girl, sitting on the back of her thighs. My hard cock resting in her butt crack. I reached up and began massaging the baby oil into her shoulders and neck. "Oooohhh that feels nice."

I began massaging her whole back and as I got down to the small of her back I let my butt slide on the oil on her legs. By the time I came to rest my butt was down by her ankles. With one hand, I massaged the oil on her butt cheeks while I used the other to pour oil on my chest and dick. I rubbed myself up and leaned forward and laid my chin on her butt crack. I began kissing her butt and saw that her arm was moving pretty good as she played with herself.

Then I began sliding up my little princess. I used my chin to massage her back and my hands rubbed her sides. By the time I got up to her neck, my hands were massaging her tits and I was tonguing her ear.

Then I started my journey back down her. When I got to her butt, I stuck out my tongue and licked her whole crack and lightly ran it across her bung hole. Then I went back up. This time a little further and my dick was massaging her butt cheeks. Then back down I'd go, spending a little more time licking her ass hole. I kept going up and down on her giving her a body massage.

By the third time going up her body, I had my dick sliding in her crack and teasing her butt hole. By the time I was done, my dick was massaging every inch of her up to her shoulder blades. The whole time, Liz would let out soft moans, and her hand remained busy playing with herself.

I couldn't get her any more relaxed without her falling to sleep. It was now or never. I slid back down and I reached up and continued massaging her shoulders and reaching around and playing with her tits. And my tongue was buried in her ass hole. She began raising her butt a little bit giving me an easier shot at my target. I stuck my tongue in her as far as I could get it.

I brought one hand down and got my first finger into her. "Oh daddy... this feels so good... try it... stick your dick in me." If anybody else said that to me my cock would have been buried in their butt, but this little girl was special. I wanted her to enjoy it and remember it forever. Every night when she fell asleep on her bed I wanted to have fond memories of losing her anal virginity to me.

I pulled my finger out and licked some more, then returned with two fingers. "Ooowww... I wasn't expecting that... easy daddy." Shit that was only two fingers, if she's struggling with that there's no way she could handle my cock. I took the fingers back out and went back to licking her hole and massaging her back and titties. I had to get her more relaxed. I licked that asshole for a good five minutes before trying another insertion with my fingers.

I brought my two fingers to the promised land and entered ever so slowly and was surprised that this time they went in with no problems and Liz even raised her butt a little more. "Oooohhh daddy... try it... I'm ready." I slid them in and out a couple of times and she was OK with it, though I knew my dick would be another story. Hell with it! I was to excited to wait any longer.

Liz laid her butt back down when I removed my fingers, but her hand was still busy playing with her pussy. My cock was already well lubed, but I gave it a few more strokes as I looked down on what was waiting for. A tiny little girl, her blonde hair laying on her shoulders, her thin waist line, and a small but adorable little butt waiting to be fucked.

I put one hand on the pillow next to Liz's head and began leaning into my target. I held my cock at the base and pushed the head into that crack, looking for that little hole. I found it and my pee hole sat at the entrance waiting to move forward. Liz's hand quit moving and she braced herself for what lied ahead.

Ever so slowly... I pushed. "Oooohhh FUCK." I barely had my head in and Liz was already screaming. "Ohhh fuck... give me a second." And I sat still as I hoped her butt hole would accept my cock. "Oh damn... damn... damn..." Every breath was followed by one short word.

I pushed in a little more. I now had two inches in her ass. "Ooohhh shit... I did it... I did it daddy... I did it." I didn't have the heart to tell her that we hadn't really started yet. I just laid there and waited... Another little push... I was about half way in her now... "Damn it daddy... you're so fucking big... my ass... my ass... my ass loves it... give me more." She had to be stuffed to the gills but she was being a trooper.

I pushed in a little more, "That's it little girl... daddy's little girl has a big dick in her ass." I had about six inches in her and began slowly withdrawing it, to moans of pain and passion. I got my head to the entrance and started working my way back in.

"Oh daddy... oh god... oh daddy... my ass is on fire... I love your dick in my ass." I was just starting to believe that her tight ass would enjoy this and that I wouldn't last long in her when the phone rang. As for me, right then the phone could have rang all day and I wouldn't have answered it. It must be a girl thing because Liz just had to answer it. "I hope its Eve. I'm going to tell her my daddy's dick is in my ass." That was quite a thought and I went for my final push. All eight inches were buried in my baby girl's ass! "Hel... Hell... HELLO."

I had Liz trying to escape this final assault on her butt, but she was trapped and she knew it. Her breathing was hard and she had trouble finishing even one word. She put the phone down and hung up on whoever was calling. "Oh shit... daddy... ooohhh." And the fucking phone rang again.

She didn't move as I banged her rump. I asked her, "Do you want to talk to Eve?" And I reached over and hit the speaker phone button.

"Oh fuck... He... Hell... HELLO... shit. Is that you Eve?"

"Liz? Are you alright?" I tried to be quiet and quit moving, as I realized Beth was on the line.

"H.. Hi.. mom... mommy... shit." I tried to stay still, my cock buried in Liz's ass, hoping she could regain a little composure, and talk to my wife. But Liz was getting more into it. I don't know if it was because there was a cock in her ass, or if she got off on the thought that she was talking to her mom, as her husband fucked her. Actually, it got me turned on too!

"Liz what are you doing?"

"Ooohh mommy... whew.. let me catch my breath. Are you sure you want to know what I'm doing mommy?"

"Yes I do. What in the hell are you doing."

"Mom, you know I have a vibrator... I wanted to try something different and I stuck it in my ass!" And after she said that she once again began moving her butt back onto my cock.

Laughing, Beth said, "Liz... you horny little girl. What would you do if daddy walked in and saw you like that?"

This was getting me hotter, unknowingly my wife was joining us. I kept moving in and out and going a little faster. "Ooohhh.. mom... oh fuck mommy... dad... daddy saw me already." I thought what in the world was she doing?

Now it was Beth's turn. "What do you mean he saw you already?" I stopped banging Liz's ass long enough to listen closely.

"Ooohhh... I need to take a break here mom. The truth mom," Liz turned her head a little bit and looked at me, my cock still hard as a rock in her ass. "is that I've been nude all weekend sticking all sorts of things in my pussy." She had a smile on her face as she continued, "I've just been lazy and enjoying a quiet weekend. Anyway, yesterday morning daddy came into my room to see if I would help him and he saw me with my legs spread wide and my vibrator buried in me."

Another laugh from Beth, "I'm surprised you didn't give the poor old man a heart attack. What did he do?"

"He stood there in his bath robe and stared at me. I asked him to leave and he did, but I kind of wished I didn't. I think he would have jerked off for me." That got me going again. And I began fucking Liz's ass slowly. "Ooohh mommy... that... that got me so hot. Thinking... thinking... oohh fuck mommy... thinking we could have watched each other."

Then Beth really surprised me, "Is my baby girl getting hot... are you close to cumming. Come on Liz, cum for mommy... let me hear you cum."

I forgot that I had an 85 pound little girl under me. Hearing Beth talk that way... the first time in a few years... sent me over the edge. "Ooohhh mommy... I'm thinking about daddy fucking my ass."

"Daddy loves a cute girls butt." Was this my Beth? "He's made love to mine many times."

"Tell me mom... tell me mommy... what he... oohhh... what he did for you."

And Beth went into detail about how I fucked her ass. "Daddy would always start by giving me a baby oil back rub. He'd relax me so much..."

Liz cut in, "Ooohh mommy I see daddy massaging me."

Beth said, "His massages were great, but then he'd lick my asshole."

"OOOHHHH MOMMY I'M CUMMING." Liz was screaming at the top of her lungs. "Oh mommy I'm cumming with daddy's dick in my ass."

Beth said, "That's it baby girl... that turned me on." And Beth's voice went back to a normal conversation thinking that she just listened into Liz masturbating. "You're most certainly my daughter. Maybe after I get'll let me watch you do that."

Liz smiled, looking at me, and said, "Watch what? Playing with my vibrator or watching daddy fuck me?" This mother-daughter conversation was way too much for me and I buried my cock one final time before I dumped my sperm deep in her bowels.

I laid on Liz, trying to be quiet, and Beth said, "I bet daddy would love that... but my darling... I don't think your little ass could handle him." She let out a laugh and then said, "I just wanted to call and say that me and Aunt Terri should be there in about three hours. Love you sweetheart... say hi to daddy."

"Love you too mom." And the phone went dead. Liz just broke out laughing, "I just told mom you were fucking my ass."

"And if you noticed little girl my dick is still hard. This ass is so tight, I don't think it will ever go limp in it. Well... are you glad you got your cherry popped?"

"That was fucking hot. Mommy listened to me while you fucked my ass." There was no denying it that turned me on too! I had a hell of a weekend but that one phone call made it a perfect ending. I fucked my wife's daughter as she listened in.

I rolled off a Liz which was a bit of a challenge. Her butt was so tight it made my cock so sensitive. When I finally pulled out, I let out of gasp and thought that he wouldn't be working for awhile.

I laid on my side as Liz remained on her stomach. I propped my one leg over the small of her back and went back to massaging her shoulders with my hand and used my leg to massage her butt and thighs. Liz purred, "Mommy is right about one thing. You do give a hell of a massage."

"Well, if you roll over I finish it." Liz looked at me kind of surprised, then smiled and rolled over on her back. I grabbed the oil and put some on her tits and stomach. I sat up and began massaging her with both my hands.

It was so hot watching her tits just shine from the oil. Her nipples were already hard and begging to be sucked. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over both of them and then moved over her like I did before.

This time my oily butt was resting on the front of her thighs. And I began massaging her front just like I did earlier to her back. I raised my butt in the air and slid my chest down her legs, just below her knees. My hands massaging the area just below her tits. And I began working my way up her body. But this time I didn't use my chin, I used my tongue.

First I went up her left leg and licked the inside of her thigh and ran my tongue over the whole length of her pussy. I stuck my tongue in her belly button and continued my journey up her body. Licking a tit, then a nipple, then her neck, her lips, her nose and finally her forehead. By the time I was there, my still sensitive cock was massaging her pussy lips.

Then I worked my way back down on the right side. I got down to her knees and started another round of worshipping the goddess that laid before me. Liz's eyes were closed and I spent a little more time munching on her snatch then before. I continued going up her body and when I pecked on her forehead, I kept going, using my dick to massage her belly button, stomach, tits and her neck. And back down rode my dick.

Now my massage was over and I wanted my baby to cum for me one more time. Tonight, when she fell asleep in this bed, she would have nothing but fond memories of the weekend we spent together. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and pulled down on them, stretching that little cunt of hers. "Ooohhh dadddddyyy... I... I... oohh fuck it ... eat your little girl out... make me cum in your mouth."

I closed my eyes and went on a mission to make my step-daughter explode one more time before Beth got home. Liz's hips began rotating and I knew I was getting close when, "God damn... I can't leave you two alone can I?" I didn't even break stride, I recognized Eve's voice and ignored it. I wanted my step-daughter to cum and no one was going to stop me.

Liz quit moving and started talking to Eve, like it was an everyday occurrence that her dad ate her out. But I didn't care. That girl was going to cum. "What are you doing here? I thought you went to work?"

"I did, but I just had to get back here. I knew you two would be up to something. So I told them I was sick." Liz asked her to join us and Eve said, "I think I'll just watch for now... you two are oily messes." Eve sat on the wicker chair at the end of the bed and watched, but not quietly, "Nice butt old man."

After Eve took a seat, Liz went back to the mission at hand - getting off. "That's it daddy... make me cum... Eve.... Eve..."

Finally Eve answered her, "What?"

"Oooohhh... Eve... ooohhh... daddy fucked my ass... ooohh fuck I'm cumming." Liz grabbed my head and held it still on her hot snatch, grinding herself on me, my nose tickling her clit.

At the end of the bed, Eve said, "Bull shit... no way he got that cock in your little ass."

"Oooohhh daddy... tonight we get mommy." And she pulled my head a way. Then she went back talking to Eve, "It's the truth... and guess what? Mommy heard us!"

"Now I know your lying."

"Prove it to her daddy. Let her suck your dick." My cock was still pretty sore, but no way was I going to refuse this offer. From Liz's ass to Eve's mouth. I got out of bed and saw Eve for the first time. Still dressed and her make-up still perfect.

I stood still for a moment and said, "Damn it Eve... you are beautiful." And I pointed my finger up and down her body and said, "We still have an hour or so... the rules still apply... strip." She smiled and started to get up, but I stopped her, "First taste my pecker."

Eve leaned forward in the chair, took hold of my cock and stuck it in her mouth. She went up and down a couple of times and licked the tip of my head. She pulled her mouth away and said, "Son of a bitch... you got this in her ass... WOW."

I smiled and said, "Yes I did. Liz wanted it and she got it."

Then Eve asked Liz, "What's the part about your mom?"

And I stopped her, "Listen, Liz and I need to get cleaned up before Beth gets home. We need to get all this oil off of us. We'll tell you more later. Right now we need to get in the shower. And you little lady need to strip NOW!"

Another big smile and Eve began stripping as Liz and I sat on the bed waiting for our partner to join us. After she was nude I asked, "Well girls you want to join me for a shower?"

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